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Spin Cycle

When I was a kid, we’d sit around after dinner, watching our TV, spending what the social engineers now refer to as “quality time.” My dad is a music teacher. He had some pointedly different ideas about education than today’s touchy-feely, outcome-based educators. For example, when a commercial would come on, he’d start up a discussion about the advertisers’ claims and the logic behind them. My personal fave: “Dash makes your automatic (washer) work like it’s 10 feet tall!” “What good is a ten-foot tall washer,” my dad would ask. “How easy would it be to load? Would it wash clothes any better?  Sadly, there’s not an awful lot of independent thinkers anymore. Nowhere is the willingness of the sheeple to follow any Tom (Daschle), Dick (Durbin) or Harry (Reid) down the primrose path of illogic when it comes to guns.

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Out of the Closet: Hollywood ❤s Guns. Sort of.

Once I became a gun owner and received the training I needed to carry and use it responsibly, mine eyes were opened to the bi-polar attitude Hollywood has regarding guns. Perfectly willing to exploit guns in movies and on TV for ratings, most of Hollyweird has this love-hate thang goin’, where they despise and deplore guns in real life. Apparently, in their book the only good gun is a blank gun.

But something interesting’s happening lately. A growing number of celebs are beginning to find their voices, speaking out as Conservatives, and…wait for it…pro-gun advocates. I thought it might be interesting to scour the web for lists of current denizens of MovieTown and see which ones are willing to be identified as gun-friendly. (Note: Charlton Heston would be at the head of the list, but we’re talking here only about the living.) Here’s a partial list . . .

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Thank You for Shooting (with apologies to Christopher Buckley)

First, a disclaimer…I am not a representative of Big Guns or the NRA. Never have been. Probably never will. I’ll never be a card-carrying member of the M.O.D. Squad (a.k.a. “Merchants Of Death” – the chief lobbyists for Tobacco, Alcohol and Firearms in D.C., as portrayed in Chris Buckley’s book Thank You for Smoking.) But apparently, I’m the resident TTAG voice for the gun industry – or at least the side of the argument that is “pro” gun.

A recent exchange between blogger and commenter on TTAG brought up the question “is the gun industry fanning the flames of anti-gun sentiment in order to sell more guns”? I speculated about the nature of the NRA in the mix in an earlier post. But if you want to take the question to the logical extreme, it becomes far more nuanced (doesn’t everything?) than the more simplistic “are the gun guys stirring up trouble to increase sales.” Here’s what I mean…Read More