You Know You’re A Gun Nut When . . .



  1. avatar Derek says:

    You* Know You’re a Grammar Nazi When…


    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      Thank you sir. Headline amended.

  2. avatar Sam Wright says:

    Who is Eugene Stoner?

    1. avatar Aaronvan says:

      When you don’t know something google it with the word wiki after it
      TL;DR: He invented the AR-15

      1. avatar Blinky Pete says:

        Or just wiki it 😉

  3. avatar Stephen says:

    “Yes” to All Of The Above!

  4. avatar pair-o-dee says:

    That was hilarious. Well done.

  5. avatar Silver says:

    If this video was done by an anti, it’d be three seconds long; the only qualification for being a gun nut would be “owns a gun.”

    They could also throw white, fat, racist, and stupid in there too I suppose.

    Funny vid; I don’t fall into all his qualifiers, but more than I would’ve expected, hehe.

  6. avatar Ken says:

    “You can pronounce Massad Ayoob’s name”

    Then why did you pronounce it “Massood”? ;0)

    1. avatar MrColionNoir says:

      cause i’m an idiot…lol

  7. avatar mikeb302000 says:

    I liked “collect brass but don’t reload.”

    1. avatar AznMike says:

      I really don’t see the problem with collecting brass but not reloading. I collect brass as a memory of the different guns I’ve shot or the different feats I’ve done.

  8. avatar Closet Gun Nut says:

    Yep, I guess I really am a Gun Nut.

    BTW, this guy rocks.

  9. avatar LT says:

    I fell into a few of these before I even bought my first box of ammo, let alone a gun… but I’ll never fall into all of ’em!

  10. avatar Joe Grine says:

    Man, I think about 75-80% of those applied to me! Including having some old boxes of “Black Talon” socked away just for posterity.

    1. avatar CarlosT says:

      A lot of the significant other ones don’t apply to me because my wife likes shooting as much as I do, but if I exclude those I’d say I’m above 50% easily.

      I especially loved the one about finding spent brass in clothes while doing laundry. Happens all the time.

  11. avatar UtahLibertarian says:

    How can you be a real gun nut if you don’t reload?? A REAL gun nut buys a gun because you collected brass in that caliber.

    1. avatar CarlosT says:

      Well, I’d violate my lease if I reloaded and I like where I live, so for the moment reloading is out. I’d like to though. The savings are attractive and it looks fun.

    2. avatar William Foley says:

      Nope, you find a deal on the reloading dies first, then collect the brass then buy the firearm.

  12. avatar Brandon says:

    Every one of those points applied to me except the “collect brass but don’t reload” since I reload.

  13. avatar Ralph says:

    He forgot: “you comment on TTAG every day.”

  14. avatar Rokurota says:

    Ha! My wife is right after all! (Except I don’t have a gun in 5mm Bergmann.)

  15. avatar TS says:

    Awesome. Subscription….

    you have an ammo safe, you have more ammo than you can shoot in a year, you teach your kids to shoot before they can read…


  16. avatar Daniel says:

    The guilt written on my face extends from one end of my smile to the other.

  17. avatar Matt in FL says:

    That was an awesome list. The one that spoke most to me was, “You go to a gun show just ’cause.”

    We had a gun show in town this weekend. Just like we do every couple-three months. I asked my friend if he wanted to go. He responded that “Well, the last two were pretty much the same, so… eh.” I said, “Yeah, they’re all pretty much the same, ’til they aren’t because you find something awesome. So are you going or not?”

    I went, he didn’t. Haven’t missed one yet in 18 months, except when I’m out of town.

  18. avatar Bob says:

    Several of those are true for me.

    Fortunately, most are not, yet.

  19. avatar Jay W. says:

    You know you are a gun nut if you are smiling after watching this video and/or feel compelled to write a comment about this video.

    “The Smiling Commentor”

  20. avatar racer88 says:

    That dude must be spying on me.

  21. avatar Derek says:

    “You actually know what the ‘AK’ in AK47 means.”

    I got a belly laugh out of that one.

    “You pick your President based on his stance on gun control.”

    Obviously. Who doesn’t?

    “You pick your friends based on their stance on gun control.”

    I can’t help it. I don’t try to but, with me, guns invariably become a topic of discussion and when I learn that someone is anti-gun I’m genuinely offended. My inner Ted wants to come out. “Who the fvck do you think you are to tell me when, how, and IF I may protect myself?!” -paraphrasing. Basically, I won’t be buying them any beers anytime soon.

  22. avatar 9mm&4wd says:

    First time seeing this guy, subscribed! Thanks!

  23. avatar cameron says:

    “You’ve actually watched an entire Nutnfancy video.”


  24. avatar HSR47 says:

    “Some date in 1994 was the worst day of your life.”

    It might be the worst day for gun rights while I’ve been alive, but the date I remember is May 19th 1986.

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