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Reader Concealed Swede writes:

I am writing to you concerning the recent terror attack in Sweden. As an avid reader of TTAG, a Swede and a concealed carrier, I would like to add a few thoughts to your post on the matter.

First of all, there are indeed permits for legal concealed carry in Sweden, but these are more scarce than unicorn turds. People in the know estimate these permits to be around 20 in the whole of the nation (of 10 million). Eat that, New York City.

Secondly, we have a long-standing tradition of bowing before and relying on the government. Ever since 1523, when Gustav I was crowned king, we’ve had a downward spiral of centralization, regulation, taxation and reduction of civil liberties. Every single thing in our society has been relegated to, or regulated by, the government.

There are the obvious ones such as healthcare, welfare and education, each one every bit as evil as the other. But these are superficial and do not even touch upon the really scary problems that arise when you hand everything over to the (not so) benevolent state. People wholly relegate such things as morality, critical thinking and responsibility for their own lives. Some of this obviously happens in every country, but here it shows itself in its full form, unaltered and undisputed.

If I were to ask a hundred random Swedes, the recent attack fresh in mind, if anyone should be allowed to carry a gun in public, I am certain I would get at least 99% responding, “No way, are you completely mad?” The mindset is that only the government could and should ensure people’s safety. Even when it proves it can’t. Time and time again. If said random Swedes were freely asked to come up with a solution, usually the answer is to make a new law. Cuz’ murdering people with a truck is way too legal right now. Or something.

This latest attack made me both sigh and gasp. Mostly sigh, unfortunately, as a blindfolded person in a dark room probably could see it coming. What made me gasp, was that I just this last Tuesday was in the same place as the attack. And I was unarmed.

As I mentioned in the preamble, I carry concealed, and I do not have the capabilities to mine unicorn feces. As such, I carry illegally. Every day I face the risk of going to prison for four years, just because I realize that my safety is my own responsibility. Every single day, except the day I was in the spot of the terror attack, just three days before it occurred.

I usually adhere to the first rule of self-defense, don’t go wherever trouble goes, and thus I avoid big cities like the plague. I really despise them. Alas, on this occasion I had a very important job interview in the capital. Obviously, I had to go, but why didn’t I carry? Well, I had to catch a flight immediatley afterwards, and illegaly carrying illegal guns on planes in Sweden is frowned upon for some reason.

My workaround is to mail myself the gun, which I had done earlier that morning. I didn’t think that a few hours without it would matter. Until now. Boy, did I learn a lesson. Never again will I let it leave my side until the last possible second. What if my interview would have been postponed until yesterday? Or if the perp would have set his plan in motion a few days earlier?

The lessons I would like to purvey is that you should never ever relegate any part of your life to an entity which has powers over you. Always carry. ALWAYS. Nevermind legality, practicality or social risk. Your life is worth more than any of those. If you ever consider leaving your gun at home, it will be the time when you need it. If it is illegal to carry where you live, remember the axiom “concealed means concealed”.

As a postscript, I realize that people will be curious as to what I carry. I’ll tell you, but you will be disappointed.

I carry a Colt 1908 Vest Pocket in .25 ACP in a belly band or pocket holster.

*collective moan*

Well, moan all you want. I have a number of good reasons for it.

1. It’s a gun
2. It’s illegal to carry where I live. As such, concealment trumps firepower.
3. It’s completely sufficient to put someone down at close range, and after all, most DGU’s occur at really close range.
4. It was what I could get a hold of.

If it makes you feel any better, I’ll be getting a G19 this winter after jumping through all the hoops required, which takes around 16 months. Still can’t carry though. It’s for “bullseye shooting”, with emphasis on the quotation marks.

Other than that, the only thing I can do is maintain situational awareness and hope Trump gives us defenseless Swedes political asylum so that we can start carrying legally.


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  1. We should take political refugees from around the world who value the same rights we do and hate leftists.

    • I can take a flight tomorrow if it works out.
      Then you can send any leftists here. They won’t feel lonesome.

    • This is what I have always said: carry anyway. If hordes of citizens did this and flaunted it and supported any who were arrested by mass protests, then the thug governments would be forced to back off. No gun? At least wear tee shirts proclaiming your right. Stick it in the lemming public’s face. The politicians’, too. This discussion should not be about caliber of gun, but rather caliber of citizen.

  2. You are surely in a bad situation. I wish you the best my friend. As we say in the USA, “better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6”.

  3. Prior to the importation of hundreds of thousands of third-worlders, the average Swede probably had little reason to conceal carry. Times they are a changin’ in that fair land..

  4. While the quality of the Colt Pocket 25 is fantastic, the cartridge is the weakest pistol cartridge on the market. It is even weaker than a 22LR. I believe most air rifles have more muzzle energy. It would have a difficult time penetrating winter clothing. That said, since concealing your pistol is of the highest priority, I would suggest you look at obtaining a subcompact 380. Something along the lines of a Ruger LCP. It is definitely not a super high quality pistol but it is a similar size to the Colt, concealability is excellent, it will go bang every time, and the cartridge lends itself much better to self defense purposes.

    • It’s probably easier to get a unicorn than a .380 carry pistol. It’s not considered a target gun.

    • Don’t compare a tiny bullet fired from a rifle to a bigger one fired from a derringer.

      Don’t listen to a word Jerry says, because he is ignorant and gullible. The 22LR is smaller, slower, has less energy, and transfers even less of what energy it has in the same distance. A 25 ACP has a larger bullet with a larger meplat, has a higher velocity, and transfers its energy faster when fired from a barrel length similar to that of a Colt 1908.

    • That’s a myth that needs to die. A .25 ACP from a pistol is weaker than a .22 LR from a rifle, yes, but I have never once in my life attempted to concealed carry a Marlin 795 in my waistband.

      Judged from similar length barrels, the .25 ACP is at least on par with .22 LR, but may have reliability benefits.

      Further viewing:

      • Many people make a similar mistake with .22 mag. They think the can get 1800 fps and 300+ ft/pounds out of their NAA revolver. Then, they go around spouting stupid ideas that a .22 mag. mini revolver has equal firepower to a .380 micro pistol, or even a .38sp. revolver.

        You might get that power with 22 mag in a 20″ rifle, but you won’t get it in a 1″ barrel revolver. Even in a bigger handgun like a PMR, the .22 mag has energy levels more comparable to 22lr out of a rifle, than .22 mag out of a long gun.

        Now I want a holster for my Marlin 795.

    • Jerry. JMB designed the .25 acp so that it would match or better the .22lr in a small handgun. A centerfire cartridge was more reliable in a pistol, especially a semi auto, than a rimfire in 1905.

    • Yes, given the ballistic performance of the round it seems that carrying a SD knife would be a better choice.

      Which would probably be also looked more favorably at by the authorities should the CCer ever be caught.

      • A knife is somewhat less effective against an assailant who can attack you from anything beyond arm’s reach than even a .25ACP.

    • You are grossly wrong about the muzzle energy differences between .22, .25, and a typical air rifle.

      Best to do some research before sharing these radically incorrect thoughts in public.

    • I think you missed the last of his reasons that is what he carries . . . it’s what he could get a hold of. Carry what you have.

  5. Wishing you safety & liberty, my Swedish friend. You’d be welcome in Texas, should you choose to visit for a while.

  6. If you shoot a Muslim terrorist tell the police you thought he had a ‘bullseye’ on him.

  7. That is a bad situation. Of course, there are people in many jurisdictions within the United States who face a similar choice.

  8. First of all, there are indeed permits for legal concealed carry in Sweden, but these are more scarce than unicorn turds.

    You, sir or ma’am, win the Intertubez today!

    • No. To save himself, maybe.

      A firearm doesn’t guarantee survival, but it increases your odds, and with everything in the attacker’s favour anything that gives you a chance is welcome.

  9. I know how you feel, but please be very careful (and if possible set up legal representation in advance) if you actually need to use it. Even here, in a supposedly gun-friendly place, in a county where they don’t delay or play mind games on shall-issue carry permits, and where buying a handgun involves a 1 page form and a quick telephone call to the authorities… If you display your weapon in public around here then you could be facing felony menacing charges. Actually shoot at someone, and you’re on the dock for attempted murder. Heaven help you if that poor misunderstood youth you defended yourself against actually dies or loses a limb. The prosecutors see convictions and plea bargains as a way of keeping score. Something for them to tell the whole world when reelection time rolls around again.

    And that’s in a gun-friendly place. In a place where carrying a gun is basically illegal… You’re in for a rough time. Try to stay out of trouble.

  10. Best of luck to you sir, may you never need that 25acp..
    Your welcome here in Florida anytime you might wish to find your way over here.

    • I do the same every time I simply cannot avoid going to Boston or Providence r.i.
      Both are crime ridden cess pools and are completly anti gun. They piss on my rights, I thumb my nose at their constitution breaching laws.

      • I have a MA LTC (license to carry), and it brings me great joy to carry in Boston. The Irish Mafia has disarmed the local population who paid for all that infrastructure, while I, who contributed nothing to Boston, legally carry there.

        Schadenfreude is sweet.

  11. Fine example of ehat happens when you are not willing to fight for yoir rights.

    Shoot ANYONE that tries to disarm you.

  12. Serious props for being willing to do whatever it takes to increase your safety! My father immigrated from Sweden in the late 60’s and definitely has a classic Swedish mindset, i.e. moar government, please! He truly cannot comprehend why I carry or why I try to teach my girls to be situationally aware at all times.

  13. Good luck, fellow carrier. And by the way, thanks a TON for the Swedish Mauser (I own five). Lovely weapon. Bit hard to conceal, though.

    • While the Swedish Mauser is truly exceptional, the AG42 Ljungman is arguably more intriguing with a fascinating backstory.

    • I took my formerly sporterized M94 to the range on monday. It was a lot if fun to shoot and the 6.5 is surprising pleasant to shoot, even in a small light rifle like the M94. It looks way better now that it is no longer sporterized. Unfortunately it was drilled for a scope and used as a deer rifle.

  14. I wanted to say something encouraging. I believe you’d be better served with a good edged weapon with small profile than any 25acp; even if you’re physically handicapped. Be armed. Making the decision to fight is a move in the right direction and also the first move; no matter where you live. We citizens in the US argue this stuff all the time. Welcome to the fray.

  15. Concealed Swede. You are my fellow patriot of freedom, and we are brothers. If you’re ever in Huntsville, Alabama, my home is your home.
    Your bravery and good sense are a lesson to us all. God bless you and keep you safe !

  16. That’s an unenviable position in which to find oneself. Although, if I was in that situation, I think my choice of carry weapon would lean toward the revolver side of things. Why?

    Because a nation like Sweden is going to put you in prison for even a justified shoot, and carrying a revolver gives one the ability to LEAVE and not leave evidence all over the place. I would carry a .38 and if I had to use it and nobody saw me? Hasta la vista, baby.

    • On the bright side, Sweden has prison accommodations on par with Norway. It would be far removed from the penitentiaries of the U.S. and more like a luxury hotel.

      Sweden-Where the criminals get better treatment than the lawful populace.

    • Absolutely solid advise… the modern american urban anarchists (gang bangers) use revolvers for this very reason. Might i also suggest wearing cheap non descript gloves on a regular basis, to be disposed of separately (preferably in a separate body of water) than your gun after use. Hot guns are cheap, your life isn’t.

  17. Congratulations. The first step for a slave to become a freeman is to understand that his shackles are unjust.

  18. I’m with you. In areas where carry is “discouraged” (even here in Arizona) I still carry a well used RG-42… An 8 round .25 pocket pistol by a questionably reliable company. Why? It’s tiny, dissapears in any pocket, carries 8 rounds of… something, and if I have to ditch it, I have no issue doing so (I paid $50 for it, since the guy that had it thought it was broken. Turns out he didn’t know how to reassemble it.) Is it my first choice? Hell no! I have a S&W Shield 9 for when I can carry normally. But any gun is still better than no gun. Also, questionable as the company is (though one of their revolvers was used to attack a US president) my pistol has been 100% reliable.

    • Ol’ Anders is a patron saint of Norway, the Swedes surely have enough of their own lunatics.

      However, as insane as the guy may be, he was right about a few things. Namely the unstable situation of so many Muslim refugees in Scandinavia and their government’s vain attempts to appease them.

      The mentally unstable, like Breivik, are usually the proverbial canary in the coal mine.

        • Canary under a bridge potentially. However, sometimes the most tendentious individuals offer a perspective so blatant that no other would dare utter. The dialogue, even if inane, is at the very least comical.

  19. Don’t call it carrying a pistol illegally. Refer to yourself as an “undocumented prepared citizen”.

    • Or dye hair brown/black, wear brown tinted contact lenses, convert to Islam and do anything one damn well pleases for merely a slap on the wrist. In Sweden it is tantamount to a crime just to be light skinned, blonde haired and blue eyed this day and age.

  20. So far no comment from “The_Resistance”.

    He must be in a state of shock that a European citizen would so flagrantly admit to breaking the law and putting his need for personal protection and survival over the needs of THE STATE pretending all is happy and peaceful.

    • Despite the savage flogging he gets every time he comments, he is rather selective about which stories to comment. It’s really a shame. He would be so amusing if he broadened his base, but I fear that would wear out his copy/paste shortcut keys.

  21. The Swedes are totally forked. First, they signed over all their freedoms to the government. Then the same government, noting the lack of criminals in the population, decides to import tens of thousands of bums from the Middle East. Then, the same G makes it impossible for decent Swedes to defend themselves against the aforementioned bums.

    Yumpin’ yiminy.

  22. You are welcome to come to the USA, although statistically you are more likely to die here from a bullet than you are in Sweden.

    • That comment is about as fake news as you can get, considering Concealed Swede obviously isn’t the problem. That’s like saying the LA Lakers starters averaged 10 points in a game when Kobe scored almost 50.

    • In other news: KY native on spring break is bitten by a shark in FL. A chef was burned in the kitchen. Another person drowned in close proximity to a liquid.
      “Buy the ticket – take the ride.”
      Good to see you back, Mikey Numbers.

  23. Godspeed to you. I hope you never have to use your weapon but if you do, I hope the public and govt will be lenient and learn a valuable lesson and embrace responsible armed citizens.

  24. Oh how the sons and daughters of Odin have fallen from their once proud and mighty warrior culture.

    • Indeed, the modern inhabitants of Scandinavia have forsaken the legacy of the einherjar and their proud culture of old. The children of the Allfather are no more, and the Æsir shall not look kindly upon them when Ragnarök cometh.

  25. “…and hope Trump gives us defenseless Swedes political asylum so that we can start carrying legally.”

    Only if they’re pro-gun, freedom minded folk like yourself. Last thing we need is more big government liberals who worship the state. Your countrymen (and I use ‘men’ lightly) that advocated to let in the 3rd world, defend the rape of Sweden’s women to protect the politically correct narrative, and completely dismantle your basic human right to self defense can stay right where they are and live in the world they voted for.

  26. “Other than that, the only thing I can do is maintain situational awareness and hope Trump gives us defenseless Swedes political asylum so that we can start carrying legally.”

    Do you realize that you have the right under EU law to move to the Czech Republic already?

  27. That’s a big decision to carry in a place that will get you 4 years of prison for carrying. 99.99% of the time you would probably be fine and never get caught. What I would be concerned about is if I was in a car crash, or had some other type of medical emergency and emergency responders discovered the firearm on your person. You would then go to prison. It seems, to me, if Sweden has a very low crime rate (I don’t know what it is) you’d be more likely to get caught with the gun than to need it in a defensive gun use. Tough decision. One I’m glad I don’t have to make. 99.99% of the places I go, I can legally carry with my concealed handgun license. The only places off limits by law are courthouses and federal buildings that are normally occupied, and I pretty much never have to go to those types of facilities.

    • Especially when also announcing plans to buy a very specific model of firearm in a specific time frame. Unless intentional misdirection is involved, that could be enough information for the authorities to narrow down the list of suspects.

  28. I agree with that statement saying that the day you don’t carry is the day you’ll need it. Usually I do plumbing and electrical and I work servicing well pumps occasionally. Plumbing and electric isn’t exactly the most hospitable climate to carry all day everyday, especially in South Georgia. But I manage. But during we’ll work last summer we were doing it all week as it was very dry and irrigation was lowering the water level. Normally I just take the gun off and leave it in the truck, but I decided to leave it home that day since taking it on and off can be quite annoying. Well the last job that day the man we were working for got mad and started to take it out on us. He was making threats and shouting and being very aggressive. We managed to climb in the truck and get out without bloodshed but it was the last time I’ve left home without my gun. Turns out the guy has problems and has been charged with various offenses in the past. Still glad it didn’t get worse than it did. You live and you learn.

  29. The .25 acp round works in magazine fed firearms better than the .22, it was designed to do so, while other inventers had to figure out how to make the .22 work in a magazine.
    I do NOT want to be shot with anything, a .25 round has killed many around the world in the last century+, many times only 1 shot. For up close altercations, the fact that the size of the mousegun won’t give it away, the suprise factor, makes this gun a great carry everyday.
    Not for a LEO, but just for the average Joe or Jane to have close and ready, who doesn’t really want to be bothered with curious people, but wishes for a step up just in case.

  30. I carried in Los Angeles. I worked in bad neighborhoods and damned if I was going to worry about the legality of it.

  31. I would not discount the .25 acp as useless by any means. Just watch the President Reagan assassination and you will see that the nut case that shot Reagan and the security officer and Jim Brady was only using a .22 rimfire and all 3 men were knocked out of action as fast as he pulled the trigger and he was not an accomplished shooter either. A man with training could have instantly killed all three men, not just severely wounded them. Even so 3 men were out of the fight immediately.

    QUOTE——————-Every single thing in our society has been relegated to, or regulated by, the government.

    There are the obvious ones such as healthcare, welfare and education, each one every bit as evil as the other.————————–QUOTE———————

    I find your above comment asinine in the extreme. Try living in the primitive U.S. of Hillbillies and you will soon find out that people go bankrupt because we have no National Health Care like you do and we have tens of thousands of wasted young minds that will never get a college degree or a technical school degree because we have stingy, tight wad Conservatives who will not fund free education as many of the other Industrialized Nations have had for decades. Those young people who do go to college often incur debts that total 300,000 dollars which will never be paid off in their life time. It is a great shame on the U.S. that it cares so little not only for its young people but is setting the stage for the U.S. to never be able to catch up economically with the rest of the Industrialized World as we fall further and further behind in the economic race which demands a highly educated work force to compete globally in the 21st Century. Like it or hate it Globalization is not going away anytime soon.

    We have no money like Sweden for such programs because we are the “new 21st Century Nazi’s”. We spend over 53 per cent of all of our scarce tax dollars on wars of rape, pillage and conquest so that the “upper elite” of the Military Industrial Complex can laugh all the way to the bank while our bridges fall down, our roads are impassible, our higher education unaffordable and our Health Care unaffordable just to name a few. Be thankful you live in a civilized society. The only thing that you do need is a legal way to carry a gun to protect yourself and if terrorism gets worse you just may see a change in the gun laws in your country.

    I might add your tight gun control laws did work before the advent of global terrorism as your homicide rate is way lower. When you compare the people killed in Sweden by terrorists and the people killed in the U.S. by their own people you can see you are still way safer even with your draconian bans on concealed carry. The U.S. has 3 times the gun crime. Not that terrorism may not get worse but so far the odds are with you surviving and people like us over here having less of a chance of survival because of the horrendous amount of gun homicide in the U.S. Vetting all sales of guns would go a long way to reducing violent crime here but that seems very unlikely under the present administration.

    • “Vetting all sales of guns would go a long way to reducing violent crime here but that seems very unlikely under the present administration.”


      Violent people who do violent deeds with guns will do them without guns.
      And how can you vett ALL gun sales? Even with registration of all guns and gun transactions only legal owners would go through the motions of vetting. You know, the guys who don’t tend to murder?Criminals don’t care about laws.

      I have been offered unregistered full auto MP40 for couple grand here in US. I have been offered several unregistered pistols and full auto AK74 in CZ.

      You can’t stop black market. Under any administration. The more you try to make stuff regulated and illegal the higher the prices get and therefore more incentives for criminals to get into businesses. Not enough stolen guns? Let’s import some more! Let’s make more in underground shops! Hell, why not ambush some cops or guards and get their guns? See ‘Prohibition’ and ‘War on drugs’.

      Sweden has lower murder rates than USA. Fact. (There is no such animal as gun crime. Guns don’t commit crimes.) Largest part of American murders is committed by small, very specific part of population, often involved in aforementioned black market with overregulated narcotics. How many members of this specific part of population do they have in Sweden? Before they started importing brown muslims Sweden had very homogenous population. Less savages there to commit crimes – less crimes. Big surprise. But that’s raciiis!

      I grew up in socialism. I experienced and remember well “free” schools and health care. No, thank you. I take America any day. Even though it feels like we are sliding down towards the stinky swamp of collectivist utopia and that saddens me.

      And finally, as Superman above said, what’s keeping you here? You can’t be happy here with your views. Airplanes for Europe leave every day. Your collectivist paradise awaits you!

      • The real facts are that tens of thousands of second hand guns find their way from States with lax gun laws to States and Big Cities that have tough gun restrictions. Its been proven by Police tracings many times. No law is a panacea but to allow the free flow of un-vetted weapons anywhere in the U.S. has always been pure lunacy. No criminal in the U.S. has any trouble getting a gun even if he a felon. Yes the dumber ones are slowed down by the Brady Bill that is a proven fact but if they try hard enough the black market sells them one sooner or later. Drying up the supply of easily available second hand guns is only a common sense step long overdue in America. Its worked well in Europe so history has proven you wrong. And no its not fool proof but not having it makes about as much sense as not buy smoke alarms because if you forget to change the batteries they do not work.

        And now you will mention stolen guns as a counter argument. First of all I have first hand knowledge of cases where people turned in guns as stolen so they could collect insurance money which inflates the amount of “actual stolen guns”. Laws that would make it mandatory that guns be locked up in “state approved strong safes” coupled with burglar alarms again would cut drastically down on stolen guns and accidental killings of children with guns not locked up in safes or at least with trigger locks on them. Also vetting of all gun sales would force people to report a gun stolen for they would know it would be traced back to them if it was used in a crime. At present many do not even bother to report stolen guns.

        All of these changes are long, long overdue as they have been instated in Foreign countries and history has proven that they have reduced the crime rate with guns drastically. In Japan they have one of the lowest gun crime rates and yes contrary to Jethro’s beliefs you can indeed own a rifle or shotgun in Japan but not a handgun. I do not advocate the outlawing of handguns but only using laws that have reduced crime and homicide with them. History has proven they work.

        And by the way the “registration boogey man argument” is false as well i.e. that once they register guns they confiscate them. The U.S. has had “new gun registration” to the original owner now for over 50 years i.e. the 1968 gun control act. In other countries that have registration people have owned and bought guns for years. And if you do not believe me go to Germany or other European countries, many even have “gun shows” like we do.

        Yes there are a lot of things we can do and should do as history has proven they work in reducing homicides from firearms and robberies with firearms as well. Its time we move from the “out house” that killed millions of people into the 21st Century and start cutting down on so many tragic accidental shootings at home with children and criminal killings with firearms.

      • quote———————-And finally, as Superman above said, what’s keeping you here? You can’t be happy here with your views. Airplanes for Europe leave every day. Your collectivist paradise awaits you!——————Quote

        Actually we need Neanderthals like you to leave the country so we Socialists can bring America into the 21st Century. Its people like you who fought and continue to try and destroy even Social Security which was introduced by the American Communist Party. Medicare, Medicaid, Aid to Education, all are Socialist Programs. Where do you live in a cave? We waste our most valuable asset, the education of our children by making it unaffordable to them as compared to Socialistic Countries that have free education. Each year we fall farther and farther behind in the economic race because foreign children are receiving the education necessary to compete in a global economy which like it or hate it is not going away ever again. The reason we do not have all of this and a civilized National Health Care System to prevent people from going bankrupt is that we spent 53 per cent of our budget for wars of conquest, rape and pillage which fattens the pockets of the crooks in the Military Industrial Complex and their Prostitutes the Congressmen. Why do you think the Vietnam war lasted for 10 years when it was known long before that it was unwinnable. The answer was there was too much money to be made from it. At least the French ran Vietnam successfully for 85 years before the Vietnamese kicked their corrupt asses out of the country. It just took them a little longer to kick us out as well.


        And now we stand on the brink of war with North Korean. South Korean has more than enough troops and firepower to defend itself. Its time we stop being the policeman of the world because we have become A DEBTOR NATION because of it and our people do not enjoy the same high standard of life the Europeans do today because of all the money we spend on war.

        Lets vote Socialistic and make America a better place to live and a civilized society to live in.

      • Quote—————-Largest part of American murders is committed by small, very specific part of population, often involved in aforementioned black market with overregulated narcotics. How many members of this specific part of population do they have in Sweden? Before they started importing brown muslims Sweden had very homogenous population. Less savages there to commit crimes – less crimes. Big surprise. But that’s raciiis!

        I grew up in socialism. I experienced and remember well “free” schools and health care. No, thank you. I take America any day. Even though it feels like we are sliding down towards the stinky swamp of collectivist utopia and that saddens me.—————Quote————

        Your racism sickens me but that is typical of the Radical Far Right. Down through history in all countries dating back to the Roman Empire (which collapsed mostly due to an immigrant ban) immigrants have always been an economic plus to a country. They work harder, save more of their money, bring in new ideas, and are far more likely to be successful in starting a business and making it successful long term and they employ people to help them run it further stimulating the economy. If you were product of higher education (free in advanced civilized countries) you would be well aware of this. Your diatribe against Muslims fails in the face of reality. Here in upper Ohio and lower Michigan successful Muslim convenience stores abound often providing valuable services to the inter-city people who have no where else to stop. The very people you hate with a passion. We have over 6 million Muslims here in the U.S. they are in all professions. I recently had a Muslim nurse, a Muslim doctor, I have a Muslim Post Woman and a Muslim Dentist. I have had no problem with any of them.

        In France under “free education” if your child has trouble in any subject he is given a free tutor which often comes right to the house. In the primitive U.S. of Hey if you cannot afford a tutor your child is written off.

        In the U.S. people go bankrupt when they become ill and you tell me you would rather live under a system that bankrupts you after you have spent a lifetime building up your assets by buying a home and were looking forward to retirement. Your statement does not even make sense to a lunatic.

        You claim you grew up in under Socialism I find that hard to believe. When a State fails under Socialism as happened in Greece it had nothing to due with Socialism itself (Germany Socialism is no different and they are the richest country in Europe) rather the fault of Greece was in the way the economic system was administrated. In other words with no one paying taxes (the Conservative idea of a true utopia) naturally the system soon collapsed as opposed to Germany who ran their Socialistic System like a business and is one of the most successful countries in Europe if not the world. They also have free education and do not waste their most important resource which is the education of their children.

        Your diatribe against minorities committing all the crime does not take into consideration that when you deny an education to any group of people regardless of race and you provide no decent high paying jobs to boot you create a population that goes generations without having the opportunity to work and stay out of trouble. It has nothing to do with race (as your twisted ideology dictates) but rather one of education and economics. Recent studies have proven that Canada is now the place to move to from the U.S. if you are part of the lower working class. More affordable education and more access to higher paying jobs and a health care system that does not force people into bankruptcy. The recent studies indicate you are far more likely to be successful economically by living under the Canadian Socialistic System than by staying in the U.S. that has become the “Nation of the Upper Privileged 1 per cent”.

        Just remember to be Liberal is often the result of being a product of higher education, free of racism, prejudice, bigotry and hatred. To be Liberal is to be educated enough to realize the contributions immigrants can and do make to a country (who in the hell do you think made America Great). To be Liberal is to study, appreciate and even adopt customs, technology, and inventions of other countries to be used in your country and even improved upon without rejecting them out of hand or even being in most cases unaware that they even exist (again the hall mark of Conservatism). The idea that we are naturally the “Master Race” is to follow lock step in the footsteps of the mindset of the “ultimate Conservative” Adolph Hitler and we all know the world lived happily ever after when he became Chancellor of Germany. He is still the secret hero of the far Right as they believe in everything he did right down to the gas chambers he built and used. This is the Utopian world of the Far Right. It did not work then and it does not work today.

        Vote pro-immigration, and pro-refugee. No refugee to day has committed any terrorism dating back decades. Stick that in your racist pipe and smoke it. We have an aging population not paying into the system that is why we need more immigrants and more refugees. By and large they make much better Americans than people like you anyway because they believe in all of the Constitution, not just some of it (the hall mark of Conservatism). The majority of all terrorist attacks in t he U.S. has been from Radical Far Right White Extremists with Dillon Roof their hero and poster boy waving his racist Confederate Flag the true banner of his twisted and insane Hitlerite ideology.

        Demographics are constantly changing. No race dominates a country forever. The blond, blue eyed Anglo-Saxon Protestant Majority is on the wane in the U.S. and in another 10 to 20 years the Latino will dominate the Political and Economic System of the U.S. Two of the top Presidential Candidates for President in 2016 were Latino’s which were Rubio and Rafael Cruz and no one seemed to be in a panic because of this. Its creeping Latinoism, Ha, Ha, and there is nothing bad about that, they are Americans too, much to the chagrin of the Far Right Fanatics like you.

      • Quote——————-Largest part of American murders is committed by small, very specific part of population, often involved in aforementioned black market with overregulated narcotics.—————–Quote

        Lets look beyond your totally ignorant Racism. First of it is not narcotics but rather Heroine that is our major problem and that is because we unlike some European Countries criminalize addiction. This guarantees that the dealers and users of Heroine will perpetuate the problem forever. European Countries under Socialism have run large numbers of drug dealers out of business because no one pays for drugs when the Socialistic State will give the drugs to you for free (with free treatment to get off of them). Contrary to the ignorance of Conservatives most people addicted to drugs do indeed want to get off of them and to criminalize them condemns them to be forever on them until they overdose and die which has reached epidemic proportions here in Ohio. People are dying in such fantastic numbers refrigerated trucks were brought in to pile up the bodies in because the morgues were all full up. This is your idea of a Utopian America. This is not happening in Europe, your feared Socialistic States. It is far cheaper to give drugs away than to hire tens of thousands of cops and incarcerated users in prison which again costs millions and millions of dollars all wasted because it does not stop the drug trade.

        As far as your hatred and prejudice towards minorities back in the hey day of the 1950’s and 1960’s you could walk down the streets of Chicago or New York or Cleveland in far greater safety than you could today because the minorities were all working in high paying manufacturing jobs. When the jobs went overseas we now had generations of people growing up with no education for use in the Global Economy and few job opportunities if they by some miracle did get an education of which very few did. Rather it is only the “upper 1 per cent of the elite” that are making fabulous sums of money at the expense of the working or shall I say non working or underpaid man which has resulted in a mass addiction to drugs as they have no hope of ever living a normal life with a decent paying job. This is your idea of an American Utopia, a Utopia only for the “upper 1 per cent”. Now you know why Socialism is the only answer and the sooner we get more of it the better off we all will be. Education is the key and you will not get it under the present Capitalistic system that only caters to the “upper 1 per cent”.

        Last year I was shocked to find out that in France in the district of Paris an exception was made to the ban on Sunday working and the working non skilled people were all clamoring for the right to work on Sunday. Why I wondered? It was because they were going to make the equivalent of $33.00 an hour on Sunday and it was at a store the equivalent of our “Home Depot”. Our “Home Depot” is a Capitalistic slave market where people only work part time and because of part time the minimum wages that are paid are actually less than minimum wage. This is your idea of Utopia in America.

  32. I’d hate to be that guy but…

    If you run a huge risk while concealing, you might want to consider the G43 instead of the G19. I carry both, but I feel far more comfortable when carrying the 43. I never have to worry about printing. That being said, I do wear tighter fitting clothes, so it might just be me.

  33. I won’t make fun of his decision to carry a .25 ACP. Of all the characteristics of a defense gun, by far the most important is availability. Number two is reliability. Everything else is a distant third or lower.

    • No matter what anyone else tells you, the 22 LR, 25 ACP and 32 ACP cartridges are WORTHLESS for self defense purposes, period, end of story. They all can’t be counted on to STOP THE LETHAL THREAT PRONTO, which is the NUMBER ONE requirement of a defensive firearm caliber.

      • Its obviously your mouthing the moronic babblings of Gun Writers most of which never hunted or shot anything in their life. Your simply repeating the big bore v/s small bore argument that has been going on for centuries not decades. When smokeless power first came into widespread use the “conservative black powder gang” who used very large calibers of 60 and 70 calibers ranted that small bore high velocity cartridges (45, 37, 30 calibers) would be totally useless against large game. Reality proved them wrong.

        Later in time the next big argument came against the big smokeless calibers 45, 50, and 60 calibers v/s 8mm, 30, 7mm and 6.5mm. History again proved the big bore crowd wrong again. W.D.M Bell shot over 1,000 elephants with the 6.5 and 7×57. Many old time Elephant Hunters were killed precisely because they used too large a caliber that had insufficient penetration. The poor White Farmer used cheap surplus military rifles and wiped out most of Africa’s big game with them. Agnes Herbert who hunted on 3 Continents with both a .45 double barrel and a 6.5 Mannlicher reported no difference in killing power between the two.

        Now we move on to the pistol calibers. The German Army adopted the 7.65 mm pistol cartridge aka .32acp because it would penetrate a Military Helmet while the 9mm Kurtz aka .380 would not. And most shocking of all the U.S. Military found out much to their horror that when testing the .45acp in 1945 (34 years after its adoption) that the .45acp bounced off of a Military Helmet at a scant 35 yards while the world standard 9×19 penetrated the helmet at an astonishing 125 yards and may have done so even farther away but no one could hit the helmet at a further distance.

        Each year many people are killed instantly when hit with a pellet (.177 cal.) out of an air rifle proving the heart stops when it by a .177 cal pellet or a .22 rimfire or a 20 mm cannon. Dead is dead not deader.

        The Reagan Assassination proved how deadly even a .22 rimfire could be as an unaccomplished shooter put down 3 large men with one shot apiece and if he had been a skilled marksman would easily have killed all three men with again only a .22 rimfire. Doctors who examined Reagan testified he missed death only because the bullet missed the heart by a hairs width. In other words there was nothing wrong with the caliber but rather where and what the bullet hit.

        The caliber of choice for poachers has often been the .22 rimfire because of its low noise and low cost which has illegally killed thousands of deer. The higher velocity 22 magnum rimfire has also been popular with professional poachers.

        The 9×19 has been a world standard now for over 100 years but is still bad mouthed by arm-chair commandoes and the para-military lunatic fringe contrary to 100 years plus of stellar performance.

        In conclusion it has always been bullet placement and penetration that result in lethality not bullet diameter. Remember the difference in diameter between the 9mm and the 45 is a scant 1/10 of an inch but the “big bore boys” with a solemn look will tell you the .45acp will spin a man around like a top, blow him off his feet or make him disappear in a red puff of mist while the 9×19 will fail to stop the determined charge of a vicious barn mouse.

        So how did the .45 acp myth get started. It actually was proven in the Imperialistic war the U.S. conducted against the Philippian people. Mass murder resulted against the civilian population (3 million deaths) because it turned into a guerrilla war and contrary to heroic accounts (bullshit) it was found that (not so heroic accounts) of pistol use in killing the women after they were raped by U.S. troops that pistol calibers were totally useless in finishing them off instantly, even when a larger caliber was used in place of the smaller pistol caliber i.e. the .38 v/s the .45 Colt. It was found even rifle calibers did not always to the job with one shot so the troops then used short barreled shot guns with buck shot i.e. multi projectiles all hitting the victim at once induced enough shock and blood loss to be the weapon to use. Of course the story had to be cleaned up so to speak and Colt took advantage of this through their prostitutes the Gun Writers of the day into creating the heroic “Moro Myth” of dope crazed blood thirsty primitive warriors descending on out numbered and totally innocent (of course) U.S. Troops who with the new 1911 pistol saved the day by blowing the dope crazed warriors off their feet. It made great advertisement and sold lots of hand guns to the Jethro Bodine crowd all of which never bothered to test the pistol on live game.

        In the 1980’s Pistolero Magazine went to Mexico to get around animal cruelty laws and blasted pigs ,who have much the same autonomy as humans,only they are much better behaved, and found out that the .45 acp killed no better than the 9×19, the .38 special or the .357 magnum proving it was shot placement and penetration and not caliber that was what was lethal. This was actual live animal testing not prostitute Gun Writer bullshit.

        Just last week I tested a .32 acp Walther PP pistol, it out shot every one of a half dozen .380 automatics and a dozen 9mm automatics that I have and it was capable of hitting a man sized target with ease out to 60 yards (my pistol range does not go beyond that). You cannot kill what you do not hit. The .32 acp with its low recoil for fast repeat shots and outstanding accuracy and penetration make a deadly combination.

        Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany because of a withered arm used a .30 Caliber Luger pistol to shoot European Red Stag which on average are bigger than our whitetail deer. Their live weight often equals or surpasses a humans weight.

        Col. Thompson (the promoter of the adoption of the .45acp) found much to his surprise (which he later covered up) was that the smaller pistol calibers i.e. the .30 and 9mm Luger cartridges when used on 1,200 lb Steers killed every bit as good as the larger revolver .45 caliber cartridges he tested.

        One last “real life” shooting incident from Massillon, Ohio a number of years ago: A cop stopped a motorist on a routine traffic stop, and there ensued a confrontation. The cop walked away back to his cruiser and the motorist using a .30 caliber Tokarev shot him once in the buttocks. The high velocity .30 Tokarev bullet after penetration hit bone and glanced upward through the body shredding all the internal organs resulting in instant death. Now you know why the Russians fought WWII with it. It worked and still works today as it did back then.


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