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The real FPSRussia? BTW: the dude missed. The first time . . . [h/t andypantera69]

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    • ” The rpg works good, also.”

      Hell, yeah.

      By far the biggest ‘Bang for the Buck’ in anti-armor.

      Brilliant design. A hot jet does the the work for you.

      Slat armor (looks like a venetian blind) makes the warhead detonate a little ways away from the armor and keeps the jet from doing its thing…

  1. Nothing resembling an actual test, but kinda fun to watch just for the goofy Russian-ness of it.

    Barely looked like armored glass. 1.5″ of ALON will stop a .50BMG AP round, I think it would have sailed right through the 16″ of that stuff.

    • You’d be surprised. A PRG-7 plasma jet will jack up any armor not protected by reactive defenses or a DU matrix.

      • Wasn’t trying to denigrate the 7, it’s a well-proven piece. My recollection of the HEAT round for it is a double-charge, so it actually will defeat most reactive armor, and there’s a bunker-buster that forms a charge shaped penetrator.

        Just looked a bunch of mid-temper glass with some laminate material was where I was going.

  2. I don’t know if they had a real reason for doing that but hey, looked like a load of fun and lucky Dmitry gets to fire TWO RPG’s in a single day. See, this is why we should be allowed military grade weapons.

    “I’m bored, lets see how many toilets an AT-4 will go through.”

    “Sounds fun, let’s head to Home Depot!”

  3. … And that’s why the Russians make tough military opponents. The do simple, cheap and effective better than anyone else. Ask a German.

    • Yeah, back in the day, our strategy was to spend billions delivering a tiny nuke within inches of aim point, thus saving the lives of many Russians. The Russians’ strategy was to toss 20 megaton nukes in the general direction of the target, at a cost of mere millions, thus saving the lives of many Russians.

  4. Shocker. A warhead that can penetrate 19.5″ of RHA can blow through 16″ of bulletproof glass like it’s not even there.

  5. Whatever your opinion is, at least the Russians get access to these toys to even do these experiments.. can you imagine the permits, and overly melodramatics every branch of Government would want in on, if it was even legal in your state?… Not to mention Geraldo would want in on it, ( for the Safety of the children ).. and lets not forget the brady clan…. Sucks that we can’t drive out into some field in a flatbed with some conjured up idea and execute it….

    • You’d be surprised. Gun control in Russia makes California look tame. A shame, really. Russia had a gun culture going back to Peter the Great before the Bolsheviks took over. The reason Russia was able to field so many spectacular snipers in WWII is because most people in the eastern part of the country still hunted to put meat on the table in the 1930s.

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