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America’s foreign policy towards Mexico is a deeply shadowy business. As we’ve reported, the DEA has admitted to money-laundering for the cartels, the ATF enabled illegal gun and grenade sales to members of the Sinaloa cartel, the Mexican military launches attacks on cartels from American soil and the CIA is in it up to its eyeballs doing God knows what. Last Friday, two American “diplomats” were ambushed by persons unknown and then fired upon by Mexican federales. La Jornada & Reforma [via] reports that the U.S. diplomats were—surprise—spooks. Training whom to do what to whom where and how? No se. Here’s BB’s report . . .

“American agents who were shot last Friday, along with a Captain of the Marina of Mexico, as they headed to the shooting range and Marines Infantry training field located Xalatlaco area, belong to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA, for its acronym in English), confirmed official sources close to the investigation, which added that the attack took place after the attackers were in close view of the diplomatic vehicle occupants.

“According to the obtained information by this newspaper, the aggression against the American agents and of the marine was direct and the fact that there were no fatal victims, it was because the Toyota SUV they were travelling in was amour grade 7 (the highest level there is).

“The reports given the same day of the incident, which occurred near Tres Marias, Morelos, the U.S. embassy reported that it had been an ambush , while the Federal Police said it had been a confusion.

“The information from the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) said that the CIA agents who were to conduct follow up shooting courses at the Marine Corps. As they traveled in the stretch of dirt known as El Capulin, in Xalatlaco, Mexico State, they encountered a Dodge Van with several heavily armed civilians who, at gunpoint , forced them to stop.

“While not aiming their weapons, two of them approached the Toyota. , Suddenly, the driver of the U.S. embassy vehicle abruptly threw the vehicle in reverse while turning it around then sped to the federal highway with the gunmen shooting at the vehicle in full pursuit.

“During the pursuit a second vehicle, a Sentra, appeared attempting to block the embassy vehicle, while four gumen in the Sentra opened fire with heavy artillery.

“During the chase, and with two vehicles in pursuit, they passed through a village near a junction, where eight plainclothes men in two vehicles, joined the Toyota aggression and also began firing weapons.

“Now chased by four cars, and U.S. agents tried to signal Marines at a gas station, but after failing the pursuit continued. When reaching the junction there awaited a fifth vehicle, that joined the chase and also began shooting.

“Once in the federal highway, because of the impact damage, the Toyota was immobilized and yet still sustaining shots of high-caliber weapons. One of the assailants with an AK-47 (cuerno de chivo/goat horn) blasted the armored diplomatic vehicle. It was during the attack with the AK47 when U.S. agents were injured, they were in the front seats and the Marina officer in the rear.

“The informant added that directly after the shooting ceased three Federal Police vehicles arrived at the scene.

“Federal agents got out of their patrol cars with weapons drawn. One of them approached the Toyota and was when officers identified themselves as U.S. diplomats.

“Fourteen federal officers involved in the attack have been detained and transfered to a Mexico City prison for a 40 day hold, until the investigation can clarify exactly what occurred.  In the photo above families of the officers involved are protesting this action.”


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  1. And now you know why F&F will never see the full light of day. Even Issa and Grassley won’t go near this thing. Trust me. They are going to leave it at “a botched program” started by “Phoenix ATF agents”.

    You have to be deaf, dumb and blind, to not see that there are probably a dozen agencies involved south and NORTH of the border, playing games with the drug cartels and the Mexican power structure. They have been doing this for probably 20 or 30 years. Just like how the Taliban in Astan is a creation of the Paki ISI, I wouldn’t be surprised to know that some aspect of the cartels/drug trade is made in America. For whatever purpose some beltway Eintein thought of back then.

    Remember the San Jose Mercury news story about CIA shipping drugs cross the border? Yup that was nuts. Just a crazy fantasy….LMFAO

    • “Remember the San Jose Mercury news story about CIA shipping drugs cross the border? Yup that was nuts. Just a crazy fantasy….LMFAO”

      +1 😀

  2. SNAFU in spades. I think they’ve even outdone the NYPD. Wouldn’t you just love to have that on tape? Hollywood couldn’t beat that!

  3. My favorite part of the article is when the US diplomatic vehicle “traveled in the stretch of dirt known as El Capulin.”

    I’ve lived in a couple places that could be described by that same phrase… Generally, people get very unhappy when you insult their community that way (even if it’s true). Maybe that’s why so many civilian gunmen were chasing our guys. (I’ll “stretch of dirt” you, gringo!)


  4. “Federal agents got out of their patrol cars with weapons drawn. One of them approached the Toyota and [that] was when officers identified themselves as U.S. diplomats.”

    Yeah, like the Diplomatic plates on the vehicle didn’t clue them in.

    There was a time when the DTO’s and Policía Federal Preventiva didn’t mess with US agents because a shit storm the size of Katrina would rain down so hard that the bastards would get washed out to sea. Now, our government’s attitude is “meh, another agent assaulted”. FVCK that. If MX wants our help (and financial support), they should beg US agents to show up armed and ready to deal with the sh1t pot full of feces that they can’t deal with on their own.

    Of course, MX would have never been in this situation if the MX government never disarmed its’ citizens. How’s that gun control working out now for you b1tches?


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