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Words and phrases are a part of existence,
They obfuscate truth and twist distinctions.
Bias exposed could cause mass extinction
Of civil rights by untruth intinctions.

“What is a stockpile?” in earnest one asks.
A stockpile is more than one typically has,
And if that’s too much then it’s too much to ask.
As minds contort meanings through large misdirection,
Stockpiles pile up – it’s your ammo collection.

Your stockpile of ammo would make the news too,
The cache of your weapons is bigger taboo.
Hidden away a cache is secure,
Your safe and your closet are two, to be sure.
Is your cache evil, for insurrection?
Or could it just be a nice gun collection?

You are guilty until proven otherwise.
Public opinion is seldom intelligent,
Your cache and your stockpile will only terrorize.
Those who “Demand Action” are always imminent,
For our own sake please remain steadfast and independent.

Anti-rights groups will always exist
And options abound when they talk in fits.
Listen, walk away, or demand they pound sand?
Perhaps maybe yes, but speak and be damned.
Honey catches bees so be sure to give pause
When speaking with with those that hate our gun laws.
Prudence and patience in good conversation;
Then donate to gun groups with legal claws.

Freedom ain’t free and the fight will remain,
Which is why we choose words that are clear and not bane.

We, too, are guilty – with nonchalant breeze
Say “fitment” with prudence, it comes out with ease.
While fitment sounds nice and is quite alluring;
It is useless and unenduring.

Is fitment a noun, adjective, or verb?
Did Bubba coin fitment in erstwhile proverb?
Is fitment a thing that man can do?
Or is it fitment an object that Remlin strives to?

“Fit” and “fitting” are clear and concise
Use them instead, it would be nice.
Words have meanings and as it is said,
“Choosing them wisely is good for the head.”

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  1. Twice now in one day, while browsing this site, my browser has frozen with a hack – “Microsoft Support” – telling me not to shut down my computer and to call an 800 number or my computer would be damaged. I had to call up Task Manager, and close the browser because it was rendered unresponsive. This has happened in the past as well on this site. I think you need to get your webmaster involved in securing the site and reviewing the ad content. I’ll be staying away from this site hereafter, which is too bad – I like the content – but not the infections.

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