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A Quick Note About Veterans and Gun Rights

Senator Feinstein ruffled a few feathers three days ago when she refused to make an exception for veterans in her Assault Weapons ban bill. According to DiFi, vets are prone to PTSD; sellers can’t discover if there’s an “impairment of that individual with respect to having a weapon like this.” What a disgrace. With all their entusiasms for waving the bloody shirt, constantly citing the slaughter caused by spree killing madman and gang bangers, the gun grabbers never mention the blood shed by our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have given their lives to defend this country. Our way of life. Our Constitution. The document that protects our right to keep and bear arms. To vilify veterans as dangerous members of society is an affront to their sacrifice. To disarm society generally is to dishonor their oath and honor. Shame on Feinstein and those attempting to destroy America’s most sacred values from within.


  1. avatar Luis says:

    IMO the real standout comment was her saying that PTSD is new phenomenon because of the Iraq war. It’s as old as war, only it’s name changes.

    1. avatar Pyrotek85 says:

      Agreed, I think it’s almost as bad as Akin’s ‘legitimate rape’ comment. I can’t help but wonder sometimes if these people aren’t serious, or if they’re really that disconnected with reality.

      1. avatar In Memphis says:

        “… or if they’re really that disconnected with reality.”

        This. No offense to anybody here but as much as y’all like to say these people are smart, I beg to differ. Sometimes I think we are underestimating them BUT I think they are mostly succesfull because of so many uneducated and indifferent people in this country.

        1. avatar William says:

          They’re smart, we’re “underestimating them”, and they’re stupid. All at the same time?

          Never knew there were three sides of a fence to straddle. Somehow, you manage.

  2. avatar brian.z says:

    Why no love for Naval personnel?

    1. avatar Steven.b says:

      just thinking the same thing, i feel left out

  3. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

    Do these comments surprise anyone, that witch of a woman needs to go back to her gingerbread house in Cali and when she starts boiling her pot (true Americans) should play Hansel & Gretal and push her fat ass in head first!!!!!!!!!

  4. avatar Dr. Will Phu LeMaul says:

    YES. YES. YES. Shame on her. She is a mindless dolt.

  5. avatar CTblows says:

    Disgraceful…as a CT gun owner, I know how that feels. I didn’t serve in the military but I’ve paid a butt-load of CT taxes for 25 years, and until Sandy Hook I was a model citizen. Not anymore.

    1. avatar In Memphis says:

      Move to Tennessee, people freindly and gun freindly. I know, Im a CT native. Its an easy day and a half drive down I-40. Oh and the local gun stores are great, not a bunch of grumpy Nazis like Hoffmans in Newington.

      1. avatar UnapologeticallyAmerican says:

        and no State Income Tax

        1. avatar William says:

          AND it’s got Al Gore!

  6. avatar Stephen says:

    It doesn’t help that she perpetuates the myth that vets with PTSD are ticking time bombs.

  7. avatar speedracer5050 says:

    To Sen. Feinstein,
    As a veteran I wish to inform you that your theory, and thus your statement’s concerning Veterans and PTSD are no only false but also bigoted, biased, and completely irrelevant as 90% of the veterans don’t suffer from any mental health issues.
    Since you have taken it upon yourself to denigrate and disrespect all of the Veterans who have fought, bled and died for you to have the freedom to think and speak as you do I wish to inform you that when you pass away and leave this earthly realm the warm fuzzy feeling you will take with you will be me at the head of the line pissing on your empty skull!!
    Have A Nice Day!
    Mr. I’man American

  8. avatar Robert K. Tompsett says:

    Senator Feinstein is senile!!! Needs to be retired to a nursing home.

  9. avatar Ropingdown says:

    In Senator Feinstein’s case it really can be said, “you didn’t build it. Other people did.” She inherited it. She married it. She never gave up three years to defend it, but put all her time into her career, and now she believes that those who stay at home pursuing their own glory and lucre are the most deserving of citizens exactly because they are unscarred by front line service? Put that bit up on a large sign at the recruiting office. “Lose your gun rights here!”

    1. avatar Soccerchainsaw says:

      Now there’s an idea! Demonstrations at US Armed Forces Recruitment facilities educating potential recruits that after they sign on the dotted line they and their families have lost their ability to defend themselves with fireams. We’ve seen stories about active duty soldiers & their families that are not allowed to keep & bear arms at home. We’ve seen stories about discharged soldiers that lose their right to keep & bear arms if they are unable to handle their finances. And now DiFi wants to categorize all former soldiers as inelligible to keep & bear arms due to the possibility of PTSD. Let’s start picketing this week!

      Of course the unintended consequence of this would be reinstatement of the draft due to the falling numbers of volunteers willing to sign up.

      1. avatar Ropingdown says:

        So be it, but without college or young family deferments.

  10. avatar Chris says:

    Another reason “mental health” screenings are a bad idea. When those in power view your differences of opinion as a sickness you are now not allowed to exercise certin rights. Want a gun? You are sick so no guns or you. Only crazy people would want a gun so now it is impossible to get one.

    1. avatar Herb says:

      “When those in power view your differences of opinion as a sickness”

      That’s a scary scenario, and is how the Soviet regime came down on its dissidents. Worse, people in need of mental health counseling will now avoid seeking help if they think they are talking to a government informant, in addition to nosy physicians asking about guns in your home and noting your attitude for record if you refuse to answer.

    2. avatar William says:

      The average commitment hearing lasts less than 60 seconds. We discussed that in my college Forensic Psychology class, a bunch of times. My professor made sure we would never forget it.

  11. avatar Bob2 says:

    Hmm, most police officers are former military. Makes you think…

    1. avatar anonymous says:

      > most police officers are former military.

      Citation, please.

      1. avatar Soccerchainsaw says:

        Perhaps “most” should be replaced with “a huge number of” to be more accurate.

        1. avatar William says:

          I believe Bob2 is correct. And the percentage is growing all the time.

  12. avatar Eclzeastes says:

    I imagine that the real mental illness that Feinstein is concerned about is not PTSD but patriotism. Would verterans be more or less likely to object to the Constitution being thrown away? If I were in her shoes then I might be concerned about a large group of highly trained, battle tested and patriotic citizens being armed. If I could find a way to reduce that concern then I might take it if I were her.

    I’m opposed to any blanket prohibitions based on associations/groups but if she did want to go after a large group of citizens and take away all gun rights then how about members of street gangs? Are the murders in Chicago being carried out by returning veterans or street thugs?

    I’m not suggesting it but can you imagine the protests if that was her position? But what would have a bigger impact? Street gangs or veterans. Of course if she did account for street gangs then I would bet the only gangs that would be prohibited would be members of the Tea Party.

    1. avatar William says:

      The real concern of Wicked Witch ad others is that ex-military people are trained in the art of using weapons, and thus are in an excellent position to train actual civilians when SHTF. They have nightmares about actual “well-regulated militia(s), because it represents an formidable resistance force.

      To tyrants like Witch and La Bamba, this is the stuff of nightmares. Thus the sudden push to disarm military vets.

  13. avatar ready,fire,aim says:

    you know i never noticed how “handsome” IT is

  14. avatar Gs650g says:

    Elections have consequences and you are looking at one right now.

  15. avatar raw_toe says:

    let’s just consider what she just said… no waivers for veterans because veterans get PTSD and we can’t tell which ones are dangerous.

    Now, let’s substitute some other group… no waivers for black people because lots of black people are in jail and we can’t tell which ones are dangerous…

    Really Senator? Are you willing to go down this path? There is no difference between those two statements. You would never, ever make the second one, why do you think it’s ok to make the first?

    1. avatar rosignol says:

      Because she knows the vast majority of Veterans aren’t going to vote for her anyway.

  16. avatar dom says:

    Wow! She looks just like the emperor from Star Wars. Scary.

    1. avatar William says:

      Palpatine? How Roman-sounding a name is “Palpatine”?

  17. avatar Mikeb302000 says:

    Dear Robert, Spin Doctor, PhD, you’re overlooking the fact that gun violence deaths far out pace military casualties. In discussing gun rights in the year 2013, you intone that “Hundreds of thousands of Americans have given their lives to defend this country,” an all-time figure, I suppose.

    1. avatar jwm says:

      Car deaths outpace military deaths also. Your point? Oh that’s right it’s Mikeyb#’s, you don’t have a point. Just a failed blog you keep trying to troll up business for.

      It must be truly frustrating for you. Even after Sandy Hook RF has an overwhelmingly successful and growing blog and your’s is still stuck at the starting line.

      Spin Doctor, PHD? Desperate ad hominem.

      1. avatar RuffRidr says:

        “It must be truly frustrating for you. Even after Sandy Hook RF has an overwhelmingly successful and growing blog and your’s is still stuck at the starting line.”

        I’ve wondered about that too. Imagine how much time he spends looking for and reporting on stories about crimes involving guns. Add to that all of the time he has to spend trolling for hits on blogs like this. What a sad, sad existence that must be.

    2. avatar Soccerchainsaw says:

      Dear troll,
      Nothing in your post makes any sense today. You’ve only accomplished giving the reader the impression that you disagree with RF’s article but have made no progress in enlightening us as to why you disagree. Go back to bed and reset your alarm clock.

      1. avatar William says:

        WHAT troll? Are you hallucinating?

        Oh. Mikey Numbers. I had to go back and look. Where his comment was, I just saw an empty white space. Which would be more profound than anything Mikey Numbers could actually SAY.

      2. avatar Mikeb302000 says:

        Dear Soccer, Maybe I need to spell it out for you. Over the last year there were 30,000 gun deaths. Military casualties don’t come close to that over the same perioe. That’s why Robert’s “hundreds of thousands” was total misleading bullshit.

  18. avatar Jeh says:

    Looks like Darth Sithius in this picture with the whole hunched over, jowls, looks like its dying and has nothing left to live for thing going on.

  19. avatar Ed in Montana says:

    Mikeb302000 – obviously a decorated combat vet….on his PS3

  20. avatar Lance says:

    Amen Mr. Fargo. Proves by this comment and her hunting humans comment proves this hag is nothing more than a dumb goose stepping Nazi and a swine of a human. She is brainless and lacks even a hint of logic. She praises our enemies and love the Nazi ideals and hates US GIs. Prove that Kalifornia and NY are the pigs slime of the US. Go ted Cruz who vowed to kill her bill any way possible.

  21. avatar xer 21 says:

    People, realize that what feinstein did is a GREAT thing.

    not because i agree with her, but because it just dropped any chance for passage of it, or related bills, from even getting to a vote.

  22. avatar Totenglocke says:

    I can understand being upset that she said all veterans are crazy and suffer from PTSD. However, I don’t understand the anger about ex-military not getting special privileges.

  23. avatar Randy Drescher says:

    It’s ok for our troups to kill bad guys overseas its just when they come home its not ok to kill bad guys here. What ever could the difference be? Maybe we could get Sherlock Holmes on this, Randy

  24. avatar Silver says:

    God, that face…pure evil.

  25. avatar janklow says:

    Feinstein’s generalization is, of course, out of line.

    …but what is the idea behind saying, “well, if you’re a veteran or a police officer, you deserve to have access to “assault weapons” that others don’t? because this is about as offensive to every gun-owning civilian who wasn’t in the military.

  26. avatar Flappy_Paddles says:

    “…the gun grabbers never mention the blood shed by our soldiers, airmen and Marines.”
    Let me go ahead and fix that for you.
    “…the gun grabbers never mention the blood shed by our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines.”
    Now get back up there and edit your original post.

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:


  27. avatar PATRIOTCDRUSN-RET says:

    As a US Army enlisted Vietnam veteran (71-72) and retired US Navy officer with combined military service of 38 years I consider DiFi’s recent comments concerning veterans and PTSD to be INSULTING, inapposite and unctuous.
    She needs to apologize to me and the other 21 million living brother and SISTER veterans she has offended.
    Over those many years of service to my country I have on several occasions swore an oath to; “Solemnly reaffirm that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC, that I will continue to bear true faith and allegiance to the to the Constitution and to the country whose course it directs, and that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation, So Help me God”. (caps are my addition)
    I did not take that oath lightly while in military service and will continue to uphold that obligation till the day I die. Nowhere did my oath require me to support and defend politicians.
    I know Ms. Feinstein has also swore that same oath of office but apparently her sincerity is false and self serving. She needs to retire, return to her CA COMMUNE or check into a funny farm for mental counseling and/or lock up.
    Her head seems to be in a location where she can’t see very well and the odor must be overwhelming while effecting her brain function.
    While I have relatives and friends in the following states I intend to boycott COCANYILMN due to their assaults on our 2ND Amendment rights. I will not spend a nickel in any way shape or form to benefit those states and encourage veterans and other 2ND Amendment supports to follow suit.

  28. avatar pat says:

    I just hope that when this latest gun grabbing fight dies down and the next election comes up, NOBODY votes democrat AGAIN!

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