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I’m of two minds on this one. On one hand, a gun is the ultimate equalizer. A firearm gives an 89-year-old woman a fighting chance against a younger, fitter, stronger assailant. Which would be, let’s face it, any assailant. And the Second Amendment is what it is. It acknowledges all Americans’ right to bear arms, subject to state and local regulation (within limits that the Supreme Court is about to elucidate). If Kentuckian Ann Brewer can pass the test required to acquire a concealed carry permit, as reports, God bless her ballistic little heart. On the other hand, what are you, nuts?

Now I know that some of you know a 115-year-old who’s as sharp as a tack and can shoot the eyes out of a sparrow at 50 feet. But those of us who understand the meaning of the words “senior moment” are here [for now] to tell you that as you age, everything goes to shit. Motor skills, judgement, timing, eyesight, hearing—the lot. Just as there comes a time when you really should surrender the keys to your car and deal with the loss of independence, there’s also a moment when lethal force is best left to others.

Imagine Granny Brewer waking up in the middle of the night to defend herself against a burglar. Only it’s not a burglar. And it’s not night. But she shoots. Someone. And not the right someone. And that someone loses the ability to grow old gracefully. Maybe even at all. Who could’ve seen that one coming?

OK, let’s spot her reality. Would she better off wielding her pea shooter above or calling for help via Medic Alert or 911? I think the answer is pretty obvious. Again, Brewer now has the right to keep a concealed carry gun.  But she also has a responsibility to protect herself and others from a negligent discharge. Ditch the heat Granny. Let someone else take care of bidness.

Just sayin ‘. . .

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  1. I hope you rethink this post. We're all individuals, with differing levels of skill and acumen. If an 89 year old woman can pass the proficiency test, then so be it. I know 22 year old women that should never be allowed to go near a gun. How do you guard against that?

    Like driving licenses, there should be (and are) proficiency tests. I don't currently hold a concealed license, but I did once. And there was an elderly gentlemen in our group who was quietly escorted from the range after a negligent discharge. Yet I know older seniors who are more than capable. So test away, and award licenses accordingly.


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