TTAG’s New Ammo Provider: Freedom Munitions (Also, Happy .223 Day)

February 23rd is known as .223 Day ’round the TTAG offices. Which seemed like the perfect time to announce that Freedom Munitions is officially our new ammunition provider, and that coupon code “TTAG” is live and good for five percent off site-wide. Including on ammo from the ∼22 other brands that FM now carries. Why have we switched […]

X-DEF: New, Affordable Personal Defense Ammo From Freedom Munitions

At at hair under $0.45 per round, Freedom Munition’s new X-DEF is less than (or way less than) half the cost of most premium self-defense ammo. Designed and manufactured entirely in-house, the X-DEF projectiles are engineered to expand reliably, penetrate the FBI-specified 12 to 18 inches in ballistics gel, and retain their full weight. We’d test […]

NWSSE: Freedom Munitions Boar Buster Ammo & Rifles

Freedom Munitions had a large presence at the Northwest Shooting Sports Expo, showing off their relatively new Boar Buster line of ammunition as well as a limited edition rifle purpose-built for the task. Boar Buster is currently available in 64 grain .223 and in 168 grain .308, with more options planned for the future. In either […]