Another One: 80 Percent Arms Leaving California, Moving to Fort Worth, Texas

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From 80 Percent Arms . . .

Since 2013, 80 Percent Arms has designed and manufactured industry-leading jigs and 80 percent lower receivers in Southern California. 80 Percent Arms has prided itself on providing individuals with the best tools to build their own firearms, legally and safely, from the comfort of their own homes.

Due to the increasingly hostile climate towards the firearms industry in California, we have decided to leave our home state for Fort Worth, Texas. Until the California legislature recognizes the harm they are doing to the individual freedoms of the average taxpayer, we don’t believe we would be serving the best interests of our customers and stakeholders by remaining in the state.


After we’ve completed the transition, our customers can expect even more exciting products from us. We are expanding our manufacturing footprint and plan to bring a slew of new offerings to the marketplace. With a new facility over three times the size of our current space, we plan to continue to grow and meet the evolving needs of our customers while maintaining our position as a premier manufacturer of 80% products.

In the meantime, new orders will be delayed as we make our transition to move but we will do our best to get your order out as soon as possible. We truly appreciate our loyal customers’ patience and continued business during these difficult times.

Although the move will delay some customers’ shipping orders, we expect to be back up and running by July 15th, 2022 and will do our best to ship what orders we can until then.

To our California customers, thank you for many years of business. Unfortunately, we have stopped the sale of our 80 percent AR lower receivers, the GST-9 MOD1, however, we can continue to sell items that are currently permissible under existing law. If you have any issues with your products, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Service team and they will take care of you accordingly.


For California Orders:

A cut off date for all CA residents’ orders starting June 15, 2022 so that we could guarantee order fulfillment before July 1 (when the states’ laws are due to change). However, in general, we will still be supporting our customers with certain replacement parts and tooling — such as jigs, drill bits or Speedmills, but not the MOD1 jig or any 80 lowers.

If you made an online order prior to June 15th, 2022 your order should have already been shipped out from our warehouse by now.


Additionally, with the passing of AB 1594 in California, Governor Newsom’s regime has unleashed the public’s ability to have free reign over filing any and as many frivolous lawsuits against manufacturers like ourselves in the gun industry. That is not something we can abide by nor is it something we’d be able to weather.


These new laws have greatly impacted and informed our strategy going forward which helped us make the decision to move to a new facility in Fort Worth, Texas where we are very excited to be relocating to this summer.

It was a difficult decision to make as many of us have deep personal ties to this state and it has been our home for many years. Nevertheless, our mission remains the same: enable as many people as we can to exercise their freedom to enjoy a privately made firearm.

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  1. It’s almost along the sickening lines of Jews fleeing nazi germany or Black Americans escaping the democRat Party Plantation.

    • It is, isn’t it? Wait until next year when all the Canadian gun owners, heavily vetted and legally licensed by the proper authorities though they may be, flood across your northern border fleeing Chinese speaking people in blue helmets n white trucks and toting rifles we are suddenly told we can’t own. Will joe n da ho welcome us in with open arms and checkbooks? I’m betting not…

  2. “…80 Percent Arms….Moving to Fort Worth, Texas”

    Fort Worth, like every major city in Texas, is is Left, or leaning Left. Ft. Worth has a city council-manager form of government. City council appoints the “manager”. The mayor is does not run the city.

    • Newsflash- Old time Californians vote like Texans do. It is the transplants and people that have immigrated from other countries that vote like that. Since many states dump their refuse on west bound buses on hwy10, hwy40, hwy80(referred to “66ing” them), they learn that free stuff equals voting “woke”. This is partially your fault for dumping your trash on Ca.

        • I beg to differ. Born in Redondo Beach, pre-WW2, I spent the first 20-odd years watching the state go to the dogs. It was one hell of a place to grow up; I got out of Dodge, followed 66 east to 40, finally reached Heaven in Tennessee. (I tried 4 years in San Antone but couldn’t hack the ice storms.). Tennessee is solid red outside the 3 or 4 biggest cities (as usual). We aim to keep it that way.

          molon labe. CRA.

      • If that were the case, Florida and Texas would have turned blue a long time ago. Right leaning folks are the ones leaving states like California and looking for relief. Leftists don’t want to live in places like Texas and Florida, so they stay. This is why these two states are growing and turning more red.

        • “Leftists don’t want to live in places like Texas and Florida, so they stay. This is why these two states are growing and turning more red.”

          I try and do my part by reinforcing the ‘Florida Man’ image.

          I believe the biggest driver in Florida turning more red is the Hispanic population beginning to see how evil they actually are.

          Please, please, *please*, Leftist Scum ™ keep right on openly mocking organized religion, especially Catholicism. The ones pouring across the border take their Catholic faith seriously.

          “Never interrupt your enemy making a mistake”… 🙂

      • I thought everyone was dumping their trash in Florida. Have been for decades. If everyone except the natives would go home we could go back to growing oranges and building the odd RMK.

        • “If everyone except the natives would go home…”

          That is what Osceola wanted as well, but illegal immigrants put a violent and bloody end to the natives’ hopes of self governance.

          As often happened, the native peoples of Florida thought they had a deal with white Europeans but the United States reneged on the Treaty of Moultrie Creek and demanded that all Seminoles relocate to Indian Territory in present-day Oklahoma pursuant to the Indian Removal Act.
          General Jesup changed tactics and engaged in finding, capturing or destroying Seminole homes, livestock, farms, and related supplies, thus starving them out. He also engaged in treachery by luring Seminole leaders under a false flag of truce., before imprisoning them.

          Just another sordid tale of American exceptionalism…

        • And the Clovis people thought the same thing, before the ancestors of the Osceola came in from Beringia and did for them what later peoples would do for the Osceola.

          Humans have been wandering around this planet for a long time. Some other group has been everywhere before. Natives are just anyone born there, and non natives are just anyone who moved there.

          At least the Americans did not ask the Osceola to support them with a generous welfare state

        • “At least the Americans did not ask the Osceola to support them with a generous welfare state“

          Even worse, the United States stole their land and natural resources at gunpoint, and killed those natives who objected to their greedy treachery.

          What makes it relevant today is the fact that the Clovis people were not operating under our United States Constitution as the American army was when they slaughtered thousands of Seminole men, women and children to steal their property.

        • You got 200 acres of WV land that used to belong to native peoples, miner.

          You going to make amends and give it back? Or are you just another windy hypocrite?

        • Oh, so the “Bering Land Bridge” Mongol immigrants to America were “natives” eh??

          The only freakin’ “natives” are Lucy’s offspring in Olduvai Gorge, MajorStupidity. Samule Langhorne Clemens had it right (but Leftists are too stupid to understand): “There is not an acre of ground on the globe that is in possession of its rightful owner, or that has not been taken away from owner after owner, cycle afer cycle, by force and bloodshed.”

          F*** off, you historically-ignorant Leftist/fascist tw*t.

    • Amen my friend, please don’t allow the left sided politicians change the free and beautiful state of TEXAS

    • I got my lowers from them a few years ago, before certain cutoff deadlines now entrenched in our CA law.

      I suppose they’ll have to change their company tagline they’ve had printed on every boxed lower they’ve shipped> “…From Behind Enemy Lines”

      Mrs. Haz and I just had another talk about our own future here. Both born and bred Californians, and both disgusted with our Leftist overlords led by Governor Hair Gel. The midterms in November will be a bellweather for many, and the 2024 Election will potentially be the final flag showing California’s fate. Do we continue the good fight for future generations of good Californians, or have the scales tipped too far off balance to be recovered?

      With no real prospective candidates in the DNC for Prez, it’s looking more and more likely that Newsom Hair Gel will become the Democrat runner for the White House in 2024. The Left will rally behind him like orcs behind Sauromon. We’ll need Trump or DeSantis leading our side’s charge. I can imagine Kristi Noem or even Kari Lake being a potential candidate for a strong VP one day soon. Maybe even an acceptable President. Maybe.

      • Newsom will never be President. I will quit my job and fight full time to make sure this evil prick never resides in the White House. Pelosi and her evil fucking family have done enough damage to our country.

        • Pretty much exactly how millions of us feel up here in the colonies with the idiot manchild at the helm. If there even is a helm anymore.

        • Here in the U.S., a news anchor seeing the manipulation of facts by TPTB is not a reality TV star. Not so sure how they do things in your home country, Russkie.

        • MajorStupidity,

          As against the Senile Mafia (the entirety of the DNC leadership)??? A reality star would be an improvement.

          Or, perhaps, a brain-dead “bartender” is better than a “reality TV star”???? Please, MajorStupidity, your snark-fu is weak and pathetic. Just retire to your onanistic afternoon “pleasure” gatherings with dacian the stupid, our nameless, brainless, d***less troll, and jsled – no more productive, but at least you’re not annoying the adults.

  3. As of July 1, 2022, it is illegal to sell 80% receivers in the State of California, part of the State’s attempt to ban all “ghost guns.” If the Government (Governor and Legislature) had its way, this would be a gun-free or nearly gun free state (at least with respect to lawfully owned firearms), or at least limited to revolvers and bolt action rifles. (Maybe this is where M. Moore get his ideas.)

    • I really feel for you guys out there.

      I don’t think it’s fully sunk in yet what the full implications of the ‘Bruin’ ruling will mean to their control-freak legislative mentality.

      It sucks for you guys (and ladies), but it sure will be entertaining as hell to watch… 🙂

    • @Mark,

      I believe 80% receivers are still legal to buy/sell; they must now be serialized, registered, transfered via an FFL, and otherwise treated fully like a complete gunn.

      Not long ago, when Los Angeles was still a sea of masked faces and bleating sheeple boasting about their vaxx status, a man confidently walked by me in the store wearing a shirt bearing the words, “Free Men Don’t Beg Permission”.

      • Haz,

        And a few 80% providers are offering “California-compliant” 80% receivers, for those poor unfortunates still within the People’s Democratic Socialist Republic of KKKalifornia. What’s the freakin’ point???? If you have to register the damn thing anyway, just buy a 100% (or a full firearm). OTOH, since anyone with average skills with machine tools can mill a receiver from bar stock . . . ah, but Leftist/fascists are inept/incompetent/stupid, and unable to deal with this “technology” thing from . . . the 1700s. They can navigate the intricacies of MyFaceSploogePage, but they can’t understand the basics of a mechanical device that worked perfectly in 1776.

        Did I mention that Leftist/fascists are ignorant, ahistorical, uneducated, and stupid??? Oh, and technologically and scientifically incompetent, as well.

    • “Gun bereft” might be a better choice of words. Canada here, feeling exactly that pain. And it ain’t gonna end well. At least certainly not on my few acres.

        • Beautiful British Columbia. Because God rides a Harley and this is where he does it. And the Sierra Nevada, unfortunately…

        • Haz rides a Softtail Standard. 🙂

          As coincidence has it, I’m truly going to the Sierra Nevada this week.

        • Rider,

          I will say, when I was still a hostage of KKKalifornia, BC was one of my favorite getaways. GORGEOUS country, and back then, the people were pretty cool, too.

          My dad had a layover in BC on his way to a job, and was passing the time in a local bar. He asked the bartender for a “local brew” that was good. The bartender smiled and said, “Oh, what you want is some ‘Gentle Ben’!” My dad finished his pint, decided to have another, and the bartender gently pointed out to him the label, that listed the ABV as . . . 11%. He declined a refill – but told me it was one of the best damn beers he’d ever had.

        • Haz, mines a black n chrome 103 Deuce with apes n ten inch over forks from Frank’s. High lift cam, bathtub chambered hi torque heads, SnS Super E, three phase ignition (highly recommended) and stator, fat drag pipes and not a stitch of tread left on the rear skin from 3 o’clock to 9 o’clock. Handles like it’s on rails. Been through the Nevada’s on it a half doz times. Have a good ride.

        • Lamp, the people haven’t changed, just gotta stay outta the Woolworths. I’ll hafta see if Gentle Ben’s is still a thing. A ton of excellent microbrews up this way. Cheers.

  4. So how many more months before Cali has no businesses or workers!? Gonna be hard to run a state when your only products are illegals and gang bangers!

  5. I feel like they probably weren’t voting unlike native Texans while in California, except perhaps in not voting with their feet earlier than this. Have you ordered their stuff? Their boxes have (soon to be “had” i guess) a Soviet-style graphic titled “manufactured behind enemy lines in California”

    • I still have one of those boxes in the safe. It may soon be updated to say, “Born from the fires of Tyranny; Always fighting for liberty.”.

  6. Can’t say as I blame them. No business that can move is staying in CA. Lord knows if my business was ‘portable’ id be gone too.

  7. Fort Worth is my adopted hometown. I love it there. They will be welcomed with open arms. Happy to see this.

    • “This is how Texas gets overrun by former citizens of leftist states.”

      Why do these blue noses remind me so much of locusts? Maybe all the Californicators will decide that they cannot morally tolerate making and spending money in deplorable states like Texas.

      • Because Sam, they are locusts. They have no interest in a symbiotic relationship they will happily and ignorantly destroy the landscape and move on to the next victim. As far as the Californicator’s, they have no morals or ethics. They will happily move to cities like Austin and Houston and work their way out from there. As an aside, I have the 80 percent jig and a few lowers. This is an excellent product for personal builds.

      • Because the bulk of California’s population IS a plague. They flee what they created and then they immediately start creating it all over again.

        Now if you are from a ranch 16 miles outside of Podunk City, CA, and you wear spurs to town, what I said does not apply to you.

        If on the other hand you own a 3 acre “avocado ranch” just outside of San Francisco, you are probably part of the pestilence.

  8. Pretty soon there will be more firearm related manufacturers in Texas than the rest of the country combined.

  9. Once again, a massive failure of Governor Ducey. There is no reason that TX should be seen as a better regulatory and tax environment than Arizona.

  10. Don’t worry. You will always have the marijuana cultivation businesses. The State’s population can all become farmworkers. They will always have employment. California lawmakers will make sure of that.

    Or they can work in the chemical industry. Where crystal meth is produced.

        • Pelousy and Frankenfienstien have decimated the farmers and ranchers for decades in the central valley. Not to mention the right of way bs for the failed bullshit train.

    • No, Chris T, KKKalifornia has perhaps the least “farm friendly” environmental/labor/regulatory/energy policies in the country (I would have said “in the world”, but Sri Lanka seems to have the gold medal on that one cinched). Ask ANY California farmer (if you can find one) about the state’s water policy. Or regulations applied to farms. Or energy availability/costs. Or AB5 labor regulations. Or about a million other regulatory requirements.

      No, California USED TO BE one of the largest agricultural producers in the country. Everything from row crops to citrus fruit to avocados to fruit. Drive I-5 through the San Joaquin Valley, and look at all the abandoned/fallow farms. Leftist/fascism is a mental disease – extreme environmentalist Leftist/fascism is a particularly deadly and virulent strain.

  11. With the steady numbers of tax-paying companies relocating from California due to their oppressive tax structure I fully expect Newsom and Co. to woo CCP owned companies to open production lines in vacant California facilities. I anticipate that they will import all their management and labor under bogus immigration classifications and “quotas” and – voila – a standing army quartered in mainland USA. The American Communist Party (aka. Democrats) will wet-dream themselves in elation having their ideological Masters so close.

    This theory derives credence from the amount of housing the CCP / moguls have been purchasing all along the Western seaboard of the US.*

    Wild speculation? Paranoia? …or a feasible plan of action? You have to admit that it is a logical next step in China’s plan to occupy the United States.

    *the housing data can be verified by searches so simple that even Minor Miner associated idiots can follow the trail.

    • Montana, similar situation up here, even including military training on Vancouver Island, apparently. The idiot manchild has this same dream you mentioned as he admires the ccp so. His own words…

    • Many years ago that is how they suckered Japanese mfg in to coming to Ca. Kommiefornina looked inexpensive compared to Tokyo. They wised up eventually.

    • Wild speculation paranoia? No sir. If our politicians on both sides of the aisle could pull their heads out long enough they would legislate laws that prohibited the sale of United States property to foriegn entities PERIOD.

  12. I would presume that like other States the government of GALIFORNIA is elected DEMOCRATICALLY? Therefore the government and Govenor of California and his government have MANDATE from the majority to make any descisions within the Laws and Constitution of the USA.
    In that case it’s got absolutely NOTHING to do with anybody but the Californiann Electorate and I doubt that they give a Cat’s Cojones whether this compoany moves to Fort Worth or anywhere else for that matter Seeing that California taken as an ECONOMIC ENTITY in it’s own right is the FIFTH LARGEST ECONOMY in nthe World and represents around 1/7th of the entire economy of the USA.
    If history tell’s us anything it’s this-whether you like it or not – Where California leads other States follow sooner or later. It was California that led to the clean-upop of the S Automobile Industry. It was California that led, and still leads, the various American ENVIRONMENTAL Campaigns.
    There is a Wind of Change blowingtb through the American attitude to gun control -suck it uo and get used to it! JOIN THE CIVILISED WORLD.

    A man is only a MAN when he puts aside Childish Things and learns to distinguish between waht is Right and Good for Society and what is not. What is a NEED and what is merely a WANT.
    Nobody ‘need’s’ anything more than a single decent 9mm r .38 Calbre for any conception of suppose ‘Self Defence’ in fact in their entire life probably only a tiny percent of all those that own handguns for supposed self-defence will actually use them for that purpose .
    Nobody ‘need’s’ anything other than a five shot boltaction Rifle for any legitimate purpose and they most certainly DO NOT need anything even remotely resembling ressembling a SEMI-AUTOMATIC RIFLE which has the single purpose of KILLING ONES FELLOW MAN AND nobody actually ‘need’s’ more the 25 round of ammunition for any immediate purpose

    • Many thanks, Lord Haw-Haw, for sharing the wisdom you developed over many minutes of navel contemplation. Your with and wisdom could fit comfortably into a thimble with room left over for your coglioni. You inspire all of us to do better because, after all, we couldn’t do worse.

      • OMG!!! Ralph!
        “Many thanks, Lord Haw-Haw, for sharing the wisdom you developed over many minutes of navel contemplation.”

        Ah ha ha ha ha!!!!!! 😂🤣😂🤣

      • Rock,

        They called, asked “Have you got our idiot?”, and when the answer was “Yeah, he’s here.”, the response was, “GOOD!!! Keep him!! We’re moving the whole damn village so he can’t come home!”

        Similar to some other village that spawned dacian the stupid.

    • @Albert

      “Therefore the government and Govenor of California and his government have MANDATE from the majority to make any descisions within the Laws and Constitution of the USA.”

      Albert. I once thought that you had a glimmer of intelligence that was misguided. Over time I’ve come to realize I was wrong. With your recent posts and now this one, I now realize what I once thought was a glimmer was simply the very last ember of your intelligence burning out.

    • No body needs…..Again with the childish argument?

      For all the talk about Alabama and Arkansas, I think Ohio, Great Britain is were the true inbred population exists. How else can we explain you?

    • Well there’s for sure a mighty wind blowing around these here parts as well. And Albert the Hand Licker Hall; the grizzly bear in my shop laughs at yer few rounds of eurocop ammo from over a hundred years ago. As do all the black bear and moosess in my backyard, and likely all the over 6′ tall violent offenders with hundreds of hours of watching mma while stoned out of their tree laugh at it too, at least until they’ve already done some damage. So do the methheads. And so does anyone who owns a .45 (had to get that in there).

    • Albert, what’s your big concern with what goes on over here in the U.S.A.?
      I’m not up in your koolaid and I doubt anybody else over here is either

    • “There is a Wind of Change blowingtb through the American attitude to gun control -suck it uo and get used to it! JOIN THE CIVILISED WORLD. ”

      Yes there is, its called pro-gun and the SCOTUS.

      You haven’t noticed, but while you have been getting so emotionally invested in being fed a steady diet of anti-gun kool aid … gun ownership, gun possession, and gun use has increased and is increasing daily.

      Collectively, overall, about ~60% of law abiding Amercian’s now personally legally either own guns or posses guns or use guns. Its not necessary to legally own to legally posses or legally use a gun. There is a whole sub set of pro-gun gun people out there that borrow guns or use guns intermittently by some method of possession (rent, test, borrow, go with others and use their guns, etc…), these are not normally counted in gun owner numbers but the information is available. Another about 20%’ish of Americans plan to buy a gun.

      Yep, there is a wind of change blowing through America on gun-control, its called pro-gun and the SCOTUS. This is not about the second amendment and some guns only, its also about the 1st, 4th, 5th, and 14th and that affects all Americans. Your side is loosing Albert, suck it up and get used to it.

    • @Albert

      “Nobody ‘need’s’ anything more than a single decent 9mm r .38 Calbre for any conception of suppose ‘Self Defence’ in fact in their entire life probably only a tiny percent of all those that own handguns for supposed self-defence will actually use them for that purpose .
      Nobody ‘need’s’ anything other than a five shot boltaction Rifle for any legitimate purpose …”

      Even you confuse yourself.

      First its “”Nobody ‘need’s’ anything more than a single decent 9mm r .38 Calbre for any conception of suppose ‘Self Defence’”

      then it changes to “Nobody ‘need’s’ anything other than a five shot boltaction Rifle for any legitimate purpose”

      self-defense is a legitimate purpose you idiot, so we can have “9mm r .38 Calbre” or “a five shot boltaction Rifle” for self defense. Do you have any idea of what a gun is? And just what is ‘Calbre’, some kind of cheese?

      its self defense you idiot, not “‘Self Defence’ – you can’t even spell it properly and you expect to be taken seriously? Not that we take you seriously, but if you are going to keep telling us about all you do not know the least you can do is actually learn how to use the English language and not be drunk when you do it.

      “…and they most certainly DO NOT need anything even remotely resembling ressembling a SEMI-AUTOMATIC RIFLE which has the single purpose of KILLING ONES FELLOW MAN …”

      Once again, 100% false. Aside from the fact that there has never been a “SEMI-AUTOMATIC RIFLE which has the single purpose of KILLING ONES FELLOW MAN”, nor is there even one in existence today …. you are again displaying your lack of knowledge on the subject. Yeah, I know this confuses you and you will balk at it, but seriously look at what you wrote and go beyond your obvious confirmation bias and obvious reading difficulties when you are sober again.

        • “is “Defence” that fence around the mental health facility you are in?“

          Now come on 40oz, the fact is ‘All Hail’ is indeed using proper English spelling, as is correct for those in the UK.

          There’s plenty in his posts to gig him on, but in this case he’s using the proper Queens English as opposed to colonial American.

          His spelling is actually a sign of validity regarding his true persona, not an opportunity to use someone’s mental health as an insult as you suggest.

          “Defence and defense are different spellings of the same word. Defense is preferred in American English, and defence is preferred in all other main varieties of English, including Australian, British, and Canadian English“

        • “..not an opportunity to use someone’s mental health as an insult..”

          Because that’s the last thing I want.

          Like my Saturday night Marxists “meetings” I would be WIDE open on that one.

        • to Booger Brain

          Nit picking over grammar while ignoring the content posted is childish. A 5th grader could have made a more mature reply to Albert.

          I might also add that the english spoken in the U.S. of Hey is a crude corruption of the original english spoken in Britain.

    • @Albert

      “Nobody ‘need’s’ ….. and they most certainly DO NOT need anything even remotely resembling ressembling a SEMI-AUTOMATIC RIFLE”

      Oh really…

      She kinda needed it.

      I post this link because the story also shows something that happens in home invasions more and more today – violence is used against all the occupants, children and adult alike, even if they comply or have nothing of value the intruders want. Albert would have preferred this woman and her children die rather than use a semi-auto rifle for defense.

      • quote———She kinda needed it.———quote

        Well Booger brain as usual you made a complete fool of yourself. Anyone who knows anything about “real firearms” and is not like you, constantly sperading you rectum gas around would know that the AR15 in most cases “should not” be used in a home defense situation. The AR is a high velocity firearm and as such easily penetrates walls and often can and does kill innocent people in other rooms or in some cases goes sailing down through the neighborhood killing innocent people. A shotgun would have been a far better tool for the job and if you have ever seen someone hit at close range even by birdshot they drop like lightening hit them. I know I have seen what it does to people but it does not blast through most walls and travel a mile or two down the road either like a high velocity rigle bullet does.

        Even pistol rounds have to be chosen carefully. In Cleveland Ohio a number of years ago a thug Cop and a rookie clop were chasing an unarmed man down through a neighborhood in Cleveland. The thug Cop screamed at the Rookie to “cut him down” meaning the unarmed man. The Rookied Cop did as he was told and missed and the bullet penetrated the wall of a house and killed a baby in the fathers arms that was laying on the couch watching TV.

        Rectum gas talk is cheap on the internet, the real world is very different. Booger Brain lives in his own “Walter Mitty” reincarnated fantasy world.

    • Hey, Albert the (Idiot) Subject,

      I realize that they don’t teach such subtleties in the schools in your benighted island of misfit toys, but. . . America is not, AND NEVER HAS BEEN, a “democracy”. Nor is your pathetic excuse for a country, for whatever that is worth.

      We are a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, you daft Limey arse. “Democracy”, translated into English, is “tyranny of the majority”. Our Founders were smarter than that . . . but, then, they were also smart enough to kick you effete, statist Euroweenies to the curb. Unfortunately, they were also stupid enough to go back across the Pond and bail your sorry, inept @$$es out of failure in TWO world wars. Hope we’re smart enough never to do that again. I would caution you to “learn German”, but in your pathetic case, learning Arabic is probably more apropos.

      • As usual the Lamp that went out in his head knows about as much about the history of the U.S. as he does about rocket science which is of course zero. Below is a lengthy discussions that “refutes” and proves that the idea that the U.S. is a Republic is historically wrong.

        I might add the Far Right have always wanted a dictatorship and that is why they love to call the U.S. a Republic.

        ‘America Is a Republic, Not a Democracy’ Is a Dangerous—And Wrong—Argument

  13. @Rider/Shooter

    Jennifer – Lonnie Anderson

    Somehow did not notice a second female was in the cast.

      • “Bailey was the hot one that you would take home to meet mom.”

        Jennifer was the one I would take home to Mom and say, “As an actress, Lonnie makes so much money I will never have to work again; and I get to look at her without seeming weird.”

    • Oh yeah, forgot about ms anderson. It’s been many moons indeed since I even glanced at a Tell-A-Vision. Well over 20yrs.

  14. The long arm of the ATF will eventually stop 80% arms in Texas as well. They are wasting their time moving to Texas. The American people are not going to put up any longer with gangsters and psychopaths making their own weapons without serial numbers. Its pure insanity and the American people damn well know it.

    • Pretty much. Utopia is nigh. Soon to be basking in the Land of Skittles Trees and Rainbow Farting Unicorns.

  15. “Due to the increasingly hostile climate towards the firearms industry in California…”

    Have they been asleep since the 1967 Mulford Act?

  16. The sexually liberated and the drug legalization crowd who control California, have always wanted to be in your bedroom, and every other room in your home. That is why they prosecute single mothers on welfare, who have a man in their life. It is why they don’t want you building anything in your home, including guns without their permission.

    The sexually liberated and the drug legalization crowd have never believed in Liberty. They don’t believe in private property rights. Because they support stealing, except for from rich people.
    They are s0ci@l!sts Pr0gressive in their p0litic@l 0rientati0n.

    • “have always wanted to be in your bedroom“

      Given the Republicans on the Supreme Court’s dim view of Griswold v. Connecticut, not to mention Obergefell, it won’t be the liberals in your bedroom.

      “they prosecute single mothers on welfare, who have a man in their life“

      Incorrect, but they do prosecute welfare recipients who attempt fraud by lying about the number of people in the household and their income when applying for benefits.

      Your euphemism “man in their life” is a transparent attempt to hide the facts of the matter, making you complicit in their welfare fraud.

      Yes, I remember the good ol’ days when the conservatives were all about law and order, but not anymore…

      • ….Besides isn’t it enough Democrats stole your bodily autonomy when we forced an experimental ‘clot-shot’ on the population?

        You know the one we call a ‘vaccine’ but needed to change the definition of the word because it ‘technically’ did not meet the real original meaning. Actually it wasn’t even close, but whatever…

        Democrats we love our hypocrisy!

        My Body My Choice… Sarc!

  17. OK JOBS



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