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While this incident out of Akron, Ohio, appears to have been a wholly justified home defense shooting, there’s a weird backstory here to think about.

A 56-year-old woman was at home with her visiting son when the doorbell rang. Her son went to answer it and discovered a man attempting to force his way through the door. The woman called 911 as her son confronted the intruder. Very shortly into the call, a gunshot can be heard.

“He broke in the house and my son had to push him out the door and he still wouldn’t leave,” the woman tells the dispatcher. “My son had to shoot the guy! He’s breaking in the house!”

“And he doesn’t know who it is?” asks the dispatcher.

“No, honey! We don’t know!” the woman replies in distress.

According to the Fox8 report about the full recording, the son can also be heard telling the man to leave and trying to hold the door closed. When the intruder pulled the door open, refusing to leave, he fired a second shot. The man died at the scene.

As it was later discovered, the intruder was 41-year-old Daniel Jones, who had no history of arrests, was a father and the son of a local pastor, and lived in the house directly behind the one he was trying to break into. Not your typical burglar.

“Even though their properties may abut to each other, she still didn’t know who it was and this guy is trying to get into the house for whatever reason. We may never know why he was trying to get into the house,” said Akron Police Lt. Rick Edwards.

No charges have been filed against the woman or her son.

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  1. Suicide? Mental illness? All the resident knows is a strange man is forcing their way in. Under those same circumstances I would use whatever force needed to stop the threat.

  2. Good Job. Just shoot anyone who doesn’t fit the daily narrative. No one ever makes mistakes or has a breakdown. Just shoot and stay safe. Women, children, adults, youths. All deserve to die if attempting to force an entry especially if being chased or scared. Two in the chest one in the head. Never hesitate. Merica!

    • “All deserve to die if attempting to force an entry”

      No, they all deserve to be stopped from gaining entry where they can inflict grievous bodily harm or death to the occupants of the residence. If a mistake was made or the man was being chased he should have made it known to the occupants, rather than trying to force his way in.
      I’m guessing you don’t know much about lawful self defense…

    • You’re right better to just let them force themselves in so they can be invited to a calm sit down with coffee to explain the whole ordeal and we’ll have a good sitcom laugh track over the wacky narrative that led to this point. What a great idea!

    • Actually, yeah, anyone who’s attempting a forced entry does deserve to be shot. Who gives a fuck what the reason is.

      • No stranger ever forcing their way into your home is there to do anything good regardless of the reasoning. That door threshold is a good place to draw a hard line.

    • I am in the overwhelming majority of Americans who believe in the 2nd amendment and really don’t want to hurt anybody. But I’m ready if anybody is bent on changing my mind.

    • I believe I speak for many here that we hope you are the only one in your family who is harmed when someone breaks down your door.

    • you all sound the same until it happens to you, then you all sound like us

      keep virtue signalling though, one day you’ll come face to face with a situation out of your control, and the one thing you’ll regret is not having a firearm to even the odds

    • The stupid… hurts so much…..just make it stop!

      If/when someone breaks into your residence (whatever their reason for doing so), handle it your way, and let us know how it turns out. Unless you’re dead, of course. In which case, we’ll draw our own conclusions on what happened.

    • Spittn Image,

      “All deserve to die if attempting to force an entry especially if being chased or scared.”

      Adult men and women have the right to be armed for self-defense. If they:
      1) chose not to exercise their right,
      2) are therefore extremely vulnerable to attack,
      3) come under attack, and
      4) realize that they will suffer grievous bodily harm or death,
      they still have NO RIGHT to barge into my home without my permission.

      Adult men and women choose what is best for them and get to reap the consequences, good or bad. Their foolish choices do NOT obligate me to go out of my way to rescue them from their foolish choices.

      • Spittn Image,

        Furthermore, you are ignoring the fact that a reasonably fit adult man who is attempting to barge into your home has the capability of promptly causing grievous bodily harm or death with his bare hands and feet. Such a man is a serious potential threat and it would be utterly foolish to simply let him in.

        Your suggestion that armed homeowners are inclined to promptly shoot a visibly unarmed child banging on a door is garbage. I do not know of anyone who has expressed such a mentality, other than gun-grabbers like yourself.

    • My question as well. It would not be the first time that someone under the influence tried to get into “their” house without realizing they were basically breaking into someone else’s.

      (tox reports are standard as part of such an investigation but often take some time to come back)

  3. Something doesn’t add up with this. All we have to go on is the testimony of the son & mother and the police saying the recording sounds like the guy trying to break in. How do we know there weren’t preceding factors, an argument, or vandalism? For all I know, the guy could have been dead before the 911 call even took place. Mother & son cooking up their story, some door shaking, screaming, beating, and a few extra rounds off into the grass. It would sound fairly convincing over a phone.

    Unless the “home invader” has his voice recorded on the police tape, yelling or some other such, I don’t believe anyone in the story. Since the tape isn’t exactly made available for the public to listen to, I’ll make my own speculation.

    I personally think he was over there giving them a tongue lashing about something and they didn’t like it, so they killed him over it. Of course, I have no evidence to support it, but it makes more sense than 41 year old pastor son, no history, randomly tries to break into some old chicks house. Maybe the son was yelling at his mother and it was cause for concern. Dead people don’t speak.

    • I also find it unconvincing that someone will continue to attempt a home invasion, as far as has been presented, without any weapons, while two able bodied people are home, and one shot has already been fired.

      It stinks. It needs a proper investigation.

    • Amazing how you are able to construct a COMPLETELY SPECULATIVE three paragraph narrative that totally blames the homeowners and not the person breaking down their door.

      BLM much?
      Obama 2x?

  4. What exactly does this guy having a preacher for a father have to do with this criminals first time criminal action (that anyone would know about) with anything? People are not criminals until they are. Criminals can and do spring up from any stripe. This guys dad could be the pope for all the difference it made, or didnt. Examine the criminal, not his or her parents. This person made up his own mind. It was not made up for him. If it was that easy, none of my kids would have never made any mistakes or any bad decisions. Neither would I and so on.

  5. Another one of life’s little mysteries, which are actually more common then perceived. Occassionally they make the news, mostly they don’t.

  6. People answer their doors when a stranger knocks? I sure don’t. If I’m not expecting you, I’m not answering the door. Then again, I don’t answer my phone if I don’t recognize the number either.

  7. There are plenty of medical reasons that someone would be confused and attempt to enter a wrong house.
    And not be deterred by warnings or gunshots
    Others have suggested drugs like bath salts or meth or even alcohol.
    Low blood sugar, low oxygen levels, meningitis, mental illness, head injury, extreme high fever, all come to mind.


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