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Michael Bloomberg (courtesy

A couple days ago it was revealed that the Boston Bomber was on MAIG’s list of “gun violence” victims. Which raised the question: how many of the names on MAIG’s list are actually criminals? Turns out it’s around 10% . . .

From the Washington Examiner:

A preliminary analysis of the list of shooting “victims” New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s group Mayors Against Illegal Guns is reading at rallies for new gun control laws finds that one in 12 are crime suspects killed by police or armed citizens acting in self-defense.

The review of 617 killings found that 50 were suspects in crimes ranging from assault to murder, not the type of violence Bloomberg’s group suggests in its “No More Names” campaign to draw attention to the estimated 6,000 gun death “tragedies” since the mid-December Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in Newton, Conn.

This raises another question: are criminals who are killed while committing crimes actually victims? In the minds of MAIG, I guess being shot by a gun is like instantly being turned from a sinner into a saint.

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  1. I suspect there are those who believe that a criminal shot while committing a crime was denied due process and therefore a victim.

    Those people are full of crap.

    • Probably the same types that think rape victims shouldn’t have been wearing what they were wearing. Criminal apologists. They’re like a cancer on society.

      • Not that simple. If I leave my gun on my car seat, with the window down and doors unlocked, and someone takes it:
        1) Am I a victim?
        2) Is the thief a criminal?
        3) Do I have any responsibility?
        4) Do you have sympathy for my loss?

        I’d answer all those as a yes, and I bet you will answer the last with a no.

        Avoiding stupid people doing stupid things in stupid places is kind of a tenant around here. Why should I, if it will be the other guys’ fault entirely?

    • Probably. These numbers almost always include LE shootings and suicides, dunno why this would be different. Low information voters FTW!

    • Does this “No more names” BS, I mean list, include only those who were killed to death by these awful guns? How about some stats on those who were wounded by LEO’s and citizen self defense? How about listing specifically those innocents wounded by gang-bangers who can’t or don’t bother to aim at anyone in particular? I guess that doesn’t fit into their agenda.

  2. It only goes to prove their absolutist perspective on disarmament of citizens.

    The rationale being that if there are no guns then no gun-violence, regardless of the respective circumstances. Instead it would be just violence… which they are still OK with, because they, being the governing elite, would still have theirs.

    Thus the reason that it was pinned, “All men are created equal.” But only up to the point where you are a polititcian or a civil servant, then you are special.

    But wait, what about the servant aspect?

    Can one be considered a Servant & a Ruler at the same time? Sounds awefull Suspicious to me.

  3. What else do you expect from this bunch of bigoted holier than thou elitists.

    And you didn’t hear THIS story on the nightly news.

    • Surprise – I did hear about it on the nightly news. Q13 FOX in Seattle had a short blurb about it, just after they covered the Bloomberg-sponsored WA state “background checks” initiative.

      • @ Jeff:
        Sorry, by nightly news I was referring to the big media newscasts NBC, ABC, CBS and similar nationally broadcast MSM; and my allegation was probably more blanketing than it should have been as I don’t watch them all. I generally figure that the daily events that one of them reports they all pick up and report; competitive equilibrium if you will.

        That said, did Q13 FOX report on the naming of the bomber and other bad actors in the list of “names”? THAT was my point; not the event itself, but the disingenuousness of including the names of those who themselves initiated the criminal activity that got them shot. It really undermines their cause and shows how they misrepresent to support their version of the truth.

        It’s illogical, so why bother to add a few more questionable names. But then, logic is lost on these people, isn’t it? Logic doesn’t REALLY matter to them. See my post below.

        • You are correct – will probably never show on the national nightly news.

          They did report that the Boston bomber was amongst the list of victims of “gun violence,” including suicide victims and criminals shot by police.

    • So why not everyone email this story to their local newscritters? We have nobody but our lazy selves to blame for the news blackout.

    • The grabber effort isn’t so much about gun control as it is about winning and political power. The anti gun platform is simply a convenient emotional platform that lends itself to grabbing public attention and support while repositioning power away from the free and into the hands of politicians who want to have an unhindered hand making the rules.

  4. The picture is perfectly framed. Mayors against legal guns. That is their goal after all. Turning legal guns into illegal guns.

  5. “I guess being shot by a gun is like instantly being turned from a sinner into a saint.”

    If only it were that simple…

  6. Too funny! Good post. Typical of the gun grabbers to include or label criminals shot by the police as victims to include in their tallies. Suicides are not victims of gun violence any more than a person who hangs themselves is a victim of rope violence.

  7. I wonder if Christopher Dorner made the list?

    I know that a couple of newspaper delivery ladies almost made the list, but due to a miracle of modern shooting, they only made the list of new millionaires.

    • Add 66% (per Wikipedia) of ‘gun deaths’ being suicide, and there is only 24% left to account for. “Accidental deaths by firearm” which sometimes include accidental-looking suicide/homicide, are another 2% or so. Then how many are accounted for by the ‘risks of the business’ category, i.e. criminals being ‘homicided’ in the course of someone else’s crime… we know the vast majority of non-suicide/non-accidental deaths are in high-crime locations and they generally are deaths of people with (often violent) criminal records.

      See “The Myth of the Virgin Killer” (extremely interesting, with lots of footnotes to back it up):

      Anyway, I’m hoping someone goes through the whole list.

      • Ah yes, the classic felony-murder, the killer of not a few criminal scumbags. No matter, what MAIG pities and uses to arouse irrational notions in people are those scumbags who should not be honored with either in this, or any universe.

        • Some facts and figures to go with my assertion above:

          ST. LOUIS: Between Jan. 1, 2001 and July 1, 2003 police there recorded 300 killings. Of the suspects arrested in these killings: 88 percent had prior felony
          criminal histories. 65% had a history of using illegal narcotics. Of the victims, 78 percent had a felony criminal history and 73% had a criminal history involving illegal drugs. Sixty-eight percent of the victims had illegal drugs or alcohol in their systems at time of autopsy.51

          LOS ANGELES: 71% of minors injured in drive-by shootings “were documented members of violent street gangs.”52

          WASHINGTON, D.C.: “The Metropolitan Police
          Department classifies most homicides by motive: the fraction classified as drug-related increased from 21 percent to 80 percent [of all homicides there]
          between 1985 and 1988;”53

          PHILADELPHIA: “84% of victims in 1990 [and
          93% as of 1996] had antemortem drug use or criminal history.”54

          RICHMOND: Virginia Department of Justice data on adolescents in Richmond showed that “the risk of gunshot injury is 22 times higher for males who are involved in crime than [for] those who are not.”55

          CHARLOTTE, NC: Of 545 adult gunshot victims over the period July 1, 1992 to June 30, 1993, 71% had criminal records.56

          ATLANTA: exclusive of whatever other offenses they may have committed, “60% of homicide
          victims had a criminal record of drug violation.”57;

          CHICAGO: The Police Department’s murder analyses from the mid-1960s to date consistently show
          upwards of two-thirds of homicide victims with criminal records and/or other indicia of criminal behavior.

          NEW ORLEANS: 85% of autopsied murder victims in the years 1992-1993 were positive for metabolites of cocaine.58

          BALTIMORE: Of 211 patients who came to a major urban trauma center for treatment of gunshot or knife wounds or other violent trauma, 61.9% tested
          positive for narcotics with another 8.6% testing positive for alcohol; 11.7% had had both alcohol and narcotics.59

          Best way not to die a “gun death”: don’t do crime, don’t hang around criminals, and get psychological help if you are suicidal (not having the gun won’t keep someone from suicide, but it may mean they choose a less effective method). Follow those rules and you are about as safe as you are from being run over in a crosswalk or any other random thing.

          But that is very politically inconvenient for the Mayors Of Criminal Enabling Cesspits.

      • @ Not Me

        Thanks for the link to “The Myth of the Virgin Killer,” I’ll read it ASAP.

        I refer you to the FBI’s National Gang Threat Assessment Report of 2011 wherein it says “Gangs are responsible for an average of 48 percent of violent crime in most jurisdictions and up to 90 percent in several others, according to NGIC (National Gang Intelligence Center) analysis.”

  8. Further proof that ‘their’ side fully believe it is morally superior to be the victim when it comes to violence.

  9. So according to MAIG 1 out of every 12 perpetrators of gun violence is a police officer (or possibly more considering that there could well have been multiple officers involved).

  10. Mayors Against “Il”legal Guns. I have asked this a few times before but now I will preface by adding this is rhetorical. What is an illegal gun?

    Growing up I loved th Garfield cartoon series on TV. In one episode, John, Garfield and Odie visit a Dude Ranch that Johns family owns. The cousins keep calling eachother “Pole Cat” to which Garfield always asks, whats a pole cat? Well, I know how he feels.

  11. Bloomberg may have deluded himself into thinking he “cares” about these “Gun Death Victims”, but he really only cares about controlling everyone he thinks is beneath him…which is EVERYONE ELSE. Parsing them into suicides, scumbags, unfortunate accidents, or whatever else you can think of means nothing to Bloomberg and his sycophants. For them, the facts mean nothing and everything they can use to propagandize their Gun Prohibitionist Agenda is fair territory….It’s not Love…It’s War!

  12. Their problem is that Bloomberg doesn’t pay his professional “victims” enough to expect or require anything beyond the ability to recite a script someone else gives them and the willingness to play Judas Goat and lead the sheep into the slaughter house.


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