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Hey sharp shots! I’m back! After shooting some new shooting videos, I’ve returned to help promote the Texas International Firearms Festival at Best of the West Shooting Sports in Austin, Texas, November 8 and 9. Tickets sales are already strong. And no wonder! For just $59 you can shoot the latest and guns from FN, GLOCK, SIG SAUER, Beretta, Taurus, Tracking Point, ArmaLite, Mossberg, Henry and many more. That’s for a one-day pass. It’s $95 for two-day’s shooting. The top-level two-day VIP pass includes . . .

preferred parking, access to the VIP lounge and range, lunch and an hour’s private access (per day) to all the shooting bays!

Guess what? VIP passes are almost gone. We only have 250 and we’ve already sold 120. So if you want to buy a two-day VIP pass I suggest you do it today, before they’re all gone. Click here to buy.

If you don’t want a two-day VIP pass, I’d still recommend you buy your tickets today. To ensure that attendees get to shoot a whole lot of lead, The Texas International Firearms Festival is strictly limited to 5,000 tickets. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

So click here to choose your ticket type and I’ll see you at TIFF. And watch this space for daily news about who’s showing what and who’s coming. Which will include a certain Texas-born NRA commentator popular in these parts . . .

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  1. I was going to suggest having a California firearms festival, but there wouldn’t be many guns to shoot and we would probably be arrested anyway. How about one in Reno or outside Las Vegas that us poor folk in CA could get to easier?


    • +1 for Las Vegas. I love Vegas. I’m living in California right now, but hope to move to Vegas in a year or two. Man, if Kirsten came to California I would melt.

      • +10 (I’d say plus 15 or 30, but I’m in a CA Courthouse right now, and really nobody ever needs to be more than +10).

        I’d love a TTAG / Vegas shoot! He’ll, I’ve got a decent timeshare out there, and might be able to help out some people up in a condo (unless they are sketchy folks like Dr Vino, Kimber 45, AlphaGeek, or Jwm).

        By the way, Magpul makes a lovely 40 round AR mag that sells for about 20 bucks in free states like Arizona.

  2. Ya know, I hate to be that guy (again), but since when does 120 sold of 250 available equal “almost gone”?

    I’m not sure I can tell you where the “almost gone” line is, but I’m pretty sure it’s on the far side of halfway-gone.

  3. Evidently, if they really were “selling fast” there’d be no need to post so many reminders to get your tickets.

    Don’t get me wrong – If I lived in or near Texas, I’d already have my two day VIP pass. I think this is a great idea and hope that it can spread more regionally as time goes on.

  4. I look forward to this being a huge success, but really, the headline should be “VIP Tickets Almost Half Gone!” 🙂

    But, still, kudos to KJW for honesty and giving the actual numbers instead of just the hype. +1 for that.

  5. I’ve got my VIP ticket, and my son-in-law, who lives in Austin (We’re staying with the kids) just bought his. Look for us in the VIP tent. I’ll be the old guy (already am) wearing the ball cap with NAVY in big gold letters across the front.

  6. Please explain…One hour each day, PRIVATE? That means just me shooting for one hour (which hour?) Per day. How can 250 people get 2 hours of shooting over 2 days? PRIVATELY? For those of us who have not been to this event previously, please explain in detail. Are there 250 VIP 1 DAY tickets available, or 250 2-day tickets on sale? (Meaning 500 VIP per day?) 500 people per day shooting privately for one hour doesn’t compute.
    I live in WA, but am considering this event. Not being a PITA, Just asking for specifics.

    • Since no one replied, Greg, I’ll answer: I got a VIP ticket and what I think they’re referring to is that VIPs get to enter the gates one hour early each day. So that’s 250 people with early access to the event. Not really what I would call “private”, but it’s a nice thing to offer. You won’t be shooting anywhere for an hour though. That would mean 220 people miss out. I suspect vendors will provide about ten rounds of ammo for test shooting. Just a guess.

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