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Patterson, New Jersey Mayor Andre Sayegh would like you to know that this kind of thing will not be tolerated in his town.

From the AP:

A street shooting in a northern New Jersey city left four men dead and three others wounded, authorities said Wednesday.

The gunfire in Paterson, about 15 miles northwest of New York City, erupted shortly after 11 p.m. Tuesday. Four victims found at the scene were taken to a hospital, where they all died a short time later, authorities said.

The Passaic County prosecutor’s office identified the victims as Al Malik Williams, 37; Otis Smith, 37; Unique Jones, 22, and 25-year-old Nygier Barrett. All were Paterson residents.

Three other victims went to the hospital on their own a short time later seeking treatment, according to multiple reports. A 24-year-old man was treated and released, and a 20-year-old man and 19-year-old man remained hospitalized in stable condition Wednesday, the prosecutor’s office said.

“I want to be clear that we will have zero tolerance for violence in our city,” Mayor Andre Sayegh said in an email Wednesday. “Both prevention of loss of life and public safety are paramount to my agenda and I will personally engage in the process to curb these types of heinous incidents, which steal our young residents and instill fear in the community at large. This must end today.”

It wasn’t clear how many shooters may have been involved, authorities said. Witnesses said the gunfire came from a vehicle that sped away from the scene.

A motive for the shooting was under investigation.

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    • No need for photos.
      What amazes me is the unusually good marksmanship displayed by the unidentified disgruntled Amish joggers who managed to escape.

  1. Does anyone understand or know what “personally engage in the process” actually means, or how it will stop gang violence?

    • If it’s anything less than dressing up in a bat costume and keeping a can of shark repellant on his belt, then it’s all just empty words.

    • So help me if I see a picture of that idiot in superman underwear wearing his mother’s table cloth as a Cape I’m gonna vomit….. then sue for cruel and unusual punishment

    • It means the perps will plea bargain to a probational offense and not spend any time in prison and be immediately back out on the street.

  2. “I want to be clear that we will have zero tolerance for violence in our city,” Mayor Andre Sayegh said in an email Wednesday.

    Gun control is clearly working in New Jersey. Especially after Phil Murphy signed all those new laws into effect. In fact, didn’t Murphy promise those new laws were going to prevent this sort of mayhem?

    • When someone says, “I want to be perfectly clear….” you know some bullshit’s a-coming.

      • I think the unwritten word is perfectly clear, in that “zero tolerance for violence in our city…” means exactly zero tolerance outside of the governing’s sanctioned violence visited upon the people. That part, is a-ok.

        Totalitarian much?

        *starts digging around for the tar & feathers*

  3. But the police are the problem.
    Screw them.
    Let the animals kill each other.

    BLM isn’t about lives.

  4. Can this be fake news? It is not even Saturday night, yet.

    Oh, well. The law of the jungle can be effective at times.

  5. Maybe he needs to call in Tony Soprano and Paulie Walnuts to straight the area out…

  6. Years ago I worked with a man, who said give the gangs all the guns & bullets, so they could kill each other & so they could solve everyone problem. Wonder what he would say now.

    • He forgot training them so they could hit what they aimed at so they wouldn’t spray and pray.

      • “He forgot training them so they could hit what they aimed at so they wouldn’t spray and pray.”

        What, precisely, is wrong with “spray and pray”?

        Avid gun owners often denigrate “spray and pray” as indicating lack of shooter discipline/training/competence. But that comes from a specific mindset, common to one “culture”. Looking at “spray and pray” as a tactic, it makes perfect sense: intimidation and terror.

        What makes a more vivid, lasting impression among the target population? Precision shooting to avoid collateral damage during a gang-related squabble? Or the callous disregard for bystanders, along with the “message” that no one is safe, and entire families, groups, neighborhood are in danger of one or the other gang’s wrath at any given moment?

        If creating the most mayhem and damage is the goal, “spray and pray” is effective in many ways.

  7. “I want to be clear that we will have zero tolerance for violence in our city,”
    Well, from ongoing news reports I’d have to conclude that we’ve quite a disagreement on the meaning of the word “zero”.

    • “He keeps using that word. I do not think it means what he thinks it means.”

    • At least he didn’t blame it on the guns like most mayors, or maybe they left that part off?

  8. Otis? Unique? Nygier? Sooooo…Amish mafia?!? I assume da mayor wants no help from our esteemed Commander In Chief😏

  9. “Personally engaged?”

    What does that mean, exactly?

    Is this young dandy of a mayor out there, pressing the flesh and burning shoe leather looking for the perps? I don’t think so. I seriously doubt this twerp is doing anything other than giving press interviews and trying to sound tough.

    This is another case, much like that of Seattle, where we have a leftist mayor who ran their mouth off about BLM to get back at Trump, and now they’re reaping the inevitable rewards of running their mouth in a way that invites criminals to take these mayors at their word.

  10. No problem, if the left keep shooting themselves maybe what you think is a problem will work itself out!!!

    Now if only there was a way to stop the dead from voting democ=rat!

    • If you want to stop the dead from voting, remove their mail boxes. If they can’t get mail, they can’t vote.

  11. Think of it as evolution in action. They are culling the gene pool and purging the voter registration rolls of vermin. When are these gang bangers going to start gunning down the Lilly White Yuppy morons who vote for the politicians that pander to Black Lives Matter? That would be the epitome of evolution in action.

  12. The problem is all of the Lilly White maternity ward doctors and nurses who amuse themselves by encouraging single, Black mothers to give their babies these ludicrous names. The kids grow up to be ashamed and angry.

    • I wish people would STOP discouraging.

      It sure makes going through the pile of resumes a lot faster.

    • Are you suggesting that these black mothers are dumber than the lilly white hospital staff and can’t decide their babies names for themselves, or that they can’t even read? Yet their vote counts just as much as everyone else’s.

  13. He’s going to personally engage?

    So, Mayor One Actual is on station and awaiting target assignment or… something here?

  14. “Patterson, New Jersey Mayor Andre Sayegh would like you to know that this kind of thing will not be tolerated in his town.”

    So, he’s going to be out there, knocking on doors, assuring his constituents, AND serving warrants…what a guy, what a guy…

    • they’re usually pretty minimal when there’s no one to charge.
      if someone was defending themselves, max charges.

  15. That whole area of nj is one giant shithole slum,ghetto. Went there to much in the 90s ,work related, always carried figured that 6 vs 12 thing. Lots of Cubans, Puerto Ricans blacks and white trash. Your not even allowed to pump your own gas there. Probably a good thing really.

  16. When I think of Paterson NJ, I think of “Hurricane” Rubin Carter and his conviction of a triple murder in 1966. Bob Dylan sings the song.

  17. I thought only the mafia was allowed to whack New Jersey residents but those names aren’t Italian.

  18. “This must end today.” Immediately made me think “…or what?”.

    Reminds me of Obama’s infamous Line-in-the-Sand empty threat / gesture.

    Patterson must be quite the place to visit…US Marshall’s capped one of NY’s most wanted early Wed in Patterson.

    Obviously hizzonor has not screwed over the honest, working folks in Patterson enough…more vacuous platitudes and draconian measures to follow.

    Between the gangs cleaning up their rivals and the Feds hauling out the trash…what does the Mayor have to kvetch about?

  19. Time to pop some more popcorn for Act II. The Left is beginning to eat itself alive and I’m enjoying the show. Between killing each other, fighting over cancelling “Cancel Culture” and support for the most Racist organization since the high days of late democrat statesmen and Grand Wizard of the KKK: Robert Byrd. It’s becoming quite a #Shit Show. The Bolsheviks are in fear of the Proletariat. As it has become their “Frankenstein Monster” and they know if their Revolution is allowed to continue. It will consume them as well. So sit back and enjoy the show. The best is yet to come.

  20. Funny thing about Paterson, a few weeks ago a city councilman and an councilman-elect along with two others were arrested and charged with voter fraud for mail in ballots. The city has been riding waves of corruption and gang violence for decades. Some years it goes down, some years like this one it goes up. Sad too because it’s got a lot of great history to it.

  21. More a standard way of doing gang business than a crime with actual victims Doing something about gang activity would be most productive.

  22. “Witnesses said the gunfire came from a vehicle that sped away from the scene.” – Clearly need stricter vehicle control laws.

  23. Mayor hollers bad words at the perpetrators from their bunker and defunds police at same time!

  24. Well darn. The mayor could have saved many lives by publicly stating that he had zero tolerance for violence BEFORE this and other shootings. Why didn’t he think of that?

    Anyway, this sounds like the kind of situation that could easily have been avoided by deploying social workers to the scene and coinciding folks on non-violent dispute resolution.

  25. Death is permanent and tragically affects the bad guys families forever.

    Trying to be cool or simply engaging in criminal enterprises is most often a certain Ticket to the Permanent “State of Death”. In this State, no amount of protesting, looting, raping, murdering, or all the violence the new “Residents” would dream up can alter their new “State of Residence” (all of this of course does not exist in their newly found utopian “State”!!!

  26. I have read 34 mainstream media reports on this shooting, not one mentioned the race of the people killed ….why?

    • Because the perp wasn’t white, just like in majority of violent crime, so it doesn’t help to push the “racist America” narrative and doesn’t stoke the fires of racial friction. As far as the lamestream media care, only blacks can kill.
      But you knew it.

  27. Too bad it was’nt 7 for 7 patterson is a sewer. If you have ever worked there you would feel the same

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