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A couple times a year Amazon has a big sale, something they call “Prime Day,” during which all sorts of products are offered at heavy discounts. They last only a limited amount of time or in limited quantities. While browsing the offerings today, we came across some solid deals that should appeal to plenty of gun-owning outdoorsy types. Here are a few that stood out:

•  XL Double Parachute Camping Hammock (some colors sold out, many still available at only $19.98, which is 78% off)

•  Tactical pen with glass breaker & flashlight for $13.99

•  5,000 lumen waterproof, rechargeable, 4-mode headlamp for $19.19

•  Handy first aid kit for $11.99. Add a tourniquet and an Israeli Bandage and you’re doing pretty good.

•  Coleman Montana 8-Person tent for $67.99 (69% off) as long as you like green. (Looks like that tent sold out quickly. HERE are the other tents on sale for Prime Day)

•  Coleman Road Trip Portable Grill for $99.99 (41% off). This thing gets 4.4 stars on 3,790 ratings, and I’ve owned one for a year now as my primary backyard grill and it easily folds down for travel. The cast iron grate provides solid areas for intense searing plus open grate for more traditional grilling. I really dig it, and I spent like $155 on mine.

•  Texsport Portable Outdoor Propane Heater for $24.43, because we can’t all live in Texas.

•  LED light strips for as low as $12.55. Light up the inside of that dark safe of yours.

•  71% off a 15,000 mAh portable power bank with three USB ports ($23.19). Enough to fully charge your iPhone 7 over seven times.

•  Ellewin Summer Baseball Cap for $10.07. Sun protection, cool mesh design, extra large bill to ward of flying brass, lots of colors, and crushable.

•  At $120, Gen 1 night vision is getting darn affordable.

•  How about a beanie (or a touque, eh) with Bluetooth wireless headphones and microphone built in? What will they come up with next?

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  1. 5000 lumens? I don’t think my car headlights are 5000 lumens.

    Does it suck?

    Can it somehow NOT suck?

    • Dunno. Normal price is $46 and, assuming it sells close to that most of the time, it still averages a 4-star review from almost 300 people. I *highly* doubt it’s a true 5,000 lumens (those ratings are awfully untrustworthy across much of the flashlight industry), but I bet it’s well worth $19 shipped.

      • The most efficient LEDs are capable of about 110-120lm per watt out light output and are still below 50% efficient (as in more than half of their power consumption is radiated as heat). Maximum theoretical efficiency is in the range of 200-300lm/watt (I don’t recall exactly how much). That would mean a 5000lm light would be sucking down around 50 watts of power, even if 100% efficient. I doubt AA or AAA batteries could supply that much power, even short circuited.

        4 AA alkalines probably wouldn’t last 5 minutes with that power draw.

        Most likely it is closer to 300-500lm, downhill, with a tailwind, on a really dark night.

        I actually bothered to click the link, even with a couple of lithium batteries, I am skeptical it comes remotely close to that power level. 30 watts for 5000lm would still be cutting edge LED efficiency and at 30 watts you’d have less than 20 minutes on a pair of lithiums at 3000ma total capacity. It would also get very, very hot right on your noggin.

        • Many of the flashlights advertised on eBay are grossly overated. I have purchased a couple of them. Many are touted as being 3000 lumens or more, even small ones. A reputable company would probably rate the same light at somewhere around four or five hundred lumens.
          I think most of the overated ones come from China. Who knew?

  2. I would just like to let everyone know that should you order anything, make sure it’s through You can choose to donate a portion of your purchase price to the Second Amendment Foundation. Buying from Amazon, a company that doesn’t have the best 2A record in the past, it does help mitigate the sting a bit. Heck, this really should be in the main body.

    • Good tip! I actually wrote about using to donate to SAF back in 2015 ( I suppose if you follow one of these links you could then easily add the smile. part to the front of the URL, and most people who have their account connected to a non-profit for donation will get that pop-up saying “don’t forget to go to to donate to your charity” or whatever. Sorry the links weren’t to that site in the first place!

    • Or you can push it to the NRA also.

      The NRA has received >62K$ which is about 1/1000 of all dollars that Amazon pays out. Makes me feel all warm to know Bezos is giving a chunk of money to the NRA.

      • I’m glad to hear the NRA has finally come to Amazon Smile. NRA-ILA would also be very welcome. GOA wasn’t there last time I checked. JPFO is currently on there (Zelman Partisans would be a good alternative).

    • Crap, yeah. When I wrote this up that tent was only like 23% sold out…but most of these things are limited in quantity. There were/are other tents also heavily discounted today plus at least a dozen really cool looking camping hammocks. If you’re in the market for a tent you may want to go to the Prime Day deals page and search “tent” or something to see what’s available.

  3. Please don’t use shortcut links on your webpage articles. Many businesses block them, and you don’t need to save the space. Your links are 100% useless to me right now.

      • Thanks I appreciate it! The shortcut feature is critical for Twitter, etc, due to space limits, but it also hides the actual link you are going to, so many corporate security policies block them by default.

  4. Prime day has been a major disappointment. It’s mostly Kindles/fire and Alexa/Echo stuff and a bunch of computer towers and accessories, mixed with clothes nobody wants.

  5. Meh…I’ll pay more to my LGS or Cabelas. Not run by an evil billionaire(81 billion!). Even Ebay…

  6. Already blew a couple hundred and still surfing. I’ve had this day marked on my calendar.
    And I’ll second the Coleman road trip grill. I’ve had mine for years. It stays with my camping gear.

  7. “This thing gets 4.4 stars on 3,790 ratings, and I’ve owned one for a year now as my primary backyard grill…”

    Jeremy, I’m sorry, but it’s time we sit you down for a little talk. You’re in *Texas* now, not up ‘North’. With that comes certain responsibilities, and one of the biggest is a proper outdoor grill.

    No self-respecting Texas resident would be caught dead using a gas grill made in China. Do you want the other kids at your children’s school laughing at them behind your back? Imagine the humiliation your wife will feel if her new Texan friends finds out!

    Son, you need a proper Texas grill, and that means hardwood ‘lump’ charcoal. None of that pressed-sawdust with fire-starter chemicals in it briquette crap, chunks of hardwood only charcoal.

    Shoot Mr. Tyler (who we haven’t heard from in quite a while ’round here) an e-mail for advice on a proper grill, like one of these beauties:

    We wouldn’t be having this ‘intervention’ if we didn’t care about you, Jeremy.

    Don’t be ‘That Guy’… 🙂

    • You’ve linked to a BBQ, not a grill. I believe you’re confounding the two. I have a huge hardwood smoker as well, which I use for BBQ’ing. I’d gladly put my ribs and brisket up against any of the highly-lauded establishments round these here parts and I think I’d hold my own. I’ve been smoking meat (don’t snicker) since I was like 10 years old and using one of those Indian Chief plug-in jobs with the wood chips on the little pan. I’ve cold smoked lox and cheese, hot smoked every kind of jerky and salmon and “Indian candy” and oysters and chicken and turkey and whatever else you can imagine, along with your typical pork and beef ribs, pork shoulders, brisket, etc etc. This is not new territory for me 🙂

      BUT…when it comes to a grill — meaning something primarily for open-top, high-temperature searing and quick cooking by direct heat — I used to do hardwood lump on a large grill (like a 55-gallon drum style one) but some years ago switched to a compact gas grill instead. I find myself doing a minimal amount of grilling (frequently just sides to go with what’s cooked on the BBQ) and often last-minute, so gas is handy. I like this Coleman because it can sear like an M’Fer and folds down to take to parks and camping and store out of the way, etc. (plus tailgating). I use it with a hose to a full-size propane tank, but it comes set up to use those green Coleman camping tanks (the ~1 lb ones), which is super handy for that portable scenario. I know my way around charcoal, but just don’t use it for grilling anymore…

      • “This is not new territory for me 🙂 ”


        Glad to hear! I got concerned when I saw “my primary backyard grill”.

        (I’ve had a gas grill, and it’s *much* faster when one is hungry)

  8. I’ve learned to my cost that there are some things better not purchased through Amazon. I’ve especially learned to be very leery of buying anything from third-party sellers.

    Bits and bobs like swivel stud mounts and other relatively simple hardware, that’s usually fine. Anything related to optics, though, I’ve mostly learned better. Had a couple of “new” red dots (intended for range toys) come in clearly used “in the field” and one broken, for instance.

  9. Got the first aid kit. I have a trauma kit and a tourniquet already, but I cut my thumb last camping trip and realized I was prepared for a sucking chest wound but didn’t have any bandaids.

  10. I scored one of the pen/flashlight/glass breaker combos early this morning so that I can write, break car windows, and see in the dark in an operationally operational manner. I also did the “Light My Fire” sheath knife and fire starter in tasteful tactical black rather than the bilious green that showed up on the listing. The knife may not be much but I can throw it in my truck and not worry too much if I lose it.

  11. I don’t buy anything from Amazon anymore. The CEO Jeff Bezos, also owns the Washington Post, and is on a mission to take down the president that supports our 2a rights. I am a very surprised TTAG is promoting Amazon.

  12. Who buys from Amazon? They donate gift cards to many liberal gun states for buy back programs for guns. Amazon is based in Washington state, a huge anti gun state.

    • King County (Seattle) is anti-gun. The rest of the state isn’t and tends to lean fairly conservative. Basically, the counties that touch Puget Sound voted Clinton and the rest voted Trump, with only a couple of exceptions either way. Since 2011 suppressors and SBRs became legal in WA whereas they were not previously. Carry permits are shall issue and are inexpensive and easy to get in comparison with many other permit-issuing states, and there are few restrictions on where you can legally carry.


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