Bullet racing (courtesy youtube.com)
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In the video below, the super slow-mo Joes race a quartet of cartridges. If you don’t know which one’s going to win, welcome to The Truth About Guns! Check out the Guns for Beginners tab above. For the rest of you, guess which one messes-up the melon the best/worst. Also, what rounds should these lab coated geeks race?

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  1. Watched that video a week ago…it contained absolutely no surprises for anybody who is even moderately familiar with the difference between rifles and pistols and knows something about the calibers involved. But, it’s also clear that this video was geared toward people who weren’t that familiar with guns…and so I say it’s a win and might get some more people interested.

    • I commented at this on the youtube video. I knew going in to this video what the results would be. Anyone with even a basic knowledge of firearms would know how this would work out. While it’s easy to do the math, it’s something completely different to see what those few milliseconds mean. I can go to the range and my senses tell me that my .45 takes longer to get to the steel than a 9mm. That my 10mm is faster than a 9mm. but the difference is an almost imperceptible difference in the time from when i hear the muzzle blast till I hear the steel report. Seeing how profound that difference is enlightening. Heck, I can see a .45 round going down range, to me it’s hauling a** but compared to a .223, or a .308, it’s loafing along. I can do the math, and determine a ratio, but the speed is so fast to begin with, that those values have no meaning. This video gives a visual representation of the difference a few milliseconds make, and to me it was fascinating and interesting.

  2. a better comparison would be 4 watermelons being shot at by two 16.5″ barreled pccs in 9mm and .45 acp and two 5″ barreled handguns in 9 mm and .45 acp using the same standard loads of 115 and 230 grain and watch the two 9 mms and the two .45 acps travel at roughly the same speed and do roughly the same damage to the watermelons

    then cut to footage of somebody asking the question “why would anybody want this bigger heavier and likely more expensive gun that does the same exact thing as the smaller lighter and less expensive gun”

    • To a watermelon…

      That said, ballistic engineers have developed very effective personal defense loads in 9mm in the last 10-15 years. Prior to that, it wasn’t always considered the most effective despite having been invented 100 plus years ago.

      Of course, the .45 ACP has a 100 plus year history/reputation as a “stopper”. As any old hot rodder will tell you, “There’s no substitute for displacement.”

    • I know it has to be either 9 or 45 cause other two wont fit in a Glock. What ever wins beyween 9 and 45 depends on which one of my Glocks I’m carrying that day. Everything better in a Glock!

  3. What about the famous .9 mm, which, exceeding the speed of light travels backward ls in time to shoot the target before you pull the trigger? It’s not the impact that kills you, it’s the surprise.

    And the modern +P loadings that go so fast they permanently warp space?

    Film that, ballistic-porn guys.

  4. I KNEW the AK would be the slowest, least destructive, safest round!
    [It’s in CA, where the WOOD STOCK tells “legislators” that its the least ferocious]

  5. If its popping melons they want, they ought to try my 28 inch barreled .22-250 with 40 grain VMAXs. They do almost 4000fps and make varmints explode into a red mist.

  6. Any need for this video? Maybe for someone who’s knowledge of weapons is absolutely nil like most of the anti gun crowd and politicians.

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