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  1. I once had a sear (or more technically, a thingamajingie) give way and my .45 auto would do that. However, by the third shot mine would be pointed straight up. I'm a little amazed that the video hands can hold the pistol mostly on target.

  2. here's a much longer version of that video, complete with james bond music and slow motion cuts:

    Also, I'm pretty sure that has to be 9mm.

  3. Nice weapon until the cretin cops catch you with it, then you become a victim of the CORRUPT and broken Judicial System. Even though a good weapon, NOT WORTH THE TROUBLE. Cops and Judges have no sense of humor or compassion. It's an automatic, It's a G-U-N.

  4. It looks suspiciously like a Maxsell M925 Machine Gun Pistol. It walks, it talks, it cries real tears, but it doesn't actually shoot. It handles only 9mmPA rounds, or blanks if you prefer that terminology. A toll-free phone call will snag you one of these puppies for "only" $299. Guaranteed to scare the crap out of your local burglars and constabulary. Unfortunately, THEY will be using real bullets when blow your ass to Kingdom Come.

    • Now for the good news, the Maxsell M25 machine blank pistol is very illegal to posess in California. Don’t beleive me, check with local law enforcement agencies. Use a 10 gauge magnum shotgun for home defense on armed burglars, it leaves more of a mess.


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