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The People of the Gun often rail against Hollywood hypocrites: movie people who support gun control but use firearms in films, swan around with armed bodyguards and arm themselves at home. Pretty stupid, huh? Even stupider: being (reasonably) famous and not having a firearm for home defense. Case in point: actress Madeleine Stowe. We now know that a burglar broke into her home in September and held her at gunpoint. Naked, the actress handed the thief a bag containing $70k worth of jewels. Police caught the perp. Ms. Stowe then took out a protective order against the thief. Some people never learn.

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  1. LOL – yeah.

    Good thing she got that protective order, because burglarizing her home wasn’t already illegal. Oh . . .wait.

    • My thoughts exactly. Requesting a PPO against an armed robber for threatening to kill you during the robbery required a special kind of special.

      I guess he’s a “boyfriend” now, just like an illegal alien is an “immigrant”.

      • Actually, taking out a PPO is a good idea. NOT because it provides any protection but for legal reasons. It shows you took all available legal steps to avoid a confrontation. If the subject of the order ignores it you can cite that as evidence to support they intended to harm you and justification of your fear of imminent bodily harm during the subsequent confrontation. In California, which prohibits CCW in many jurisdictions there is a provision in the law that if you have a PPO against someone based on violence; that can be considered as a mitigation for you having carried a weapon without having a CCW… weak, you can still get charged and tried but the jury should be notified of that provision.

        You should of course also get a suitable firearm and know how to use it.

        • Get out here with your logic, it has little place here. Rveryone knows that bitch shoulda unloaded a healthy dose of .357 magnum into that perpetrator. Does the article make any mention of whether or not said actress had a weapon on hand and just didnt get to it in time? You know like the guy in the other article thay had his gun on him yet still got it taken from him. If she didnt have time to call 911 maybe she didnt have time to get her gat. Maybe she had kids in the house and maybe she has really bad arthritis and cant handle a firearm well enough to justify carrying one. Maybe she is just one of those princesses who will never have the proper mindset to carry a gun safely. I dont really know, i didnt read the whole news release, just the summary above.

      • Listen — strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony!

  2. Do you think that the thief was obeying California laws pertaining to possession and use of that firearm while robbing her?

    Why am I complaining. He needed the $70K to turn his life around.

  3. Golly – the perp will really be in trouble if he breaks that protective order.

    BTW – early Madeline Stowe (pre lip plump) = hotter than later Madeline Stowe.

  4. Well, she probably will get an alarm system installed and one of those “I’ve fallen and can’t get up!” pendants…

  5. Nothing like a piece of paper to stop an armed felon. I’d suggest motion lights, dogs, a security system, pepper spray, Tasers, and guns ready to go.

      • Being held naked at gunpoint and robbed of 70 grand worth of bling wasn’t enough of a wake up?

    • (Restraining Order? She knew him? Hmmmmm…..)

      That restraining order is made of Restraining Order Kevlar Paper.
      Very effective.
      If he can’t or won’t read it and obey…..
      Fold it origami style, throw and incapacitate would be jewelry thief.
      Hey! I’m not kidding.

      • Yes, she should have taken out that protective order before he robbed her. Then she would have been safe from him and the robbery would never have happened.

  6. Oh man RF making sense would violate the liberal Jewish hollyweird thing. Married to Brian Ben Ben. She WAS pretty hot back in the day…

    • In the tactical anal carry holster of course. It’s where all the anti gunners carry theirs’.

    • If investigating a “noise in the dark”, carry in your hands. Naked or not.

      Perhaps the BenBen should have gotten his “actor” butt out of bed.

  7. You can get a lot farther with a protective order and a gun, than with a protective order alone.

    • yeah, seeing as she was already naked and isn’t exactly hideous, that could easily have been a WHOLE lot worse for her. And seeing as she failed to learn, it probably didn’t even occur to her that some plebeian would DARE to violate one of society’s Elite….

  8. She was great in 12 Monkeys, always liked her.

    Probably a raging lib. Of course I could be wrong I don’t follow the lives of these people but whatever.

    Glad she’s ok, could have turned out a lot worse. Maybe she’ll arm up after this, who knows.

    • Sorry, but I hated that movie! Not a bad looking babe, though if she really thinks a protective order is worth anything by itself…..

  9. Unless they’ve started printing those protection orders on kevlar, I suspect hers is a lot less efficacious than she thinks it is…

  10. Daniel Day and his First Nation bros kicked a whole lot of &$$ to get her back. Oh! Using firearms….Oh my!
    Remember when he asked for the silk? “It’s good for another 100 yds.”

  11. Interesting.
    She was in a 1992 movie called “Unlawful Entry” with Ray Liotta and Kurt Russell that involved her character being the victim of a home invasion/break in. Life imitates art….

  12. A woman gets robbed at gunpoint while naked and you guys call her stupid? Unless you carry in the shower it could happen to you too. How do you know she doesn’t own any guns? How do you know she didn’t buy one after this incident? Have some compassion.

      • Hmmm. As another comment mentioned, perhaps it isn’t stupid if receiving a PPO grants you extra rights, but I have a feeling those rights are granted to the ‘rich and famous’ without a PPO.

  13. The that got me about the story, noise a night, She gets up to investigate… What kind of guy lets his wife do that.

  14. “Natalie has since been awarded a protective order”

    Well fuck, everything will be fine then.

  15. The burglar is actually an independent film producer trying to finance his new film about how the NRA exploits women.

    Harvey Weinstein owns the distribution rights.

  16. Who wants to bet the perp “Unlawfully Entered” (raped) Madeline Stowe repeatedly but she refuses to admit it publicly for fear of being ostracized in Hollyweird for giving us ammunition to be used to refute their anti-2nd Amendment lies?

  17. I’m sorry to say but rich white people need to understand why the second amendment is in the US Constitution. It seems this is the only way to teach a very hard lesson to people who think if only black neighborhoods where disarmed the world utopia would be here.

    She and many white liberal elitist think it can never happen to them.
    Gun control is racist. That will never change.

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