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The ABC report above somehow fails to excoriate American gun owners or demonize “assault rifles.” It focuses attention away from legislation designed to stop criminals from buying guns illegally and onto criminals stealing guns (illegally). It could be the BSE (Blind Squirrel Effect). Perhaps the David Gregory debacle—wherein the Meet the Press host broke gun laws live on national TV—has had a chilling effect on jobbing journos playing fast and loose with firearms facts. Or it could be that the public’s desire for information about guns has lead the media to . . . wait for it . . . provide information about guns. You know: factual information. As the facts are on the side of those who want to defend and extend their Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, it’s a glimmer of hope in an otherwise bleak left-leaning landscape. I reckon the Age of Miracles is not passed. Now pass me my SCAR.

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  1. Lock up your guns? What a good idea. I usually just hang them over the fireplace. At least the story debunks the idea that criminals actually buy guns legally. Are you listening Di-Fi?

    • Your question assumes DiFi is actually looking for facts. She’s like a conspiracy theorist… she collects only data that appears to support her cause, ignores anything that doesn’t and then presents it all in a distorted view.

      She really is the worst.

      • So that would make you a WHAT? ANTI-conspiracy theorist? Or, as I prefer, a COINCIDENCE THEORIST?

        It’s defined as, “An evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons.”

        NAW… no one EVER does THAT!!

        Used commonly, it is a pejorative term intended to belittle the beliefs of certain persons whose opinions one holds contempt for, justifiably or not.

        ENOUGH!!! The Presstitute Media classifies nearly everyone here as “conspiracy theorists”, because they believe government officials are trying to eliminate their civil rights.

        • Conspiracies do indeed happen, but “conspiracy theory” holds it’s own unique definition, and the only coincidence I generally see is that the theory generally “coincidentally” reflects the theorists pre- existing political or social beliefs.

          Also, you don’t have to be a CT to thin the government is trying to take away our civil rights. There’s a mountain of evidence, including acknowledgment of that intent, to support that ‘theory’. I’m just saying that reality breaks down when you blame everything bad that happens directly on secret forces within the government.

        • Hanlon’s Razor: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

          Conspiracy theories are predicated on two falsehoods. First; that government is competent. Second; that any organization of any size can keep a secret of any importance.

  2. Maybe next they will start saying standard capacity magazines and modern sporting rifle.

    I can dream right? Maybe I’ll get cable again if we start seeing educational and educated programing.

    • i have never heard of a standard capacity magazine or modern sporting rifle. i have only heard of high capacity clips which give nearly unlimited ammo. i have also only heard of evil black machines that you pull the trigger and zap a ray of uncontrollable death comes from it.

  3. hell i post my guns all over facebook and there aint gonna be no oe to take them. if it comes to worse ill hide them.

  4. There is an agenda here. This is a “mandatory weapons security” push. First, we show how 230,000 are stolen from homes each year. Then we parlay that “fact” into a need for mandatory safes and gun locks, and “safe storage” crap like NY and MA.

    ABC is not our friend, under any circumstances.

  5. We need to ban guns because home owners can’t keep them out of the hands of thieves. The was the message I got from it.

  6. I don’t see this as benefiting our side in the least.
    What I hear is if you don’t keep your guns in the biggest, strongest, heavest, most secure and secured safe available ( read most expensive) you are a criminal for allowing your guns to be stolen.
    Of course the best way to prevent guns from being stolen is to prevent guns from being sold.
    No guns, no gun theft.

      • Well brian, kind of late to prevent crime through abortion.
        But if we start now, we can prevent future crime and more importantly waste.
        Humans are the only species to waste.
        No people, no waste.
        Just a lush green planet with clean air and water.
        As God intended before he thought up man.
        Or before apes acquired rational thought.
        Depending on your beliefs.

        • You’ve never met a cat, then. They only eat half the mice they kill, little bastards. And they insist on bringing the rest home in a person bag.

  7. I’m almost positive I saw a Raven in the officers hands at the 2:05 mark.
    Those guns must come with a stipulation stating at some point during ownership they are to be stolen.

  8. I think some local TV news makers might be less biased. but any NY or DC based news will be full fascist. So dont hold your breath.

  9. Wow, I can’t believe you guys fell for it. Dudes.. the push is “They steal your guns” now, so no one should have guns to steal.

    Mountains of lies on pillars of truth..
    The best lies are made with the most truth..

    pick your quote.. same shit, different way to say it. This video is the same shit, just said differently.

    • That’s exactly how I interpreted it. If there were no guns to steal they wouldn’t get stolen. Anything published by the liberal media is going to be biased against guns and gun owners. You always have to read between the lines, no matter how unbiased it may seem.

  10. I wonder if the fine folk at the Journal News of Westchester Rockland, you know, those awesome “journalists” who published a map detailing the exact name, address and location of every pistol permit holder in Westchester/Rockland County (including me), saw this report. And if they had, would they have thought twice? Doubt it.

  11. By the way, my guns are now locked in a safe. When I’m out of the house, at least.

    When I’m in the house, I keep at least one loaded and handy. Guess you could say having a little red dot that means “gun kept here” placed over my house on a Google map as made me a bit, oh what’s the word… cautious?

  12. Just curious, how much time to you get for stealing a firearm? I’d suggest that first offense firearm theft gets you 20 years in a federal penitentiary. Maybe thieves will think twice about stealing them – $50 gets you 20 years! Thieves will be willing to take everything EXCEPT your firearms (unless they’re really stupid, which is likely since they’re thieves in the first place).

    • Yeah, because criminals tend to be really forward thinking individuals, and we’ve got all this extra prison space lying around anyway.

  13. What I take from this is that the liberals in government are jealous, collectively THEY want to be the biggest gun thieves.

  14. As usual. They played around with the stats to make it look like a huge problem – like they always do. In reality, way less than 1% of the total number of legally owned guns by individuals get stolen in any given year. Need to subtract the number that get stolen in stores. And then, these robberies only end up arming way less than 1% of the total population of the country, and they are all criminals to begin with.

    Typical redirection at work. The real problem is the criminals, not the guns. Want to fix it? Catch a person with a criminal record with a stolen gun in their possession, mandatory 20-year sentence in the federal pen – no age limit, no parole. AS SIMPLE AS THAT.

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