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This is the first of what will probably be a number of security camera clips from the six terrorist shooting venues in Paris last week. This was the scene at La Casa Nostra restaurant, as reported by The Daily Mail, where five were killed outside the cafe. The video clearly shows a terrorist walking up to a diner on the ground outside and putting the gun to her head, but his AK miraculously jammed, sparing her life. Again, the solution to this type of mayhem, at least as far as the European Union is concerned, is to make “assault rifles” even more illegal-er. That should make Parisians sleep better at night, n’est-ce pas?

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    • +1. Also this video shows these guys are far from spec ops. An armed individual or several armed individuals inside the cafe would have had a fighting chance IMO.

      • It certainly puts the lie to the “Highly trained and effective operatives that your average civilian with a gun has no hope of defeating” meme.

        This was just another young punk with a big gun who thought it made him invincible.

        • And when you thin about it, since there is no sound, this video could just as well have come from any Starbucks in the United States.

        • Nah, the kids in American Starbucks are so deep into their phones, that they probably wouldn’t have heard the gunfire or windows smashing.

          I was going for a walk on a Rails-to-trails path the other week and saw this young college age girl with a hoodie, earphones and her phone coming towards me from about 150 yards away. She NEVER raised her head from her phone/typing till we were about 6 feet apart. If there was a stick on the trail she probably would have tripped over it. Never saw someone so enticed and in the middle of the woods of all place. Who knows what kind of nutbags could have been out there. Always be aware of your surroundings.

  1. I bet the murderer had burned through his magazine, (esoecially if he was on full auto), and didn’t realize it in the “Fog of War”.

    That would have been a perfect time to take him out, if a good guy/gal had had a gun.

    • I hadn’t heard they had FA weapons, in fact all of the audio I have heard sounded like semi only fire.

      Either way it could well have been empty mag, or it was an AK and just was jammed.

      If he was close enough, as he looked to be you could have grabbed the gun and beaten him with it. But yes, fog of war and all that.

      The only thing that can most effectively counter this kind of shit is armed and trained citizens.

  2. Nothing will change until john q. public gets scared enough and angry enough to hunt down their own pols. Once a couple of limp wristed left wings pols get strung up by the mob the rest will step aside and let the folks with real answers take over.

      • Enough of them will have to die before they’re willing to die for the right to arm themselves.

        So in that regard, the streets of France will have to run with blood before they will demand to turn off the spigot.

        Right now, they don’t want it badly enough…

    • Seriously Howdy? This is another reason why we carry a self defense firearm.
      Seeing it in all of it’s shocking detaIL on video, enough of a shock so that those that do carry will make sure to train and carry a little more regularly, and those that are on the fence might take the next step to actually begin carrying a firearm.

      Better a shock and a wake up call on video before the wake up call is when people are screaming and dying all around you as you dive for the floor, defenseless.

    • There is SO MUCH to be learned from this video.
      -Like how the attack of the Cafe was over in 35 seconds (for the people in the Cafe), and the first phone call to police didn’t start until 3 minutes and 30 seconds.
      -Like how people move when they’re being shot at.
      -Like how the unopposed attacker moves at a quick walk, but not once does he use any kind of cover or concealment.
      -Like the range and conditions in which you would have to engage the threat with your handgun if you were in that cafe.
      -Like the way clouds of dust come pouring down out of the ceiling panels when a centerfire weapon is fired nearby (having seen this phenomenon first hand, I can tell you its VERY distracting the first time you see it happen).
      -Like the way the terrorist never looks behind him – his attention is completely directed forward, he’s not expecting to have to react to anything or anyone approaching him.

      THAT’S why this video is worth watching.
      I’m sorry if reality has intruded uncomfortably into your “safe space”.

      • Further points noted:

        -The Terrorist wears no visible armor. Not even soft armor (that I can tell).

        -The human body can squeeze into the most unlikely of small places when a person is in fear for their life.

        -The people who were looking for a way out, found one and FORCEFULLY TOOK IT. Other simply cowered and waited. Had the terrorist come further into the Cafe, which group do you think would have survived?

        -Concealment may not be cover, but when dealing with a Spree killer (regardless of motive), they don’t typically take the time to engage hidden targets. Out of sight = Out of mind for someone who’s trying to kill as many people as fast as they can.

        • Agree with Mikele below.

          Well done, Ethan.

          A lot of your comments give lie to the (ridiculous) assertion made by some that there is just simply no way an “ordinary” (ie, non-military-trained) citizen can “fight back.”


      • Well said Ethan, I watched the video and automatically started making the same mental notes. I find from a tactical learning perspective this video is very relevant. Obviously all terror attacks are a bit different from each other, but I think as you pointed out the human mechanics of all the people involved along with atmospherics, such as the dust plumes from firing, are things we can study and learn from since they would most likely be repeated in other attacks.

      • Also, he has no actual rifle training. He uses an AK with a collapsable stock, but never mounts the rifle to his shoulder. He’s just another third-world moron who sprays fire everywhere. In one-fifth of that video’s length, he could have killed 15+ people if he had any actual training in marksmanship and movement.

        This means that the lie that these are “trained soldiers” is more specious BS, and that, yes, a “civilian” with some marksmanship and defense training could take on one or more of these guys. The CCW carrier might not win, but he’d sure as heck upset their plans, which clearly assume no opposition.

        • ” The CCW carrier might not win, but he’d sure as heck upset their plans, which clearly assume no opposition.”

          After the back-and-forth in not one, but two, articles on TTAG this week, I’m glad to see this coming out.

          It’s dangerous for CCW-er’s to assume a Superman Syndrome, but it’s equally bad to assume CCW-er’s are completely incapable of altering the outcome of such an attack.

          Altering the outcome need only be that “upset their plans,” even for just a moment.

        • ” The CCW carrier might not win, but he’d sure as heck upset their plans, which clearly assume no opposition.”

          You may not agree, but in my mind *winning* and *surviving* are two different things. As a CCW’r you can *win* (end the attack) but not survive to tell about it.

          Personally I’d like to do both, but no rational person can deny that a good guy with a gun, a little training, and the will to do decisive violence could not (at the very least) win against the pathetic punk in this video.

      • “-Like the way clouds of dust come pouring down out of the ceiling panels when a centerfire weapon is fired nearby (having seen this phenomenon first hand, I can tell you its VERY distracting the first time you see it happen).”

        I’d be very interested in hearing the particulars on that experience.

        • Most people don’t think of it because at ranges, there are enough concussive disturbances to prevent dust from building up in the rafters, on the ceiling panels, etc.

          But when a gun is fired in a indoor place that isn’t usually exposed to sudden pressure changes like that, you get a nice big plume off of almost every surface above 5 feet from the floor (where dust tends to accumulate for long periods of time).

          I wish I had a better story to tell, but unfortunately I know this first hand because I was present during a negligent discharge in the living room of a friends house.

          He keeps a clean house, but when his Glock 19 went off the dust came shooting down in plumes. Especially around the ceiling lights it created a ‘laser beam’ effect with the light reflecting off the dust cloud. It was so unexpected that I spent about 2 full seconds staring at the cloud, trying to process what had just happened.

          I’d imagine you’d see a similar thing happen in vehicles with the windows rolled up, but I’ve never tried, so I can only speculate.

  3. Anyone else notice the frenchmen running up the stairs and into the basement leaving the women cowering behind the counter alone?

    Class acts.

    • I saw that… I hope the shame of his cowardice keeps him awake at night.

      ..but after that I hope he WAKES UP to the reality of the world he lives in, and does something to prepare himself.

    • That’s what feminists wanted. They wanted men and women to be equal. They wanted men to quit the chivalry and doting business.

      This is what women got.

      Women have been playing stupid games for 40+ years. Now they get to win stupid prizes. And they’ve earned those stupid prizes, so they should be proud to get them.

      • Yeah it’s kind of the rejection of the ‘male privilege’ of the expectation you will protect the weaker and more vulnerable, even at the risk of your life.

        Although there was a man from Africa in one of the cafes who threw himself into the line of fire to protect the woman he was with, can’t find the article.

      • Decades ago I had women looking at me like I had no business existing in a world with penicillin, because I held a door for them. Later in law school a coed moving into her apartment was pretty clearly flirting with me, and I could have kept it going by asking to help her carry stuff in, but I had been too conditioned by the damned “feminists”. It’s unfortunate that so many uninvolved people are reaping what those idiots sowed.

        • The ones that take that stuff so seriously are truly insane by any metric I can tell applies.

          Once at a “dance club,” I {GASP!} asked a young lady to dance. She said, “No,” and I replied, “Well, okay. If you change your mind let me know” and headed off to hang out with my friends.

          About five minutes later, while sitting on a stool listenin’ to the (weird) music and watching people move and groove right along, I found myself semi-surrounded by a gaggle of “friends” of the young lady while they SHOUTED at me…”No Means No, No Means No, No Means No!” I mean they were SHOUTING this at me.

          When I stood up, they scattered into the crowd. Seriously, I’ve seen spooked wildlife move slower. It was a surreal experience.

          I guess the real crime I committed was not letting her get the last word. Or something. It just made no sense at the time. It still doesn’t. It was a batcrap crazy response to a completely normal thing to say in that social setting.

        • to JR_in_NC

          “It was a batcrap crazy response to a completely normal thing to say in that social setting.”

          By that you mean a female then, right?

          /I kid

  4. I noticed that almost every person visible was “armed” with their smart phone. They wouldn’t the damn things down and RUN! First urge with some seemed to be to “duck and cover”, then record. Bartender hauled ass downstairs and left his buddy to the wolves. Classic sheep behavior.

    • I remember being in the middle of a sudden fight back in high school (wrong place, wrong time). I ended up putting the aggressor in an awkward sort of half-nelson which ended the fight. It wasn’t till several minutes later when everyone was walking away that I realized I had never let go of my lunch bag throughout the entire conflict.

      Programmed responses – it’s more real than you think.

  5. How do we know it jammed? It’s an AK, he could have just cleared the jam and shot them. Instead he left. Maybe his magazine was empty?

    • I was very confused by that moment – he doesn’t reload or clear a jam, its like he just decided it would take too long to shoot the lady on the ground.

      It does appear that something grabbed his attention in the background at that moment… who knows?

    • ” If radical Islamic terrorists intend to unleash depravity on the U.S. homeland, they should be confronted by responsibly armed Americans willing to oblige their death wish.”

      Well there’s over 100million of us who are (supposedly responsibly) armed. But it is precisely incidents like the Paris attacks that makes me give second thoughts to going anywhere like movie theaters or small concert venues where security is non existent.

  6. What’s getting under my skin is the way these guys can just walk around shooting people at their leisure. They know no one has a gun to return fire. They know the cops won’t be there for a good while and they’ll have plenty of time to do whatever they want. And the targets are so conditioned they are just sheep to be slaughtered. That’s what I’m seeing and it gets to me. The damned “moms” and the Ladd Everitts and the Gifford Kelleys want to put us in exactly the same spot, just more sheep to be slaughtered.

  7. So many moments in that video where anyone who had a concealed pistol and even the slightest bit of practice could have lit that jihadi up…

    He pauses outside the window, attention focused on his next victim, and bang! Just like that he’s dead on the pavement, dropped in his tracks by a bullet he never saw coming from a defender he didn’t see.

    Just imagine if the cafe owners had a rifle or shotgun behind the counter. Dude wouldn’t have made it across the street, let alone back to the cafe.

    You don’t have to be super-tactical or have police training. All you have to do is be armed.

    • Watch out, there, Ing, someone might come out of the woodwork to say you are a Rambo type and tell you “you’ll only kill bystanders” precisely because you don’t have super-tactical training as an Operational Operator of Operations.

  8. Just for the record, me coming from Italy, I have posted into an Italian forum the day before yesterday precisely saying that if there were an armed civilian, this terrorist would have been taken down.
    Well, I have been assaulted. I have been assaulted by a bunch of Italians saying that ‘you Americans’ (that included me, as I was born here but grew up in Italy to then return to the US and live here forever after) should stop walking around the streets with M16s slung across our shoulders. Or being cowboys. That stirred me up pretty much and the whole thing was turned into a no-winner mess, a flame war. But it just goes to show that not a single Italian sided me on my idea. Every single one was against what I suggested OR didn’t dare to speak up. What a crying shame. And by the way, Italy is lost, too.

  9. Depressing to see a group of people all acting like sheep. It is quite evident from this video that a few armed citizens would have been able to easily disrupt this guys plans. Instead he saunters around like he has all the time in the world while his potential victims run away or hide and hope he does not find them. Is this really the kind of country we want to live in? The French need a Second Amendment of their own.

    • That will never, ever happen. Ever. Not in France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Spain. I can add a bunch more. It is not going to happen. I lived there for over forty years. It’s not going to happen. I know them inside out. Oh, did I tell you it’s not going to happen? They deny it all. To them, we’re close to being barbarians. Now you know.

    • You know what they imply Dustin, don’t you. Their superiority. They mean to be superior by denying that violence exists. They pretend to have the final solution to violence, by applying kindness, tolerance, wide views; acceptance of diversity.

      Except that, some won’t listen. Some, have already not listened and couldn’t care less; they keep on using guns and now more than ever.

  10. There was a heroine in this video. The lady with the bun (hairdo) behind the counter with the pussy-man. She did not run. She concealed, she checked the scene at risk to herself, she encouraged the other lady to come behind the counter. As a couple of you said — imagine if she had a weapon behind that counter and knew how to use it. Truly the terrorist would have been dead many times over. This lady should be found and given a VEPR shotgun and free training for being the only one in that restaurant with any moxie at all. (Buy one at the train station in Brussels so the authorities won’t care.)

    • “There was a heroine in this video. The lady with the bun (hairdo) behind the counter with the pussy-man. “

      Good catch. That lady has balls, as my wife would say.

  11. I vote we post on MDA’s FB page that Shannon deserves a relaxing European vacation with her rich 2nd husband she stole from the mother of his children . . . . .

  12. I guess if you only bathe twice a year, sleep with camels and wear burlap sacs there’s a pretty good chance your AK is too gunked up to fire.

    • “I guess if you only bathe twice a year, sleep with camels and wear burlap sacs there’s a pretty good chance your AK is too gunked up to fire.”

      News Flash:

      Some of the very nastiest of the Islamic Jihadi are among the most highly educated.

      Like medical doctors, engineers, etc.

  13. Another thing I noticed was the folks sitting with their back to the windows/door.

    Talk about Condition White. This is carbon arc brightness white.

    It dawns on the me that the “problem” is a collected whole…the lack of situational awareness, being unarmed (accepting being unarmed), more focus on phone and purses and bags than saving your life, etc…all of these are not causes of sheep-like victimhood.

    They are symptoms.

    They are symptoms of a mind that just does not accept there are dangers in the world. They are symptoms of a mind that just goes through life surprised by everything (good and bad) that happens, because it cannot be bothered to pay attention.

  14. I had watched on TV first time around and was again reminded why limiting magazine size is a death nail for self defense. And an AK that failed? That is a lucky person.

  15. Thanks for the article. As others have noted: a horribly illustrative video from a number of perspectives. Like a few other posters, I saw a number of places in that where one concealed carrier could have ended the shooting.

    Meanwhile in other news:

    “Terror Alert: U.S. Embassy Warns Americans Abroad of ‘Emotionally Disturbed’ Rifleman in Rome

    For the second time in just three days, the U.S. Embassy to Italy has alerted American citizens to a serious security threat, this time regarding an “armed individual” at large on the streets of Rome…”

    Huh. Maybe Italy should look into a nation wide ban on Assault Rifles? Yanno, becuz if it just saves the life of ONE child…


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