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From Adams Arms . . .

Adams Arms, industry leading pioneers of piston-driven AR platform firearms, announced the AA19, a performance-driven compact 9mm Luger handgun.The AA19 combines Adams Arms years of experience with handgun barrel and slide innovations with its mission of elevating firearm reliability and performance.

“Adams Arms is known for its slides and barrels for custom handguns, and now we’ve brought all of our expertise into one complete pistol,” Steve Green, Adams Arms Vice President of Sales and Marketing said. “Our customers have been asking for an Adams Arms handgun for years, and now it is ready. The new AA19 incorporates design elements that refine its ergonomics and performance. Every detail on the new AA19 adds upgrades that maximize its potential for both EDC and competition.”

Adams Arms new AA19 compact 9mm handgun


• Enhanced front and rear cocking serrations
• Double undercut trigger guard
• Vickers Tactical Carry Trigger
• Ameriglo Defoor EDC sights
• Profiled and lightened slide
• Threaded 1:16” twist barrel
• Aggressive grip texturing
• 1913 Picatinny rail
• Billet extractor
• OAL 7.6”
• Weight 1.26 lbs.

The AA19 comes with two Magpul G19 magazines, a hardcase, and cable lock. The slide is cut for optics, and plates are plates available in all popular footprints, including the Trijicon RMR, Leupold Deltapoint, Shield RMS, Burris Fastfire 3, Vortex Venom/Viper, Vortex Razor, C-More STS. The gun is made in the USA and is backed by Adams Arms’ lifetime warranty.

The AA19 will be available through Adams Arms’ network of dealers. For dealer locations, please visit MSRP is $999. For more information on the new AA19, visit


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    • Do they offer a flameproof bag I can shoot it in? Are there any other affectations they can do to that poor trigger guard?

  1. I like the looks of this gunm , I was hoping the price wouldn’t be that high but oh well.
    Ironic some people knock where the gunm was made but shoot a Nazi caliber without a bit of thought.

      • For sure, however I remember many many years ago 9mm luger wasn’t to popular for just that reason.

        • It wasn’t popular because it was hard to find and it was only fmj. In the 60’s you could find Lugers and P38’s for cheap. But the ammo, when you could find it, was 2-3 times more than .38.

  2. As the owner of a Glock brand Glock and a mosin nagant I feel I’m qualified to weigh in on this gun.

    That gun is just Fugly.

    • The last scale you weighed in on spit out a ticket that said “One person at a time on the scale”.

      • I cannot be the only person in your life that has pointed out that you need professional help. Unless of course your family has cut all ties with you. I wouldn’t be surprised.

        Don’t get testy with me for pointing out the obvious.

    • And THAT, Sir, reveals that you have pierced The Veil and revealed what lies beyond; Therefore, you must DIE.

      It’s a Glock. With curlicues. And a Batarang for a trigger-guard. I assume that the small periscope atop the slide also serves as an emergency beacon to summon the Caped Crusader on dark Gotham nights.

  3. I don’t understand these companies selling their own P80 builds for twice the price of homemade or a Glock for that matter. A Glock is a Glock no matter how much $$$$ you put into it. They only get so good, after that you are burning dollars to be THAT GUY at the range. For $1,000 HK UPS Tactical, Springfield 1911 RO, Browning Hi Power, even Canik for Pete’s sake! All better performers for that same price. These $1,000 Glocks are just stupid.

  4. I thought EVERYONE was clamoring for a pissed on Glock clone. Oh, a PISTON glock clone…. nevermind.

  5. Sounds like it may be a reliable, accurate pistol, if a bit pricey for what you’re getting. (Just bought a 19X and a 43 for the same money for both.) The big question is, “Why? What does it do that lots of others already don’t?” And better and for less. Another polymer 9mm? Might as well introduce a newly engineered chicken egg.

  6. Same unsafe take down as the Glock, forget just one time to check the chamber and you shoot yourself or someone else. Contrast this to more safely designed pistols that require you to lock back the slide for take down.

    And of course it has no manual safety and when you snag the trigger the joke of the trigger safety does not do what it was designed to do i.e. keep the pistol from firing accidentally but hey “Do you feel lucky today”? At least the Glock is way less money which helps you pay your doctor bills when you accidentally shoot yourself.

    At least the Glock has a bar stock slide, this new copycat appears to have a junk cast slide, notice the indentation on the side of the slide they never would have gone to the expense of milling that in that is why I am guessing the slide is a junk casting.

  7. How come I’m reading about the ATF and RBT’s (makers of forced reset triggers) refusal to comply on Zerohedge and not this gun site? TTAG is really getting weak. It’s like the USA Today of gun sites.

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