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Amazing. In their analysis of the recent attack on American diplomats Land Cruising down in Mexico STRATFOR doesn’t ask the obvious question: what were they doing there? Early reports said the vehicle was headed for a “mountain installation” known as “El Capulin.” What’s that all about? (No Google-Fu for you my friend.) In America’s War on Drugs, truth is the first casualty.

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  1. (No Google-Fu for you my friend.)

    I can’t see the video, so this may be included, but perhaps if you search “Tres Marías Morelos” on some mapping web site, you might be able to find a MX Naval Facility.

    As far as what they doing there. Maybe giving shooting lessons to the MX Navy, or working for the CIA.

    • Yup, ex military working for the CIA is exactly what they were, according to recent reports, there to train troops. They were not armed (no surprise there), and apparently both Americans were in the front seat with their Mexican Marine export in the rear.

  2. The feds will try to convince us that they were just going down the road for tacos. And MSNBC will — after a thorough investigation — totally agree.


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