100 Days of Congressional Gun Control Nonsense

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

By Larry Keane

Last week a group of Democrats in Congress held a press conference to discuss gun control. It’s not entirely clear why their remarks were newsworthy. It was simply another instance of gun control advocates advocating for gun control in front of the media. Their hook was that it had been 100 days since the House passage of a bill requiring universal background checks for every private party firearm transfer.

Yes, all retailers are already required to run background checks through the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), regardless of whether the transfer is made through a store or at a gun show. But that isn’t good enough for those who wish to control the actions of every individual seeking to exercise their Constitutional rights under the Second Amendment.

And H.R. 8, their universal background check bill, sounds like the next logical law to pass when covered in the media. However, as we have said before, it can’t work.

Criminals Don’t Respect Laws

It can’t work because criminals who are prohibited by law from owning a firearm will not comply, as they do not comply with the existing laws. Government surveys have shown time and time again that the vast majority of prisoners obtained their guns from the black market or from theft. There are zero indications that they will follow a new law requiring them to call the FBI as they are purchasing a stolen firearm on the street.

It can’t work because the only way to enforce the law will be to create a massive government database with a list of every gun owner and which firearms they own. That way, they can track whether a background check was run when the firearm was sold or given as a gift to another individual. In a time when every database is hackable and all personal information online is vulnerable, the last thing our country needs is a gun owner database.

Not an Antidote

According to the members of Congress who participated in this media availability debacle, H.R. 8 is needed to stem the “epidemic of gun violence.” As we have noted many times before, guns are not a disease and are used in healthy, legal ways every day.

When asked whether the bill would have prevented the recent tragic shooting in Virginia Beach, of course the answer was no, as the shooter had already passed more than one background check. The illegal actions of criminals must be addressed, as well as the rising suicide trends and the fortunately rare cases of unintentional injuries. But H.R. 8 is not a solution.

A real newsworthy event would be for the Democrats pushing the gun control agenda to admit that H.R. 8 will not lower crime rates or address the gaps in our mental health system. How about a press conference to recognize the notably effective programs led and funded by the firearms and ammunition industry that help make our communities safer?


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel at National Shooting Sports Foundation.


  1. avatar James Earl Hoffa says:

    Gun control is nothing more than people control. Biggest waste of time and money ever spent. Absolutely unamerican. Socialism in capital letters. And this crap on Flag Day oh, what a crock.

    1. avatar Geoff “Guns. Lots of guns.” PR says:

      “Biggest waste of time and money ever spent.”

      Wrong, it makes the eventual confiscation of civilian firearms much easier.

      It’s dangerous to believe they are stupid, they are not. Every move they make is made for an eventual goal…

      1. avatar frank speak says:

        just another rung in the ladder allowing them to climb to their gun-free nirvana….

    2. avatar Jonathan-Houston says:

      I’d have to say that you both are correct. UBC are a huge waste of time and resources…..if you believe the premise that such a proposal is genuinely aimed at reducing crime committed with guns. That premise is false, of course, but that premise is the justification for this proposal and that justification is what’s being served up to the public.

      It’s a B.S. argument, but it is the argument being made, nonetheless. You have to address it. Yes, there is a risk in allowing the gun grabbers to frame the debate. The public is likely to think erroneously “Hmmm….one side says this will reduce crime; the other side says it won’t and it’s wasteful. At least everyone agrees this is about crime reduction, though…..”

      We all know this isn’t about crime; it’s more inches toward the end zone of complete civilian disarmament, and worse. However, if you go in hard charging with non-gun owners–people who don’t read, write, discuss, and think about guns as part of their everyday life–then in warning of massive registries and calumnies, conspiracies and confiscations, you’re apt to come across as a kook and be ignored. How does that block legislation?

      A blended approach is preferable. Refute the anti-crime argument, but ease into the registration risk and link it to known governmental abuses like the IRS and tea party groups, or the FBI and the Russia collusion hoax, or the NSA and their over reaching domestic surveillance.

      Couch these things in terms of rogue elements of the government, because John Q. Public has zero concept of the potential for tyranny that the entire government represents.

  2. avatar Mort says:

    Oh, and…

    It can’t work because: WE WILL NOT COMPLY.

    We just won’t. I am not entirely sure how we are supposed to get this message out to these ignorant twats who keep peddling this fantasy of UBCs… but the general public needs to know that this is an entirely futile, completely wasted effort that the vast majority of gun owners will simply ignore. Without that gun registration database (which inevitably will be “the next step” 🙄), there is simply no way to enforce these laws. And if we’re not going to bother with UBCs amongst our own private transactions, what on Earth makes them think we’ll line up for registration? (400+ million arms and counting, notwithstanding… lol)

    They need to understand: the whole thing is just silly. Obviously, they envision some kind of Californiaesque DMV for guns… bureaucracy literally gone mad… but it’s never going to happen the way they want. And they need to be told this, over and over. They need to be told that we will not comply with such nonsense.

    Be safe. (actual Mort, AZ)

    1. avatar Geoff “Guns. Lots of guns.” PR says:

      ” Without that gun registration database (which inevitably will be “the next step” 🙄), there is simply no way to enforce these laws.”

      It isn’t intended for immediate results, it’s a chess piece on the board to be used sometime in the future, at a time of their choosing.

      “It can’t work because: WE WILL NOT COMPLY.”

      Throw a few people into prison in the future for possessing a gun not on the required national registry and see how fast that changes.

      This isn’t for now, it’s a part of their long game…

      1. avatar Mort says:

        Certainly you make good points, and I agree, generally speaking… incrermentalism is the game, and little by little soft, “reasonable, “common sense” restrictions will be implemented until they are in sum one big pragmatic prohibition. I get this. And, I would be slightly more concerned if “the studies” had any substantive truth to them… those optimistic Harvard/Berkeley studies that always suggest less and less people.are owning firearms, and the primary demographic of the old, racist, ornery white guy is going extinct, and more and more (and more!) sensibly indoctrinated children are learning that guns are a filthy, evil anachronism of a bygone dark age filled with racists and toxic masculinity… oh! What bright hope these facts and figures provide for our wonderful New America!

        But it just isn’t so. No matter what these Grade A zealous assholes want the “general public” to think and believe, they are not succeeding. They are reinforcing the ignorant, hysterical ideas of people who already believe in that nonsense, sure. But the data– plain, easily available, publicly exposed, raw numbers– tell a wildly different story than their pity party hopes and dreams… the tell is in the constant, nonstop barrage of “gun violence” hysteria and overtly fudged non-substantiated cllaims that the gun control faithful chant like religion. (And elsewhere, like in the pathetic non-popularity of neo-Stalinist party candidates that chirp about the “gun violence epidemic.”) Guns are still selling like crazy… not since before Obama has there been less than 20 million NICS checks annually. Geez, the gun industry calls a “plummet of sales” from 26 million to 21 million NICS checks a “slump.” Yet makers keep cranking out arms and moving them. Self defense, recreational, and sport shooting are growing across all demographics (even hunting is experiencing a little zest after some tough years…). The realistic estimate of privately owned firearms moves so fast, it actually may be off by as much as 200 million units (i.e., 400 vs. 600 million privately owned firearms…). That is nuts. In California, the beacon of gun control for America… surely there has been an epiphany about “gun violence?” Because they have registrations and UBCs etc., we can have reasonably accurate information… The CDOJ said this year that, since Obama, in just a single decade the number of guns have doubled (i.e., registered guns), and the number of gun owners has more-than-doubled. They said 1 in 8 Californians has a gun now. These truths are in hard contrast to the silly misinformed nonsense about “less and less American homes have guns,” and half of all guns are concentrated in so-called “superowner” households (i.e., the dread 3%, primed eager and ready to “snap” and “cause” “gun violence” everywhere!!). These anti-2A people are simply not being realistic– and they are flat out lying when they say stupid stuff like, “the vast majority of Americans,” and “95% of Americans,” and so forth purporting that the hysterical, alarmist idiocy of gun control is a Big Concern for “most Americans.” It just isn’t. Mass shootings are the biggest concern, and they make a tiny fraction of actual gun homicides… we know quite well what truly causes gun-related crimes. And it simply is not us, the POTG who own hundreds of millions of guns.

        However… Firearms owners are not a hard majority, no. And there is a very vocal, wiley group of anti-humanity anti-2A asshats who really do want to relinquish a monopoly of violence to the almighty State. And, way way too many of us gun owners just Fudd the fk out because we are self-conscious of what other people think… nobody wants to be That Guy who doesn’t believe in “common sense” to save the children (and who might “snap” and perform a mass shooting circus with his deadly high caliber fully semiautomatic military grade Mini 14, or whatever…), I guess. Yet, all these dipshits together can still barely pass state gun control laws, and when they do get them passed, they simply do not see any compliance on any meaningful scale. That right there is a huge non-story that isn’t being told in the obviously biased, prejudicially ignorant anti-2A mass media.

        Someone commented here about that… the sheer lack of compliance these dumb laws have in most states. Another said, “just you watch when they start throwing people in jail….” Well, sort of… there is ton to unpack there. The more people prosecuted for gun “crimes” who are not actually criminals (but instead normal gun owning Americans…), the more this becomes a sympathetic story, an outrage, and a do-something… usually in that order. And the more 2A folks get antsy, too, and when we are active we have a good habit of winning… despite the ridiculous myth that the NRA is “responsible” for all those greedy, gun-salivating bloodthirsty politicians. They are lobbyists and organizers… but we are the voices and votes. We are the People who want our guns and gun rights– because it affects so much of America.

        Point being, as I originally posted: We should shout it from the rooftops, “We will not comply, and you’re foolish to think so.” When we raise efforts against this incrementalism of gun control schemes, both the anti-2A hysterics and the feckless politicians need to know that they are picking a long, hard slog of a fight for nothing more than utter futility. They will lose. Because: “Guns, and More Guns.” And: More normalization of Constitutionally protected guaranteed civil rights. Keep buying, keep owning, and keep encouraging more Americans to be POTG. The rest will come because we are who we are and we won’t relinquish our civil rights. We are Americans, and we love our guns. Normalization is key.

        Be safe. (actual Mort, AZ)

    2. avatar frank speak says:

      new york has been the test bed for this approach…funny how they don’t seem to talk much about non-compliance…a reality they don’t want to acknowledge…..

  3. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

    These DemoCommies in control of congress are un American traitors,as they swore a oath to the U S Constitution and yet are in the active progress of subverting to that which the swore a oath,they have by their actions proven themselves guilty have they not.

  4. avatar Texican says:

    If I were a reporter I’d say something like this:
    In light of the fact that violent crime is going down nationwide without this law and that over 80% of violent crime is committed in Democrat controlled cities by your constituents why would any right thinking person agree to this drivel you are supporting? That’s probably why I’m not a reporter. I’d have a short career!

  5. avatar NORDNEG says:

    Just the word DEMOCRAT makes me violently SICK 🤮😷

    1. avatar billrla says:

      NORDNEG: I suggest always using the term “Socialist Democrat,” rather than just “Democrat,” which now only applies to the Senile Caucus (age 70 and above) of the Socialist Democrat Party.

      1. avatar Gordon in MO says:

        I disagree, they are not Socialist Democrats, they are communists hiding behind the democrat party front. Their goal is overthrow the Constitution and total take over of America

  6. avatar Mad says:

    It’s all by design and the way the people are today with no common sense it’s not too far away

  7. avatar GS650G says:

    Pretty brazen offering a law that allows tracking of all gun purchases for what will be confiscation later. Just like NZ.

    1. avatar Vlad Tepes says:

      “Pretty brazen offering a law that allows tracking of all gun purchases for what will be confiscation later. Just like NZ.”

      I used to worry about this too but when I got out of my teenage years and studied the world and its gun control laws I realized that when they outlaw a certain type of weapon the penalties are so severe that it does not matter if you have that weapon unregistered as you could never shoot it, carry it or sell it without risk of going to prison and ruining your life.

      We are the only Hillbilly Uncivilized Industrialized Nation on earth that permits second hand guns to be sold to the mentally ill, the criminals and the nut cases. And mass murder on a weekly basis is what he get and what we deserve.

      1. avatar Knute(ken) says:

        Says the guy who doesn’t even know what the dangerous end of a gun is called…
        Finish this phrase(if u can)
        Rule 2: Never let the _ _ _ _ _ _ cover anything you aren’t willing to destroy.
        Just how much more first grade can a question get?

        1. avatar Chier says:

          Vlad Tepes’ screen name is the same as one of Europe’s top Ten Mass Murderers. How can he claim to be much of a real peace lover ?

        2. avatar Knute(ken) says:

          He never has claimed to be peaceful. All he does is post a lot of advice about specific firearms, and why they’re bad. Semi autos are bad because… blah blah blah. Revolvers are bad because…. blah blah blah. Shotguns are bad because… blah blah blah.
          And with the number of basic errors he makes, plus the fact that he doesn’t know any of the gun safety rules, or even the word for the dangerous end, leads me to conclude that all he does is run around and copy and paste gun reviews from other sources. Plagiarize, in short.
          My feeling is, he somehow talked bloomberg into paying him by the word, so all his pastes are many pages long.

      2. avatar possum destroyer of arachnids says:

        Yeah I know, lovin every minute of it. A Nation of armed citizens, a nation that could protect itself from foreign invaders sans military, scary isn’t it.

      3. avatar Anymouse says:

        What’s it like to be so consistently wrong? Do your ideas come from drug-addled dreams, or are you just mindlessly repeating some other bozo’s talking points? There are things called facts. You should use them. Your latest opinions are based on lies. Here’s why:
        Mexico, Brazil, and Venezula outlaw pretty much all firearms, but their murder rate with firearms are pretty much the highest in the world, and certainly higher than the US. Criminals have no problem manufacturing and using machine guns or short barrel shotguns. For example, during the Miami cocaine wars in the late 70’s and early 80’s, Miami was setting record murder rates, of which 25% were committed by machine guns. Despite your previous claims, they didn’t need to murder lawful machine gun owners to get ahold of the weapons. Machine guns are tightly controlled in Europe, but all 4 mass shootings in France for 2017 used them.

        1. avatar Vlad Tepes says:

          to Any Mouse

          “Machine guns are tightly controlled in Europe, but all 4 mass shootings in France for 2017 used them.”

          Stay out of any international news since you never bother to watch it (normal for the out house gang) do not make a fool of yourself and post such nonsense.

          Ok Jethro pay attention and you will learn something about the European incidents you mouthed off about. They were sponsored by a foreign nation and the terrorists were armed by them. No gun control law would have stopped them 100 per cent and that kind of terrorism is state sponsored and very hared to stop. Give the French credit since then they have done one hell of a job in combating this new type of terrorism and stopped a lot of terrorists before they even were able to carry out another attack. You would know all this if you watched something besides the State Propaganda Machine of Herr Drump , i.e. Foxy News.

          I might add I watched four terrorist incidents, two in the U.S. where cops accidentally shot the hostage both times and 2 French incidents where they rescued a whole room of people twice and only killed the terrorist. So next time you criticize foreign counties, or look down your nose at them or criticize their gun control laws take a look at their willingness to do something about it and their successes and your country’s failures and your county’s refusal even to do anything to prevent them.

          Give up your out of your league.

      4. avatar Vlad Tepes' Mama says:

        Vlad! My poopski! Dinner it is ready now. Come out of basement bedroom and please to enjoy supper with your mama. So sad it is that you keep door locked and I no able to hear response to my constant knock knock. Now by computer is only way to tell you food is hot and fresh on table.

        Please to tell computer buddies bye bye for now and will be back later after tummy is filled with good motherland food from mama stove. They are good for understanding you need climb stairs out of basement for exercise and eat. Also, too much time since your face see the sunshine. Need color.

        1. avatar frank speak says:

          curious…this rummy romanian seems to be very troll-like…and comes off as some sort of smarmy little punk employing all the insults and name-calling innuendo designed to “stir the pot”….do we really need that sort of presence here?….and to what purpose?…..

        2. avatar Knute(ken) says:

          If you ask Vlad what the name for the front end of a firearm is, he will run back under the fridge. Or what the second rule is, etc.

        3. avatar Vlad Tepes says:

          frank speak says:
          June 14, 2019 at 16:48
          curious…this rummy romanian seems to be very troll-like…and comes off as some sort of smarmy little punk employing all the insults and name-calling innuendo designed to “stir the pot”….do we really need that sort of presence here?….and to what purpose?…..

          So we really need people like Frank calling people names. You do it i only insinuate it. Point the finger at someone and you had 3 fingers pointed right back at yourself.

        4. avatar Guesty McGuesterson says:

          Add the thumb, and now you have a finger gun!

      5. avatar frank speak says:

        not nearly as common…[the nature of private sales]… as you would have us believe…most of these transactions are between people who have no harmful intent…yet the fact you can’t control it seems to drive you off the deep end…UBC is a solution in search of a problem that does not exist……

        1. avatar Vlad Tepes says:

          “not nearly as common…[the nature of private sales]… as you would have us believe…most of these transactions are between people who have no harmful intent…yet the fact you can’t control it seems to drive you off the deep end…UBC is a solution in search of a problem that does not exist……”

          A study on Chicago proved second hand guns were the number one supplier of guns to criminals. The average age of the gun was 11 years that had passed through many hands in the 11 years they were let loose on the streets to commit murder and mayhem and no they were not all stolen either.

          Your solution is lets do nothing and maybe the problem will go away.

        2. avatar Bob Jones says:

          Universal Background Checks won’t change anything about gang weaponry. The gangs will make law abiding citizens buy the weapons for them.
          A phrase like “Hey Mr. Jones, if you don’t buy this certain product for me, your children will end up as my pit bull’s poop” — will result in another undesirable transfer. No way to stop such behavior.

        3. avatar Mad says:

          We need to go vigilante and wipe out gang’s and stuff their dead Pitt bull down their throats followed by a Magnum chaser

        4. avatar Knute(ken) says:

          If you ask him what the name for the front end of a firearm is, he will run back under the fridge. Or what the second rule is, etc.

  8. avatar Ironhead says:

    100 days of nonsense???? Its been nothing but nonsense since the last election. They have done nothing except gun control and harass POTUS.

    1. avatar Donttreadonme says:

      Exactly, they’ve been complete obstructionists. I am extremely sick and tired of the gun-control drum being beat. It wasn’t like this in my younger years, but that’s all you hear nowadays. They are completely useless in all need to be tarred and feathered. What we really need is term limits to get rid of all of these corrupt politicians.

      1. avatar barnbwt says:

        Gun owners are the one whipping boy the Dems can rail against (that, and Christians, I guess). Eons ago it was black people & other minorities, but nowadays they unite their big cabal of misfit toys behind sticking it to gun-owning Christians. I omit “white” from that description since they talk a good game but don’t really pass laws/restrictions against them the way they do gun owners & Christians. At any rate, bad-mouthing the gun owners is about the only topic that can be discussed without risk of upsetting someone’s little special-interest fiefdom at the DNC anymore, so that’s all we get from them.

        Seriously; what else can they talk about that wouldn’t be cause for controversy of some sort between all their conflicted groups? I’m convinced they specifically decided to focus on gun owners years back & drive them from the party, simply so they could help unite their party in hatred, regardless of any movement or lack thereof on the gun issue. Can’t say it doesn’t work; the GOP has about 3-5 sects that each hate slightly different things, and we sure never seem to unite enough to accomplish much of anything. In short, we *can’t* compromise with the Dems on guns, because it isn’t about policy; it’s purely us v. them, and the only thing worse for them than being beaten by us, is losing us as an opponent.

        We can’t placate them with gifts or politeness or a peace treaty, and long term, our only real option at ‘resolution’ is to turn the DNC machine to hate on some other minority group for a while, and leave us alone. Frankly, the best way to accomplish that is to grind the leadership beneath the boot heel of a strong court & enforcement initiative, just as Eisenhower did to the segregationists. Using the courts as his warrant, he forcibly put down every resistance with federal officers, leaving the DNC no choice but to chase some other hobby horse besides segregation (it became gun control, btw)

        1. avatar Guesty McGuesterson says:

          White, evangelical, conservative, patriotic, male, heterosexual, hard working, fiscally responsible, gun-loving Christians. FIFY

          According to the Dems, these are the most ideologically dangerous people on the planet. They don’t go along with the bugle call of the Left’s LGBTQ Rainbow Socialist gun haters who seem to have enough free time on their hands during workdays to march for the flavor-of-the-day causes down city streets. ‘Cuz the rest of us are too occupied earning a paycheck and building the economic infrastructure that provides them with their clothes, phones, and nose rings.

  9. avatar daveinwyo says:

    I have reached the point that when I hear or read the word democrat, as it relates to the party, I explode into Arlo Guthries’ “I wanna kill, kill, KILL!”
    The damnocraps are to America as the muslimes are to Christianity. Perverted and evil.

    1. avatar Ing says:

      Me too. That political party needs to DIE.

    2. avatar frank speak says:

      has anyone ever been depicted in the media burning a rainbow flag?…..just wonderin’….

    3. avatar Vlad Tepes says:

      “I have reached the point that when I hear or read the word democrat, as it relates to the party, I explode into Arlo Guthries’ “I wanna kill, kill, KILL!”
      The damnocraps are to America as the muslimes are to Christianity. Perverted and evil.”

      What is evil are guys like the Confederate Flag Waving White Anglo Saxon Christian Dillon Roof who moved down a whole church full of people just because they were Black and they had even tried to make him feel welcome. And the latest White Supremacist punk that burned down 3 black churches just because they were black. Hopefully the law will throw the key away on both your much worshiped heroes.

      1. avatar Mad says:

        Vlad you are a empty headed moron a racist black just killed 12 in Virginia San Bernardino racist Muslims killed I believe 16 mostly Christians in a board meeting black on black murder is out of control in Democrat controlled Chicago you take your black supremacy and Muslim supremacy and shove it

        1. avatar Vlad Tepes says:

          To Mad

          “Vlad you are a empty headed moron a racist black just killed 12 in Virginia San Bernardino racist Muslims killed I believe 16 mostly Christians in a board meeting black on black murder is out of control in Democrat controlled Chicago you take your black supremacy and Muslim supremacy and shove it”

          The nut case in Virginia killed black people too there. So that would make you and your post both ignorant and prejudiced. But hey you are part of the Far Right Crowd.

        2. avatar Mad says:

          Vlad don’t have very good reading comprehension huh I said the idiot killed 12 regardless of race black on black murder is rampant far right and proud of it

        3. avatar Vlad Tepes says:

          To Mad

          “Vlad you are a empty headed moron a racist black just killed 12 in Virginia ”

          Oh what a tangled web you weave when you practice to deceive. Read your own post.

        4. avatar Chuckers says:

          He may be wrong he may be right, I don’t care, I don’t live in Chicago and can not vote there so I have no say in the matter. I will keep an eye on my own piece of this country and try to keep it on the right track and would suggest everybody does likewise. Remember, if you don;t vote you don’t get a say.

      2. avatar daveinwyo says:

        @ vlad tepes AKA vlad the impaler, chose his nom de plume because he thinks vlad was an awesome sex machine.
        As for my Arlo reference, it was metaphorical.
        One white nut burns some churches, so all of the rest of us are racist?
        How about Margret Sanger, the founder of what is now planned parenthood? Was she a racist?
        As for blacks killing blacks, that is evolution at work. They are doing it in africa too.
        Now for muzzies. Read some history. In fact, try the book “Sword and Scimitar” by Raymond Ibrahim. Though, as a military history, it probably is way above your comprehension level. I know, you have a degree in something, BFD.
        To other commentators that are interested in the clash with islam and the west, this book is great! Not too dry and well researched.

        1. avatar Charles Cox says:

          Do you not know the Democrats were the party of the Confederates before the civil war??? I lived in Coco Solo in the late 60’s and saw all the young black men being sent to the slaughter house under president johnson. All the older black gentlemen new it and spoke out against it until johnson signed a bill the democrats had voted against for decades and declared “I’ll have them nigers voting for the democrats for the next ten decades” lyndon johnson. I’m sorry for you but if you find a gentleman who was alive in the mid 60’s and ask him about johnson you might hear a different story. Don’t get to down on him because my dad spoke pretty ill of your raise too. he was a devout democrat who liked to use the word niger rtigged, black trash, moliante damn niger and the such. Too bad he was wrong, it would make life much simpler. The democrats have hated black sob’s since before I can remember so please quite blaming this on the Republicans because I am now a proud Republican and believe you are just as good as me and will always be.

          Thank you,

        2. avatar Vlad Tepes says:

          to Daveinwyo

          Now for muzzies. Read some history

          No Jethro you read some “actual history” not your reference to White Right Wing Hate propaganda books glorifying kill crazed fake Christian Crusaders.

          The Crusades were made up of unemployed mercenaries who convinced the ruling elite of Europe to finance 4 campaigns of rape, pillage and conquest of the Far East. It actually had nothing to do with religion and every excuse they used for starting the wars was a lie. Obviously lying was not condemned in their Christian bible of the time. I cannot keep track of how many times it changed over the centuries.

          In one of the wars Richard the Lion Heart actually murdered women and children to get Saladin who was the more humane leader to attack him and to draw him into a trap. Saladin new perfectly well what a depraved ruthless and murderous nut case Richard was but was such a skillful Muslim Military Leader he still beat the shit out of the depraved Richard who was a hypocrite and true blasphemer of Christianity. All in all the murderous invasion of the Holy Land by the fake and depraved Crusades were militarily a disaster as the Muslims beat the shit out of the depraved fake Christian Crusader bastards every time proving that “Yes there is a God”.

          In the end the depraved Richard got what he finally deserved. He could not live in peace and in a European war of the usual rape, pillage and conquest he got what he deserved an arrow through the heart. Of course the final story was cleaned up a bit to make him die a heroic death by calling down the archer off the castle wall and forgiving the enemy archer that shot him but lets get real folks. No enemy archer in his right mind would have come down off the castle wall and into the clutches of Richards blood thirsty men. More than likely Richard yelled ” You fking bastard rot in hell” to which the Archer probably replied “Its looks like your going there first asshole.”.

        3. avatar Charles Cox says:

          You know, I’ve often wondered about what happened back then but decided I would never know for sure. I do know there were a lot of heads cut off by the English because history pretty much states that, Too bad govornments try to tie God into their control of their people because i believe every time that happens God has to turn his back on the govornment to keep from getting sick to his stomache, People who want to rule and control other people are the most discusting creatures on the face of the earth next to the people who want to hurt or injur people to gain something for them selves.

        4. avatar J says:

          “The Crusades were made up of unemployed mercenaries who convinced the ruling elite of Europe to finance 4 campaigns of rape, pillage and conquest of the Far East.”

          So much wrong in that statement i dunno where to begin……….Were you born this stupid or did you really have to work at it?

  10. avatar Political gristle says:

    Gun owners are still playing 2d checkers with leftist, applying the “these gun lawls are for criminals” THEY’RE NOT, WAKE UP!!!! They’re for us.
    Conservatives and Christians are the enemy they’re trying to disarm us they HATE us
    We stand in their way, implementing the Authoritarian-Totalitarian-Fascist New Order.

  11. avatar Ing says:

    Anyone who calls anything an epidemic in public discourse is a liar trying to sell you something. At this point, not even epidemiologists use the word correctly.

  12. avatar possum destroyer of arachnids says:

    With all the other crap going on in this country and the world, they’ve got to waste time beating a dead horse. America’s people will never be disarmed, they had might as well give up on changing that.

    1. avatar frank speak says:

      ….not sure they’re entirely convinced of that…although it certainly seems impractical…they seem to be in it for the long haul and generational attitude change…and, in some respects…they are winning….

    2. avatar Vlad Tepes says:

      “With all the other crap going on in this country and the world, they’ve got to waste time beating a dead horse. America’s people will never be disarmed, they had might as well give up on changing that.”

      Tell that to the Australians they thought that too and the pictures of tens of thousands of guns being picked up by a magnate and melted down did not take all that long. Now tell me it cant happen here. History has already proved you wrong.

      1. avatar Chuckers says:

        And how do you change this? Accepty my challenge and come up with a solution. This is an open challenge for everbody.

      2. avatar Mad says:

        We’re not Australia commie when they do come let’s hope you are out in front not much fear of that is there vlad

        1. avatar Chuckers says:

          I believe I have a right to own a gun and shoot a deer off my place to make Chilli out of it. After all, farmers make about $0.75 an hour working their farm to feed the people and don’t want to eat anymore of that than they have too. Why would you hold it against me if I want to shoot a deer and make $0.75 and hour or kill a calf and make $0.65 an hour. Would you work 80 or 90 hour a week for $60.00?? I left the farm but still own it and rent it out but I still love deer chilli so yes I still hunt with a bolt action rifle, don’t try to take that away from me please. PS,. you can keep them stupid AR15’s because I don’t consider them a hunting rifle. just a toy.

      3. avatar possum destroyer of arachnids says:

        History has proved you wrong. NOPE, I’m always right. Err uhh unless I’m arguing with a woman

      4. avatar J says:

        Americans and australians are radically different culturally, historically and politically.

        The aussies have no balls and gave up. We will blow up buildings and kill motherfuckers.

  13. avatar Tim says:

    “100 days”? Try “100 years”.

  14. avatar Rocco says:

    “It’s not entirely clear why their remarks were newsworthy.”
    It got you to write up on it Larry. Go ahead and spread some more turf builder during a time when the 2nd amendment is being scrutinized to death and accuracy is taking a back seat. Trying to mix in some fear and superstition to go along with the ignorance of the right wing extremists.

  15. avatar Old Hawg says:

    Not only are the gun-hating Democrats itching to pass the Universal Background check bill, but they also have legislation in the hopper to repeal the 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA). If that happens, the firearms industry is a dead duck, crushed under the weight of litigation costs. This is, of course, absolutely calculated to destroy the firearms industry and nothing more than that.

    1. avatar Mad says:

      When this goes hot we’ll have to go in their holes and drag their screaming asses out to face justice they really must think Patriots will be the only ones that are going to die I hope we bring back the gallows you know for visual effects

  16. avatar Alan says:

    The lack of respect for, compliance with the law displayed by the criminal element amongst the populace never ceases to amaze. Another amazing aspect is the bare faced fact that altogether to many “law makers” seem unable or is it unwilling to grasp the plain facts of the matter, as evidenced by the fact that their proposals would essentially impact on the law abiding and only the law abiding.

    1. avatar frank speak says:

      they go where they think the votes are…and the cash flow….and thus are easily influenced…

  17. avatar Dude says:


    Today’s Democrats believe that every individual right demands a corresponding taxpayer-funded freebie. That impulse triggers this modest proposal:

    Guns for All!

    Every American has a Second Amendment right to own a gun, but not everyone can afford one.

    A Smith & Wesson .38 Special revolver runs $280. For workers making the $7.25 minimum wage, this equals nearly 39 hours of earnings. That’s almost a whole work week, just for a basic firearm. Unfair!

    Those who seek the persuasiveness of a Glock pistol must pay $600 each. That costs a minimum-wage employee 83 hours of labor (more than two 40-hour weeks). Or she simply could sacrifice 150 McDonald’s Big Macs, 129 Starbucks chai lattes, or 46 plates of fettucine Alfredo at Olive Garden.

    And the reassurance of a Ruger AR-556 “assault rifle” costs $700. This approximates three weeks’ rent on the average one-bedroom U.S. apartment.

    Nobody should have to choose among firearms, food, or shelter. Likewise, the ability to buy a gun shouldn’t be dependent on someone’s ZIP code.

    So, say it loud, say it proud: Guns for All!

    Congress immediately should allocate $563.8 million as an initial act of basic solidarity with the non-arms-owning public. This amount parallels Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer subsidies and reimbursements for its fiscal year 2018.

    1. avatar frank speak says:

      ….lots of cheap guns out there….

  18. avatar UpInArms says:

    Yeah, but, look on the bright side. The majority of gun owners are pretty smug. Every time a poll is done about voter priorities, gun control doesn’t even make the top fifteen, let alone the top ten. I’d guess that a majority of gun owners will vote some other issue, even if it means screwing the 2A.

    However– every time the Disarmament Cartel passes another restriction it pushes the smug gun owners toward being that much less smug. As one poster noted, many gun owners in Cali were not even aware they would have to pass background checks to buy ammo come July. This is exactly the sort of thing that will push a lot of gun owners to vote guns and not vote something else. And with each new annoyance, the Disarmament Cartel is risking an eventual big-time backlash. Where they goofed was moving too much, too fast and not allowing each incremental move time to become a “new normal”. Their irrational exuberance is sowing the seeds of their own destruction.

  19. avatar Chuckers says:

    Who is this ugly ass hag?

  20. avatar Pete says:

    Gun Control is the reason the Virginia Beach victims were helpless, they worked in a Gun Free Zone.
    As for Universal Background Checks, I suspect the courts would side with the felons, as attempting to make prohibited persons submit to a background check would violate their 5th amendment rights.

    1. avatar UpInArms says:

      ” attempting to make prohibited persons submit to a background check would violate their 5th amendment rights ”

      You lost me on that one, Pete. Care to expand it a little?

      A background check only looks for items that are already a matter of record– convictions, etc. I don’t see any self-incrimination there, or double jeopardy, or deprivation of property without due process.

      What am I missing?

  21. avatar 2WarAbnVet says:

    There never was a tyrant or dictator who didn’t fear an armed populace, and do his level best to deprive them of the means of self defense.

    “We bear arms to keep from becoming enslaved by the federal government AND to protect ourselves from the tyranny of OUR REPRESENTATIVES, whose dereliction leads us to suffer the same fate of foreign nations.” – George Mason

  22. avatar daveinwyo says:

    @ vlad; You and several others know islamic history only as far back as the crusades. And that is euro-centric and taught by teachers/proffs too lazy to read past that.
    The book I referenced above was written in 2017 by a man BORN and RAISED in Egypt. He goes as far back as the ouster of mohamed from meca, when he only had a few supporters, mostly family.
    This book is not written by re-writing someone else’s contemporary work, but independently researched.
    Ignorance can be fixed. Stupid is forever.

  23. avatar Historian says:

    Gun control, Massachusetts, 70’s. How many innocent home owners were slaugtered in their homes by gun wielding criminals. They finaly had to change the law to allow home owners to have guns to defend themselves. Criminals don’t much care about the law I guess.

  24. avatar TheMadMan says:

    The Second Amendment is my Gun Permit. The Very reason we are a free People is that we are all Armed. Take away our Second Amendment Rights, our freedom will disappear and we will be at this Tyrannical Democratic Governments mercy just like the Jewish people in Adolph Hitlers Germany and the rest of Europe from 1939 to 1945.

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