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Reader Andrew M. writes:

New Yorkers are always stating how relatively safe it is in the city that never sleeps. With a population of almost 8.5 million people and only a little over 51 thousand reported crimes it does appear to be safe…until you are personally confronted with a random (or not) attack like the slashings that are occurring on the city’s subways and streets . . .

According to the New York Times,

At least nine other men and women have been similarly attacked in recent months in a rash of slashings that has put many New Yorkers on edge.

It’s put them on edge, but not enough to want to protect themselves, as no one interviewed in the article expressed a desire for the ability to defend themselves. Or if they did, that aspect was left on the editing room floor.

Mr. Smith’s shock at being set upon was matched only by his feeling of helplessness. Other recent victims echoed that sentiment.

Maybe they wouldn’t feel so helpless if they stopped voting their rights away.

Amanda Morris, pictured above, said she tried to think about what she could have done differently and now wants to “raise awareness” of the danger.

“I want everyone to know that I did have a bad feeling about this man as soon as I saw him,” she wrote. “His walk was irregular and he appeared under the influence by his body language and stance. Always, always trust your gut instincts. Even in a safer neighborhood such as Chelsea you should always stay alert and aware of your surroundings.”

These people have been so beaten down by politicians and the media, constantly told they are safe, they willing accept that when they are attacked there’s really nothing that could have been done.

Across the city, people said they were aware of the reports of slashings and responded with a mix of resignation and wariness.

Lynn Marrapodi, 70, an artist, entered the Astor Place subway station in the East Village on Wednesday morning and stood with her back against the wall. It was a strategic maneuver.

“I have everything right in front of me, and I never did that before,” Ms. Marrapodi said, “but after the last two incidents, I have been more cautious than ever. If they haven’t hit this station yet, they will. I see people standing on the edge of the platform like I used to, looking at their phones. I think they’re crazy.”

Having been a rider of the New York subway I have been in this position. There’s nothing you can legally do. Just try and get a carry permit in New York City.

The most telling statement came from William Bratton:

Despite the chilling nature of the attacks, Mr. Bratton did not seem particularly worried. “We always will have crime in the city,” he said, repeating a common refrain of his.

Of course Bratton isn’t concerned. He’s the police commissioner with little chance that he would find himself on a subway platform or walking the streets without armed guards or a personal weapon.

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      • Do YOU deserve Barak Obama? Do any of us? Ive fought, and im sure we all have, and continue to fight against the government WE have……. Or you can run away to a “safe” place.

    • They do, essentially. As I understand it, if a cop can, through whatever manner of force, trickery and struggle, get your folder to open one-handed, you are in deep shit.

      Basically everyone is a felon for something in that city, it’s just a matter of when a cop decides to ruin your life.

  1. That Sullivan Law must be working pretty well. Thank Heavens those people weren’t subjected to gun violence! Since we’re talking knife violence here, the victims only are put on edge – literally and figuratively….

  2. “Amanda Morris, pictured above, said she tried to think about what she could have done differently and now wants to “raise awareness” of the danger.”

    Hey Amanda, my wife “raises awareness” out of a holster. It’s a bit more effective.

    • It is a pity that Ms. Morris canmot exercise her Second Amendment rights. It sounds like she has the skills to be a very effective self protector.

  3. Amanda Morris mentally measured her attacker, understood what was about to happen and through the combine efforts of Governor AND the city of New York conspiring against her ability to lawfully self protect, she suffer the fate government WANTED her to experience. There is NO other explanation and more citizens will be harmed or loose their lives.

    • Let me see if I’ve got this. Somehow, there were no government agents there to protect her? Boy, that is hard to believe. I mean, how many times a year could that happen in NYC?

  4. All crime reporting is voluntary. If I am robbed or slashed, and I am carrying a knife or other illegal thing, am I going to report it? eff that.

    Plus, the police have all means of reclassifying crimes to make the stats look good.

    So, I question whether crime stats in NYC are correct to begin with.

    • Even if their number is right, the situation in New York City is nowhere near as rosy as their Public Relations drones would lead you to believe. Using their number, a New York City resident had a 50,000 in 8 million chance of being the victim of a violent crime last year. That is 1 in 160. Sounds sort of okay, until you consider your odds over a 40 year span of your life: the reality is that 1 in 4 people will be victims of violent crime in New York City using their numbers.

      Who in their right mind wants to move about the city unarmed … when you KNOW that you have a 1 in 4 chance of being the victim of a violent crime over the course of a good chunk of your life in New York City?

    • “All crime reporting is voluntary. ”


      Show up at an ER with a gunshot wound, the police will be called, you have zero input in that decision…

      • that does not mean it is going to be reported as a crime act to the f.b.i. stats——–if you die , you cannot make sign the paperwork—-

  5. If only there were some way to allow law abiding citizens to carry something better than a knife, to defend themselves and others. They could do so discretely, so as to avoid arousing fear, and to provide the sense to criminals that anyone could be one of these guardians, after being approved by the state.

    Ahh, what am I kidding. There’s no way something like that would work.

  6. You know what all of the slashers had in common? Skin color other than white.

    Basic profiling skills can and will save your life.

    • So why don’t you give us good readers a real criminal profile so we know who to look out for rather than just spitting out the bits that insinuate that white is right and leaving the real important facts out.

      • Sigh. Use the Vault-Tec google machine. Blacks are 10 – 15 % of the population but responsible for 50% of homicides. Slow motiion and tragically underreported genocide. I mean we all wanna be like Hotch chasing down unsubs , but reality is, well, pretty Damn raciss.

        That being said, yer virtue signalling is noticed. Good for you. Go hang out at the MLK Blvd and have conversations with the locals about the virtues of limited government.

    • I’d pick a gun fight over a knife fight any day.

      Well, I’d pick neither, but you know what I mean.

      • I’d pick an asymmetric fight. Me with gun, the other guy with knife. Which is really what some semblance of adherence to the Constitution and/or common sense would result in, in this case.

  7. So 51000 reported crimes in a city of 8.5 million and you are considered safe. 30000 deaths that happened to be the result of bullet in a country of 300 million and the same people are losing their minds. Smh.

  8. “We always will have crime in the city.” — New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton

    According to gun-grabbers: the “low” level of violent crime in New York City is perfectly okay because, “We will always have crime in the city.” Thus, there is no reason to alter public policy or take drastic action.

    And yet if we say: the much lower level of firearm accidents, injuries, and murders in the entire United States is perfectly okay because, “We will always have firearm misuse in the nation.” Oh no, no, no. That is cause to radically alter public policy and disarm all civilians.

    To emphasize the point, here are the numbers for last year:
    — about 50,000 violent crimes in New York City’s 8 million residents
    — about 40,000 firearm injuries and deaths in the United States’ 330 million residents*

    * There were about 40,000 firearm injuries and deaths last year in the United States: we know there were about 9,500 murders and about 500 negligent “accidental” deaths for a total of 10,000 deaths. We also know that about 1/4 of gunshot wounds are fatal. If 10,000 people died from gunshot wounds and only 1/4 of gunshot wounds are fatal, then we know there were about 30,000 people who suffered non-fatal injuries from gunshot wounds. Thus the total number of people who were injured or died from gunshot wounds is about 40,000 people in the United States last year.

    Caveat: I did not include suicides in those statistics because we are comparing the rates at which someone harms someone else. We do not count a suicide as a violent crime. Neither will I count a suicide as an act of someone harming someone else with a firearm.

  9. Commissioner Bratton and the Mayor both have 24/7 security provided by the taxpayers who get no security from the NYPD unless by accident of luck.

  10. Anybody know why these slashings are happening? Is it like the knock-out game or a gang initiation of what? Also, someone above stated that none of the slashers were white, but what were they? I dont give a fuck what color a person is unless it’s going to help me avoid getting slashed. The article did not provide any sort of criminal profile and it should have. Funny if an article is non-fiction and a criminal profile helps people stay safe it seems to be forbidden, yet if I flip on network t.v. any night of the week I can catch all kinds of top rated (mostly fictional) shows about the good guys catching bad guys based on criminal profiling.

  11. “that aspect was left on the editing room floor”

    Yes, I am sure of that.

    “Always, always trust your gut instincts”

    As one person once told me when I explained Condition Yellow and Orange to them: “That is profiling.” Perhaps she should reconsider her leftist ideology.

    “We always will have crime in the city”

    Let me translate: “It only happens to other people”. Well, until it doesn’t.

  12. “We always will have crime in the city,”

    Which is why, citizens should not be prevented from addressing that reality, by for example arming themselves, if they choose to.

    BTW, I propose a new statistic: “anti-gun violence”, violence against citizens which we claim would not have happened had they been armed.

    What’s the count?

  13. Being more vigilant only means you can see the attack coming. These people “raise awareness” and “educate” people about this because they refuse to admit there is evil in the world. They are unable to realize there are people that wish your harm and offence.

  14. Ah…NYC. A city that I love and hate at the same time. I love visiting there for vacation, but would never live there because of the dumb laws that literally leave you defenseless.

  15. 51,000 crimes my @$$. NYC has been cooking the books on crime stats for years to make its self look good. The government of NYC has been doing it for years, and current NYC Mayor Red Billy’s administration is doing the same.

  16. Interesting how despite the slashing and stabbing injuries and deaths in NYC, articles about such events don’t frame the knife as a talisman of evil. There is no call for knife control. Yet.

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