1791 Gunleather Project Stealth Leather/Carbon Fiber Hybrid Holster
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1791 Gunleather touts their new Project Stealth holster as the first to feature both good ol’ steerhide and carbon fiber. They say the combination makes their pancake-style rig lightweight, flexible and extra durable. Here’s their press release:

Next Evolution in Premium Leather Holsters

Miami, FL, U.S. – 1791 Gunleather®, innovative manufacturer of premium hand-crafted leather gun holsters and belts, today introduced the next evolution in premium leather holsters. The new “Project Stealth” gun holster series by 1791 Gunleather combines American heavy native steerhide with state-of-the-art flexible carbon fiber for the first-ever holster utilizing a proprietary, patent-pending combination of the two materials. The new line of luxury, wearable personal protection holsters incorporates the same patented, American-made CX6® carbon fiber manufactured by Carbitex, that is used by well-known premium brands in the modern automotive, high-end luggage, and professional athletic apparel markets.

1791 Gunleather Project Stealth Holster

“Project Stealth is like no holster you’ve seen before in terms of it’s contemporary, elegant look and exceptional, high-tech performance,” said 1791 Gunleather CEO Ramiro M. Romani. “The patent-pending Project Stealth series of holsters is where luxury, old-world craftsmanship, and the finest quality materials unite to deliver the most intriguing and fashionable EDC holsters ever seen. This outside-the-waistband series of holsters is not only lightweight and flexible, but extremely durable and aesthetically stunning,” he said. “Project Stealth represents the perfect marriage between classic and tactical, and will undoubtedly lead the way for many more provocative 1791 Gunleather products in the future.”

“By combining premium American, heavy native steerhide with high-tech, flexible CX6 carbon fiber, every day carry just became significantly more comfortable while achieving an unprecedented level of performance,” said Romani. “The Project Stealth series of holsters boast the broken-in feel of leather combined with the strength and durability of flexible carbon fiber. Your sidearm is surrounded by premium leather on the inside, and further protected by durable carbon fiber on the outside,” he said.

1791 Gunleather Project Stealth Leather/Carbon Fiber Hybrid Holster

The 1791 Gunleather passive retention system is perfected by adding flexible carbon fiber to the mix. “And, while the carbon fiber you’re used to seeing in holsters is lightweight and strong, it’s also very rigid, inflexible, and tends to scuff your firearm. The advantage of using the state-of-the-art CX6 carbon fiber is that its malleable,” Romani said. CX6 technology harnesses carbon fiber’s trademark strength and lightweight characteristics in an adaptable form, and does not stretch. According to Romani, the holster has been engineered to provide a new level of function for wearers through its enhanced strength, suppleness, and superior firearm retention.

“Project Stealth pancake-style holsters contour to the body in the same fashion as our premium leather holsters, while presenting a reduced carry weight, and enhanced retention for the most discerning folks,” said Romani. “However, where our competition sells standard quality, leather-only holsters in excess of $120, the patent-pending Project Stealth holsters are being introduced at less than $100,” he said.

“Carbon fiber is used in aircraft, automobiles, and even helmets,” said Romani. “And by incorporating the latest generation of carbon fiber innovation into our newest holster designs, we’re offering you an indulgence you won’t find elsewhere. The sophisticated CX6 carbon fiber in our Project Stealth series is incredibly abrasion and UV resitant, its tensile strength is unmatched, and because of reduced weight, our holsters are less bulky, and perform exceptionally well year after year.” Perhaps the best advantage, stated Romani, “Is that our carbon fiber does not stretch, so responsive unholstering is guaranteed.”

1791 Gunleather Project Stealth Holster Features:

Engineered for comfort and style with 100 percent American-made materials – premium heavy native steerhide and Carbitex patented CX6 carbon fiber
Longest-lasting leather holster on the market
Only flexible carbon fiber and premium steerhide holster available
Remarkably flexible, molds to body
Extremely responsive unholstering with NO stretching for a precise, rapid draw time after time
Noticeably lightweight
State-of-the-art CX6 flexible carbon fiber delivers added durability, and will not stretch, snag, split, or break
CX6 carbon fiber delivers best strength and abrasion resistance
A lighter holster maintains carbon fiber’s lightweight characteristics while reducing overall carry weight
Bold, luxurious, and elegant
Offered in several styles including: BH1, BHC, BH2.1, BH2.3, and BH2.4
Outside-the-waistband, open top, multi-fit belt holster
Excellent retention for a wide range of firearms
Lifetime Warranty and 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
Introductory MSRP: $99.99

Romani commented that CX6 is used by the world’s most discerning brands to push boundaries like never before. “We’re excited to create an entirely new product experience for our customers with patented carbon fiber technologies that are not only lab tested and consumer tested, but validated by athletes too,” he said. “Carbitex CX6 represents an entirely new standard of performance.”

“For the most reliable and comfortable all-day carry holster, choose the 1791 Gunleather Project Stealth holster that best fits your personal firearm. Handcrafted one at a time, Project Stealth Holsters are the most rigorous and distinctive holsters you’ll ever own,” he said.

About CX6®Carbon Fiber
Used by the worlds’ most discerning brands to push boundaries like never-before, Carbitex CX6 technology platforms are engineered to create an entirely new product experience through functionality. CX6 represents a new standard, proven by numbers, and felt by athletes. CX6 carbon fiber is a dense, intricately woven material, engineered with a wet-infusion process that yields the highest tensile strength of any commercially available fiber. Carbon fiber’s trademark strength and lightweight characteristics are enhanced by CX6 technology harnessing an exceptionally flexible form, no stretch, and superior lightweight properties.

About 1791 Gunleather
For more than two centuries, the Second Amendment of our great United States Constitution has protected our rights, as citizens of this nation, to keep and bear arms. At 1791 Gunleather, our love and appreciation of the Second Amendment goes hand-in-hand with our passion for the art of gunleather and our respect for the original patriots of this great nation. To us, sheltering your coveted firearms with carefully handcrafted holsters and belts is akin to protecting our loved ones and cherished freedoms.

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  1. This looks like a standard leather pancake with a panel insert of this “wonder material”, similar to so many holsters with some exotic leather instead on the insert panel. Makes me wonder if the fancy carbon fiber has any real function other than style, inasmuch as the firearm is surrounded by leather (which they say and which you can see from the pic showing the toe of the holster)..

  2. For some reason, the Carbon Fiber “applique” over basically an all leather holster reminds me of the late 70’s 1/2 vinyl “landau” roofs on cars. It was supposed to look fancy and upscale but was actually just a crafty way to hide damage and imperfections on the roofs during a particularly low-quality period of American car manufacturing. I am going to assume that if you peeled back the carbon fiber insert that you would likely find a less than pretty, maybe scarred or discolored piece of leather. Does it look cool? Sure, it is eye-catching and well done. Is it at all functional? Well, the carbon fiber won’t get scuffed up, so maybe.

    • Weapons Education….I purchased a gun belt from them and like it very much, and they do seem to be good folks. In Texas, if I am not mistaken, we are required to use a holster with a ” retention device”. Wonder if they can make this with a strap or other acceptable retention device other than a ” snug fit’.

  3. I get the impression the carbon fiber is bonded to the leather, not an insert. If so then the carbon fiber will be keeping the shape and should assist reholstering. Kind of like Garrett’s holsters. If not, then meh.

  4. The carbon is bonded to the leather, making it more moldable and reisitant.. Mine arrived in two days and I think its amazing, will let everyone know how it goes. My glock 19 sits well on this product.

  5. more durable…than leather?? just how long are you people expecting to carry the exact same holster and gun???? 60 years???? solution looking for a problem.

    • The carbon fiber should be impervious to scratches, scuffs and gouges that the leather would not be. Looks like they were addressing cosmetic durability rather than functional durability.

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