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Reader Roy H. writes:
After seeing her mother’s fiancé shot multiple times, a Las Vegas teen picked up a gun and fired back at home invaders after she’d been shot in the leg. I’d like to take the opportunity to remind everybody that in 2015 there were 265 children who picked up a firearm and accidentally shot someone. At the same time, there were 3.7 million household burglaries per year and 266,500 of those turned violent. The need for self-defense in the home is not insignificant and teenagers especially are often at home alone when parents are not. It is immoral to leave them defenseless.


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  1. “It is immoral to leave them defenseless.”

    We’ll protect you, we can do it better, we are trained. Just call when someone breaks in and we’ll be there in like 10 to 20 mins.
    — The Po Po

  2. Bad luck the gun jammed. I wonder what it was? At least the girl kept her cool and got some rounds off at the home invaders. Hopefully one of them is nursing a wound or two.

        • Or maybe sometimes crap happens.

          Saw a Glock fanboy at an IDPA match one time go nuts because a Glock malfunctioned. Wasn’t even his, but it sure sent him into spasms.

          Any firearm can fail. Any bullet can fail to perform terminally.

          There are no certainties in life…except death.

  3. I am glad my kids’ babysitter carries. I would have bought the gun and paid for the training, but she already has a gun she likes and knows what she is doing. I am not so worried about home invasions, but I would rather her shoot a rabid/dangerous animal than be left with a sharp stick. It is certainly immoral to leave anyone defenseless, it is damnable to require it.

  4. I’m glad that the girl, and her mom’s boyfriend are going to make it. I’m also glad that she knew how to use a firearm, and shot back at the home invaders. Somebody took the time to teach a child to properly handle a firearm, and in this case, it really paid off.

    Side rant, but I’m concerned about how heavy American kids are these days. Back when I was 14 (late 80’s), you VERY rarely saw girls this heavy. Now, it is ALL TOO COMMON. This nice young lady is pretty much average weight today. As a society, we are doing something (or many things) very wrong.

    Personally, I think our low fat, high sugar diet has a lot to do with it.

    • As a former 200 pound Pillsbury Dough Boy, I agree completely on the diet issue. However, fitness has been so commercialized and romanticized that the”ideal” body type not only seems impossible to reach, but isn’t even truly healthy. Go look at photos of boxers and athletes in the early 1900’s. It’s all lean muscle, but a little fat on the belly never hurt anyone. Nobody had a six pack that looked ready to tear through the skin, but that’s the Hollywood image we’re supposed to fawn over. Exercise has also been relegated to an activity, what many call SHTF scenarios used to be daily life.

      I spent a month in Germany, and while I lost ten pounds and learned a lot about what to avoid in the states, I learned an even better tip last week. If your great-grandfather would not recognize it as food or drink, then it’s not.

      • I’ve dropped 20 lbs (and built muscle at the same time) so far this year. Mainly, I’ve just reduced sugar, crap fast food, and carbs, while increasing protein, and weightlifting.

        • 65 yrs old . Weight 175 height 5ft 11inches. I do 50 pushups 21pullups n100 sit ups every.morning after sac time. Its getting harder year by year, Dont give up, push it. We gain through pain. Oooh owww now if I could just get my socks on without sitting down

  5. I’m sorry, this post probably won’t last ten seconds, but when I see something like this, or that 12-year-old girl in OK who shot a home invader through the closet door he was trying to break in–I just want to slap Bloomberg, Sugarman, Everitt, and Watts silly. EDIT: At least the newsies didn’t go dig up the police chief to say “We don’t recommend that people fight back. Call 911, and while you’re waiting for us, just try to lay back and enjoy it”.

  6. She’s cool under pressure….love it!
    This is why i teach my kids how to shoot and also how to treat trauma wounds.
    Goes hand in hand.

  7. Right on daughter, she needs a meddle…. storie time….My mom worked at a bar, dad worked construction. Mom was followed home buy two guys, and our door was kicked in, I shot one with my pellet gun and they took off. Mom knew who they was, Dad got home that weekend, mom told him, he got an axe handle and sent them to the hospitol. Then he bought me a .410, I was 14 at the time.

  8. This is why we need Smart Guns which will deactivate when unauthorized children try to operate them. Think of the children!

    • When I was a teenager there were guns all over the place. Everybody’s hunting rifles were hanging on the wall. The pistols were usually in their drawers. We looked at them but we never thought of shooting each other. But I’m 66 and I was a teenager in the 60s. Maybe there is something to violent media teaching our kids that they should do the same thing. I can’t even guess what’s going on in young peoples minds today but we certainly should find out what changed in the last 40 years or 50 years because there sure is a difference, yes?

  9. So, the various gun laws and regulations being pushed would keep guns from the girl, or the home invaders?

    I am curious how this incident rolls up stastically. Is that two gun assaults minus one DGU n one or two “not deads”? Or maybe this counts as three gun violence e incidents: 2 B Gs, 1 G G.

    • There were at least three people involved, so it’s a Mass Shooting. Somebody check Shooting Tracker, I bet it’s in there.

  10. Excellent point, Jim. Maybe someone should keep a stat website based on mass shootings stopped by lawfully armed Americans. This would qualify.

  11. Looks like a good use for the S&W Governor… oh yeah, I already have one. I’m telling yall, the Governor is the be all, end all HD weapon. Load it with Federal Premium .410 handgun 000 and relax. No BS. No safety,no slide rack.


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