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Today, we have “My typical EDC pocket dump” from a guy from Washington State who makes cool products better.   From Everyday Carry.

He carries a Ruger SR-9c in a retention holster, something not typically seen by CCW holders.  His flashlight is an anemic Nitecore T-series Tube keychain light.   He doesn’t have a blade either, but he does carry a tiny little keychain pepper spray can.  Enough to season someone.

He writes this:

These are the items that I will generally carry with me on a daily basis. The only item not included would be my cell phone, an Asus Zenfone, which I used to take the picture. Believe it or not, this is a relatively small amount of gear to carry. When I have it all in my pockets/belt, you can hardly tell. But I love to be prepared for most situations and this gear helps me do exactly that.

While he doesn’t really carry a flashlight or a blade, he’s got lots of electronic stuff.  Including a little organizer.




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  1. Retention holster? Looks like a standard AIWB with a claw to minimize protrusion. Is there an additional retention mechanism I don’t see beyond the standard passive retention ?

  2. Finally, someone I’m not jealous of!
    I have the same Max pouch but full of stuff and a little container of Saber since my red state thinks more than 1oz of pepper spray is only for Osama and cops. We have bears here too but no dice. I don’t carry the spray. Seems pointless like my gold dots.

    • Can you carry a bigger can of bear spray if you’re out in the woods or is it a blanket regulation?

      • Yes. Bear spray is usually in a much bigger can. I’ve never seen a compact size one sold over the counter.

        • Yeah, I know that.

          I’m asking if his state makes an allowance for bear spray if you’re out in the woods since he says that they have bears. Or, is the rule on only having 1oz applied in the woods meaning that every can of bear spray I know of would be illegal to possess.

      • Nope. Verboden. Bears, wild dogs, coyotes? Better pack a firearm. You can open carry whatever in the woods. State law says no tear gas over 1oz and nobody will sell it to you online or in store. I’m guessing the law is from the 60’s or 70’s. Most of the bears are in the mountains but they get to the suburbs a few times a year. Rabid animal attacks and escaped dogs or strays attacking walkers and runners is common. I know many walkers who carry some sort of club. Back 20 years ago there’d be neighborhood groups of people walking all carrying a golf club or bat or something. Lol. I think human attacks are way more common though.

        I kinda doubt you’d get prosecuted unless you were committing a crime or harassing someone and I’ve never heard of a case. My wife doesn’t CC and I wanted to make sure she was safe going for a run or whatever and found out about the law.

  3. I’d like to post pictures of the things I’ve whacked from “my dump” with my NAA .22 WMR Pug. I’ve got everything from garter snakes with CCI shotshell, to a warthog with a solid behind the ear. Hollowpoints are overrated, shot is devastating.
    “It ain’t bragging if you can do it”.

  4. I don’t think that is a retention holster…..other than it hidden inside the wasteband.

    Cmon……do a little due diligence

  5. I think I’d rather die in a church then in a hospital. But if I could pick I’d rather die out in the woods or drown in a river. Anything would beat a nursing home in my opinion

    • In my college psychology class we had to write our likely obit. My professor gave me a failing grade at first because I wrote that I died in the woods and was consumed by scavangers. She said I was not taking the assignment seriously. I had to convince her i was very serious, a note from my wife explaining my life and loves worked.

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