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The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) have seized more than 1,000 guns at a Mesa, Arizona home. The ATF said that Robert Daly was selling handgun, shotguns, home defense rifles illegally in Nevada as well as The Land of Enchantment. Apparently, he forgot to do the necessary criminal background checks. (D’oh!) Agents said the guns were used in crimes within days of being sold. So how did Daly fly under the radar long enough to amass over a thousand weapons?

Daly is a former licensed gun dealer who let his license expire, agents said. By letting his license expire, he could sell to more people because he didn’t have to do background checks, according to investigators . . .

Investigators said that Daly would sell his guns at flea markets and gun shows across Arizona.

According to Mangan, at least 20 undercover officers purchased guns from Daly during an eight-month investigation.

And he was such a quiet man . . .

“That’s a lot of weapons,” neighbor Sheri Booth told “I was really shocked at first, because this is a pretty quiet neighborhood.”

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  1. It took an 8 month investigation? 20 undercover officers? Huh?

    I just got through reading about the ATF undercover operation into the Hells Angels. Several years, multiple agents, unknown amount of tax dollars. Ultimately not a hell of a lot. A half dozen BS charges, a few guys got a few years in jail.

    I think the ATF embarks on these extended operations as a justification exercise rather than a justice exercise. They could have arrested and booked this guy after the very first illegal sale. They should have. If I was on a jury and saw the 8 month delay, I’d be thinking entrapment rather than guilty.

  2. Now that’s a lotta guns!! Wonder if he’s related to Chicago’s Mayor Daly? Maybe that’s where they have been sending all the guns they’ve confiscated. Ha Ha (joke!)


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