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 “The FBI dispatched at least 10 special agents to Central Florida to investigate the Trayvon Martin shooting,” reports. “The agents interviewed up to a dozen firearms dealers, gun range employees and private investigators about George Zimmerman, according to a court document filed Friday by Assistant State Attorney Bernardo de la Rionda. Another 11 investigators from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement also joined the probe .  . .

“Two FBI agents showed up here with a picture of Zimmerman asked me if I recognized him,” said gun dealer Khaled Akkawi, who was listed as a witness in the case. “They were pretty much asking along the lines of if he had made racial comments or anything. My employees told me it couldn’t be further from the truth.”

Ah. The truth. Here’s a question: on what legal basis did the FBI get involved in the Zimmerman case?

Meanwhile, the fallout from Zimmerman’s “hidden” cash stash continues. According to a separate article at, Shelly Martin’s in a world of trouble.

George Zimmerman’s wife, Shellie, was arrested Tuesday after being charged with one count of perjury for allegedly lying under oath at his bond hearing about whether she and her husband had access to any money.

She quickly posted $1,000 bond and was released.

At Zimmerman’s April 20 bond hearing, Shellie Zimmerman, 25, was asked whether the couple had any money.

“Uhmm, not, not that I’m aware of,” she responded.

But prosecutors say bank records show Shellie Zimmerman had stashed cash in a safe deposit box and transferred nearly $75,000 from her husband’s bank account into hers. When her husband was granted bond and released from jail, the money was returned to George Zimmerman’s account, according to a probable-cause affidavit prosecutors filed.

Shellie Zimmerman was charged with committing perjury during an official proceeding, a third-degree felony punishable by up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

Just in case the jury pool isn’t polluted enough, or the public’s ire no longer sufficiently intense, prosecutors plan to release six (of 151 possible) recordings of Zimmerman’s jailhouse phone calls they’re gonna use as evidence in his wife’s perjury case. Implicating Mr. Zimmerman but good, methinks.

George’s less-than-forthcoming testimony about his financial circumstances at the time of his arraignment will not help his murder case. Nor will it torpedo it.

At the end of the legal day, whether or not Zimmerman goes to jail for killing Trayvon Martin will most likely depend on whether or not the judge allows the jury to consider lesser charges. A murder two conviction isn’t likely, not even with Martin’s financial foot shoot. Manslaughter? Uh-huh.

We shall see.

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  1. The Shoot Straight in the photo you chose is the one in Clearwater, which is over 2 hours from Sanford. The one you want, the one where Zimmerman bought his gun, is the one in Casselberry. This one.

    Incidentally, that’s their new building, which has only been open less than a year. It’s built on the site of their old building, which was the location of a couple shootings. At least one of those, when the mom shot her son on the range, was covered by this site.

  2. The 10 FBI agents must be because Martin looked so much like Obama’s son. I guess the feds want a conviction too.

    The fed govt seems to be tooling up at an increasing rate to promote racial discontent and screw the ethnic base that was once the majority in this country. And yes I know Zimmerman isn’t “white”, per se. Lets see what amnesty for all the illegals does for unemployed middle America.

    Welcome to minority status OFWGs. And you know we can’t let minorities own guns.

    • My money says Obama hadn’t seen the pics of Martin’s tattoos and gold teeth when he made the “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,” comment.

      • How could he, at that point the only pictures released were of a 12 year old boy who appears to have nothing to do with the thug he was 5 years later.

    • IMO, Eric Holder wants a conviction. Those agents were almost certainly Civil Rights division agents looking for grounds to charge Zimmerman with a hate crime.

      Counting the days until the election…

      • Holder wants a conviction because Obama wants a conviction. No idea whats actually going on in the federal government, but strings are being pulled.

        • When was the last time 10 Special Agents were dispatched to investigate a shooting in Chicago?


      • Rosignol, I tend to agree with you. I’m thinking that when George Z. is acquitted of the murder charge the feds will charge him with a hate crime. FREE GEORGE Z !

        By the way, if I where on the jury for the wife’s perjury charge, I’d vote to acquit. George should never have been arrested. If he weren’t arrested, there would be no bail hearing. If there were no bail hearing there would be no chance for perjury. I’d err on the citizen’s side before erring on the side of the so-called justice system’s side.

        FREE GEORGE Z !

  3. Outside of the UCMJ, there are only four crimes the Feds should have anything to do with:
    1. Piracy
    2. Counterfeiting, though they seem to have no problem with the Federal Reserve printing money out of thin air.
    3. Treason
    4. Immigration crimes as part of defending the border.

    Every other Federal crime is unconstitutional and any Federal law enforcement agency that deals with anything but these crimes should be disbanded.

    • Question – when you say “piracy”, do you mean making a copy of an electronic file or do you mean Piracy?

      • Article I, Section.8.(10th paragraph)
        To define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high Seas, and Offenses against the Law of Nations;

        • Yes, I know – hence why I’m asking if he means ACTUAL piracy or copying an electronic file that causes no loss of property to anyone.

        • Totenglock, if someone copies my writing without paying me for it, that’s money that I don’t earn. Call it what you will, but it’s a loss to me.

        • It’s called copyright infringement. It’s a civil tort.

          Piracy is a crime, and international law considers pirates to be hostis humani generis, or enemies of humanity.

          The use of the Piracy label in an attempt to enlist aid against copyright infringement was the biggest blunder of the copyright holder’s PR campaign (or the biggest triumph of infringer’s PR, whichever). It backfired, big time; painting infringers with a romantic brush, and setting people up to discount infringement as a big deal, since it’s clearly doesn’t live up to the importance of its title.

        • Greg, please explain to me the difference to you if someone:

          A) Doesn’t buy your product because they don’t want it

          B) Doesn’t buy your product because they don’t think it’s worth the price you want and they download it

          Either way, you earn an income of $0. If someone walks in a store and steals a copy of a game, there is a financial loss because it cost money to press the CD, print the manual, make the box, ship it, and so on. An electronic file that is copied didn’t cost anything, there was no manufacturing cost involved in the creation of the copied file, there was no shipping cost, etc.

          So, if you claim that “piracy” is a loss for you, then you’re claiming that someone saying “Yea, I’d rather buy the product that Joe is selling instead” is a loss.

  4. Are the cries for racism even necessary if NBC doesn’t doctor the 911 audio tapes in the first place? Or are there other facts that warrant this?

      • If you were being sarcastic, disregard. 🙂
        But when this story went mainstream, it was 100% white man, since that is what the name George Zimmerman sounds like. add in a doctored 911 call, and you have a recipe for disaster.
        I am not saying he isn’t guilty, but he was already convicted by a society that jumps too conclusions too early.

  5. Near as I can tell, this is the definition of Murder Second Degree in the Florida Statutes:

    The unlawful killing of a human being, when perpetrated by any act imminently dangerous to another and evincing a depraved mind regardless of human life, although without any premeditated design to effect the death of any particular individual, is murder in the second degree and constitutes a felony of the first degree, punishable by imprisonment for a term of years not exceeding life or as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.

    I don’t know the indicia of “depraved mind” under Florida law, but maybe bringing a gun to a fistfight would qualify. If the Feebs or staties turn up evidence of racial animus on Zimmerman’s part, it would go a long way toward proving a “depraved mind.” Hence the current inquiries.

    Unless Zimmerman takes a plea, he’s going down for murder, by George.

    Any Florida lawyers out there, please shed some light on this.

    • “If the Feebs or staties turn up evidence of racial animus on Zimmerman’s part, it would go a long way toward proving a “depraved mind.””

      Probably everyone I know has made non-PC, rude, stereotyping, and ignorant comments that disparage another group. That does not mean they are a serious bigot. Some people speak that way often and back it up with related actions and they might then be so considered bigots.

      Back to GZ, I believe I read that he tutored/mentored black kids. That sounds like a bigot to me.

      • He was also a business partner with a black man–they co-owned an insurance agency. Of course this type of info, when turned up by the feds, will be immediately dismissed.

      • “The evil that men do lives after them.The good is oft interred with their bones.”

        As it should be. The most rotten, evil scumbags on the face of the earth have done nice things. Ted Bundy worked on a suicide hotline with Anne Rule. He probably saved some women’s lives. Does that mean he wasn’t a degenerate murderer? Some of the nastiest Nazis were “nice” to Jews to who they took a shine. Does that mean they weren’t murderers?

        Good acts never cancel out the bad.

        If the cops can produce evidence of racial animus, it will bolster their case. Then GZ can try to refute it by introducing his own evidence showing what a good guy he is. And maybe he is. Who knows?

        • So we are all expected to be perfect? I’ll remember that next time some cop has a bad shoot.

        • Then let the investigators of the FBI focus on seeking out the real GZ and just not be on a political witch hunt. Obviously this is really about election year political posturing.

    • I’m still not convinced by your analysis of the altercation, Ralph. It’s one thing if they’re both on their feet and slugging it out. Then there’s equal chance for either of them to disengage, and neither could be considered under imminent threat of serious injury or death. However, when one has the other pinned and is smashing his head into the pavement, now we’re talking about potential loss of consciousness, brain injury, and maybe even death.

      It seems to me that, by your reasoning, you could never legally defend yourself with a firearm if your opponent isn’t somehow armed. So it doesn’t matter if he has you in some disadvantaged position you can’t effectively fight back from, your choices are die or go to prison?

    • the detroit police department here clears 20 % of homecide cases, 80% go unsolved . where are thoses FBI agents to help us?
      don’t out 10,000 or so murder victoms who’s cases are unclosed in the last 2o years deserve some justice?
      their “truthfullness” or not is a matter of florida’s jurisdiction .
      the whole idea of the full weigt of the frederal government to bear on local prosecutions aginst people who are unpopular wit an administration is a dangerous precedent . It cerates a multilayered justice system where political considerations determin who gets a fair trial and who gets railroaded.

    • You applaud the FBI getting involved in a local case? How about if they get involved in all local cases nationwide or just ones that support your political values? How about if the FBI launches an investigation into Fast & Furious, that has resulted in 200+ murdered people, and against Eric Holder for his lack of honesty?

  6. What is sad about this case to me is that the justice system worked, at the start. Then the media, race-hustlers, anti-gun nuts, and a mouthy, idiot in the White House created a maelstrom that the Zimmermans can’t escape.
    The ‘story’ didn’t explode until weeks after the incident. In that time the police did their job and the DA did his job resulting in no charges against Mr. Zimmerman. That was where this case should have stopped and justice would have been done.
    It was only after the media fueled hysteria created out of lies, manipulations , and fear-mongering that a silly, stupid woman brought charges no self-respecting law student would present in court. This all has created a nightmare for a family just trying to be good neighbors.

    • a silly, stupid woman brought charges no self-respecting law student would present in court

      Angela Corey is all that, but she’s going to get a conviction in this case anyway.

      • Haré to disagree but the only way she gets a conviction if she can pack the jury with white liberals. African-Americans aré going to see Martín as the kind of ghetto punk who makes their lives hell.

        • tdiinva, I love you, man, but whatever you’re smoking, I’m pissed that you’re not sharing it with the rest of us. GZ is their personal demon. Travon is the President’s son.

          Plus, even if there was no racial component to this case, I think Zimmerman will have a tough time. He shot an unarmed man in a fist fight. I’ve seen or been involved with more fistfights than I care to admit. I’ve been on the top and on the bottom. Nobody died. Hell, half of the time, other guys were pulling up their beach chairs to watch the action.

          I don;t think that GZ can overcome the reasonable man test. I’m willing to accept that he thought his life was in danger, but at this time I don’t accept — based on what I know — that a reasonable man would share the same belief.

          Martin was unarmed. No knife, gun, club, brass knucks, rock, stick — nothing. Under the circumstances, do you really contend that GZ’s life was in danger?


        • Your racial rxpectations are coventional wisdom. The last poll I saw showed a slight majority of African-Americans thought GZ had some justification and did not support a Second degree murder charge. This part part of the community is the part that will be on the jury. They like gangstas like Martin less than OFWGs.

          You realize that if Zimmerman gets convicted on second degree murder charges that self defense goes out the window don’t you. The gun didn’t come into play until Martin went for it when he found that Zimmerman was armed. It wasn’t a fist fight anymore.

        • The gun didn’t come into play until Martin went for it

          Martin went for the gun before Zimmerman pointed it at him? Now that’s a fantasy.

          Dream on.

        • Ralph, your personal fistfight stories have borderline relevancy to this case. It’s one thing to be in a semi-social setting (a bar?) where 3rd parties can intervene before fist fights get out of hand.

          GZ & Martin were alone. No one was there to intervene if one got the upper hand and refused to stop. We do not know details regarding what happened other than incomplete reports.

          The GZ / Martin case could have been a surprise beat down scenario. These are a different animal than your semi-social fist fight description. People are maimed and killed often enough by fists and stompings. I know of an ex-bar bouncer who (leaving after work) will never walk or see 100% correctly ever again after being jumped by a couple hotheads. He never really saw them (he couldn’t remember much after being left unconscious for 20 minutes).

          Would he have been justified in putting 9mm holes in his assailants? Absolutely. I guess you’d disagree because they didn’t use a gun.

          BTW, I agree with you that Angela Corey is an asshat. However, it seems that GZ and his lawyers are bigger asshats. I mean, what kind of lawyer fails to review a clients bond documentation in a murder case.

        • “I’ve been on the top and on the bottom. Nobody died.”

          Ralph, Mayor Daley’s nephew, Richard J. Vanecko killed David Koschman with a single sucker punch.

        • I believe, Ralph, what you are calling a fist fight, I would term assault and battery. An exchange of blows would be mutual assault where as with no threat of physical violence on the part of one party, the victim, and the escalation of violence on the part of the other, the perpetrator, by slamming the victim’s head into the pavement I would call assault with intent to commit bodily harm or perhaps attempted murder.
          If two people are exchanging blows, that is one thing. If only one is pounding on another, that is assault. If he picks up a brick and continues to strike blows with the brick while on top of the victim is that any different than what Martin did to Zimmerman?
          I do understand the politics involved, but I think a good lawyer with a smidgen of luck with a jury is going to get Zimmerman off the State charges.
          Then what? Riots, looting, arson, more calls for”justice”, Probably followed by Federal denial of civil rights charges (one of the most ridiculous set of twisted interpretations of law ever) and civil suit by poor Martin’s family for the loss of all the benefits Martin was going to provide them throughout his life. HA!
          I agree, Zimmerman is screwed. Is he guilty of murder? Hell no! Will he be found guilty of murder? I don’t think so. Will h and his family be hounded to death by a byzantine, and insane system we call a “justice” system? Without a doubt.

        • You seem to have a personal stake in Zimmermans conviction.. I am sure you were a pretty good defense attorney but Alan Dershowtz disagrees with you. It may sound like argument by authority but I will take dershowitz’s opinion over yours any day. If you tun out be correct than Kudos to you.

  7. Zimmerman will never recover from this case even if he’s acquitted. He’s screwed for the rest of his life because people will never leave him alone. He’s most likely better off spending the rest of his life in prison, because if he’s set free some nut will kill him. Whatever the final outcome, his life is ruined.

  8. Almost seems as if the D.O.J. is using this case to start civil unrest: (treason) Holder goes from frying pan to jump in the Fire… Holder ( marxist) is just what governments are not to do……the FBI again is used for non law enforcement : the true issue here is not about race even ::: NO NO this goes much much deeper : it’s about the forces of evil VS the good ( God) we fight many wars win or lost and we do not understand the full scope of the world we live in , because people have not read the Bible they are at a total lost as the why and know not the reasons this is happening>>..! St. Paul teaches in the book of Romans that we fight not against flash and blood : but we fight (in today’s English) against all the powers and forces of evil and governments: our founders understand this point that is why all the controls are to be on governments not on we the people..until we get back to basics America will have one trouble after another… For me I’ll want to be on God’s side…

  9. So even if you’re a mestizo/multiracial fellow who mentors black kids, you’re still fair game for “racism” charges. Lesson learned.

  10. When the U.S. Government has an interest in putting someone behind bars for political gain, truth and justice have a habit of flying out the window. When the FBI is deliberately looking for dirt in your life they are going to find *SOMETHING* to use .

    Cut some lawns in your college days and didn’t declare the income? TAX EVASION!
    Drank too much one night and cussed out a feminist? WOMAN-HATER!
    Bought and sold 5 guns in two months because you really wanted to find a Glock that fit your hand? DEALING WITHOUT AN FFL!

    We have so many laws that if the government wanted to toss someone in jail for political reasons, they don’t have to look very far to find a reason that sticks.

    • and another point here this is not a federal crime like kidnapping , a crime across state lines,,,, so First the F.B.I. is the biggest law breaker here… the Feds… have no rights in this case at all … none , none,, we have a bill of rights that no you can not do , 10 th Adm… this type of stuff is just what the founders feared the most… government out of control… We the people only want to live our life in peace… What part of that can the D.C. mob not understand???????????

  11. This is not a situation where law enforcement is investigating a crime. They’re trying to create one where it didn’t exist already. I’d hate to be an honest cop in the Obama administration.

    • Being an honest cop is always dangerous, but it isn’t nearly as bad as a DGU where the liberal machine gets involved.

  12. I have no idea why someone would just assume that Martin did or did not go for the gun and male a first fight something more.There is also a pyhc component to this, as there is with most things in life, being pinned down in a dark ally getting your head bashed in and all you can see is the face of a person you just seconds ago thought *may* be a felonious burglar, them gold teeth flashing and your head’s bobbing back and forth as the blows land on your face. The pure strength involved in a toned young man’s body struggling with his clearly out of shape body. I’m thinking the fear that must have been in his mind as that was happening, must have been overpowering. The cry’s for help….if that was Zimmerman. Had to be awful (if that’s hat happened)

  13. I loved the way you seperated and quoted the witness statement, then cleverly added a quote of your own without the “he said”. Shelly Zimmerman did not “allegedly lie”. She did lie. Prosecutors did not say “bank records show”. They obtained the records and they spoke for themselves. Slick! No, but very common. While the writer may or may not be a racists. The racism of others is counted on to distort the truth. No amount of repeating , “Trayvon had gold teeth and tatoos”, will make that a fact. The autopsy shows he has natural teeth and no tattoos. Liars always count on “racism” of others. Susan Smith and Charles Stewart, murdered their families, and counted on racists to believe their stories. George Zimmerman is counting on them is the same way. He has encountered, in his 28 years, enough of to know he can do so.


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