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Michael Robitaille from Washington State sends his “Normal Everyday Carry” pocket dump via Everyday Carry.

Robitaille, 37, writes this of his Normal EDC:

I do this for my EDC. For the Alien Gear Holsters ShapeShift Core Carry Pack, I change the configuration to correspond with the planned activities for the day.

Let’s face it, those with disabilities often find themselves attractive “victims” for violent criminal predators.  “There’s an easy mark,” criminals think.

Well, picking on this guy might leave a bad guy shocked to discover the error of his or her ways.  Robitaille carries a Taser Strikelight Rechargeable Flashlight with Stun Gun.  Bzzt bzzt “YEOOWWW!”  (Who remembers the scene from “The Hangover?“)

And if a little electroshock therapy fails to dissuade some not-so-bright bad guy, Robitaille also carries a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield in .40 S&W.

He also carries some inexpensive Made in China NRA freebie knives and a third mystery blade.

In the end, good on Mr. Robitaille for carrying the stuff he needs to make him not only hard to kill, but difficult to victimize.  Even if he did leave out his wallet and probably a phone as well.


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  1. Lol… not a single person being a dick about something on this EDC? Wonder why? True colors of TTAG commentators in action here. Hypocrites.

    • Anyone else but a disabled person would have been burned alive for carrying 3 knives and 2 reloads.

      This site amuses me.

      • It’s kinda hard to make fun of a disabled guy when we don’t even know what disability he has, BD.

        • How does this have anything to do with his disability? or making fun of a person? Every time someone uploads an EDC with multiple knives and multiple reloads, the comment section goes wild. For all you know, someone that had an EDC uploaded like that was disabled, and they simply chose not to reveal it. I think you are missing the point of my comment.

        • also, your comment makes no sense. You pick and choose which disabilities to single out? Kind of my point about the TTAG comment section in a nutshell. Way to go, loser.

        • You’re expecting me to make fun of the disabled. I can do that for you. But I have to know which disability it is before I can do that. So, go find out and get back to me.

        • “How does this have anything to do with his disability?”

          Uh, your command of English is fucking piss poor bro.

          It’s about his disability because YOU MADE IT ABOUT HIS DISABILITY when you said, and I fucking quote: “Anyone else but a disabled person would have been burned alive…” in a reply to your own goddamn OP. Since you made both comments it’s not like you got all confused by someone else’s language.

          This, right after you argue basic English from me… you’re amassing of data points here that point to you being a dumb fuck and an asshole to boot.

          So I will amend my statement from a previous comment on another thread, strike the conditional portion of that statement and truncate it to this: You are the fucking problem.

        • wtf are you talking about? I’m expecting you to criticize the EDC for having 3 knives, regardless of who or what shares it…. That is my point, you fucken lunatic. Not a single comment about the EDC until I said anything. Now they act like I am the bad guy for calling them out… lol. Fuck you.

          My philosophy has always been: carry what you are comfortable with. If that means 15 knives… then cool. Do you.

          But the second someone uploads a carry with so many knives, the internet goes crazy. Nobody said shit because the person who shared told us they were disabled. So of course, everybody is on their best behavior all the sudden. My point was… like most replies I make to TTAG comments: they are hypocrites.

        • I’m not the one arguing with other people about shit I said to myself in a way that insulted the entire group of people who read this article and may or may not bother to comment on it. You are.

          I bet your inner monologue is really fucking interesting. Almost certainly useless but undeniably entertaining.

        • “I bet your inner monologue is really fucking interesting.”

          Strych, it would bore the hell out of you after maybe three seconds.

          He-she-it is *highly* impressed with itself. Yet another Dunning Kruger candidate…

        • “…it would bore the hell out of you after maybe three seconds.”

          Maybe. Strangely, I always found Joe R to be delightfully entertaining in an odd way.

        • riiight… so now, because there is no edit button for me and I wanted to add something, you get all high and mighty…

          If you took offense to me saying that all you people do is talk shit because I called you out for not doing it since someone labeled themselves as disabled, then good. Hit the nail on the fucken head. Cuz all you do is talk shit, and I didn’t want this guy to feel left out lol. Sad tho, it took me commenting about nobody talking to shit, to spark a talking shit fest about me talking shit… you guys are hilarious here.

          My inner monologue is no different than yours. It’s why you talk shit online. Mine just tells me to call you shit talkers out and clearly, it gets under your skin enough to talk even more shit 😉

      • We know what kind of disability you have:
        SH*T FOR BRAINS.
        Either change your meds, or consider sucking your gun.
        You are a mouthed, heartless, ignorant and ill-bred POS and if you dont get some help/come to Jesus soon, the only time any one here will want to hear about you is with the red circle around your carcass in a liveleak video.

    • And yet you continue to opine.

      I dont have an issue with his carry. I dont get the three knives and he doesnt describe their use or application.

      Post your carry B.D…… I’m sure you will get glowing comments based on your sparkling prose and enlightened opinions.

        • And posting things on the internet is your little gift to the world.

          Every one can see it and use it for their own.

          Funny how that works.

        • Funny how you criticize my grammar and proceed to make multiple errors in your own. Way to go champ. My original comment in a nutshell. Hypocrite. And you would post something titled “the bare minimum”… how TTAG comment section of you. Fuck you very much sir.

        • BD.

          I was referring to your easy use of profanity to try to intimidate those who disagree with you.

          But i can see where you would mistake the two, you erudite rascal, you.

          Some men you just cant reach.

        • They are just words, friend. The meaning changes all the time. If they are offensive, I cannot help your opinion of them, or why you consider them offensive in the first place. If you or whoever reads it feels intimidated, then my point reached them. Plenty of others who managed to ignore it.

      • also, it doesnt matter what you share… people will talk shit. That is what they do on the internet. Don’t get mad just because I call them (you) out on it here. You literally posted on this EDC share to try and call me out, and so you could pick apart my EDC. Good luck, jackass. This is why I comment the way I do here on TTAG… all this site is good for is stealing and resharing content, then random idiots who came from facebook can change their name and comment 1,000 times just to talk shit. It’s pathetic. The regulars (like yourself) think you are smart because you do the same shit everyone does on youtube and social media, and argue. Get over yourselves. You do nothing but talk.

        • I don’t get mad. Evidently you do. I looked at your threeper.
          Nothing wrong with it, but that lame-ass watch.

          If you “know” that people are going to talk bad about what you post and it makes you mad…why post it.

          In reality, some people throw crap at it, and you lump everyone here in the same mold. Pretty much like you say others do to you.

          So..hang it out there …. or dont….but quit whining.

    • All of his stuff sucks he sucks, I suck , you suck , we all scream for Ice Cream

      • How about you post yours? I came to this site because I googles EDC once, and my picture popped up with this website, that steals shares from the EDC site, and all you old grumpy troll hypocrite fucks do is talk shit about each one, regardless of the items.

        Share your own, you social media warrior.

        • Yes, TTAG steals, steals and steals some more. You’ve complained about this before and no one cared because you’re wrong on all counts and demonstrably so. People told you that back then.

          Christ, familiarize yourself with the internet and the concept of “fair use” and maybe a fucking dictionary while you’re at it.

          Hell, it’s not even a fair use issue because they tell you where they got the content and even give you the fucking link to that original content. Usually more than once. They don’t claim it as original content created by TTAG. Every single fucking post links to the EDC website and they tell you where they got it. As such, the republication is properly cited and credit given not just to the original site but the original poster as well.

          No one stole shit from you. You publicly posted it, it was exported to another site for critique and educational purposes (both valid under fair use), cited and you were given credit for the creation of the original content.

          If you didn’t want it on other sites then you should not have posted it on the EDC site. If you wanted to get paid for your content then you should have posted it on your own website with a copywrite notice.

          Your complaints are stupid just like you Mr. “Threeper”. Reeper, really? If you can’t stop with this incessant nonsensical tomfuckery go back to your butcher shop and be an ignorant twatwaffle in private.

        • blah blah blah…

          I am familiar with how things circulate on the internet and the concept of sharing information. You don’t like the word steal? Then you must enjoy having your privacy invaded every time you use your phone too, huh…

          Again, post your gear.

          Lastly, don’t get mad just because I call it what it is. If I was so worried about it, I would not post any more of my gear on that site. Instead, I do so anonymously, without any information about the gear or its intended use, for fucksticks like you to conjour up scenarios and shit talking trollfests. I just enjoy calling you out when you do what you do. Nobody likes being told their faults, especially not assholes like you, online. I hit the nail on the head so hard with you every time, you result to name calling in your first reply. Every. Single. Time. You try to pick apart my screen names like yours is something different? lol. C’mon man. Get a fucken life. Got you figured out, kid.

          THREEPER, out. u mad.

        • Dude, you rock! I’ve got some shit to say about the “disabled” guy. He’s a liar. 90 percent of 37 year olds who are “disabled” are either welfare queens or have made some very poor life style choices repeatedly over long periods of time. This sites got two kinds of douche bags posting on it typically (well three now with you) 30 and forty somethings who are “disabled” by their body fat and virginity and then seventy somethings who think they are somehow fit enough to skip a day of meds let alone fight a revolution. Most of these guys are probably themselves “disabled”, more likely due to decades of smoking, drinking, poor diet and little exercise than to a land mine or car wreck. Any one over 50, male, white or who virtue signals their “veteran” status usual gets a free pass around here. Dude please, please stick around.

        • Did it occur to you that they PROVIDE these EDCs to us to post one each day? Mikey’s the guy’s name and he emails them to me directly.

          They’ve become one of the most popular regular features on this website, I might add.

          And they appreciate the traffic back from us.

          So stealing from them and their traffic? Sorry, sir. You couldn’t be more off base.

        • Again, you are interpreting the word stealing incorrectly, because that is not how I used it, and already explained that if your site had it’s own EDC spot for your regulars to post their gear, you could generate your own traffic. And no, I do not for one second believe anyone emails you, or care if they did. Does not change your sites lack of creativity.

    • Yours is only the second comment. Kinda tells us the type of cheap troll you are. Your comments position says volumes about your fake outrage.

      • Sorry, thought I made it clear that the post had been made for hours and not a single comment yet about it where every other post that carried similar gear would have had 10 comments by then… Rage? lol. Go get your flu shot.

        • Holy shit snacks. You like to be enraged, don’t you. Typical entitled, butt hurt youngster. Looking for a reason to be triggered. You the perfect recruit for antifa.

        • Dude, go back to facebook and rant about how everyone with a different opinion does not belong at the Trump rally. You could not be further from the truth.

        • Yep. antifa troll. And his ‘blue placard’ ruse to make it appear he has support.

  2. I prefer the P.C. term differently abled. Age and treachery will always beat youth and enthusiasm. -30-

  3. Don’t understand a lot of what you guys mean when you reference the disabled. My father is 90 y.o.a. Disabled by polio when he was six. Keeps a 3″ round butt 65 loaded with FBI loads at hand every day. Honestly, don’t know that he could do what needs to be done, but he’s still game. Think you will be at his age in a wheelchair?

  4. Being disabled myself, I know there is a world of difference in people’s abilities and disabilities. If you are on wheels, a cane, forearm cane(s) or crutches, it is very different.
    Can you drop a cane and balance ok? Hold on to a forearm cane like a police baton? Shoot one handed? Shoot 2 handed with the forearm cane cuffed to your arm? How is your balance? People in a wheel chair have both hands free and can then shoot 2 handed.

    Disabilities come in many forms, people have bad and better days, so you just have to make the best of it. Not knowing how he is disabled means anything comment we make is without merit.

  5. I don’t like the gunm( it’s plastic) can’t see what the holster is made out of but if it’s plastic I don’t like it. Rarely do I carry three knives, usually just a Swiss Army or a China brand sometimes a Camilus Combat knife( I need to get it sharper) , when I carry a gunm it’s a 54-1 in a cheapass suede IWB holster. My eye, as I’ve only got one, is going to blind-o-vision so me shooting at someone ain’t so good. When I go out at night now to dig in the trash ,or looking for dog or cat food on porches I carry that combat knife. , ,. You might be surprised at the good stuff you can find in someone’s trash, be forewarned however, do not eat those long white stretchy balloons they taste funny .

    • Does playing dead work with dogs?
      Not sure if it was you I came across one day out back , if it was you got a mean hiss.

      I tend to carry cheap Chinese steel for knives. My favorite is an assisted Kershaw folder that Midway had for sale for $5 each limit 2 one black Friday a few years back. So I bought 2 of them and am still using the first one. Give me a good (IE) expensive knife and I’ll lose it within days. A cheap one though last forever.
      It’ has slain numerous cardboard boxes and straps over the years, and has been sharpened so many times the serrated back part is now smooth. Now that I’m retired it no longer does box cutting duty so it stays sharp longer. I can one handed flick it open quickly and if the Sig 9238 or P938 was not with me might come in handy.

    • yawn.

      I think you are just mad that I called people out for not doing the same thing they would do to every EDC that carries 3 knives and two reloads.

      I have said it before and I’ll say it again: Carry what you can and what is comfortable to you. I could care less if you carry 15 knives.

      But seriously… trying to act like your being here is some luxury to people all over social media, because I’m an asshole to people like you specifically who frequent sites like these instead of sharing your own shit on the site they steal it from, is a pathetic excuse for an education as a grammar nazi and a keyboard commando. You do nothing. You amount to nothing. All you do is talk shit and tuck your tail in real life behind a fake smile a check on a ballot box. Fuck you.

      • “…trying to act like your being here is some luxury…”

        LOL, yeah, that’s my shtick.

        “…who frequent sites like these instead of sharing your own shit on the site they steal it from…”

        Uh, what? Is this an accusation of plagiarism or just some poorly worded rambling? If it is the former, please kindly point out what you believe I stole and from where.

        “You do nothing. You amount to nothing. All you do is talk shit and tuck your tail in real life behind a fake smile a check on a ballot box”.

        So, are you saying you know me and have some evidence to back up this set of accusations? Also, what exactly is the fake smile and a check on a ballot box that I’m hiding behind? Also note, in the grander scheme of things we all amount to nothing. I accepted that when I was like 12.

        You’re pissed that your asinine attempts to argue have failed at a base level because you literally cannot manipulate BASIC English. If that’s due to some mental problem beyond your control then I’m sorry. If you’re just a moron and an asshole then I’m not sorry.

        Joe R made more sense than you and did so with a better command of the language he was using.

        • Disabled by book smarts and lack of real world applications. Typical college kid in his mid 30’s…. maybe that explains it. He’s a bit behind the learning curve.

      • “All you do is talk shit and tuck your tail in real life behind a fake smile a check on a ballot box. Fuck you.”

        Well, somebody certainly was ‘triggered’.

        Wassa matter son, did mommie run out of sugar cereal and feed you shredded wheat with skim milk instead this morning?

        Dance, troll. I order you to respond… 🙂

  6. That ridiculous flashlight\stun gun belongs in the EDC of some mall-ninjaed up security guard and nowhere else. Anyone wanting to do your harm will take that away and shove it up your ass so fast that you’ll have trouble finding your gun or any one of your many knives secreted upon your person.

    Note that it may be from the brand taser but the mechanics of action do not lead to neuromuscular incapacitation like a Taser ECD. The latter would be a good choice for someone who cannot fight or run away because it will actually immobilize someone if a successful shot is made, not just shock and piss them off.

    • My neighbor has one of them shock things, I’ve volunteered to test pepper spray before but when she made that thing spark I wanted no part of being touched with it. I’d think just making it go zap might make a person stop? I’m sure had I been determined I could have withstood the shock. It’s still scary.

      • “I’d think just making it go zap might make a person stop?”

        It can have some degree of intimidation value. But whoever elects to deploy that better have no problem getting it shoved right up their ass by the one who wasn’t intimidated by it…

      • There’s always the possibility that an attacker will be dissuaded by any show of force, but it’s not something I would want to count on. All flash and little substance is the sort of defensive tool I’d try to avoid. Honestly, having a strong flashlight at night (this one doesn’t sound great by the reviews) is probably better although I’d avoid the tacticool spikey shit.

    • You make a very valid point about the method of use where you have to maintain contact with the person to keep that thing working/use it again. That could be a problem for a disabled person depending on their disability.

      Still depending on the situation it could be useful I guess. We have no idea what his situation is but if he wants it as something that’s a two-in-one (where he doesn’t need to carry a separate flashlight for example) and picked this thing he knows he can’t escape/fight off an attacker due to his disability.

      In that situation it could be that the plan is that if you put your hands on him he zaps you with the gizmo, drops said gizmo and grabs his gun in the few seconds the shock buys him, seconds he wouldn’t have without that shocker thing. That’s potentially workable if he can’t avoid contact distances for some reason. Sometimes you just have to work with what you have in terms of physical capability and hope it plays out in your favor.

      Either way, kind of a cool gadget IMHO just for the capabilities/battery life it claims to have.

      • Is what my neighbor said, basically shockem shootem . Strange she has no qualms shocking or shooting someone, yet can’t pull a tick off my back?

    • So you dont like stun guns in general or just this one?

      I am not a fan of stun gun or tasers or batons.

      If I feel threatened enough to defend myself it will be with a pistol.

      But it’s still a flashlight and everybody needs ome of those.

      I cant imagine using it but I’m not him.

  7. I have a few observations, not trying to insult anyone, and there’s little description to go with this EDC. I have the this alien gear mag carrier and it sticks out from the body; it’s not good for concealment but great for mag changes. But the bullets are facing towards the back making for a slower mag change. The OWB holster looks like its at zero/neutral cant, assuming strong side carry, that pistol grip might be sticking out. So either he has to wear a jacket to conceal or he just open carries? Looks like he has up to 21 rounds total (1+7+7+6). I kinda get when folks carry 2 or more knives (defense, letter/box opener, one for righthand draw and another for left-hand draw, stowed at differnt on body locations). I’m sure this person has figured out what works for him and that’s all that matters. I appreciate him showing his holster.

    • “I kinda get when folks carry 2 or more knives…”

      I usually carry 2 blades, one in each front pocket. I got into the habit when I had a job that required me to rapidly replace a bunch of Tygon tubing on an analytical instrument I was responsible for to keep running in a heavy chemical production plant acid ‘train’. I was pulling and stretching tubing and cutting each end with each hand so I could get the hell out of there as fast as I could, and get back to my main job…

  8. Just a few comments on the website. It’s a great outlet for folks to share, learn and I have been posting there for over a year now. Some EDC’s are believable (level of preparedness), some just look cool and/or artsy. I like the brass and brown leather ensembles personally. But a few are incomplete/inadequate, e.g. no flashlight. If the person submitting the edc is missing stuff like a wallet or holster, then it is not an EDC, just partial and thus give the audeince the impression that person is not prepared. An EDC with a gun, by default will be viewed, expected at a higher standard of preparedness.

    • The reason I wouldn’t post my wallet is because there’s nothing in it. Why carry something you don’t need? Flashlights, well huh, if God would have wanted humans to see in the dark he’d have given them bat eyes

    • Well said. I still don’t understand the people on this site though, or their negativity towards such images they have no idea the background of. I get it though, and my philosophy on an EDC pic is the same as yours, I try to squeeze in as much as possible without dumping my entire rucksack out ;), but I still leave things like my keys out of it, my phone, my gerber…. I just take a pic of what I want to. Doesn’t mean I am any less prepared. I do get when someone uploads something outrageous with 4 knives, 3 lights, 4 mags etc etc… but since I have no idea HOW they actually carry it or where, doesn’t bother me one bit. What did bother me about this post here on TTAG, is everyone seemed to refrain from doing their usual due to a label given by the EDCer. Not surprised though, just couldn’t avoid calling them out for it. Whatever, it’s the internet 😉 Let it all hang out here, cuz most of em are all teeth in person.

      • Kinda hard to add the phone to the picture, if the phone is taking the picture.

        Everyone carries a wallet (or at least should).

  9. Jeesh, sounds to me that there are some folks here that are up past their bedtime and getting cranky.

      • Do you think they let their wives/family read their comments? Probably not.

        [Edit: The real John Boch here. This was not me authoring this post, but I approve.]

        • This site is nothing more than a psychological pressure valve for the grandiose, delusional musings of lonely, over medicated, christo-fascist geriatrics. But then again you, Zimmerman and anyone still sane already knows that.

        • My X wife has read my post, her comment, ” Your an idiot.” ,,I had to get rid of her, not for that , she just wasn’t satisfied with what I gave her. She kept saying “More Ron More Ron” no matter what I did.

        • I don’t know what a blue placard is, but it sure does make a lot of sense. Shhh… don’t let them hear you or they get offended.

          What kills me about this site is how many of these morons would give their shit up because a law told them to, or tuck their tales and let someone else do the dirty work for them. Don’t worry though… it’s hard to get out the retirement homes and basements they dwell in. Their wives wouldn’t allow it, and we all know who wears the pants in their relationships. Funny how calling them out on that too, now we are the ‘lonely’ ones. lol. What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is… well… hers. Idiots.

  10. Lots of bulk in that set up IMO.
    I looked at the shapeshifter stuff and thought it took up to much real estate.

  11. @ bd. Thanks for the link to EDC. I realized you are the one that I thought was OCD. Someone pee in your granola last night?
    OTH, if I were to carry this many knives (I do sometimes) I wouldn’t carry cheap china junk from the NRA. I would spend the dues on a good knife.

    • I agree about the knives. And yes, some people that frequent here do piss me off, and apparently, they don’t like being called hypocrites either. It seems I’m not the only one to notice it. Nothing new on the internet 😉

      Best comment toes to the guy telling me to suck my gun or find Jesus. How…. Religious of him to say that.

    • @daveinwyo both NRA knives are American made, the Pheasants Forever one is the one made in China.

      To everyone thinking the carrying of 3 knives is crazy, each one to me has a different luck attached to it. Also, I’ve been asked by others to borrow a knife, then after handing them one, I realize I am needing a knife as well.

      • Makes sense. I think the ability to deploy for self defense is the biggest question people bring up, and it makes sense too. No substitute for a fixed blade. But seriously, you let people borrow your knife? Brave soul.

        • When the knife is burrowed, I generally am able to keep the person within visual range.

          All 3 knives were gifted to me. The Bear Edge NRA was given when I fully paid off my NRA Life Membership, the Friends of NRA Volunteer knife was gifted to me as a token of appreciation at the local Friends of NRA Banquet, & the Pheasants Forever one (only one marked as Made in China) was gifted to me after completing the Washington State Hunters’ Education course.

  12. Snobs. Most kids here probably don’t even own a camp king pocket knife or a BB gun.
    Put up or shut up, jerks!!


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