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You wouldn’t think it would be necessary to point out to a sentient adult that “simply having access to a firearm does not cause murderous intent or criminal nature.” Or to remind the President that the legislative branch is co-equal to the Executive Branch. But seventy-seven House members evidently felt strongly enough that President Obama is hell-bent on running roughshod over the legislative process to enact as many civilian disarmament measures as possible that they drafted a letter to him to let their feelings (and convictions) be known. One of their observations: “Significantly absent from your proposals were the voices of the many Americans who protect themselves and their families, who prevent crime.” Well duh. That would contradict the narrative, wouldn’t it? Click here to read the letter and see if your representative put his or her John Hancock underneath.

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  1. I’m a little pissed Kevin Cramer isn’t on there. He was at our Friends of NRA banquet a few weeks ago & talked a good 2A game…Hmmm

  2. Wow, just wow. I think my blood pressure lowered a little.

    Not only does Tennessee have 3 signatures but my district is representing! Thank you congresswoman Blackburn!

  3. This will make good laugh-worthy toilet paper for the big O. After all, what use does a self-fancied king have for the opinions of those who would limit his power? Why should he fear those who are unwilling to limit his power anyway?

    What happens to a child whose parents, upon witnessing him disobeying the rules, does nothing more than say “Stop or I’ll tell you to stop again”?

  4. The letter is available after hitting the hyperlink. This is good stuff, folks. It is apparent that an “honest” and “common sense” approach to gun violence has not yet been undertaken, and this letter serves as a reminder of that fact.

  5. Well written expression of “common sense” governance. With a 100% chance of being ignored by our imperial president.

    • I’m with ya there Michael. I watch my fair share of the news including the oppositions network, and this seems like something I would have heard about elsewhere before today. After all this letter is dated 1/23. That’s nearly a week ago.

      This letter is both inspiring and at the same time scares me right down to my socks. Kinda like a prologue to a Declaration of Independence from the Executive Branch.

      Maybe I’m just reading too much into it.


  6. It’s a good feeling to look at the bottom of this letter and go “Hey, I called that guy!” A good feeling indeed.

  7. So yeah… why is my rep the only one in CA to sign that? Also, keep note that three of the sheriffs in that district also signed the petition to not uphold a federal ban…

  8. Steve Womack signed, representing northwest Arkansas. I wrote to him a week or so ago, just in case, but I didn’t have any doubt which side he’d come down on. Mark Pryor needs more work.

    On a broader matter, I generally find Bill Maher to be an obnoxious twit, but he made a good point recently. A lot of Americans from both major parties have tolerated all manner of infringements on many of their rights for too long. I’d like to see the same movement against illegal acts on the part of the Federal government across the board.

  9. New Hampshire had better get on board. Jean shaheen’s response to my email was garbage. What happened to live free or die.

  10. Only three out of FOURTEEN Georgia Congressmen/women signed this…I’m appaled! The odd thing is…two republicans, one DEMOCRAT! And TWO out of the THREE here are somewhat liberal leaning…


  11. My representative did not sign and I just sent another email, kind of funny urban reps from MI signed but not my rural rep, wonder if he thinks 2A is all about hunting???

  12. Remember the same outrage when Ronald Reagan signed the AWB? Remember the gun community begging for impeachment when Reagan signed the Brady Bill?

    Of course you don’t. Because it didn’t happen.

    • Because we didn’t have teh internetz. I know I was enraged when Bonzo signed away my rights to continue to buy new auto-guns.

      But back then, by the time it hit Congressional Record and WSJ, it was too late.

  13. It’s official, Steve King is the only rep from Iowa that’s wants my vote. Hes the only one that signed this and the only Iowa rep who has replied about gun rights and it was very pro gun.

    All other Iowa Representatives:
    You are officially put on NOTICE ….

  14. Randy Hultgren (IL-14). That’s MY guy. I’m sorry that he’s the only representative from Illinois to feel so strongly about the administration’s actions as to put his name to paper in opposition of the proposals and the administration’s handling of the tragedy; but there it is. Proof that all the residents of Illinois aren’t in agreement with the admininstration’s disarmament plans.


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