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By Alton P. Chiu

About 2500 gun rights supporters attended the annual Arizona 2nd Amendment Rally yesterday in Phoenix at the capitol.

As the Arizona Republic reports,

The annual rally saw its largest turnout on Saturday with more than 2,500 people gathering to celebrate people’s right to bear arms, according to RidersUSA vice president and event spokesperson Mike Sullivan.

There did not appear to be any counter protesters at the rally.

Before Saturday’s rally, the event’s largest turnout was about 500 people last year, said Sullivan. He explained that this year’s increase is likely due to several gun-control bills introduced at the Arizona Legislature this session, including ones that would expand background checks for firearm purchases and ban high-capacity magazines and so-called assault weapons.

Highlighted below are some organizations and candidates dedicated to right to keep and bear arms at the individual, city, county, state, and federal levels.

The Well Armed Women

With 17 chapters in Arizona and approximately 375 nationwide, TWAW focuses on educating women about firearms. Founding in 2012, this “Twister-hood” builds camaraderie and facilitates learning not just firearms, but taser, first aid, and situational awareness. A victim of violence may be intimidated by an overwhelmingly male demographic, and TWAW bridges that gap. As one of the rally speakers addressed, gun rights are women’s rights and victim’s rights.

A TWAW member I interviewed indicates that direction is driven by each chapter, and that her direction is reaching out to college women and campus carry.

Arizona Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement

Following the sanctuary movement in Virginia, the nascent Arizona Second Amendment sanctuary movement is gathering steam. Apache, Mohave, Yavapai Counties, Bullhead City, as well as at least one Native American Nation have joined. The movement needs volunteers to help pass 2A resolutions in all AZ counties and cities.

Arizona Citizens Defense League

Through the 1990s, gun rights were slowly eroded and firearm pre-emptions were Balkanized so that cities like Tucson were banning firearms from parks, as well as instituting other carry restrictions.

The ACDL was thus born as self-defense is a human right. Their current goals are mostly aimed at concealed carry expansion, but I expect them to expand with the emergent “assault weapons” ban threat.

The ACDL booth was packed throughout the rally.

As election season heats up, candidates require nominations to appear on the ballot. These nominations are specific to legislative and congressional districts at the state level, and open to all Arizona registered voters at the federal level.

Resources from ACDL are helpful in making an educated choice for nomination, primary (August 4) and the general (November 3).

Bill Tracking:

Legislator voting record:

Subscribe to Alerts:


Daniel McCarthy, Senate candidate

Republican McCarthy is a longshot US Senate candidate who’s entered the primary against the incumbent, Martha McSally.

McCarthy considers opposing a proposed “red flag” law his number one priority, especially since Senator McSally and Governor Ducey support it. ]

McCarthy considers himself a constitutional originalist. With anti-2A Mark Kelly — Gabby Giffords’ husband — leading the Democratic side of the ballot, McCarthy believes the way forward is not to be “purple,” but solid red instead.

Currently, McCarthy has the requisite number of petition signatures to appear on the August primary ballot, and is looking for support to beat McSally in the primary and Kelly in the general.


I spoke with Fabian, above, who specifically put his sign in both English and Spanish to help reverse the perception that firearms are only associated with criminals in both US (e.g. Telemundo) and Mexican TV productions.

The “Cartel Soap Operas” such as Escobar and El Rey de los Cielos associate firearms only with criminals, whereas, in reality, Mexican citizens from Guerrero formed militias and defended against criminals as well as a government that longer serves the citizenry. In his words, this rally is “my time to step up and right those wrongs”.

I also spoke with Jack, a construction electrician, who views firearms as just another tool. Just as he relies on a tool appropriate to his electrical tasks, he relies on a firearm as appropriate for his self-defense needs.

Growing up in California, his farming father used firearms as a tool for pest control, but also taught Jack shooting because of crime and distant police help. Jack said that he recognizes that the Second Amendment guarantees everyone a balance of power and a defense against tyranny in America.

Some Personal Thoughts

As a teenager, I read Captain Aubery recount how Lord Nelson did not require a coat at night, for he is warm with zeal for King and Country. That scene from Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World sounded like rubbish at the time, but I felt that warmth yesterday amongst my fellow Americans.

By the virtue of reading this website, we are attuned to matters of firearms and liberties. We are all Second Amendment ambassadors, and should do a good turn daily to ignite this fire in others. That includes helping to grow other shooters’ skills, share the importance of protecting our civil rights, and yes, thinking about how our actions might reflect upon our fellows.

Some would interpret Thomas Jefferson’s words that the “tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants” as a call to pop PMAGs. I choose to interpret it as liberty requiring constant scarifies from all of us to flourish.

Instead of slumbering for four years only to panic during national elections, we the people should consistently engage at the individual, county, state, and federal levels. That progression moves from easy to difficult in terms of opportunity cost, but also increases in reward as well.

Each reader can easily introduce a new shooter and instill a sense of civic pride and duty in that person. Given our federal system of government and the Tenth Amendment, state and local governments hold immense power with the added bonus that these politicians are much more accessible.

At the federal level, our voices may be drowned out in the deluge of emails, but this can be overcome with in-person meeting, attending town halls and highlights the importance of growing the 2A community at the individual level. These drops of “blood” constantly refresh the tree of liberty for future generations to come.

Here’s a Trump supporter carrying a 91/30 PU sniper rifle. Russian collusion confirmed.

A few signs . . .

Gun rights crowds don’t chant “F–k the police”, unlike supporters of the recently elected DA of San Francisco.

A few of the 16 speakers . . .

The ARFCOM crew . . .

A wide variety of openly carried firearms were, of course, represented . . .

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  1. “Each reader can easily introduce a new shooter and instill a sense of civic pride and duty in that person.”

    Here we go again. The issue will not be decided by a few, random bro days at the range. The issue is the 100million other gun owners who are not full-on 2A supporters. That is an overwhelming number, making unicorns look like….well, unicorns. We don’t need outreach to “the community” (as in towns, cities, states), we need full course engagement with gun owners who do not see that they too are targeted by the anti-gun mafia.

    However, congrats to the 2500 who attended the rally. Way better than 500. An encouraging sight.

      • “the more they push…the more we have to push back…and encourage others to join the fray…”

        We agree on the theme. It is the definition of “others” in dispute. There simply are not sufficient numbers of undecideds, fence-sitters, non-committed, neutral, waiting to go to the range individuals, who, if they become gun owners, will become avid 2A defenders. If it were not so, we would already have an unstoppable lobby of tens of millions of gun owners who don’t carve out special “rights” for their gun, or hobby. Truth is, there are not tens of millions of currently non gun owners waiting to be “encouraged”. If all the legal gun owners in the nation were determined 2A defenders, we wouldn’t even be having these conversations.

    • The leftist media will never report it, but mellenials are actually more pro gun then the two previous generations, thanks to a combination of the greater middle eastern war, video games, and the advent of “prepping”, a result of 9/11, Katrina, and the 08 recession.

      • Once the assault weapons ban was up millennials were about old enough to start buying ARs. First person shooter games were the most popular games in America. The result was many young people wanting to buy the guns they saw in the video games.

        Previous generations had access to full auto ARs, but didn’t want no shitty black guns with plastic on it. They didn’t want plastic 9mm handguns when they could have a 1911. They hated commie guns because America!

    • Probably because you can own the cool stuff and you don’t need a permit to carry. It’s easy to buy what you want when you are old enough and immediately start carry it. The barrier to entry is not like New York, Illinois, California…

      Imagine being a young college student interested in guns. If you had to take government required gun classes, pay fees and break through other barriers to exercise your human rights, you would be discouraged from trying.

    • Even though I live in a very “blue” county and use ranges my and in the neighboring counties, the average age of patrons appears to be mid to low 20s. I see preteens and teens with their parents. All genders and races are well represented in large numbers. On a weekend I have encountered even at the largest, with 40 lanes, 2-3 hour wait times. The fit, youth, nonmales, nonwhites are definitely interested in firearms and heading out to the range in large numbers in these “bluest” of “blue” counties in an indigo state and, at least where I shoot, it’s not old fat white supremacist males that dominate the numbers of shooters.

  2. “Your comment is awaiting moderation. This is a preview, your comment will be visible after it has been approved”
    What is this BS?

    • “Each reader can easily introduce a new shooter and instill a sense of civic pride and duty in that person.” There is no such thing as having too many members or supporters. I once read here, “too much ammunition is still not enough!” Introducing a new shooter is the only way to keep the ranks swelling—-not to worry the ranks won’t burst! It is not a hard task and it is painless, doesn’t cost anything save time and you probably were going to the range anyway. All any of us can do is ask others for a little of their time in which we can introduce them to guns and the fun on the range. If you don’t feel confident teaching others, then introduce new potential POTG to a friend who does like to teach. There really is something we all can do to expand the community and it takes very little effort. Doing nothing should not be an option.

  3. 2,500,000 then they’d listen.. I’m a bit concerned. It has been my observation that most individuals age 17-45 have been indoctrinated by propaganda against the Second Amendment. Whom ever are running the false information seem to have gained some success. I believe the Democratic party itself is not to blame however it appears that party has been infiltrated assumingly by an anti United States government. To my way of thinking and wishingg the hundred more felt the same, any one or any faction preventing anyone from exercising any of the Constitutional Rights are enemies of the United States of America. Communism, Socialism, No what’s happening is a fascist dictatorship.2a is teeth to all the rest, , we know that, “It” knows that. Crime and the use of a firearm both good or bad really is not the guts of the second amendment. The guts of the 2a was the power to stop the destruction of the country it protects. I’m afraid it’s lost that.,,,,,,, On a good note, can you imagine the trash and snacks laying around , hell yes

    • People that were in Virginia’s VCDL rally day, according to all tbe reports I’ve read, picked up after themselves and did not leave any trash behind. Maybe you refer to the full trash cans?

  4. The tree of liberty quote can only be interpreted one way…. the founders words were very plain and easy to understand…”interpreting” their words differently is a fkn mind game….
    We all know what Thomas Jefferson meant when he uttered that quote…. and it sure as hell wasn’t about your fault sacrifices….

    • Edit to my last sentence…

      …”And it sure as hell wasn’t about your DAILY sacrifices”….

  5. Glad they had good feels for the day.

    Sen. Kyrsten Sinema will be the ultimate arbiter of their feels.

    The Peoples Revolution For Freedom wont feel so good.

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