America Doesn’t Need More Gun Control, It Needs Lawyer Control

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    • Bambi approved! Speaking of critters you have to tell dimwits not to feed coyotes. Until they kill yer puppy-or baby!

    • Yeah, the character was Dick the Butcher from Shakespeare’s Henry VI. Dick the Butcher was one of the villains in the story, and didn’t like that he couldn’t commit crimes with impunity because of lawyers. Probably best to read the play before quoting it, lest you convey the opposite of what intended, which is what you did.

      • There is much scholarship around that Shakespeare quote. Some scholars have it that Shakespeare intended to denigrate lawyers.

        So, perhaps you might not assert that YOUR subjective interpretation of Dick the Butcher’s statement conveys Shakespeare’s ACTUAL intent . . . it may not.

        More importantly, speaking AS a lawyer, I can certainly understand Dick the Butcher’s statement, whichever way Shakespeare intended it. As MOST lawyers I choose to deal with often say, “It’s 95% of lawyers that give the other 5% a bad name!”. If you think lawyers are paragons of virtue, or above reproach, well, I will leave you to your delusion.

        If your goal is to be a scholar of Shakespeare, you are a little light on research, analysis, and persuasive argument.

        • So- What’s the difference between a dead rattlesnake and a dead lawyer lying beside the 2 lane highway?

          The skid marks ahead of the snake…

        • Thank you for your honest statement. I should introduce you to Oregon Attorney, Geoffrey P Silverman, who continues to argue that my marijuana bootlegging, alcoholic, DUII convicted, possibly drug addicted tenant isn’t dangerous because he only loads his President Biden recommended shotgun with “harmless buckshot* when he shoots at my children. Mister Silverman is married to Columbia County Deputy District Attorney Kim Silverman which should disabuse anyone of the notion that prosecutors are presumably more virtuous than defense attorneys. The case was heard by Yamhill County Judge Ladd Wiles concurrently with the proceedings by the Oregon Bar Association against his famously philandering, drug addicted wife Amanda S Marshall for committing perjury about her adulterous relationship with a subordinate at the US Attorney’s office.

        • Craig,

          You may or may not have heard about the time, a number of years ago, now, shortly after the shooting at the Morrison & Forster offices in SF, when the (ultimately successful) candidate for CA State Bar president campaigned on, and made a big deal out of, his assertion that “lawyer jokes” should be considered hate crimes (I kid you not). The pathetic, humorless idiot got elected (hey, only lawyers get to vote) . . . so I made it a point to collect all the lawyer jokes I could get hold of, and sent this halfwit a new collection about every week or two, during his tenure. As a result, I have what may be the largest collection of lawyer jokes extant.

          Sample: Two lawyers are sitting at a bar having drinks, when a drop-dead gorgeous woman walks in and sits about halfway down the bar from them, orders a drink, and ignores them. After a thorough examination, one lawyer leans to the other and says, “Boy, would I like to f*** her!!!” The other lawyer scopes her out again, leans back to his friend and says, “Really? Out of what??”

          What’s the difference between a lawyer and a rooster? A rooster wakes up in the morning and clucks defiance.

          I got a million of them. And most lawyers are useless douchebags.

      • All:
        God save your majesty!
        I thank you, good people—there shall be no money; all shall eat
        and drink on my score, and I will apparel them all in one livery,
        that they may agree like brothers, and worship me their lord.
        The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.
        Nay, that I mean to do.

        Dick the butcher, a character no one remembers, utters one of the few memorable lines from the entire three-part Henry the Sixth cycle. Dick’s Utopian idea to kill all England’s lawyers is his addition to the promises of the traitorous Jack Cade, who envisions a quasi-communistic social revolution, with himself installed as autocrat. Cade alleges that all lawyers do is shuffle parchments back and forth in a systematic attempt to ruin the common people. His demagoguery is simply a calculated appeal to simple folks’ longing to be left alone. Yet one may recognize Cade’s moral failings and still sympathize with Dick.

        • Mark N.,

          “Cade alleges that all lawyers do is shuffle parchments back and forth in a systematic attempt to ruin the common people.”

          Not entirely true, but all stereotypes proceed from a kernel of truth. Lawyers represent those who pay them. Most “common people” can’t afford them. So most of their representation is . . . rich pipo.

          “His demagoguery is simply a calculated appeal to simple folks’ longing to be left alone.”

          And GOD FORBID that the simple folks be left alone!!! Why, they might do things the “elites” don’t agree with or approve of!!!!

          T. Jefferson said it best, “That government is best which governs least.”

  1. Yeah, well. Good luck. They breed faster than rats and roaches. Trial lawyers are about the same. I had two good cases in my career. I really wasn’t hurt in either. Just totaled out a couple of patrol cars. No one really hurt. The other guy’s fault. I was told to sue the insurance companie by my supervisor. They would pay. I’m not built that way. I wasn’t hurt.

    • I used to think that way.
      Doing my part, America, patriotism.
      Then I watched, -My-, government -Give- to the undeserving, and figured I oughta milk this bitch for everything its worth too.
      not much to worry about though ,on being a chicken shit and all, cause I’m white, male, and I retired from a job , so I wouldn’t or dont get much to start with. Doesn’t put a dent in the other millions .gov throws away
      Oh btw , did I tell you about that cheese that guatemalan, or was it honduran?, sales out of her house,, ehh probably not a good idea to talk about an illegal immigrant selling gub commodities on SS media anyway.

  2. Defensive gun use by ordinary armed law abiding citizens is a daily occurrence in the U.S., thousand of times daily. Less than 1% makes the news.

    When they do sometimes its not the best news of those defenders because the defender died while employing DGU. This happens in less than 2% of such DGU…

    Hero Boyfriend Shoots Female Robbery Suspect, Dying In The Process And Saving His Girlfriend’s Life

    And then there are those cases where the defender benefits everyone by their actions…

    Armed Citizen Runs Down And Shoots Atlanta Stabbing Suspect

  3. Correction…

    And then there are those cases where the defender benefits everyone by their actions but they really aren’t good guys.

    • Correctionn again.. darn word press and phone cuts off most of what i post when I post from phone…so let’s try again..


      And then there are those cases where the defender benefits everyone by their actions but they really aren’t good guys at first to police so the get investigated but it turns out they were good guys after all.

      Let’s see of it posts now…

  4. It’s difficult to throw out the 2nd amendment all together so the left will make it easier to sue gun manufacturers which will result in guns becoming more expensive. Combine that with neverending frivolous gun laws and owning guns (or actually being able to use them for self-defense) will become much more difficult.

  5. Dude should just shoot the deer again, and the lawyer too. We need a lawyer hunting season!

  6. Lawyers do have a role in society. Too bad more of them aren’t actually good at it. And even more of them are venal, money-grubbing shitweasels. Lawyers as legislators is a proven disaster – almost ALL modern legislation is vague, opaque, and designed to actually GENERATE dispute and litigation over what the law intends . . . makes more work for lawyers.

    Don’t kill ALL the lawyers, but . . . thinning the herd ain’t a bad idea.

  7. Needs to return the amendment that Disallowed ANY member that had given their personal OATH to the BAR association in Old London to serve in ANY elected position as well!

  8. Lawyers brought the Heller case,
    Lawyers brought the McDonald case,
    Lawyers brought the Bruen case.

    Unfortunately we need the damn things. Some scavengers are beneficial.

  9. Lawyers would certainly have you believe that to be true. People give their oath to the BAR association are not your friend, nor do they serve anyone but their masters. It is all part of The Big Show the dummies or herd as they consider us.

    • Lawyers do not give their oath to any Bar Association. The give an oath to the State and the Court to uphold the law. Most attorneys, whose membership in the Bar is mandatory in most states, view the Bar the same as cops view Internal Affairs.

  10. That’s nice.

    If you ever get into a real mess, your lawyer will probably be the only person in this world who is on your side.

    • “If you ever get into a real mess, your lawyer will probably be the only person in this world who is on your side.”

      One cleared a *major* hospital bill for me ($140,000 +), and left me a bit cash-positive from the experience.

      You won’t hear me slagging-off on lawyers…

    • Until you run out of money.

      Lawyers are not friends, they’re a tool. Failure to understand this is asking for trouble.

      • My OPEPR,,
        If you wanna plead down and or do time get a court appointed.
        If you dont then spend money on your? own lawyer.
        It’s all about money, beginning from the time your arrested until the time your not. $$$ weighs more then justice, blind libra or not

        • C74-Mark 8 set me straight
          Not able to move behind the great steel gate
          Time to contemplate, damn, where did I fail?
          All the money I stacked was all the money for bail…

  11. FL House Candidate Banned From Social Media Platforms After Posting About Legalizing The Shooting Of Federal Agents >

    “ ‘Under my plan, all Floridians will have permission to shoot FBI, IRS, ATF and all other feds ON SIGHT! Let freedom ring!’ – Luis Miguel, Republican for Florida.”

    Given that when they show up, they act like criminal thugs (e.g. the ATF) and display hatred contempt towards American citizens and use fear and hostile aggression tactics to dominate and overwhelm innocent people, and they tend towards intentional violation of law and rights, and tend to very much over dramatize and sometimes trying to create the circumstances in which they can use force, and the fact they have been weaponized against the American public – they are no longer acting like law enforcement overall but rather more like an aggressive violent hostile militarized actors ‘occupying force’ of the type against which one might consider employing self defense – so he has a point but he made it preemptive instead of reactive in actual needed self defense.

    Mark my words, its going to continue and get worse (e.g. ATF) and at some point someone is going to legally be able to justify shooting a federal law enforcement agent or a federal law enforcement agent (probably the ATF) is going to murder an innocent person while they are ‘performing’ they duty.

    Take a look at how the ATF is showing up at peoples homes, armed without permission to be there, no warrant, attempting to get inside, using threats of and implying criminality, and asserting they do not need to obey the law because they are ‘federal agents’ – look at the Florida incident where a hostile and overly aggressive ATF agent terrorized a woman and her child when he showed up without warrant or probable cause demanding to see a serial number on a fire arm which in its self for privately owned firearms is an illegal act to begin with. Its only a matter of time if ATF continues with these illegal and hostile actions that and innocent person is going to justify a fear of their life and start shooting in defense.

    When armed federal law enforcement shows up not acting like law enforcement in these ways, when the federal government and federal law enforcement is weaponized against innocent law abiding American citizens, its difficult to recognize the federal government and federal law enforcement as anything but a threat. So Luis Miguel has a point because our federal law enforcement can no longer be trusted to not be a violent hostile ‘weaponized’ threat against innocent American citizens when they show up – so his point is one of frustration expressing this.

  12. Used to be a great music parody/comedy act that played the Florabama Bar, called “Rusty and Mike”. Many hilarious songs, but the opening to “Po’ Ass People” is relevant to this thread:

    “Go in any courtroom,
    And look at all the victims.
    Downtrodden, oppressed . . .
    chow for the system.

    Cain’t afford no lawyers,
    Cain’t pay no fines of fees.
    Now what the heck you reckon
    that verdict’s gonna be???”

  13. The cartoon situation is easily solved – if the manufacturer has a tag.
    That would work for the deer, too.

  14. I bears mention that after SCOTUS ruled it was unconstitutional to prevent lawyers from advertising on TV and radio, there was a 600% (per capita) increase in lawyers specializing in personal injury litigation (=ambulance chasers).

    As Outlaw Josie Wales said, “Buzzards gotta eat, same as worms.”

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