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K-Var AKs out-of-stock (courtesy

Once again, the firearms industry owes President Obama a debt of gratitude. The CIC’s ban on the importation of new Kalashnikov Concern firearms has created yet another politically-inspired sales surge. “We sell some of the Kalashnikov Concern stuff,” Robert Keller, manager of Las Vegas-based firearms distributor K-Var Corp told “That has been selling fast.” In fact, K-Var has no more Russian-made AK-47’s or 74’s in stock, and won’t be getting any more until the ban’s lifted. Given the political backlash against Russia’s role in the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH 17, that won’t happen for the foreseeable future. While the Russian-made AK’s are ubiquitous and there are plenty of alternatives (i.e. Bulgarian SAM7), prices of used Kalashnikov Concern rifles are starting to rise. Like you didn’t see that one coming. 

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  1. don’t do it !!!! ukrane, bulgatia , poland, albania, serbia, Romania and lots of other places are not banned. you will feel silly when the prices come back down. $2000 bushmaster anyone?

    • + 1

      HOWEVER. . . I am reminded of Buddy Hackett in “It’s a Mad Mad World” in the opening moments of the movie in an unusual Mexican standoff.

      “There’s enough for you, and there’s enough for you, and there’s enough for you. . . (as we all back away to our vehicles so we can tear-a_ _ off to the nearest Walmart to buy a Saiga)” 😀

    • I’ve never been a teetotaler, but I supported the embargo against South African wine when Apartheid was in force. While Vladimir Putin rules the country, nobody with a conscience should be purchasing goods from Russia, least of all the Russian military-industrial complex.

      • Should we not buy American guns while Obama (or any other poiltician we don’t like) is in office?

        • False equivalence. Putin and Cronies made their billions on these guns, though granted not from the US. Not so for our current meritocracy.

        • @PeterK
          Putin made his billions through corruption and cronyism, the same as Obama and his millions (or billions if you count his current government funded lifestyle).

          Boycotts and embargoes don’t hurt the power elites though, they hurt the common people. The best way to hurt the powerful is through free trade and the open exchange of ideas.

      • No matter how corrupt or tyrannical Putin is, Obama (or any President for that matter) is a far greater threat to our life, liberty and property. Our own political class is just as corrupt and despicable as anything in Russia and they pass laws regularly that stomp all over our rights while enriching themselves and their cronies, just like in Russia.

        Worrying about Putin instead of the autocratic A-holes who run this country is misguided. It’s exactly what our ruling elite wants. They love creating new “Hitlers” for us to revile while they go about their grim task of robbing us of everything we hold dear.

        • Our government is just as corrupt and greedy as the russians.Our police dept are as corrupt as the KGB.Our police kill unarmed civilians and we cant lawfully defend ourselves against them.We need to realize that the government and the police have declared war against us,not Putin or the russians.

    • Name a Bulgarian/Romanian/… equivalent of Saiga-12 and Vepr-12.

      If you want to invest, I’d buy those things. Especially Veprs. Those will be selling for $2K easily in a few years.

    • No doubt. People want to sell me their AR they paid 2x too much for. They get insulted when I offer them a fair (not fantasy) price. As you said- DONT DO IT.

  2. I was really hoping to pick up a VEPR later this year. Probably not going to happen now. They’re drying up quick and going for far more than I can afford.

    • I ordered a 5.45×39 Century Arms Saiga AK-74 from Cheaper than Dirt for just under $550 on July 17th, moments after the news of the sanction hit. They took the money, processed the order, and asked for my FFL info. Today, they emailed me to tell me that the warehouse no longer had my gun in stock. Normally when something is out of stock on Cheaper than Dirt, it can’t be ordered. I believe they wised up to the sanction crisis and kept their grubby hands on my firearm. CTD has declared they’re sending me a refund, but I was really looking forward to b̶e̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶o̶n̶e̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶t̶h̶o̶s̶e̶ ̶j̶e̶r̶k̶s̶ ̶t̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶r̶i̶d̶i̶c̶u̶l̶o̶u̶s̶l̶y̶ ̶m̶a̶r̶k̶s̶ ̶ t̶h̶e̶ ̶g̶u̶n̶ ̶u̶p̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶r̶e̶s̶e̶l̶l̶s̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶m̶a̶x̶i̶m̶u̶m̶ ̶p̶r̶o̶f̶i̶t̶s̶ owning a fine piece of European craftsmanship. CTD cheerfully sent me some AK-74 mags though.

      • that’s exactly what CTD did when Newtown hit – they canceled existing ammo orders, stated they were “out of stock”, and relisted them at prices that were double, triple, and on up from there.

        they’re the scummiest of the scum.

        honestly – isn’t that fraud?

      • I did the same thing at Buds with a 7.62 x 39 Saiga, they send me my rifle no issues.F-CTD.

  3. The difference between a true Russian AK and a different one (bulgy, yugo, serb, pol, etc.) is marginal at best. If you wanted a mag fed shotgun, though, you are up a creek. I sold my Saiga 12 a few months ago with the intention of buying a Vepr but I bought a PAP pistol instead. Oops.

    • There is both the MKA1919 AR-patterned shotgun and the Catamount Fury (Chinese S12 clone) still on the market.

      • The catamount is garbage. It won’t shoot steel shot period and you can’t use saiga mags, not to mention the fact that half of them simply break. The 1919 is only marginally better. Hi cap mags are very expensive and no drums available.

    • This. I’m plenty happy with my Arsenal 47; a Russian one won’t offer anything I don’t already have except Cyrillic stamp marks. However AK-pattern shotguns are disappearing from the menu….

    • This would be an interesting topic for TTAG to explore, actually. When it gets to magazine-fed semi-auto shotguns, most people know of Saigas, but that’s it. Now that Saigas and Veprs are on their way out, we need a comprehensive review of the alternatives (that are actually available to buy, not rarities).

  4. Thank you Obama; (I am not being sarcastic) you have done more than any other president in recent memory to remind the people why there is a second amendment; a.k.a. , TGGSOAT, (The Greatest Gun Salesman Of All Time).

  5. Its days like this where I really want to channel my inner FIrearmsConcierge… panic buying and overpaying for mediocre firearms that at best cost maybe $100 because “OBAMA!!” just reminds me how stupid some people are.

    • This is slightly different though. Its an EO that will likely never be rescinded. If you wanted a Saiga its game over. The Norinco EO ban has been in place for a little over 20 years now. They got an excuse to ban an entire spectrum of popular guns. Its never coming back unless we get a libertarian leaning president.

      • Even then unlikely that the EO would be rescinded, there are just too many other far more important things (to politicians anyways) to deal with other than rescinding an EO that bans the import of AK’s. The Norinco ban you mention is a perfect example of that, how many pro 2A presidents have we had during that period? Nobody cares about this new ban or any of the previous bans, unfortunately.

        How difficult is it to make a Saiga shotgun anyways? It cant cost more $100, this stuff is stupid simple, sounds like there is a market for someone with the means to crank out something similar. I mean hell people pay how much for the stuff KelTec pumps out… it really couldnt be that hard. People need to stop crying that the administration doesnt care about their Single Issue vote and get off their ass and make these things. You could probably make an AK47 clone out of used beer cans, so I fail to see this as a TEOTWAWKI moment for our friends who enjoy un-aimed mag dumps into the safety berm…. errm I mean all the budget minded tactical shooters out there.

      • The Norinco ban was because they were selling no-no’s (like launchers) to US gangs as well as to Iran, no?

      • I had a Saiga 12 that I converted, bought the necessary upgrades polished the bolt etc… it was still a POS so I sold it for more than I paid and got a Benelli.

  6. My Serbian rifles outperform every theyve been up against. I wanted a Saiga just for the experience of converting one but oh well. There are better alternatives.

    • 1+

      Putting your money where your mouth is and all.

      Bulgarian AKs are good, so are Finnish ones. I try to stick to two because they are good and because I don’t want to support Russia or Serbia.

    • So you’re furious that sanctions against Russian bank and energy companies weren’t harder?

      “Despite the tough talk, the United States didn’t cut off whole sectors of the Russian economy, but it went after four big energy and finance firms. The Treasury Department banned a pair of big Russian banks — Gazprombank and VEB, Russia’s state-owned development bank — from issuing any new debt or equity in U.S. markets. It also banned two energy giants, Novatek and Rosneft, from tapping U.S. debt markets. But the United States did not target Gazprom, Russia’s mammoth oil and gas firm, directly.

      (emphasis mine)

    • I guess this is pretty selfish of us. Being all mad that we have to buy guns at added cost or from other countries seems minuscule compared to what the Ukrainians are dealing with. If we did keep giving our money to Russia then we would look like the biggest all talk, no action country ever.

      • +1

        If the headline was “Taliban-made improvised pot metal AK’s banned from US” would you guys still be bitching?

        Fact – There are tons of AKs available and will continue to be in future.

        Fact – Putin is an asshat despot and supporting Russians through arms sales is hardly something to proclaim your ‘Merica-ness for.

      • yes you basically can – Sig 556A1 is as close to the real thing you’ll ever get – even uses the same stupid expensive rock-n-lock mags.

  7. Time for a quality American manufacturer of AK platform rifles! Although it needs to be a cheap as the commie versions.

    • Bingo… although I would maybe pay a moderate % more for a Made in the USA AK/ Saiga Shotgun clone.

    • That’s what I want to see, and even though I think my Arsenals are probably the last AKs I need, I would gladly pick up a homegrown one.
      God knows if I had the capital, and a little more skill, I’d be all over that. Buy me a crapload of NoDak Spuds, get Mossberg to crank me out some chrome barrels, and get to work!

      • Are there any American companies that make new from scratch AK’s? It annoys the heck out of me that companies want $600+ (pre-EO price insanity) dollars for guns built from used surplus parts kits. AK’s are supposed to be these cheap guns cranked out of 3rd world garages, but it seems like AR’s are easier and cheaper to build.

    • There are some GREAT videos by Jim Fuller talking about Americanized AKs and some of the issues they have. Also some great information stuffed into the AK Builders Class videos also.

      • Most of the problems have been because US manufacturers just can’t seem to simply copy Euro blueprints and make a carbon copy of a typical AKM – just look at the various odd iterations that have been offered in the Century C93 line – weird non-spec trunnions, sight blocks, etc.

        Someone should just copy the AK100 series blueprints and start manufacturing US-made Arsenal type rifles. It’s not like Kalashnikov Group is going to successfully sue them at this point.

    • AKs are prohibited in Canada, but that may eventually change.

      Put some of that Yankee ingenuity to work, and create high quality CNC produced copies. You Americans make good stuff, and should support your own manufacturing sector rather than Putin’s oligarch cronies, even if it means spending a bit more money. Places like Detroit are in the red, because good manufacturing jobs (and the local spending and tax revenues that come along) went abroad, largely because American buyers wanted to save a few bucks.

      • Agree 1000%! It’s a very good time to put our collective money where our collective mouth is.

  8. I would like to take this moment to remind the .22LR resellers, there is still time to get ahead of this trend, but you have to dump all .22LR you planned to resell at a loss, and stop buying .22LR. You’re ready for the big leagues now, so start buying up and hoarding those AKs!

    • And .380 ACP manufacturers can get on the money grab too. There’s gold in them hills!

  9. This shit started happening the DAY that news came out, although I just assume so many people dont get their news at the speed of the internet and are just finding out.

    TexasGunTrader had almost ALL AKs I could find go up, along with the LGS’ Ive been to and websites Ive visited.

  10. I was thinking of getting a Vepr after a I held one last month. They are really nice and have more features than my Saiga 12. I thought maybe in a few months I’ll pick this thing up. My LGS had two Vepr 12s for a decent price so yeah, on the day of the ban I went and put it on layaway. Two months from now they won’t be there. Decades from now they probably will still not be available.

    Of course people are going to panic buy. The supply is shut off indefinately. If you want a Russian built AK pattern shotgun you will only find them on the secondary market for an inflated price.

    I liked Saiga because they were fun project guns. A Saiga was my first semi auto rifle.

  11. I have already noticed that you cannot find a Russian made AK anywhere. Anyone who has them will price gouge. I am thankful that I have my SAM 7 along with my other AKs. I will get my AK’s from other countries. Plus I think this maybe the time for US makers step up to the plate and build our own. If they can do it we could do it better!!!

    • Wow, only took an hour for the P word to be used…

      for the 1 millionth time (but probably not last since there is no cure for stupid and ignorant) there is no such thing as price gouging in firearms sales…. never has never will. If some uninformed idiot will pay $100,000 for a Russian AK because he has to have it right goddamn now because if not he will die or whatever, the salesman who sells it to him is just the luckiest person in the world (second only to the person who sees that and is able to sell one for $100,100), because some fool wants to pay his life savings for a mediocre firearm. No body is going to die now that we cant get Russian AK’s, nobody is selling loaves of bread and canned soup for 10x the normal price in a hurricane. People are behaving irrationally and being taken for the suckers that they are, economics 101. Get that into your head!

    • You need to get out more. Century sells US made ak47 C39 and its milled. Gets good reviews including Hickock45.

  12. I’m bummed I don’t have an AK variant, but I can accomplish the same thing with my 300 BLK upper. It sucks that the ammo costs more, but once I’m set up for reloading it’ll be better.

    • Bet your 300BLK upper won’t eat a ham sandwich! 😉

      In more serious news, I picked up a Sheridan case gauge to check my Ozark Ordnance 300BLK ammo since I last mentioned it a few days ago. It looks clean and the rounds I checked all fit perfectly. I still haven’t fired any; just completed my build, and I’ve been making excuses due to the AZ summer heat. I did post a pic in the FFZ (forums), though.

  13. Your never going to see USA made AK rifles for anything close to the old forever regular price of $350-$400. Many of the guns sold in those days came from imported surplus parts including barrels. With the ATF ban on imported surplus barrels it added a minimum $100 to the price of any build.

    • “Your never going to see USA made AK rifles for anything close to the old forever regular price of $350-$400.”

      So what? they probably wont suck either.

      You can get that M&P 15 with no forward assist or dust cover for $500 if you shop and you will have a hard time convincing me or anyone else on here that that gun isn’t worlds better than a $350 AK. Nick gave it a pretty good review a while ago.

    • So make your own? It’s not like we’ve been cut off from some fountainhead of expertly handcrafted, superior firearms.

      AK receivers are a piece of metal folded with some holes cut in it. It’s not rocket science. Use a vice and a dremel dude.

  14. Actually bought a Saiga (223/5.56) a few years ago as I knew O was looking for an excuse. It was made in Russia at the Izhmash plant with all the roll marks, etc, not a copy. Kept the box and all paperwork. Paid $500 (in NYS).

    I’ll keep it as an investment, grandkids, etc.

    It will go up in price (State Dept is full of commies) and it will be years or decades before the ban is lifted.

    Now, apply this to ammo and accessories. Just invest wisely, not in Remington.

    Ammo is next.

    • I converted my S223 to AK-101 layout – bought the Bulgy 74 kit and pressed on/riveted all of the parts onto the Saiga, the whole shibang. Back when I did it, the rifle was $299 and the parts kit was $100.

      I shot it so much that the throat is eaten away, but it still shoots 3-4MOA at 100yds.

      Never thought I’d say this about an AK, but I’m buying a spare replacement barrel for it.

  15. Prices will not come down much, if ever.

    This ban will not be lifted.

    Clinton banned Chi-Com firearms and ammo during his presidency. Seen many Chinese AKs or crates of ammo coming in lately? Go check Polytech Legend prices on Gun Broker, do a little forum searching to see what guys were paying for them when they were freely available..

    New presidents don’t often like to rescind the executive orders of past presidents and to be honest, lifting a ban on Saiga rifles is not going to be on the top of anyone’s list as incoming president.

    Hopefully you, and everyone else who wanted a Saiga, a Vepr, whatever, already has what they wanted. If not, then prepare to go without, be forced to get an alternative product from another country, or to pay through the nose.

    Everyone should have known better based on recent experiences, and when this Ukraine situation started escalating months ago, it was the time to buy or put on layaway. Your next big clue should have been the 5.45×39 ammo ban. If at that point, you hadn’t gotten whatever Russian stuff you wanted to have, you weren’t paying attention and the price for that is high prices for a now unobtanium item, or not having said item.

    I have no sympathy for derp or complainers that whine about “panic buyers” driving up prices. These are the same fools that will want to beg some water or food from you after a hurricane, or tie into your generator because they were too busy dicking off at the trailer park watching reality TV instead of looking a little ahead.

    • This ban will not be lifted.

      I wouldn’t be so cocksure. There will be a day when Putin decides that he’s got all that’s worth having out of Ukraine. When he does he’ll start negotiating and you can be damn sure he’ll want the all these punitive EO actions undone before he exits. Vapr’s and Saigas will be back.

      These EO actions are NOT like the previous weapon/ammo bans. These will be reversed and I’m betting within 12 months.

      • There’s just no way this ban goes away – can you imagine the outrage & derp coming out of “Monsanto Mom” if Obama (or his replacement) were to *allow* the serfs to have Saiga’s? There would be pontificating, bloviating, and “specials” on CNN about how these “weapons of war” were put back on the streets by president “X”.. it’s a political hot-potato that just can’t be carried.. (even by a Republican)

        • Obama wants a deal that he can brag that he forced Putin out of Ukraine. He’ll gladly restore all the elements of the EO if Putin leaves. Obama wants that Putin withdrawal for some scrap on his lousy legacy….monsanto mom doesnt add to his legacy so he can’t care less about her.

      • I’m not convinced Putin is really concerned with an export category that represents less than, what, 2% considering harsher and more meanimgful things aren’t being done to more substamtial industries like banking and energy.

        Who cares about a couple of pennies on the dollar when you’re a government _and_ you’re working with China to get around the European financial systems.

        IMO, this is opportunistic (Saiga has been in their sights for years) and a finger shake at Putin.

        • Putin won’t leave anything on the table even if it’s a used paper napkin. He’s not gonna leave Ukraine unless all sanctions are restored.

      • The Russians will no more leave the Crimea than we would walk away from Puerto Rico, Guam or American Samoa under pressure from other nations. Other bits and pieces of Ukraine are up in the air.

        Still, I don’t think this ban will get lifted unilaterally because a liberal president would never, and a conservative one would not want the liberal news headlines reading “President X lifts ban on AK imports!!! OMG!!!” Too hot to touch.

        But, your theory that Putin won’t budge on anything unless everything goes back like it was, seems true enough. Yet, I’m not convinced Obongo has the stones to make Putin blink and the Europeans, Germany especially, seem not in a great hurry to get tough.

        We’ll see.

  16. Going to hold on to my VEPR 12ga now more tightly than ever. Was asked to sell it for a good amount of coin but I would rather own the shotgun then have some extra cash.

  17. My favorite bit of flame-fanning so far this time around was the e-mail I got from Florida Gun Supply over the weekend, with the headlines: “Did You Hear About the AK-47 Ban? Here’s the Question: Are AR15s Next?”

    Admittedly, not “Cheaper Than Dirt” levels of sleaze, but still pretty shady. Unsubscribe, and I’ll be buying my next gun from someone with either more intelligence, or more integrity (I’m not sure which one the guys at FGS are lacking).

  18. I’m a little bummed as I did want to eventually get my hands on a Vepr 7.62 x 54r. I’d like to get a magazine fed gun in that caliber. Not sure if there are any other makers doing that. Turns out that Molot is part of Kalishnakov, so bye-bye Veprs.

    • Well, import ban doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to buy one, they’ll just be that much more expensive since the supply is now limited…

      Then again, look at SVT. Those are genuine collector’s items – none will ever be made again regardless of the laws – and it’s still possible to get one at ~$1K. That’s your semi-auto 7.62x54R right there.

  19. I wish I had a Saiga anything-to sell. Oh yeah + 1 tex300. TTAG gave the M&P Sporter 5 stars on their review. They were under $600 at my local gun store, no transfer or internet shipping either. And low 7% tax in Indiana.

  20. Apply the principle of “buy low, sell high” with buying guns, who needs the stock market. Since Obama has control of imports, it is plausible that imported firearms might be a good investment as long as you plan to sell before 2016.

    • We’ll see what happens to confidence when parties officially announce their candidates and platforms.

  21. Anyone willing to pay soon-to-be astronomical prices for a Russian-made AK, when you can just go out and buy one made somewhere else, is an imbecile, period.

  22. Well… I just phoned in an order for the PWS 7.62 piston-drive upper the smiling not-so-local-but-very-friendly gun store had on the shelf when I was there last week.

    Soon I will have an AK-15 … And in the meantime I need to put a divider in the safe so the little buggers don’t start picking fights with each other. (You know those guns … Always going off by themselves for no good reason.)

  23. Correction: Mass media propaganda notwithstanding, it was Ukraine that shot down the airliner.

  24. I support this ban, according to a recent Shotgun News Treasury article something like 28% of Russia’s partially state owned Izhmash’s ) arms production goes to the US, all sporting. Izhmash is part of the recently created Kalashnikov Concern. Note we are talking about one of the main suppliers to the Russian military as well (and probably the Ukrainian separatists by extension).

    I’m not against hitting Russia’s military industrial complex where it hurts right now. It’s well deserved.

  25. This would be a good time for a US manufacturer to tool up and MAKE some AK’s instead of just reassembling them. Its not like the plans are a secret, and hell if half the countries that make them can produce a functional product with what they have, we should have no problems. We need to start going away from our dependence on imports anyway.

  26. Russia’s role… And what role was that?

    Now I’m sure all the modern day Mccarthy-ites will accuse me of being a pinko, but those gibbering accusations are too immature and slugheaded to even dispute. I’m simply asking where it is that you’ve gotten your information that Russia did it? Because I remember Hitlery Clinton claiming hours after the event that Russia did it, and you believe it because SHE said it? When has Hilary ever told us anything even resembling the truth?

    The fact is that this crash is shaping up to be a modern day Lusitania in the style of Operation Northwoods. Please people Russia is corrupt and is far from trust worthy, but why would they do this? It always comes down to cui bono, and it is beyond debate that the west will benefit from this.

    I mean watch Certainly Not News’ report from the “crash site” ( Tell me that isn’t green screen! He actually says they are unable to pan the camera, but doesn’t give a reason. It’s all bull you’re being lied to by the media, they do it about guns all the time what makes you think they won’t do it here?

    • I’m Russian, and I mostly watch Russian and Ukrainian news (and read the blogs and the forums). Based on those sources, I would say that rebels did it on the preponderance of evidence. Whether they sourced the AA from Russia, or captured it from Ukrainians, is still unclear.

      The most damning piece of evidence is that the rebels have posted in their forum shortly before the news broke out, claiming to have shot down a military transport in the same area. They have deleted that post, and later claimed that it never happened, but it was briefly in search engine cache for some time afterwards, and I’ve seen it personally.

      There are also numerous photos and videos of SA-11 “Buk” from the area. Some people have tried to match those against known photos (from Google Street View etc) to identify locations, and plot those & times on the map to derive the path. It seems that a “Buk” was driving through rebel-controlled areas from Lugansk (their “heartland”) to Torez, where the Boeing was shoot down, shortly before the shooting happened. And then back to Lugansk and across the border into Russia shortly after.

      There were more efforts to geolocate the place of missile launch, based on some photos of the immediate aftermath. They also place it in rebel-held territory. See here for more:

      You might also find this to be of interest, although not directly related:

      • That video you are talking about has been proven to be fake, the timestamp shows It was created one full day before the plane went down. As well as the BUK missile image, there is absolutely no proof that that is a real image, and none proving where the truck is going or coming from. Yellow journalism at it’s finest.

        Tv and internet news, along with social media are not enough to wholesale indite a whole nation, bringing in a new cold war. Russia itself has released satellite data showing a Ukrainian Su-25 gaining height on MH17 before it dropped off transponder. While the US recently admitted the majority of it’s MH17 related “intelligence” came from social media networks, falling quite short of anything you could call proof.

        Please read Operation Northwoods, look up the definiton of “Casus Belli”, and research NATO “Operation Rapid Trident” which was taking place at the same time the MH17 mess occurred. Siberian Airlines Flight 1812, Oct 2001 < That is Ukraine's history of shooting down passenger jets, now tell me why Russia is the first to get the blame. Also tell me why you've like never seen Siberian 1812 in the news, yet MH17 is all over the place.

  27. The timestamps of all videos uploaded on YouTube and ran through its re-encoder are one day before they were actually uploaded – it’s a well-known bug in YouTube that has been there for ages.

    Regarding “no proof where the truck is coming from”, again, there are several photos/videos with timestamps on when the people who made them put them up on their social media account. If those videos are geolocated and plotted on the map, and times assigned to each sighting, it becomes very clear where the truck came from and to.

    I don’t care about the US intelligence in the slightest, because I’m not basing my conclusions on it. I’m getting my “intelligence” from primary sources – the separatists themselves, the witnesses in the area who blogged about it etc. The reason why they are the first to get the blame is because they boasted to everyone they had a Buk a few weeks ago, and have additionally boasted of shooting down several airplanes, including a high-altitude military transport, in the few days immediately before the event itself – and also boasted of shooting another transport on the day of the catastrophe, at the same location and at a close time.

    Oh, and as a Russian, I sure saw a lot of Siberia 1812 in the news back when it happened – in Russian news, of course. The same ones that today make news reports saying that there’s “definitive proof” that the plane was shot down by “Ukrainian fascists”.

  28. I got a Draco AK47 pistol Romanian and its sweet (not really accurate at all but OK) ! Thinking about SBR’ing it ! A blast to shoot and an attention getter. No Russian AK’s though ! I’ve got 3 AR15’s,and an AR10 that I really prefer to AK’s anyway !

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