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Ahdoot: To End Violence, We Just Need to End Poverty, Racism and Injustice

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gang gun violence rap
Courtesy Chief Keef and Fat Trel (YouTube)

“America is unique in the world, given how it was founded. The centuries of slavery, oppression, explicit and internalized racism, and the resulting chaos and enduring inequities,” she said. “This is a First World country that promises opportunity for all. And yet, within its own boundaries, what is happening is so unbelievably unjust, unfair and so traumatic that it has really impacted how people are able to cope and even who they see as the enemy.”

For too many young Black men, that enemy is most often perceived as another young Black man, like himself. No offense is necessary. Sometimes just a wrong look is enough to trigger a shooting. Such is the effect of internalized racism, [Erica] Ahdoot said, and exacerbated by crowding poor Black people into isolated economic deserts. …

To end gun violence, commenters offered myriad suggestions: Ban guns, stop playing rap music, stop glorifying the “thug life.” Don’t have a baby that you can’t afford. Celebrate marriage, support two-parent households. End corporal punishment. Behave.

As Ahdoot sees it, piecemeal approaches to the problem don’t work.

“We have to address the underlying issues,” she said, “do the things that people refuse to believe can be done — end poverty, end racism, stop the injustice.”

That would mean the end of fear as we know it. And who would need to carry a gun then?

— Courtland Milloy in How To Stop Gun Violence? End Poverty and Racism.

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  1. Incredible! Astounding! It’s so simple yet so perfect.

    One question though. How do plan to “bell the cat?”

    • C’Mon Man…It’s easy to see the democRat Party has taken their centuries of well polished discrimination and applied it today to people exercising a Constitutional Right…

      If Gun Control democRats had it their way there would be restaurant backdoor entrances for Gun Owners, water fountains for Gun Owners, seats at the back of the bus for Gun Owners, cotton plantations for Gun Owners, lynching for Gun Owners, etc.

      Make no mistake about it…Today’s congressional Gun Control democRat Party simply erased their Jim Crow N-word and inserted, “Gun Owner.”

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    • Gotta love “Fat Trel” shown in the article’s photo. Anyone who muzzles his own brainbox while bustin’ a moov is a sure poster child for the “don’t do this” section of Gun Training 101.

    • Courtland milloy is a utopian. And he is a gun owner. He said so on C Span many years ago. I have always thought of him as a Fudd. He is s0ci@list Pr0gress!ve in his political orientation. He believes that if we could just eliminate racism and poverty, “then all the crime would just go away”. The white Libertarians Liberals and Leftists, and the drug legalization crowd are just like him. They also believe that if you can just legalized drugs. “Then all the crime will just go away.”

      Courtland Milloy and the three L’s, the atheists, the S0ci@l!sts pr0gressives, all don’t look at the lack of morality in society as being important. In fact they don’t believe morality is necessary for a functioning Civil Society.

      But what would make our society a better one. Would be having guns in the hands every American citizen. Because then people will be forced, through self-preservation, to be more polite to each other.

      And hopefully because of, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, our society will get to be that way, much faster. Because if you’re not going to follow the Bible, and use it as a guide on how to conduct yourself in a civil manner.

      Then we can use the gun as a civil enforcement tool in our daily lives. Which is how it use to be 150 years ago.

  2. Idiot! Really. “Just do this one simple thing that no one in the world has ever accomplished, ever, in the entirety of human history, and presto-chango, no more gun violence.”

    I sometimes am amazed that anyone ever bothers to reprint the inane blatherings of mindless fools, then I remember that 81 million votes were cast for Joe Biden and millions of those were made by real live people!

    • I don’t believe for one moment that Joe got 81 million legitimate votes. Not for one moment. I sat up on election night, and watched them SUBTRACT millions of votes from Trump, and add those to Joe’s numbers. Have you watched ‘20,000 Mules’? The ballot stuffing was preposterous. Even more preposterous, NO ONE HAS BEEN CONVICTED!

      Unfortunately, the Republicans were too stupid to bring evidence to court to have it all shut down.

      • They brought the evidence and judges ubiquitously declared a lack of “standing” none of the “evidence” ever saw its day in court because no judge wanted to be THAT GUY (the courts were even complicit in the illegal changes made in Pennsylvania just prior to the election in direct violation of the PA constitution). It was never explained just exactly who had the right to challenge the way the election was handled or where they should take their grievances (the SCOTUS even declined to hear a consortium of states). What happened in 2020 cannot be undone and it looks like they are going to take another shot at it with this “Monkeypox” bullshit already being declared a “Global Health Emergency” even though it primarily affects only gay men who have sex with infected gay men, oooops gotta do mail in voting…

        • And guess what? Braindead is preparing to declare Monkeypox a National Health Emergency so prepare for another round of mandatory face masks (though it’s NOT an airborne disease), shut downs AND…… wait for it!!!…. HELL YEAH, UNIVERSAL MAIL-IN-VOTING…

        • To reduce spread of monkeypox you place masks between penis and rectum.
          Not face.
          So, “mandatory mask required to enter” will have a new meaning.

      • I was also watching and saw a lot of white boards blocking windows and not allowing witnesses to the vote.
        Reminds me Old Man Kennedy tell his son “I can buy you the election but I’m not paying for a landslide.
        Biden family has been corrupt for years
        and 10% for the Big Guy

        Joey hasn’t had a job outside of granulated from College Government since he and it was his turn, don’t ya know.

    • Bill Clinton once said that if everyone had a college education then there would be no crime. He disproved his own theory.

    • The comment about “economic deserts” has an obvious cause. Criminal activity drives businesses away. Some will stay but their low volumes, high costs, and therefore high prices will affect the community too. And these businesses will eventually reach their limit of hold ups and shoplifting until they can’t afford their insurance and move elsewhere.

  3. One day, Americans, both Black and White, will look back on today’s current events, and wonder how so many people could have been so stupid. School children will laugh at that whole Critical Race Theory, and feelzies over facts nonsense. Unfortunately, we have to live through an idiot president who thinks he can fix all the world’s problems by appointing idiots to positions of power. Look at his most recent press spokesthing. And, all the while, he sets policies guaranteed to weaken and impoverish the United States. SURGE THAT BORDER, BRANDON!!!

  4. End poverty and racism?
    Why do I think they mean install a Marxist paradise followed by mass state murder?

    Personally I believe that ending the drug trade would help a lot. I’d do it Singapore style.

    • We all know Dacian is up for eliminating “class enemies” and Hope’s to outdo Vasily Blokhin in the number of murders done personally.

      • Putin gave some unit awards to the team at Bucha. I am waiting to see if the different BTG set up a points system now.

  5. The only way to end poverty would be to end wealth, and with it power. Good luck with that.

    Increasing the minimum wage also increases the poverty line.

    Inflation without equal wage increase increases the poverty line.

    People that are at or below the poverty line are more likely to rob/steal as it is necessary for survival. IMNSHO, that is why we are seeing such an increase in crime.

    • How’s that idiom go ?… Oh yeah,
      ” An overflowing toilet lifts all turds” –
      or something really powerful like that.

    • Various places in history announced end of poverty through wealth distribution.
      For some reason shortly after they began very large culling actions.

  6. That would mean the end of fear as we know it. And who would need to carry a gun then?

    I don’t carry a gun out of fear I carry a gun to level the playing field against those who would rather just try to take mine than work for their own and as a defensive tool when I’m on the road on my motorcycle. Not everyone robs because of poverty and racism is not the only kind of “hate” there is in the world, some people are just fucked up, it’s the nature of the beast. Funny how simple minds come up with simple (useless) solutions to some VERY complicated issues.

  7. Even in fictionalized utopias violence still exists.
    Star Trek, for instance, has rapists and homicidal lunatics even though they want for nothing.

    Just look at the cities that have tried some version the “free bikes for everybody” schemes. Nobody would ever need a bike and still in certain neighborhoods people were getting bike-jacked. Not because somebodys bike was better. They were all the same bike. Not to sell them. Police found piles of them ditched.

    Still, if you end poverty and racism there’s the problem of sex. I’m gonna want sex and if there’s no more poverty wealth will lose its social cache so what’s left? Skills? Nah, too hard. I’m just going to impress all the clout starved females with my hard ghetto escapades of jackin’ up fools.

    Inequalities are endless being that many are simply perceived.

  8. This is the usual left wing nonsense. Puffy pieces with vague words that mean either anything or nothing. But the reality is there are no solutions coming from the left. Anyone can point and say “Hey look isn’t that a problem?”. Not even a decent education is required for that. It takes brain power and careful thought processes to offer up solutions and this is what the left fears more than anything in this world, having to commit to things on paper because then the rubber must meet the road. What happens next? Well it’s either a tacit admission that they can only offer piecemeal solutions themselves or having to say “We want to overthrow human civilization for some vague nebulous reasons that mean nothing. You know what, just read the article.”. Everyone standing around doing kumbayas will come at such a heavy price that not even the author would accept it. So there we have it, an enigma wrapped up nicely with a pretty bow on the outside and a tag that says “Don’t open until doomsday”.

  9. The author of this article believes that slavery was unique to the colonies and later America? I got news, slavery in this hemisphere didn’t end until the 1930s and the last country to get rid of it in this hemisphere was Brazil. North Africa has rampant slavery today and so does India. The UN estimates that 80 million people in the world are living under slavery. Is the author also so foolish as to believe that racism only exists in america? We have a bare vestige of residual racism from whites and racism by blacks is rampant. Also the claim that poverty causes violence is ludicrous. How do you explain all of the wealthy NFL players that are constantly being arrested for assault?

    • Quote:”North Africa has rampant slavery today and so does India.”

      You left out another major player in the slavery trade, Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries. Non muslims are not “people” so are treated as less than human.

      Lived there for years, observed it first hand

      • I saw slave market in Egypt in 1978.

        They call it “apprenticeship contract”.

        Child or adult has zero rights after you purchase.

    • Slavery is being imported thru the southern border today. All these “people” coming in owe the drug cartels big money so they will be enslaved to them until the cartels say they have paid them back.

    • Slavery didn’t start with the colonizing of the Americas. It was around long before the early Egyptian dynasties. But then most slaves were similar to who enslaved them.

      Black slaves were enslaved by other blacks. Whites couldn’t survive the African interior and so set up trading ports to buy slaves to transport to other locations for sale.

      • I think the west African slave trade was dominated by Arabs.

        They ran that market the Brits shelled.

  10. End poverty.
    Isn’t that what the Democraps have been pushing for literally decades, and we’ve spent literally trillions of dollars on? Where has it gotten us?
    Poverty is financial, but is also a state of mind. Millions of us remember our family not having a lot of money during our growing up years, but we didn’t consider ourselves as being poor. Our parents did what it took, and that did not include stealing from others or shooting up the neighborhood. Those considered below the poverty level today are rich compared to those below the poverty level decades ago. They didn’t run around shooting others then, so why must they now?

  11. Poor blacks in Dem cities killing each other because they are poor while poor whites in Appalachia and other places somehow manage NOT to go around murdering each other…

    Explain to me how the racism thing works again?????

    • Funnels votes and money to the various elite at the expense of the citizens via various methods of manipulation extortion and political violence.

      • Poor blacks funnel money to the elites / That makes them poorer / That makes white people racist???

        That makes no sense.

        When you say political violence. Are you talking about Jan 06?

        • Ah you came in with an agenda not a question. See Dude’s reply below for the starting point of study if you are interested in answering your own questions.

        • No agenda. Blacks killing other blacks disproves the ‘racist’ argument (along with everything BLM says they stand for). The post below, while thoughtful, doesn’t answer my question.

      • “Racism” is also a convenient excuse for the failings of our leaders. It’s in their best interest to always have “racism.”

  12. Most ghetto trash Don’t want to leave the ghetto.
    They hide behind dumb ass’s that write articles like this to give them cover for being…Ghetto Rats,

    Long live the gun…

  13. I’m all for ending poverty, how to do it??? Work I guess.
    Racism, that’ll always be a thing.( united we stand, divided we fall)
    Injustice, well if you have lots of money you can always buy justice.
    What the real problem is theres just to many humans. Humans are nomadic by nature and they’ve run out of places to go.
    Crowd them all together in a big city and your going to have problems.
    Violence – – We ain’t seen nothing yet.
    Water, food and housing luxuries for the wealthy.

    • Exactly. Everyone interested in ending their poverty does so – by working, self-control, etc.

      Ending poverty for those who fail or refuse to end their own – relieving the consequences of bad choices by punitively taxing the outcomes of good choices – cannot possibly have any other result but a net increase in bad choices.

    • Quote:”What the real problem is there’s just to many humans.”

      I agree. My solution for that problem is a nice friendly world wide nuclear war to wipe out 75% of the population. Presto….no more climate change problems, lots of land for everyone and hopefully wipe out all politicians. /sar

      • That’s the line of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, but for 99% of us it won’t be voluntary.

      • The Neutron Bomb is ideal. Yes it kills any mammal but only locally.
        So say Putin neutron bombs all of Ukraine. He can send in the Russian army to burn all the corpses and follow in 40 days with Russians to take over the houses and cars.

    • Careful possum! Without humans into whose dumpsters will you be diving? 😉 The more humans, the more dumpsters for possum kind!

      I did a simple math exercise once. The United States has 85 people per square mile which does include the big cities. Bangladesh has 1,300 people per square mile and seems to be doing fine. If we extrapolate Bangladesh’s population to square miles around the world the Earth could support about 10 or more times the current population. The problem isn’t overpopulation it’s poor management of resources. And poor management of resources is caused by corrupt governments. We’ve got to figure out how to end corrupt governments. I know the real answer is the second coming of Jesus. But feel free to talk amongst yourselves.

      • Extrapolating Bangladesh’s population density to the rest of the world would extrapolate their standard of living (which is anything but “doing fine”).

        Even that falls far short of reality, since it’s not like the Rocky Mountains or Mojave Desert (much less Siberia or the Sahara) could support even Bangladesh-level agricultural output.

        • Not necessarily, Umm. Remember I did mention corrupt govts. And, of course, education and type of religion do play into it. If all countries were like the U.S. say 60 or more years ago, then everyone’s standard of living would be high. If you look at countries by GDP then the countries that have a judeo-christian background have a high GDP and everyone else is medium to excruciatingly low. Unfortunately, the government has taken control of the education system in the U.S. and therefore, we’ve been going downhill ever since.

        • the countries that have a judeo-christian background have a high GDP and everyone else is medium to excruciatingly low. Agreed for the most part, except for Southeast Asia.

          Regarding the rest, you founded your argument on the idea that Bangladesh “seems to be doing fine”, which (as Richard Kudrna noted) is the exact opposite of reality. Climate variation is not subjective or disputable either.

          The Earth could support more people, if and only if we didn’t care about freedom or quality of life. Right here in the US, millions (myself included) move from the humid, frigid, and stagnant Northeast to the sunny, dynamic Southwest, and Lake Mead has a “bathtub ring” 50+ft above the depleting water level. That (mostly) isn’t a political problem; it’s a finite resources / too damn many people problem.

          Having grown up in the country and then being stationed in various cities throughout my entire adult life, I’ve seen again and again that population density is a (if not the) root cause of a very broad spectrum of problems.

        • I watched a show about Bangladeshi ship breaking industry.
          The beach was waist deep in snow. Ooops, waste asbestos from ships boilers.

        • Ya know what they need? All those ambulance-chasers making mesothelioma commercials in the US. We could pack them into a CONEX box on a tramp steamer and run it right up on that beach.

  14. Did anyone take into account “Evil”? Since the start of LBJs “Great Society” we have thrown several TRILLION dollars at the problem of poverty, poor education, poor housing, poor nutrition, etc. & the poverty rate remains exactly the same.

    • Try a couple ten trillion plus. Just a few years ago (2014,) we had spent 22 trillion on anti-poverty programs over the previous 50 years, with nothing to show for it. That exceeded our debt at the time by about 4 trillion. That was also around the time our debt to GDP ratio was hitting 100%. It’s amazing how little press that got. There’s a reason for that. The powers that be covet the magic money printer. When they run for office, that’s what they’re fighting for.

    • LOL…the author is a demented dope. Plenty of poverty to go around during the Depression and the black community was NOT the center of violence in America. They had families then with a dad around. Morality is missing. And a criminal evil mindset abounds. Free rent,food,heat and education abounds. Didja see that shyster “bishop” get robbed live in NYC? Of a $1000000 of gold & diamonds??? Worse than the gangster’s robbing them…

  15. I get it. It’s all Whitey’s fault that black people kill each other with such appalling regularity.

    Meanwhile, the most peaceful ethnic component of the US mosaic were first excluded by law from America, then brought here to build bridges and railroads in hard labor, fed a diet of opium to keep them tranquilized, murdered when they settled in communities where they were not wanted, and lived mostly in poverty. And yet, they didn’t and still don’t kill each other.

    Claiming that black crime is a result of poverty is nothing more that a libel against poor people by repulsive rich snots like Courtland Milloy.

    • I remember a clickbait article about a restaurant owner’s outrage that raciss customers were asking for “soul food” instead of what he wanted to cook. Years later, I’m sure he’s still pouting about it.

      If someone had asked a Chinese proprietor for Chinese food, by this point he’d own three Chinese restaurants employing his entire extended family.

      • The Chinese started running laundries and restaurants because they weren’t allowed to own other types of businesses. So they took lemons and made lemonade.

    • Black culture is descended from white southern cracker culture which in turn is descended from middle to northern England.

      Thomas Sowell has videos about this.

    • Don’t forget land and houses stolen and locked up in camps in 1942.

      BTW those IQ test bias points knock about 8 or 12 off Asians so they don’t make others feel bad.

  16. Such is the Human Condition. Any attempt to “end poverty, racism, and injustice” by government or any other large institution always ends up with more of all three. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Humans are sinful and fallen creatures.

    The historical record is clear; there is no answer. The only one to come even close to solving these problems is Human liberty based on the patriarchal nuclear family. Most of our problems today stem from abandoning that ideal.

  17. In most cases, “poverty” is perpetuated by government welfare programs that deprive people of personal imitative. If I can get something for nothing, why work?

  18. When the black community wants to address the self-perpetuating poverty they create by having multiple children without marriage or a plan to raise those kids, I will start to listen!!! But having 5 kids with 3 dudes then raising those kids in a community with like-minded children who only seem to care about rap music and basketball and no plan for other education isn’t a recipe for success…

    • Quote:”When the black community wants to address the self-perpetuating poverty they create by having multiple children without marriage or a plan to raise those kids, I will start to listen!!! But having 5 kids with 3 dudes then raising those kids in a community with like-minded children who only seem to care about rap music and basketball and no plan for other education isn’t a recipe for success…”

      This is the direct, intended result of LGJ “Great Society” legislation passed in the 1960’s. Democrats designed it to achieve exactly what we see in the ghettos of today with all the chaos and violence. It keeps the residents dependent on democrats paying them to live. In return the residents vote for democrats (communist party USA).

      Ain’t gonna go away, ain’t gonna get better, dems are working to make it worse.

      Be Prepared !!!

      • Right you are, Gordon. The Great Society ran the black man away from the black family & out on his own. We in turn picked up all the costs for the raising of the kids while the black man, now free, went right on producing more illegitimate kids. Back in the early ’60s the divorce rate between black & white families was about the same. By the end of the decade, that rate, among the black famili8es, went through the roof.

  19. Once again it’s society’s fault. Nowhere in the essay is self responsibility mentioned. The reasons listed by the author already have solutions, Poverty: get an education and find a job,
    Racism: it goes both way, bro and the same can be said for injustice. it’s way past time to look in the mirror and live up to your potential, no matter how limited.

  20. Notice the image from this article did not show a Black man in a suit and tie or perhaps a black mail carrier delivering mail or a black nurse caring for a patient. Rather we have an image unidentified as to time and place and a threatening one at that. I think the image proves what the article was alluding too as it in and of itself is racist to the 9th degree and was shown to inflame the racisms of the Far Right.

      • to Jethro W M our high school drop out

        From Webster Dictionary.

        The meaning of FASCISM is a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual …

        That describes you and the Republicans, not Liberals, and not Socialists. You put your foot in your mouth again Jethro.

        • dacian the uneducated. If it has feathers like a duck, webbed feet like a duck, a bill like a duck and it quacks then it’s a duck.

          Your claims are a lie. Your actions the truth. You are a fascist. You belong to a movement that was bought out by corporate billionaires like soros, gates and bloomberg.

          You may be low iq enough to believe you’re a lib or socialists but you serve, and proudly, the cause of fascism.

          The only full mouth around here is yours, herr dacian. How does it feel to give a bj to the corporations?

        • My comment was moderated.

          Long story short, dacian. Your actions make you a fascist. Your claims are lies.

        • Your equity and equality is not lifting people up. It is pulling everyone down to the lowest common level.

      • He has the racism of low expectations. “Those people” need the guidance of people like him to take them down the “Shining Path”.

    • That’s weird, I saw nothing threatening in the articles picture at all.
      I’ll check it out again , maybe I missed something?

    • dacian the demented dunce,

      Umm . . . perhaps because the author was discussing “poverty”, and its effect on crime, you drooling MORON????????

    • Douchian,
      Too bad the “threatening image” was taken by the subject’s free will, at his cost, to promote the image he wants to project. This is despite the fact that he has more than enough money to buy a suit, far more than any nurse and postal worker put together, and yet still chose to portray himself as a violent thug.

      • My understanding is that in the hip hop thug life community, the image of explosive violence (temperament), heartlessness, abusive Behavior to women, promiscuity, NOT paying child support, are all prestigious and render you irresistible to women.
        So these guys are role models.
        Who could fix that? Well,Singapore solution. They would end the drug trade very quickly. Arrest, trial, execution in 2 weeks. Without drug revenue the lifestyle is less lucrative. In Singapore, public urination, assault, are not tolerated. People behave. Note also the place is multi ethnic.

        • Singapore also has basically no gun rights. In their defense, I think a lot of what they do is forced by being a crossroads of many non-citizen cultures.

          Our Founders got it right: Very few criminal laws, backed not only by swift and severe penalties like Singapore’s, but also by a strong culture of responsibility and social pressure.

        • Zero gun rights in Singapore. But that’s better than full criminal rights and no gun rights.
          If only legislators worked to stop crime rather than play this game of attacking gun owners.

        • If only legislators worked to stop crime rather than play this game of attacking gun owners.


  21. “Black…” and I quit reading. The capitalization in that context tells me everything I need to know about you, and that whatever you’re getting ready to say is bullshit.

  22. I love how they pretend like we don’t know how to solve problems. This isn’t the beginning of civilization. We already have the answers. We’ve already done it. The powers that be are doing the opposite of what needs to be done.


    • NTexas,

      I totally agree . . . and since you brought it up, you should lead the way. Commit honorable seppuku, and have a friend post the results for us, to prove your sincerity.


  24. “America is unique in the world, given how it was founded. The centuries of slavery, oppression, explicit and internalized racism, and the resulting chaos and enduring inequities,” she said.

    The usual false premise. Leftists always start off with a lie and then use it to justify their position. So tired of their crap.


    • The premise behind that premise is that wealth or value is distributed rather than created. If you want value, add value. An individual’s or group’s slice of the pie is directly proportional to their contributions to the pie. If bi+ch doesn’t like her slice, she needs to get baking.

  25. You will never eliminate poverty. We all know those who if handed a million Dollars today would be flat broke within a month.
    Poor decision making, drug or alcohol abuse, sheer dumb luck, lack of education. And not Education, as in stuffing facts and figures, but education in critical thinking skills, reason, and logic. Or what was known as plain old common sense.
    Racism has, and always be part of the human condition. People will always group with others like themselves. A common skin color, or common belief/religion, or a common language or ethnic identity. Humans are hard wired by evolution to be a tribal/clannish creature. We are always suspicious of the “Other”.
    Much of what the author tries to blame on poverty, or drugs, or racism, or whatever ism or phobia are caused by a lack of moral guidance or honest accountability for unacceptable behaviors.
    As for the foolish idea that we can somehow rid the world of crime, or poverty, or violence, the only way of doing so would be to wipe all life from the planet. As long as there is life on Earth there will be predators and prey.

  26. ‘To End Violence, We Just Need to End Poverty, Racism and Injustice’

    So basically get rid of the democrat party. Well I’m down with that. Joe Manchin is pretty much the very last member of the DNC that’s even sane, let alone a good person.

      • They’re making it easier to get a better GPA. States are going to the ten point system. My son just graduated high school with a 3.8 GPA, while dual enrolling in college his junior and senior years. This year, a 90 will get you an A instead of at least a 93. A grade of B will be 80 instead of 85. It cheapens the work he put in.

  27. America is unique in the world, given how it was founded. The centuries of slavery, oppression, explicit and internalized racism,

    Every country has had slavery.
    Every. Single. One.
    Be they white, black, yellow, or whatever.

    If you tally up the “unique” things about America, the “good unique” out numbers the “bad unique” about 100:1.

    Courtland Milloy deserves a kick to her (or his) tw@t.

  28. “Ahdoot: To End Violence, We Just Need to End Poverty, Racism and Injustice”

    Well, there ya’ go. That’s the answer. Gotta wonder why no one thought of that before?

  29. Stupid. Obviously has no experience with an actual bad neighborhood. Also obviously hasn’t read much in the way of history. We’re far from the first country founded with slavery. Pretty much every civilization was founded on/with slavery until around 1480AD. After that the Ottomans controlled a heck of a lot and they had slavery. Yet no one complains about it.

    In fact, slavery is still a thing outside the US, which hasn’t had it for 157 years. Again, this is ignored.

    I’ve laid out how you deal with this before. It won’t happen until sacred cows are no longer sacred on both sides of the aisle. The rest is bullshit virtue signalling to a preferred in-group.

  30. Mr. Milloy’s conclusion demonstrates a pretty big split in the thinking of anti-gunners and people who practice self-defense.

    They think we arm ourselves out of fear.


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