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As far as TTAG’s concerned, the more gun-related conversation and presence on these here internets, the better. Everyone’s welcome, the water’s fine so hop on in. As such, we certainly welcome Charlie Pratt’s new firearms-related “social networking” site, The goal, as reports: “to connect and grow the firearm community in a way that Facebook and Twitter can’t, says Pratt. ‘There were people who wanted to connect and there was no way to do it…'”

No way to do it? Really? Maybe Pratt and his partners aren’t aware of sights like, and plenty more like ’em. Perhaps they haven’t developed the mad Google-fu skillz to unearth the more focused, special interest communities out there like,,,,, and too many more to even scratch the surface here.

It’s great that Gunway’s made its electronic debut and all. But from a quick perusal, it’s hard to see what unmet need it meets or unfilled niche it fills. Then again, it’s new. There could be all kinds of mahvelous innovations in the works. Maybe Pratt’s middle name is really Zuckerberg and Gunway will be the next big gun thingy. Whatever. More gun talk and info is always a good thing, so welcome to the conversation.

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  1. I like this article.

    You’re absolutely right. There are some GREAT places out there on the web to enjoy discussion with other people. My on-air comment came off short-sighted, I’ll own up to that.

    Gunway is focusing its core on identity, and how that changes and brings value to interactions between people. We also want to create a beautiful place for all those websites you mentioned to expand their audience and grow their brands.

    Our success won’t come from poaching users from other successful sites. That would be a disastrous effect, and I don’t think we’re in danger of doing that. We simply wanted to create world-class platform and tools to connect, share, and expand the firearms & outdoor community.

    And my middle name: Robert.

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