I have no idea what inspired artist Baptiste DeBombourg to create drawings for firearms-shaped communal living spaces. [Click here for DeBombourg’s gallery of gun dwellings. Click on the image for a slide show.] One thing that I do know: there’s a lot of ruins in Mesopotamia. No, seriously. There aren’t NEARLY enough bathrooms. Closet space? Fuhgeddaboudit. Still, home is where the gun is. Or something like that. [h/t Bryan]


  1. I remember barfing (or wanting to do so) upon hearing of Thomas Kincaid neighborhoods / developments. He sure hasn’t been gone long, and we have this??

  2. Could I get a Glock shaped one with an extended “assault clip” on the garage end so I have room for my dad’s old truck? Or is there a two car maximum by law?


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