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Actor Shane Brolly has launched the YouTube channel Actors Against Gun Violence. So far, it looks like Mr. Brolly’s anti-gun org has a membership of one: Mr. Shane Brolly. Which is not to say most Hollywood actors don’t share his desire for civilian disarmament. So AAGV may have a future. You’d kinda hope it would be run by a man who knows better than to complain that America “allows everyone to run around with guns and machine guns.” Then again, that figures. As you may have guessed from the accent, Mr. Brolly is from . . .

Northern Ireland, a part of the world famous for the IRA’s firearms-intensive resistance to British rule. Note: Shane Brolly’s isn’t a U.S. citizen. Perhaps more important, unlike his sibs, Shane hasn’t landed a gig in Hollywood. So, I guess, this. Which attacks the Second Amendment via the militia clause, the Founders Didn’t Anticipate Modern Weaponry assault, Gun Owners Can’t Fight a Nuke-Armed Tyrannical Government and the 2A is outdated arguments. Recycled, discredited crap. Next!

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  1. I gotta see if comments are allowed…

    Edit- nope. I was able to give it its third “thumbs down” vote though ?

    • I find it ironic that an Irish B list hack is giving lessons to Americans about how insurgencies against a tyrannical government are impossible. Despite being from Belfast where that exact thing drove the British to the negotiating table.

  2. Wait, who?

    Ok some Irish who played a minor role in 3 Underworld movies (Involving vampires and werewolves having bloody kinetic shootouts behind a blue filter) and did fuck all else says Americans shouldn’t have guns?

    Why should anyone care what this dipstick has to say?

    • I was trying to place him, thanks.

      I was going to watch the video to see just how bad it was, but YouTube said it was removed by the user. My loss I guess….

  3. 480,000 people die in America from smoking every year versus 30,000 from guns, 60% of which are suicides.
    Why don’t they go after the low hanging fruit? Because its more hip to go after guns?
    Maybe they should try to keep kids from starting to smoke instead of chasing pie in the sky goals.

  4. He was that amazingly bad actor in Underworld. The one that played Kraven. The wince inducing one.

    This is awesome. Apparently he is also a great poet.

  5. I see that there is a call out in the comments section of the video. Would love to see this guy get ripped to shreds in a real debate.

  6. “Author of ‘You’d think there would be more suicides around here’ a book of poetry about his experience as an actor in Hollywood.”

    Hilarious subject matter aside, judging by his performance in Underworld, if this Guy is a Hollywood actor, then I’m an F-1 race car driver.

  7. I wonder if he feels the same about outlawing guns in America as he would about outlawing booze in Ireland.

    Brolly not.

  8. I watched the video for 2/3 minutes, that’s all I could take. This is really scraping the bottom of the barrel!

  9. He pulled the video and closed the channel. Anyone get a recording of it for the record? He must have gotten a call from his agent telling him it was a bad idea to be an imbecile on youtube.

  10. I think this jackass confused the movies he was in, which did have people running with machine guns, with real life. Following that line of thought, does he really believe there is a secret Vampire/Werewolf war raging? The sad part is that is just as believable as all the other demented lies the antis espouse about guns and their owners.

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