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Jersey City cop joins the force (courtesy

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop recently “consulted” with Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America on his procurement process for his city’s police. Fulop devised a questionnaire for prospective suppliers asking about their position on various gun control measures (e.g., “universal background checks” and “assault weapon” sales). Appearing on the NRA’s Cam & Co., NRA Board member Scott Bach criticized the move and noted that Fulop should know better than to support civilian disarmament; Fulop’s grandparents were Holocaust survivors. To their eternal shame, the Anti-Defamation League slammed Bach for the reference. And now Fulop’s re-entered the fray, claiming support from 109 NJ Mayors for his proposal. Press release after the jump. Oh, and MAIG told TTAG that none of these Mayors is considering a similar proposal . . .


PR Newswire

NEW YORK, Dec. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — New Jersey Mayors Against Illegal Guns released the following statement today in response to the criticism from a member of the National Rifle Association’s board of directors for Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop’s proposal to survey gun manufacturers bidding for local law enforcement contracts [ED: TTAG link added.] A full list of New Jersey Mayors Against Illegal Guns releasing this statement is below.

“As fellow New Jersey mayors, we want to share our support for Mayor Steven Fulop of Jersey City for taking steps to keep our communities safe. After proposing an initiative to survey gun manufacturers bidding to supply firearms to local law enforcement, Mayor Fulop was the target of baseless and offensive criticism from a member of the National Rifle Association board of directors.

“Mayor Fulop is asking straightforward questions and encouraging common-sense measures like comprehensive background checks for one reason: to save lives. We stand by him and we pledge to continue our shared mission to make the Garden State safer by keeping guns out of dangerous hands.”

New Jersey Mayors Against Illegal Guns:

Mayor Fred Tagliarini, Aberdeen, NJ
Mayor Ed Johnson, Asbury Park, NJ
Mayor Robert Critelli, Atco, NJ
Mayor Lorenzo Langford, Atlantic City, NJ
Mayor Mark Smith, Bayonne, NJ
Mayor Matthew Doherty, Belmar, NJ
Mayor David Mayer, Blackwood, NJ
Mayor Raymond McCarthy, Bloomfield, NJ
Mayor Patrick McHale, Bogota, NJ
Mayor James Cann, Bordentown, NJ
Mayor Albert Kelly, Bridgeton, NJ
Mayor Dana Redd, Camden, NJ
Mayor Chuck Cahn, Cherry Hill, NJ
Mayor Michael Blunt, Chesilhurst, NJ
Mayor Janice Kovach, Clinton, NJ
Mayor Sophie Heymann, Closter, NJ
Mayor M. James Maley, Collingswood, NJ
Mayor Dennis Roohr, Cookstown, NJ
Mayor Thomas Hannen, Cranford, NJ
Mayor Kenneth Paris, Delran, NJ
Mayor James Dodd, Dover, NJ
Mayor Joseph Smith, East Newark, NJ
Mayor Robert Bowser, East Orange, NJ
Mayor Antonia Ricigliano, Edison, NJ
Mayor J. Christian Bollwage, Elizabeth, NJ
Mayor Carlos Colina, Emerson, NJ
Mayor Colleen Mahr, Fanwood, NJ
Mayor Mark Sokolich, Fort Lee, NJ
Mayor Warren Cooper, Frenchtown, NJ
Mayor Joseph Delaney, Garfield, NJ
Mayor Guy Piserchia, Gillette, NJ
Mayor Gerald Drasheff, Guttenberg, NJ
Mayor Maria DiGiovanni, Hackettstown, NJ
Mayor Domenick Stampone, Haledon, NJ
Mayor Raymond McDonough, Harrison, NJ
Mayor Rose Heck, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ
Mayor John DeRienzo, Haworth, NJ
Mayor Richard Goldberg, Hawthorne, NJ
Mayor Gary Minkoff, Highland Park, NJ
Mayor Dawn Zimmer, Hoboken, NJ
Mayor Timothy McDonough, Hope, NJ
Mayor Paul Anzano, Hopewell, NJ
Mayor Wayne Smith, Irvington, NJ
Mayor Steven Fulop, Jersey City, NJ
Mayor Michael Ryan, Lake Como, NJ
Mayor David DelVecchio, Lambertville, NJ
Mayor John DeSimone, Leonia, NJ
Mayor Richard Gerbounka, Linden, NJ
Mayor Mauro Raguseo, Little Ferry, NJ
Mayor Marc Schreiks, Lodi, NJ
Mayor Frank Minor, Logan Township, NJ
Mayor Kenneth Short, Long Valley, NJ
Mayor Nicholas Russo, Longport, NJ
Mayor Michael Beck, Lower Township, NJ
Mayor Robert Conley, Madison, NJ
Mayor William Laforet, Mahwah, NJ
Mayor Susan Cohen, Manalapan, NJ
Mayor Michael Fressola, Manchester Township, NJ
Mayor Victor DeLuca, Maplewood, NJ
Mayor Frank North, Merchantville, NJ
Mayor Patrick O’Hagan, Midland Park, NJ
Mayor James Gallos, Milford, NJ
Mayor Sandra Haimoff, Millburn, NJ
Mayor Robert Jackson, Montclair, NJ
Mayor Dennis Vaccaro, Moonachie, NJ
Mayor Timothy Dougherty, Morristown, NJ
Mayor J. Brooke Hern, New Providence, NJ
Mayor Peter Massa, North Arlington, NJ
Mayor Francis Womack, North Brunswick, NJ
Mayor Randy George, North Haledon, NJ
Mayor Linda Schwager, Oakland, NJ
Mayor Owen Henry, Old Bridge, NJ
Mayor Dwayne Warren, Orange, NJ
Mayor James Rotundo, Palisades Park, NJ
Mayor James Barberio, Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ
Mayor Alex Blanco, Passaic, NJ
Mayor Jeffrey Jones, Paterson, NJ
Mayor Wilda Diaz, Perth Amboy, NJ
Mayor Harry Wyant, Phillipsburg, NJ
Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs, Plainfield, NJ
Mayor Jesse Tweedle, Pleasantville, NJ
Mayor Donna Moore, Port Norris, NJ
Mayor Liz Lempert, Princeton, NJ
Mayor Pasquale Menna, Red Bank, NJ
Mayor Paul Aronsohn, Ridgewood, NJ
Mayor Linda Schaefer, Ringwood, NJ
Mayor Sandy Moscaritolo, River Edge, NJ
Mayor Dave Fried, Robbinsville, NJ
Mayor Jamel Holley, Roselle, NJ
Mayor Joe Accardi, Roselle Park, NJ
Mayor Kevin Glover, Scotch Plains, NJ
Mayor Michael Gonnelli, Secaucus, NJ
Mayor Alex Torpey, South Orange, NJ
Mayor Nicholas Poliseno, Spotswood, NJ
Mayor Mohammed Hameeduddin, Teaneck, NJ
Mayor Peter Rustin, Tenafly, NJ
Mayor Clifton People, Union, NJ
Mayor Brian Stack, Union City, NJ
Mayor Joanne Minichetti, Upper Saddle River, NJ
Mayor Thomas Giordano, Waldwick, NJ
Mayor Richard Turner, Weehawken, NJ
Mayor Robert Parisi, West Orange, NJ
Mayor Shing-Fu Hsueh, West Windsor, NJ
Mayor John Birkner, Westwood, NJ
Mayor Julia Allen, Whitehouse Station, NJ
Mayor Jacqueline Jennings, Willingboro, NJ
Mayor John McCormac, Woodbridge, NJ
Mayor Jeffrey Goldsmith, Woodcliff Lake, NJ
Mayor Keith Kazmark, Woodland Park, NJ

About Mayors Against Illegal Guns 

Since its creation in April 2006, Mayors Against Illegal Guns has grown from 15 members to more than 1,000 mayors from across the country. The coalition has more than 1.5 million grassroots supporters, making it the largest gun violence prevention advocacy organization in the country. Co-chaired by New York City MayorMichael Bloomberg and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, Mayors Against Illegal Guns has united the nation’s mayors around these common goals: protecting communities by holding gun offenders accountable; demanding access to crime gun trace data that is critical to law enforcement efforts to combat gun trafficking; and working with legislators to fix weaknesses and loopholes in the law that make it far too easy for criminals and other dangerous people to get guns. Learn more at

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  1. What Scott Bach should do in response is call up some courthouses, and post that same exact list of mayors in support-except this time with annotations showing who’s under indictment or been charged with criminal violations of law.

    Well see who’s got common sense, real fast.

  2. We need to get the police union involved and make them aware that their members are at risk so plan for more funerals.

    • Dirk is quite right. Making purchase decisions other than on the best tool for the job puts their officers at risk.

    • Public employer unions are more shills for the State. They know what side their bread is buttered on.

      • Not as much as you would think. The Police Unions less so.

        But thank you for casting such a wide net to disparage so many people at one time. If you don’t support the Union, don’t join the Union.

        As a member of Local 2432 AFSCME I wanted to wish you and yours, and everyone reading along, a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

        • What about us tax payers? I am damn tired of “supporting the union”. Cut all benefits, pay, and make sure the government employee doesn’t touch a dime of pension money until they turn 67. No government employee should be allowed to join a union or own weapons.

          Get an honest job.

        • If you don’t like it don’t join! What a laugh. I wish unions actually believed that. Here in MN my wife has the choice of paying union dues or paying the same dollar figure to NOT be in the union! What a choice.

          And of course the local unions and the dems scream bloody murder at the mere mention of right to work legislation.

          I have no problem with a non coercive union but under the NLRA there’s no such thing.

        • This is why we can’t have nice things in this country.

          There is a group of people who want nothing more than to tell you what to do, what to own, when and where it is OK to do something, we call them gun grabbers. Well, we call them ninnies, but their overall intent is to take away something from you.

          You push back against them and rightly so.

          You then turn around and do to others exactly what you are fighting against. The gun grabbers want you to give up something, and you say no. You turn around and tell others you want them to give up something and take offense when we say no.

          We will never win this battle of our rights if you keep doing to others exactly what you complain is being done to you.

          Chris, you asked what about us tax payers? We as Union Members aren’t exempt from taxes, we pay them too. Sharon, you complained about your wife working in a closed union shop? Unless they unionized after your wife got the job then she knew it was a union shop before she started.

          And telling me to get a real job because you don’t like unions is exactly the same as the gun grabbers telling you to give up your guns because they don’t like them.

          You are either all-in with the individual freedoms, are you aren’t. You don’t get to allow some freedoms for some things but turn against other things because you don’t know enough about them.

        • Chip,
          Unions have taken over entire industry in state. You can probably guess which it is. I have no problem with unions if it were a fair fight and if the gov was on nobody’s side but that’s not how it works.
          Could you please explain to my children why Mommy has to work two extra hours a month to pay dues to an organization she doesn’t want to be part of? And which will be spent to support a political party we despise? How is that freedom? You, as a unionist, take the property of others without their consent. That is bad.

        • Also, that’s some pretty selective logic: she knew it was union going in so too bad.

          Hmmm, do unions say that about any thing else?

          You knew the pay was minimum wage when you took the job so too bad.

          You knew the safety record of the company was bad when you took the job so too bad.

          You knew that there were long term health risk when you took the job so too bad.


        • Aaaaaand, there’s no incosistency here whatsoever.

          Position on guns: “leave my guns alone and we’ll get along fine”

          Position on unions: “leave my money alone and we’ll get along fine”

    • The NJ PBA has secured $100K+ salaries with lots of free benefits for their members. And… big, fat pensions after 20yrs which amount to more than the average US citizen’s full time salary. No way is the union going to kill (or criticize) the golden goose as they are firmly in their pocket. And MANY people pay over $10k in property taxes to pay for it all and can’t sell their homes to escape.

  3. Anyone have that list of criminal mayors. Might as well link them now.

    I see, 109 mayors sign a letter 90% of the public will never see, then if the mayor gets killed in the next election all the others simply scurry back into the dark cracks in the wall. I get it.

  4. I’d ask how many police chiefs in NJ support this in the towns above, but sadly that number would be the same: 109. Such are political appointments. But I’d bet big money on the number of NJ patrol officers supporting this being less than 2% (I’d have said zero, but hey, cops are people too so that means at least some of them are criminally stupid).

    • Most NJ cops are not gun friendly at all. Although I did have a brief chat about why NJ never issues CCW permits with a Bergen County Sheriff’s officer at my local DMV not too long ago. She seemed very nice and sympathetic, and just as dismayed about the whole thing as I was. But she’s an exception. NJ hates guns. Whether it’s regular people, cops or politicians, most of them could not care less about the 2A. Therefore this MAIG nonsense and the support of so many mayors does not surprise me one bit.

  5. Isn’t New Jersey the state where there is an epidemic of car jackings? How will suppliers answering the Mayor’s questions help stop these crimes?

  6. Will these 109 be so vocal in support if/when some NJ cop get killed because their PC weapon failed at an in-opportune time?

  7. Bach is an intelligent and brave fellow. He is right to fight back so strongly. I hope he’s working on his own statement of support from policemen and councilmen. MAIG has a ready list of mayors. I’m guessing they didn’t get a chance to opt out on this question before their names were used.

  8. So NJ has sheeple mayors, too?

    What a clustaire phuque for that states citizens; or is it political job security and graft.

    Either way…

      • No doubt about that Duke, but do all the mayors on the list actually know what they agreed to, or are they just going along to get along…and improve their chances of retaining His/Her Honorship.

        And I wonder how many of these ‘cities’ and ‘townships’ even have in house law enforcement. Some of the Mayors may just be paying lip service to something over which they have little control.

        • Most of those Mayors preside over tiny municipalities.
          One of the 1st on the list (Asbury Park, NJ) isn’t even 2 sq miles in area.
          Some don’t even have a Fire Departmant and many NO Police Department.

          MAIG is simply using them to pad their membership numbers!

          More meaningless lies!

        • Many of those NJ towns on that list are slum holes. Usually Southern NJ towns go with Philly and hate anything NYC.

  9. So here’s the questionaire (and some suggested answers):

    – What do you do to combat illegal gun trafficking and illegal gun crime?
    (We follow all applicable laws and leave the combating to law enforcement authorities.)

    – Do you manufacturer and sell assault weapons for civilian use?
    (We cannot provide a meaningful answer to this question without knowing the definition of “assault weapons”. Since this is a nonsensical term made up by rabid gun control advocates, no definition is possible and neither is a meaningful answer.)

    – Do you agree not to sell certain models of firearms for civilian use?
    (That would require revising the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution.)

    – Are you requiring your dealers to conduct background checks?
    (No, the Federal government is requiring all dealers to conduct background checks.)

    – Do you fund research related to gun violence and smart gun technology?
    (It is inappropriate for you to ask us to disclose proprietary corporate research projects.)

    – Will you commit to prohibiting your brand name from being used in violent video games?
    (No, and to suggest doing so may be a potential violation of 1st Amendment free speech rights.)

    So, what’s the problem?

    • Oh, and by the way… If anyone is excluded from consideration based on the answers to this questionaire, that’s when the lawyers get involved and this becomes one expensive way of procuring equipment.

  10. I looked at that picture, saw the portly gent in the middle, and suddenly thought “HOLY CRAP! IT’S CAPTAIN KANGAROO!” Sorry – couldn’t help it. It also explains a lot about NJ politics.

  11. Don’t most of the major manufacturers sell at a loss (or at least a substantially reduced cost) to law enforcement and recoup the money in the commercial market?

    • Manufacturers of durable goods who are still in business don’t sell at a loss to anybody. Just ask the Japanese.

    • Yikes, if they do that means we are subsidizing firearms purchases for those that would disarm us.

  12. IMO, I don’t think it was wise to bring up that the mayor’s grandparents were Holocaust survivors. Just brings an additional controversial element into the issue that is unnecessary.

  13. Nice to see the mayors of the towns I live and work have not shown their support.

    Still, can’t wait to move to PA. NJ is a lost cause. The people here just aren’t 2nd amendment supporters. I feel bad for those who are but there are too few and it seems like the big groups just don’t care about putting an effort in NJ.

    PA is much better and I was moving out of NJ either way… it’s expensive as all hell to live here.

  14. And from the Karma’s a B!tch Department:

    “Come December 31, the last day of Bloomberg’s reign, hundreds of thousands of records and documents collected during his tenure will be moved to the Surrogate’s Court Building, on Chambers Street in lower Manhattan, where the city’s Department of Records and Information Services will build an archive comprising records of “historical value,” which anyone can search through during business hours…

    “This includes personal correspondence too. When we asked if, say, Bloomberg’s email correspondence with his daughter would be preserved and made available for public inspection, Cobb responded: ‘Our assumption is that the mayor would not have corresponded with family members via his e-mail; but if he had, those messages would potentially be open for research.'”

    Read it at [believe it or not]

  15. I think we should be encouraging common-sense measures from gun manufacturers bidding to supply firearms to Jersey City. If you want my business tell Jersey City to shove that survey.

  16. glad to see the mayor of my town isn’t on the list. This year, our Police Chief added a secretary to the two detectives in the Permit Bureau and extended the hours to all day and five days a week. We also get our permits within the specified thirty days and renewals are done in one day. I’ve found our department to be gun -friendly and they’ll sit and discuss various firearms with you.

    • That’s nice and all well and fine, but the obvious problem is that you have to deal with permits and renewals and such in the first place. Thankfully Missouri did away with its permit to purchase handguns system years ago in favor of NICS. Unhappily all this merely brings us to the even larger issue of fleeing a state that is obviously a lost cause versus taking it back. That may be the most depressing thing of all.


    • Now, now…no need for that. LOTS of pro-gun people in NJ, we’re just outnumbered by the libs. With a population of 8.8 million, if 1/3
      are pro-gun, that would make more POTG in NJ than the entire populations of 21 states…probably yours included.

  17. Those questions are illegal to ask and violate Federal Trade Commission laws.First and Foremost, secondly if Colorado Sheriffs are being told by a Colorado judge they cannot use their elected position to sue the state,than nor can these Mayor’s use their elected positions to take sides on this political issue.

  18. By the way,these guys are stupid idiots,completely asinine way of approaching crime,but then again they’re liberals so what do you expect.
    I always say” if you want to live in Stupidville do as the Stupidvillians” !

  19. “… we pledge to continue our shared mission to make the Garden State safer by keeping guns out of dangerous hands.”

    I thought Mayors Against Illegal Guns were against ex-convicts getting their hands on guns. Now they have expanded their mission to keeping guns out of “dangerous hands”. Who defines “dangerous hands”? Many gun grabbers would define any civilian as “dangerous hands”.

    So, is this “mission creep”? Or is Mayors Against Illegal Guns revealing their real mission from the start?

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