Machine Gun Pistol


  1. avatar david says:

    you really want this coming up in a search for "Cum Machine Gun"?

    1. avatar david says:

      or "Cum Machine"?

  2. Maybe not . . . Thanks.

  3. avatar Chris Dumm says:

    Maybe I’m glad I missed the original title…

    1. avatar Pelle Schultz says:

      People have no respect for Latin these days.

  4. avatar don curton says:

    I once had a sear (or more technically, a thingamajingie) give way and my .45 auto would do that. However, by the third shot mine would be pointed straight up. I'm a little amazed that the video hands can hold the pistol mostly on target.

    1. avatar Samuel says:

      probably 9mm.

  5. avatar xstang says:

    here's a much longer version of that video, complete with james bond music and slow motion cuts:

    Also, I'm pretty sure that has to be 9mm.

  6. Pelle Shultz, verbum sat sapienti. xstang: I'll swap it out and make the correction.

  7. avatar Samuel says:

    Nice weapon until the cretin cops catch you with it, then you become a victim of the CORRUPT and broken Judicial System. Even though a good weapon, NOT WORTH THE TROUBLE. Cops and Judges have no sense of humor or compassion. It's an automatic, It's a G-U-N.

  8. avatar Ralph says:

    It looks suspiciously like a Maxsell M925 Machine Gun Pistol. It walks, it talks, it cries real tears, but it doesn't actually shoot. It handles only 9mmPA rounds, or blanks if you prefer that terminology. A toll-free phone call will snag you one of these puppies for "only" $299. Guaranteed to scare the crap out of your local burglars and constabulary. Unfortunately, THEY will be using real bullets when blow your ass to Kingdom Come.

    1. Now for the good news, the Maxsell M25 machine blank pistol is very illegal to posess in California. Don’t beleive me, check with local law enforcement agencies. Use a 10 gauge magnum shotgun for home defense on armed burglars, it leaves more of a mess.

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