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  1. I watched this last night. I read somewhere that there was some fellow who went to jail for filling his mailbox with concrete, which indirectly caused the death of a teenage vandal. They dramatized a similar event on CSI, I think.

    So I wonder how long Petersen would spend in jail if he actually used deadly force on someone messing with a political sign.

    I can sympathize with the mailbox guy because we lived on a rural route. Our mailbox was far from the house and frequently smashed-in or knocked off the post. But there's an old saying about when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

    When you own a gun, does everything become a target?

  2. Guess it depends on the area's laws. Some states you can shoot someone to protect your property, some you can't. Then there's the whole trespassing thing. It wouldn't be worth it, in numerous ways, to even point a gun at someone stealing a yard sign, but, then again, if more people did and the law fully allowed it, maybe there would be less people stealing personal property from yards.

    Either way, gotta love those Dale Peterson commercials!


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