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Dexter Taylor is the kind of guy most of us would hang out with. Not only is he hard-working and intelligent, working as a software engineer, but he chooses challenging hobbies. A while back, he got into building gun parts in his spare time, and was even considering going into business.

“I found out that you can actually legally buy a receiver and you can machine that receiver to completion, and you buy your parts and you put them together and you’ve got a pistol or a rifle,” Taylor said in a podcast interview. “And once I saw that I was hooked. I was like, ‘This is the coolest thing ever. This is the most cool thing you could possibly do in your machine shop.'”

Recently, after enjoying his hobby with no issues for years, his sleep was interrupted by loud voices and noises. Agents of the state and federal governments had kicked in his front door in a no-knock raid. He then spent a week in jail at Rikers Island under charges for building “ghost guns.” As part of a “Bruen response” bill, New York outlawed a slew of things, while also making it difficult to impossible to get a license.

Taylor also happens to be black, and he thinks that the state’s actions against him are a serious violation of his rights. “New York State has no more right to tell me that I may not keep and bear arms than it has to tell me I have to sit in the back of the bus,” he told RedState.

Anti-gun judges tried to deny his claim, saying that he couldn’t get standing because he didn’t apply for a license, but his lawyer leveraged the low issue rates in the post-Bruen environment to show that the state’s argument was both disingenuous and unconstitutional. So, he’s got a decent shot at winning his case and staying free.

But, getting there won’t be cheap. There’s a GiveSendGo fundraiser for his legal fees, with an aim of reaching $200,000. So far, he’s only about $16,000 into it, so lots more help will be needed.

There’s a whole lot more on the line here than just the freedom of one man. The RedState story mentions a number of other people whose cases aren’t going as well. His case could be the breakthrough case that not only frees up people’s ability to home brew firearms, but literally frees others who are rotting in “hellish, deadly conditions” at Rikers Island for the great crime of possessing a gun.


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  1. Gun control is the tool of tyrants. Democrats fought a civil war to keep slavery. They fought another war, undeclared, to deny human and civil rights to poc. Remember george wallace?

    The fascist left is evil. dacian is evil. miner49er is evil. biden is evil.

    Any more questions?

  2. “Taylor also happens to be black, and he thinks that the state’s actions against him are a serious violation of his rights.”

    You lost me right there. Our Constitution covers all American citizens, regardless of melanin content. To insert rayce (sic, that one’s for you, TTAG/Wordpress moderation Nahtzees) into the conversation just because you think it might give you a politically slanted advantage…really degrades the core issue of deprivation of rights. I mean, I’m not black like Taylor, so does his logic mean I’m not privileged to argue as much as he could be, according to his presentation of this?

    If no rayce had been mixed into this, I would likely have contributed to his efforts, but now I’m on the fence.

    • I would support him extra bc here’s a legal gun whose profile at least by racists (of all political flavors) would assume he’s making guns for the hood. as someone who also fit a profile that is out of the traditional stereotypes (non white, clergy, immigrant) I love hearing about ways to support peeps who exemplify that 2A rights claim me from for all walks of life.

        • Again an example of the historical underbelly of Gun Control. Unless there is criminal misuse of the firearm, knife, brick, bat, vehicle, etc. the firearm hating democRat Party nazis and their commandants who approve orders to knock down doors should be stripped of their badges and banned from public service for life.

          All that is missing here is tying the Darkie to a tree and whipping him in front of the entire democRat Party owned and operated Plantation.

          TRUMP 2024.

    • I think he’s saying that his Second Amendment right is as much of a civil right as his Thirteenth Amendment right.

      • I think you have confused terms:

        Civil liberties concern the actual basic freedoms, these are what are referred to as ‘constitutional rights’, or in other words Civil liberties are freedoms guaranteed to you by the Constitution to protect you from tyranny (e.g. They provide protection from federal or state government action).

        Civil rights concern the treatment (under law) of a person regarding certain rights.

        Civil liberty, for example, is the First Amendment or Second Amendment rights under the Constitution. Civil rights are the legal rights detailed in federal laws and statutes that protect you from discrimination (e.g. how you are treated in relation to civil liberty).

        In this case there is no ‘Civil rights’ ‘federal laws and statutes’ that protects him from a ‘states actions’ in this case because there is no ‘counter’ in those that provides a protection specifically from them being enforced even if they are unconstitutional.

        He’s saying “he thinks that the state’s actions against him are a serious violation of his rights” or in other words a violation of his civil liberty, and using a context that its the same as a violation of his civil liberty by the ‘state’ to make him “sit in the back of the bus” because hes black by use of a law saying he has to sit in the back of the bus. He’s saying the law application and the law its self, are unconstitutional thus a violation of his ‘Civil liberty’ AKA Constitutional Rights – and he is correct in that.

        • to add:

          He refers to his case as “a civil rights issue”. But the way he presets his case is as a ‘Civil liberty’ (AKA Constitutional rights) issue and not “a civil rights issue”. Hes saying in his case the ‘state action’ is a violation of his constitutional rights AKA ‘Civil liberty’, and his own statement of “New York State has no more right to tell me that I may not keep and bear arms than it has to tell me I have to sit in the back of the bus.” also says ‘Civil liberty’ because its a violation of ‘Civil liberty’ under the constitution to force a person to ‘to sit in the back of the bus’ because they are black. So I’m not sure why its necessary to keep bringing up that hes black implying he was treated this way because he is black, his ‘Civil liberty’ was violated.

    • Tooling around in limos, gorging themselves at five (5) star restaurants, and partying with hookers in luxury hotel suites of course.

      • “partying with hookers in luxury hotel suites of course“

        Just like Donald Trump, what a coincidence!

        “Daniels was 27 when she met then-60-year-old Donald Trump at a celebrity golf tournament at Lake Tahoe in 2006. Daniels said she and Trump had a brief sexual tryst in Trump’s hotel room. She met him twice more, once in New York and again in Beverly Hills. The fling fizzled, she claims, after Trump informed her that she would not be appearing on his hit TV show “The Apprentice.”

        • Gasp! Ya mean we can simply ignore over 300 cases of human trafficking and illegal drug transport around the country Hunter Biden did using government aircraft and vehicles and tax payer dollars ’cause daddy said it was OK and ’cause Trump got laid once in a hotel? Whew! That’s a relief.

        • Odd. This is a comment about a Black man being ground down by the system you support.

          And your response is to blow smoke with another tds rant.

          And you still refuse to accept that you are the nat-zee.

        • COOL STORY, BRO!!! Now do Hunter Biden. Oh, and Senile Joe “The Big Guy”. And Andrew Cuomo, the serial molester. And Eric Swallowswell, the Fang-Banger. Why are you such a lying hypocrite, MajorLiar?? I would be fine with you pointing out the criminality of some Republican politicians, if you were at least honest, and acknowledged the equally bad, and often more common, defalcations of your Dimocrat/Leftist/fascist fellow travelers. But that would require a little honesty and self-evaluation – things that you are wholly incapable of.

          MajorLiar, thou art an @$$clown.

    • You know, I thought that he was saying that his Second Amendment right is as important as his Thirteenth Amendment right, but I’ve been told that I’m wrong on that. Isn’t it about time to post your spam?

    • I had a similar thought, that he’s equating his Second Amendment right to his Thirteenth Amendment right. On second thought, he could be referring to his civil liberty right. It seems that civil liberty rights might not be the same as civil rights. Are you ready to post your spam comment now?


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