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  1. This guy definitely falls into the talker category…as well as the know it all category. I don’t know if the latter was one of his categories or not since couldn’t make past the first two minutes before turning the video off.

  2. I wouldn’t mind seeing this guy added to the TTAG staff. From the YouTube videos he has, he shows talent and fair reviews (minus points for Glock fanboyism) and would bring a fresh perspective and more viewers. Just my two cents.

  3. Speaking of “unloaded handguns” there is a mag in the one he used (@ ~1:30) for the demo of the safety violation.

  4. I know my local gunstore people very well and have no problem shooting the breeze with them, as long as they are not busy. Call it situational awareness, if you will.

  5. There is nothing worse than someone who works with the public and seemingly despises them.

    • @ Mike Myers – Try working in LA and see if you can maintain that opinion. Some days, its a challenge. Thank God there’s plenty of cold beer in this world…

      • I worked in the health care field in an area populated with retired New Yorkers. I know how to deal.

        I find the video to be kind of tacky, and if I was a potential customer I’d definitely never go back to his store.

  6. I’m definately guilty of being a “talker,” and perhaps even the occasional “lurker.” But I would not trash talk a gun in the store like he describes in the video – but I might chime in and say that I own that gun and really like it, etc.

  7. This guy is articulate and humorous in a good way. I have seen every type he described in various gun stores over the years and he’s pretty spot on in his assessments.
    He did leave out the person who’s “more important than anyone else”. These types think that getting a Salesperson’s attention for themselves is more urgent than whoever else the Salesperson is assisting at the time they walk in. Often they blatantly try to interrupt the sale in progress and get more aggressive about it the longer they are made to wait. These situations usually don’t end gracefully.

  8. This was very funny. I do not work in a gun shop but have been in them enough over the years to witness every customer he described. But! He did not mention the good customers. The ones that have already done their research, called the store to see if the weapon is in stock, tells the store to hold it, and they show up in 20 minutes. The sell is to the point and quick!

  9. Funny, accurate. I would add my personality as female low key quiet shopper, I do not want to be focus of attention for all the ” little lady should have a revolver” recommendations. This was usually followed by a quick dismissal of questions regarding any semi automatic pistol. I initially visited local gun shops with my son bc I was ill informed and wanted educated on various choices( grip size for small hand, weight, etc). I did so bc I realize both my gender and lack of knowledge put me at a distinct disadvantage in that venue. I observed the disparity in information and attitude when I asked a question versus when my son asked the same question. It’s exceedingly annoying. I found it frustrating that I was required to validate my question because I am female. The male shoppers look at you like you are wasting their time with clerk. They step around you or talk over you, when they aren’t busy telling you what you should buy.
    I have evolved in my firearm choices. I started with a P95, and have since evolved to several various calibers and choices. I extensively research any potential purchase and ask relevant questions regarding negative performance that I have read. I do not invite opinion on whether or not I should own item in question.
    I am not a hag, neither would I call myself a “milf”. Ewh. I don’t consider either of those as being issue when I open the shop door. I am a consumer.
    Let me tell you another issue I have run into( surreal) and perhaps you can relate to the disparity in treatment of genders.
    I am a very short, quite, reserved female. When these things occur, part of your brain is absolutely appalled, the other isn’t quite sure how to respond. Im willing to bet I am not only one to experience this, but let me make you aware. I do NOT believe the person had any ill intentions. It took a few months for my want to shoot to overcome my fear of repeat performance.
    Gentlemen? How many of you get scooped up in a hug to clerk’s ( who is a nodding acquaintance ) mid chest and told ” you did a really good job! You did great! You’re amazing!” I’m betting none of you.
    How many of you gentleman get the once over glance, and ” you shoot?! Seriously? You look like you should be baking cookies and wearing dresses all the time( I confess, I do that, wear floral print AND perfume- gasp!)Really? Are you serious? Are you here by yourself shooting?!” Then there is “the look”, person is trying to discern your personal gender preference. I keep waiting for a really brazen man to ask outright. It’s insulting and frankly, if you don’t see any interest take it personal. It’s not the gender I find unappealing. It’s the idiot asking question.
    I have learned to not make eye contact, it appears to invite comments. I do not nod or smile for fear I will be scooped up and shoved in a random chest/armpit area for affirmation I did not ask for or need. I do not go to public outdoor range bc they glare like I am invading their domain. I am the only female present. I drive up, assess the situation. If its one or two other people, I am good. If its more than that I just drive away. I go to indoor range during the day when I know it’s not busy. I go alone, and respond when acknowledged.
    My ” little hobby” came about when 3 of my 4 children were gone on active duty. I wanted to spend time with the child in the local area. He doesn’t like to shop in the mall( sigh) so I joined him in his hobby. I am fairly decent at it, but have much room for improvement.
    For the record, I am a veteran. I grew up in very rural area. I was raised in a culture where guns are neither good or bad. They are simply a tool. I am not out to redefine boundaries for females, I do not have a need to feel ” manly” or have feminists equal rights agenda. I am just me. I started a hobby and much to my surprise, enjoyed it. My son and I have obtained concealed carry permits. If youre going to do something, do it right and do it completely. That being said, there is justification in the fact I live alone, and crime in the local area has increased dramatically. I am just quietly me. I don’t have an agenda to cram down your throat. Please don’t put your agenda and preconceived ideas on me. Let me just do what I do, and you go on about your business.

    • I really want to tell you: “You did a really good job! You did great! You’re amazing!”

      …but I won’t.

      Fine comment. We’re not always aware of how we treat women differently.

      • I didnt intend to sound like a jerk. If so? Humble apologies. If you gave me praise for a job well done? Much appreciated. My issue isn’t with positive feedback, or constructive criticism. I like to learn. I’ll be the first one to admit I have a lot of room to improve. I welcome any constructive information, just unsure if it comes with a random stranger pulling me into their personal space. I have met some very nice, very helpful people. Those patient people have guided me and educated me well beyond my expectations. I traded in P95 as well as lc9. I now have a springfield xd, a p250, and the latest find is a s&w 940 among other things. Curiosity, a love of learning and a bit of discretionary income is a bad combination in a field where the possibilities are endless. I just doubt you guys would embrace other random guys at a shooting range and give them ” warm fuzzies” for doing a decent job of putting holes in paper where you intend them to be. Especially if you weren’t even in the near vicinity when paper slaying occurred, and offered zero input. You just happened to be the guy behind the counter as I was leaving the building.

  10. I would add the “Purse stringer.” The guy who brings his wife/girlfriend to the store with him because he’s looking to make a purchase that he probably can’t quite afford and figures that bringing in the significant other to show her the relative merits of the object of his desire will tip the scales in his favor.

    If you look carefully, the wife/girlfriend will have the same bored/mildly annoyed look on her face as a man sitting outside a change room waiting for the wife/girlfriend to finish trying on new clothes.

  11. “He’s usually the guy who walks into the store and buys cases and cases and cases of ZombieMax ammo.


    Ok yeah. Right now I have some in my actual magazine.”

    I busted out laughing.

  12. I look and poke more than anything else. I have not bought a gun in years. I would like to get a more powerful handgun down the road to better supplement the 870.

  13. A lot of these descriptions would apply outside of a gun store as well. I would definitely fit in the lurker category, but not so much with guns. More so when I am buying video games, computers or cars. Especially video games. Sorry to all gamestop customers..

  14. He did forget 1 type. The type that go in knowing full well what they want, and will not let the store clerk talk them into the brand the store prefers to sell. I am that type. The researcher. For all the purchases I have made I have researched it, and went in saying I want X gun, and would not go with the “Glock” or whatever brand they sell that gets them the most money.

  15. I finally got to hear this, and laughed out load. This guy is funny and accurate. I’ve seen all these customer types in various stores selling different products.

  16. His video was pretty much on the mark. One missing, at least in the south. This one gun store has all these fat guys sitting around a table. I’ve been in at least 5 times and it never fails. Dunno what to call them. Old fat guys sitting around a table type? At least play some cards or something. Another thing, tell the guys working to quit being so freaking mean! This is why I buy online! I walked into the fat guy store and asked if they had any pps’. After waiting for almost 20 minutes, 5 people in the store, he said nope and walked off. One YouTube vid was critiquing gun store workers and at the end said “FOR GOD SAKES TAKE A BATH!” LMAO

  17. So true about the Felon types getting really nervous about the background check.

    I tend to get suspicious of the folks who get really nervous or squirrely about the questions on the 4473.

    Storytime: I had a customer who admitted to being disqualified from buying guns/ammo due to a pending charge.

    I told him “Thank you for your time and this concludes our business.”

    He seemed to pause to put two and two together and then challenged me on it and I told him “Yes, I’m asking you to leave now.”

    He left without incident, but if a customer admits to a disqualifier, I don’t want to sell him anything and I don’t want to waste my time and energy keeping an eye on him loitering while I tend to other customers.

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