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Everyone knows that more magazines is always a good thing. So GunUp the Magazine and The Truth About Guns are going to give away 10 30-round Troy Battlemags to two lucky readers. Two people will each receive 10 factory new Battlemags, the only polymer rifle magazine that survived a direct hit from a .223 round…and still functioned . . .

Here’s how to enter: go to the App Store or Google Play on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Download the free GunUp the Magazine app. Take a screen shot of the app while open on your device and send it to GunUp at [email protected] or tweet it to us with the hashtag #gunupmag. Two winners will be selected at random at the end of the month to receive their free rifle mags.

GunUp the Magazine for iPad and iPhone

GunUp the Magazine for Android

GunUp the Magazine is the fastest growing magazine for shooting sports enthusiasts. With a free app and subscriptions starting at only $0.99 per month, it’s the best way to get all the latest shooting sports and entertainment content on the go. Want to learn about the guns featured in hit movies and video games? GunUp the Magazine runs a feature “Guns of The Movies” article each month, covering everything from new releases to fan favorites.

Download the GunUp app today and enter to win your free rifle magazines! Because who wouldn’t want to get free gun mags…for subscribing to a gun mag?

Check out the August issue of GunUp the Magazine for free online!

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  1. really sucks for those that do not have a smart phone or i phone or even smart phones with limited space add any more apps

  2. So, what was this magazine’s take on the R51? Should we consider them a trustworthy print, or are we just in it for the free Troy mags?

    • That’s what I was thinking. This smells like a partnership / collaboration. Please TTAG… not sub out your gun reviews to these guys. No matter how good they are they’re still a gun rag, get gun manf money, and therefor produce reviews that suck ass! I like Nick’s, Tyler’s, and the other reviews on here.

    • I was thinking along the same lines. Haven’t these guys always said dead tree gun mags aren’t to be trusted?

  3. Sorry, if a company doesn’t have the ability to set up their own domain name for email, I’m not trusting their app on my phone.

    Let me know when your business moves off of gmail.

  4. Problem #1: How about a Windows Phone App or a least an Amazon Kindle subscription
    Problem #2: Some of us live standard capacity ban states. Its low capacity 10rnd or nothing
    Problem #3: I agree with beefeater, if you cannot do something as simple as setup a domain for your mail, why should anyone trust your app.

    In short, have fun but its not for me.

  5. Thanks but no thanks. I have three 15 round mags for my Glock 22 that means when I get throgh loading up I have four rounds left over from a 50 round box. (and a sore thumb) If I can’t resolve my problem with that then I am pretty much screwed. Same with my M&P 15. I have three 30 round magazines. If I can’t resolve my problem with 91 rounds then I probably need more help not more rounds.

    • Opps, too slow on the edit….
      You’d think the StateRunMedia is raaaacsist, or something…and where is the Faux Monsanto Moms Demanding Attention? Too busy making it up in Denver to help a Mom in need?


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