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If you’re a baseball fan and willing to pony up enough cheddar, you can put on your favorite team’s uni and take the field with some of your heroes once a year. If, like me, you’re a St. Louis Cardinals fan, you can play alongside legends like Bob Gibson, Ozzie Smith, Bruce Sutter and Willie McGee. Now, thanks to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, you can pack up your heaters and shoot with some of the best pros in the business . . .

Come and live your dream in Las Vegas March 31 – April 2 at the world-class, five-star Clark Country Shooting Complex. Join six of the top pro shooters in the world for a weekend of handgun shooting, learning from the pros, handgun shooting, friendly competition, making new friends, and, oh yeah—more handgun shooting (more than 30,000 rounds of ammo will be sent downrange over the weekend)!

How much would you lay down to learn from and pull the trigger alongside Jerry Miculek and five of his closest friends for a weekend? It ain’t cheap, but it might be worth unloading a couple of guns to finance a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Just sayin’.

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    • She was at Shot Show and was very nice and accommodating to fans. Signed shirts, hats, pics, whatever, for anyone that asked. Personable, professional, and eager to chat.

    • Never been much of a watcher, I want to play. If I had the time and money, would be money well spent. Jessie, and a little tutoring from Jerry? I’m in.

  1. How about spend that money on training and competitions and one day have people fantasize about shooting with you?
    But if you have money to burn then it sounds like a good time.

    • Zim is a St. Louis ex-pat.

      Didn’t Texans root for the Cards prior to expansion? St. Louis was the westernmost team in MLB for a long time.

  2. If . . . you’re a St. Louis Cardinals fan, you can play alongside legends like Bob Gibson

    And Gibby would still stick one in your ear. Let’s hope that Jerry Miculek doesn’t.


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