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In December last year, a Texas jewelry store owner foiled a hiest by three men. “Mr. and Mrs. Castillo get hustled into back room. Mrs. Castillo tied to chair, Mr. Castillo next. That’s when he pulled his own pistol and killed one bad guy. He then proceeded to his office, grabbed a shotgun, and commenced shooting until the other two were dead. He himself was shot three times but survived.” That’s from TTAG writer Don Curton’s excellent analysis of the crime. Click here to read the original news report. Recently, Mr. Castillo’s youngest daughter Anna posted a comment on TTAG. I contacted her and asked her to describe the aftermath of the shooting. Make the jump to read the Castillo family’s story in her own words.

I really could not believe any of it.  Sometimes I still don’t believe it happened. We are still going through the aftermath, but never did I believe for one second that he was going to die.

I remember when it actually happened; I was at work helping a customer when I got the call. I remember the exact moment, what I was doing, what I was wearing. The words hit me and the only thing I could say was “What.”

When I arrived at the hospital my dad was already in surgery. He had just eaten and one of the bullets hit his stomach and intestine. After they cleaned his wound he received an ileostomy, we did not know if it would be permanent. I worried of how he would take it when he found out he had an ileostomy bag connected to him.  Four days later he woke up.

My family has always been the type to be very strong. I don’t understand why I could never be as strong as them. When my father opened his eyes and realized I was standing over him his eyes watered up. I had never seen my dad cry and I guess you cannot count watered up eyes as crying. He held my hand and said “How are you mama.” It had never felt so good to hear him talk, even with his stumbling English.

So it’s been three months since the incident. The first day my dad was going to return to the jewelry store I asked him if he was ready to walk back into the place? He paused and changed the subject. A minute later I asked again, “you didn’t answer my question, are you ready?” He replied with a smile on his face saying, “I have to go someday.” It’s really been a crazy ride, none of us expected it.

My dad has always been prepare for something like this, he always told my mom that if something happened and he got the chance to defend himself he would do it. He would even sit us down to discuss what would happen to my brothers and I if something were to happen to them, and when it did his plans were completed. My brother took over the household and store, my sister took care of my mom and I ran the errands for everyone, while my mother only came home to shower.

At home things are not as normal as usual, every two weeks he has to go to the doctor to check his wound. He still has a bullet in the back of his shoulder, which is going to be removed in his next operation. He also had an open wound on his abdomen, which my mom calls a piggy-bank, where his first operation was done. A piece of his stomach was also removed, but he is recovering very quickly and is starting to gain his weight back. The doctors say that in June he will have his final operation and his ileostomy will be removed. He should be back to normal by the end of the year, just in time for my wedding!

I asked my dad what his thoughts were about the incident, his wounds and even the people who shot him. He told me to explain how his ileostomy bag bothers him; how he’s allergic to the glue he places on his skin every day and how the bullet on his shoulder still hurts him when we pat him on the back but doesn’t complain.

He wanted you to know that the incident was a risk a business owner must be willing to take and one must be prepared to act. About the people, I asked if there was any hatred. He simply said “There is no time for hatred; I don’t hate the people who did this to me. What is done is done and nothing can change that. What we must worry about is being prepared to do what must be done for when these circumstances arise .”

I really cannot say enough about my dad, he is a great man. If you look inside the shop you will see drawings my nephews taped on the wall along with mine when I was in elementary. You can see how we look up to him, all of us.

Here are some facts about what happened:

About the video, it’s here somewhere. We still have not taken a look at it, I don’t think we will.

My dad was shot a total of six times

To the left of the entrance there is still a hole in one of the glass displays, it’s the size of someone’s head.

You can still see the bullet holes everywhere inside the store, but the store is so old it blends in with the place…

My mother was tied up with plastic handcuffs, like the ones officers use when they don’t have metal ones. They put them on backwards and slid off, but she didn’t move.

My parents celebrated their anniversary in the hospital.

My dad received a Medal of Valor from the City of Houston.

My dad has had his conceal carry permit and license for over 10 years now and loves hunting

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  1. Here’s hoping he continues to recover quickly and well. Here’s also hoping at least one other scumbag thinks twice about knocking over a store as a result of what he’s done.

  2. Joe,

    That’s one of the great things about the Texas penal code concerning deadly force; if reasons for deadly force are covered under chapter 9 of the penal code then shooter is immune to any civil action by the person who was shot. A great piece of tort reform if you ask me.

  3. True courage under fire is hard to find. The Castillo family has that kind of courage in abundance. I hope the family knows how much we admire them and that we’re all hoping that everyone makes a full recovery, both physically and emotionally.

  4. Anna, to you and your entire family, may all your wounds (psychologically and physically) heal quickly. You don’t need to be told how brave your father, and you mother are. Your entire family will be in our thoughts and prayers.

    Real hero’s are hard to find these days, and your dad has been added to that list.

  5. Please thank your dad for being such a good example for all of us – not only in his actions, but in his ability to move forward.


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