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I’ve got no problem giving machine guns to kids. I’ve been on a range before where small children were very responsibly and very safely enjoying some full auto firearms (an H&K MP7A1, FYI), but what we see here is very different. Even for adults, machine guns can be difficult to control and need close supervision when firing them for the first time. In this case, someone thought it would be a grand idea to hand a full auto AK-47 to a 10 year old, not show them how to properly hold it, and filmed the whole thing. It was… cringey. The person filming the whole scene barely escaped perforation, which is either lucky or unfortunate depending on how you see things.

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      • Probably. Plus when you go look at the injury and death statistics at full auto ranges you’ll see that they’re the most extreme outliers. No reputable public range is just going to let a child that young and that small handle a AK by herself.

        • Well tell Shannon Watt’s I said hi. Or better yet how about you f*ck off back to that septic tank you crawled out of. Once you get back there re-read what I said. Specifically that point about how these incidents are very very RARE. Trying to judge the entire industry by a scant hand full of incidents is the kind of stupidly reserves for idiot children and MDA.

    • Blanks don’t have that much recoil. No bullet = no force pushing back against the gun as the bullet leaves the barrel.

      • Do you know how blanks work? They need enough gas pressure (equal to a real bullet) to cycle the gun. To achieve this, the blank shoots a wad of wax or paper which can cause serious injury at close ranges. The recoil will be similar to a real bullet.

        There was a movie set death long ago where one of the actors put a gun to his head with a blank and pulled the trigger. He died.

        • Cyclic pressure notwithstanding, anyone who has fired a blank and a ‘real’ round from a weapon knows there is a big reduction in recoil. I don’t buy it for a second.

        • I’ve fired blanks, and, no, they have no recoil.

          For your information, recoil is not what comes out the muzzle end.

        • Brandon Lee was not killed with a blank. They fired a squib load in an earlier shooting and the bullet became lodged in the barrel. They then shot the scene with brandon using blanks, which forced the bullet the rest of the way out of the barrel as if it were loaded.

        • Your friend in the first video is firing off the hip and only getting a tiny amount of pushback; the man in the second is bracing the rifle tight against his shoulder and gripping it very securely to control muzzle climb.

          Now, before you add one more word to this thread, go fire a live round and a blank of same caliber and compare the two for yourself, because the personal experiences of multiple people, myself included, and the work of Sir Isaac Newton all say you’re completely full of shit and have no idea what you’re talking about.

      • I’ve shot a semi-auto M14 with blanks and it worked fine. Of course, it had a blank adapter on the end of the barrel. It would fire as fast as I could pull the trigger.

        • It was the same with the M1 and firing blanks. No adapter — manually cycle the action after each shot (then clean a really filthy bore).
          A 7 year old boy safely and happily fired my Garand, with reduced loads that had just enough power to unlock the bolt.

    • Ok, if a guy dies doing the Jihad thing, he is supposed to get 72 virgins… but a female member does the jihad thing then what? does she get 72 virgins or whatever? Just never thought about it that much I guess, anyone know?

  1. With BHO blessings of Iran, this area slated for future construction of a really big glass parking lot.
    Maybe he’ll redeem his legacy after all.

  2. You knew this was going too be bad just from the still shot before pressing play. Lol

    People are stupid .. And I hope the guy recording knows how lucky he is to be c alive.

  3. Not fair! I didn’t get the full auto AK I asked for for my 10th birthday! How come she gets one and I didn’t, and she’s a girl!
    Sorry trying to add some humor to this. Hell I just about needed someone to help me hold the first auto I ever shot and I was a grown man. Didn’t expect a puny little M2 carbine to walk up that quick. Its fine and dandy to let kids fire all the guns they want, but with a full sized auto like that help them hold it, or have it locked down. Doesn’t sound or look like it was in the US though.

  4. Years ago, some guy was killed at the Los Altos Rod & Gun Glub, in the CA Bay area. From what I remember, the gun fired, the recoil kicked the gun back as he was setting it down, and another shot or two put a bullet or two in his kidneys. Don’t remember if the AK went full auto or what, except he’s taking the “dirt nap” now.

    • You may be thinking of Chabot in the East Bay. They had a guy’s SKS slam fire because he didn’t bother to clean the cosmoline off it. He ended up taking a round to the head. They have a 3 round limit in SKSs now.

  5. So someone is using a child from overseas holding a full auto weapon as a propaganda tool. Prove to me this is in america. But be careful if its Dearborn Michigan we will have a problem.

  6. Aloha Snackbar!!!!

    Or however that goes. Eddie Eagle was not available for comment as he was enjoying his Memphis BBQ sandwich.

  7. Let alone the ricochets inside a tiled, walled compound like that, presumably with alternate cored ammunition of some type!

  8. You can’t cure stupid? This is propaganda pure and simple, Anti-American,Treasonous, Seditious and Terrorist Extremists like Mommy’s against guns, do not care that they put a child’s life in danger as long as they make the point that the 2nd amendment rights are bad, and the Stalin wanna bees in the Senate and house will vote saying it’s the best thing since popcorn! do they care/ not as long as they have immunity from the very laws they Pass so they can have control, don’t forget the Race baiting ones either that do not pay taxes and are given a get out of jail free card

  9. Clue 1: AK47 with under folding stock (Common in Middle East?)
    Clue 2: Location is a walled compound paved with crude mud tile (Common in Middle East?)
    Clue 3: Dark haired barefooted little girl with olive complexion speaking Arabic (Common in Middle East?)

    It doesn’t take a CIA Analyst to figure out this poor child is a martyr in training and offspring of a Jihadist named Akmed, Hussein, or Muhammad.

  10. This appears to be in the middle east. Plus… The girl’s gotta be able to protect herself. I hear ISIS likes the little boys and girls young… REAL young


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