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“The debate over gun control took center stage at the state Capitol Wednesday, where hundreds, including the families of gun violence victims, rallied in support of legislation that would close a background check loophole on gun loans.” Is this a day that ends in a ‘y’? When isn’t gun control on center stage at the California state capitol?

This little assemblage — and we do mean little — turned out in support of Assembly Bill 1511. We know…there are so many civilian disarmament efforts rattling around in Sacramento right now that it’s hard to tell the civil rights abrogations without a scorecard.

The bill would place tighter rules on gun owners who lend firearms to another person. Legislators said the new bill would require a background check before a gun is loaned out — unless the loan is made to a close family member.

The report report dutifully included a note from the NRA, because balance:

“This bill is full of problems, but the bottom line is that it’s already illegal for a prohibited person to have a firearm. This bill doesn’t change that. It only criminalizes what used to be legal, temporary transfers. For criminals this just makes it ‘double illegal.'”

Silly gun nuts. Criminalizing activity that’s currently legal is a feature here, not a bug.

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  1. I’m just happy a NBC station in California says Gun Control Rally instead of “Gun Safety” or other nonsense.

    • The more gun control California has, the sooner it will revert to being a Mexican state. Before mid-century.

      • The way they are going we should be begging Mexico to take them bake!

        And we all know how well that gun control thing is working in Mexico, don’t we?

      • We’ll have to extend the Wall up through the mountains then, and we can charge all the rich Hollywood execs for its construction.

  2. I guess these moms don’t know that criminals will loan guns anyway. At least the rest of us are pretty sure of who we are loaning a gun to and for what. The only times I have loaned a gun was at the range. Never even loaned one for a close friend or relative to hunt with while visiting. I have often loaned fishing equipment to friends and relatives who are visiting.

  3. They will not be satisfied until the headline reads “Second Amendment Repealed! All Firearms Banned!” And that probably won’t make them happy,as they’ll just move down the list to knives, swords, pepper spray and dirty looks.

      • Good point. This is not about gun control, this is about eliminating the obstacles to tyranny. The 2nd amendment is one of many amendment they seek to squash.

    • Swords and all but the smallest knives are banned from carry in most places. It won’t be hard to pass a ban on those.

    • MDA is allowed to count reporters, cameramen, and random people walking by. It’s in their charter.

      • They also have a policy against the percentage of paid professional “volunteers” exceeding 99% of the total, so they have to count reporters as unpaid volunteers.

  4. About a year and a half ago, my daughter was visiting along with a friend of hers from the Bay Area, as was my son and cousin Oscar. Everyone shot everything we brought out, which was my guns and my son’s shotgun. If this bill passes, it would be illegal for me to repeat this range trip. This makes sense why? Because Bloomberg passed a similar law in Washington state, and is trying to pass one in Nevada as well, that’s why. I have never figured out why he thinks this is such a great idea, except gunz.

    • The reason why is very straight-forward: Control.
      He wants to control Americans. Sometimes he actually believes he’s doing it for their own good – mostly though he just want to control people.

      Guys like that see themselves as saint-like social engineers – just steam-rolling over the ignorant peasants until they fall in line with his “enlightened” social planning.

      • Sufficient quantities of disposable income allow you to purchase power and persons in positions of power. Power in sufficient quantities tends to corrupt. Power in unlimited quantities tends to corrupt absolutely.

        Updated for the 21st century.

        Always remember – Lenin was an idealist with a grudge against the Russian monarchy which had executed his brother, but Stalin started his career as a criminal looking to make a buck and establish a criminal enterprise. His success at that effort is what brought him to the Bolshevicks, not his conversion into a good communist.

  5. So what is so bad about this group?

    Besides standing up to the lies and corruption of the NRA, Gun lobby and the Gun manufacturers.

    Face it, There is more and more support for gun control.

    And less and less americans are owning firearms than purchasing them.

    You can’t stop the signal.

  6. I’m guessing the Loon Clue has a nationwide full court press on. Local NE “city” of Waterloo the Mums and queers are rallyin, protestin, and singin for save the _______. Today they announce going to stop calling it gun control as to polarizing! Still going to continue rallyin, protestin, and singin for ______ No mention of islamists though.

    Is this astroturf roofs going on nationwide?

    • Because the media will not report on it when it happens.

      Also because we usually have jobs to go to.

      Also because there is usually more than dozens when it happens.

  7. Funny how the thousands of men, women and children that showed up in Sacramento to oppose CA SB277 weren’t even given a screenshot by the mainstream media.

  8. You want some action, mommies? Go home and pay attention to your husbands. (But maybe they’re glad you’re gone…)

  9. “The debate over gun control took center stage at the state Capitol Wednesday, where 11 people, rallied in support of legislation that would close a background check loophole on gun loans.”
    So getting a loan to buy a gun is going to be illegal?

    • I guess that means that in California you can no longer max out your credit cards for that new AR and sufficient ammunition to feed it.

  10. California stands as an excellent example of when one party’s ideology dominates everything, including the way people think about things. The dynamic is like that of how Germany developed into a Nazi nation despite all the protests and warnings from surrounding countries. Democratic government cannot survive if it’s dominated by one party. Bi-partisanship turns out to be of critical importance. The dominance of the Democrats in California must be ended.

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