What the Media Finds Increasingly Hard to Swallow

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  1. The media will print what runs out of its diaper before you will ever hear the truth from them.

    • JWM,

      The family of daughter’s boyfriend has CNN playing all day, every day. My daughter tells me this family does not sit to watch TV, they just let CNN run in the background all day. Slow, steady, mind control, overt and subliminal. Since they live in a burb north of Seattle, I do not have to talk with them, entertain them, or be entertained by them. Thank God for that.

      My daughter somehow maintains her conservative roots. Good kid.

      • Too many left-wing ideologues have moved to Seattle. They have ruined the real estate market, driven up taxes on our homes, and given us the worst politicians in the state’s history.

      • Fortunately, there are so few CNN viewers today they are in danger of going out of business.

      • West side dictates to the rest of the state. I wish us east-siders could be part of Idaho.

        • I wish you East siders could get enough votes to help us on the wet side push some of these bastards back out of office!

          Besides, I was once considering Idaho myself, but with the huge influx of remote-working IT drones from Microsoft and the like, unfortunately Idaho will be facing the same issue as West Side Washington very soon – real estate prices already soaring, housing starts booked solid for a couple of years, and politics will unfortunately change as well.

        • Have your state assemblymen/senators sought to repartition the state? It’s nothing new in our history; VT out of NY, KY and WV out of VA, Dakota Territory split into ND and SD, etc.

          What will be your plan if urban ID becomes a NYC-like blue tail-that-wags-the-dog?

        • Similar situation exists here in Colorful Commierado. Denvergrad and its surrounding satellite Communes effectively rule the State in true Communist fashion that would make Lenin poop with pride. Our Arse Spelunker Governor effectively bought the Dictatorship of the Proletariat, and the Central Committee (Legislature) is a supramajority of Communist Idealogues thanks to all Mail In Voting.

          Rural and Conservative Coloradoans no longer have a voice in this government.

      • Some years ago, company was bought out by an international corporation. They installed televisions in the lounge, one played corporate propaganda, the other played CNN, 24/7.

        HR learned that I won’t go in the break room, and asked me why. Told them that I don’t need to listen to progressive/leftist propaganda. Some other people complained, as well. It took months, but CNN was banned from the workplace. The Weather Channel wasn’t a great improvement, but at least it wasn’t brainwashing propaganda!

      • My damned wife is addicted to CNN, which has her totally brainwashed to the exclusion of even attempting to find out different angles of a story. She’s glued to the Jan 6 Kangaroo Hearings – and get pissed to no end when I ask her why this committee of primarily liberal Dems with a couple of token RINOS has received zero testimony that contradicts the narrative in any way.

        I love her, but I can’t be in the same room with her and that ghoul Anderson Cooper, or the once-okay Shepard Smith.

      • CNN is probably at its best with breaking news…they always seem to get there first…but when there isn’t any they go back to their same tired refrain of bias and slant when editorializing…then it’s time to switch…FOX does a much better job of the latter…after these two, the conventional networks bring up the rear…except for the local news…

    • just got kicked off WaPo…[again]…not really sure why this time, but it seems to have something to do with saying bad things about china…an apparent no-no….

  2. My daily news sources (in no particular order):

    Gateway Pundit
    Zero Hedge
    Natural News (Mike Adams)
    Stew Peter’s
    Dr. Jane Ruby
    Infowars (yeah, yeah, critics. Pound sand.)
    The Federalist
    Armstrong Economics
    Conservative Tribune
    Epoch Times

    • I would 2nd your list and add

      FEE (Foundation for Economic Education)
      Brownstone Institute
      Just Facts

      Not all merely for daily news, but also for education, and different types of stories.

    • I’d suggest the RealClear sites – pretty aggregator and decent editorials from the website staff.

    • Thank you, and also, stevequayle.com is good. citizenfreepress.com is also not too bad. Seems to be wanting to be what Drudge Report used to be back in the day. There is also thelibertydaily.com, as well

    • I’ve cut the cord and unplugged.

      With downloads, my viewing is what I want it to be.

    • Couple days late……look for the Pour Over. News briefs, straight, non-biased reporting from Christian folk.
      They don’t push religion, or report from a religious point of view. They do however, include a verse that applies to each news item.

  3. Just for fun, I scanned Drudge, yesterday.
    What a dirty diaper of deceit and decay it has become.

      • Drudge sold the website years back.

        Makes me sad. It probably gave the Leftist Scum ™ more heart attacks than a megaton of pure cholesterol…. 🙂

    • Txskeeter47,

      I gave up on Newsmax when they started agreeing that Jan 6 was an insurrection.

      • Same here. I check Foxnews.com on my daily morning cycle to check out Tucker, but I take the rest with a trust-but-verify stance.

        I liked Hannity way back when he started out with Hannity & Combs, but he became puffed up and obnoxious soon after he was awarded his own show. I stopped watching him years ago.

        • Hannity & Combs needed eachother. The combination forced a much better decision of the issues. Seperate neither was worth watching. Reminds me of the great early days of “Crossfire” from the early 1990s.

        • Tucker can be interesting,and a little off beat…but you left out Laura…FOX was caught off balance when they appeared to support russia and diminish the importance of Ukraine…”not our war…etc etc”….took them awhile to recover from that…while CNN and others seemed to push for our involvement….

  4. We have not been able to trust our news media for anything factual since the assassination of JFK and the beginning of the Vietnam War. They’ve basically skewed and spun everything since then.

    • they’ve become shills for ownership…and can often switch sides depending on who signs their checks…

  5. PJ Media
    American Thinker
    Epoc Times
    Red State
    Hot Air
    Bearing Arms
    The Gun Feed
    Town Hall

    I read several above, no need to repeat, I’ll just add some.

    • Same old same old…they try. They forget who has the vast majority of gats!

    • you didn’t already know that?

      Its probably not gonna pass the senate though and even if it does, it might take a while but it too will show up in court being decided against the Bruen standard and it will be stuck down as unconstitutional because that’s what it is.

    • Full-bore tyranny. Telling manufacturers which models they may and may not make. Stupid, also. So Daniel Defense makes a tweak and changes the model name from MK18 to FU22. Presto whammo. Legal again.

      The Dems have become the Satan party: they destroy the economy, spit on the Constitution, shut down supply chains, murder babies, incite violence, drive up food prices, expand the welfare state, trample our borders, free criminals, arrest patriots, and spend their days abusing abducted children.

    • same old… same old…dems always overreach…they did it in 1934…they’re doing it now…but it all may be part of their grand design…

  6. To all the folks above that have commented on their preferred news sites. When I stumble out of bed in the am I fire up the old pc. I check the local weather then I scan a couple of sites for the headlines. If the dead haven’t clawed their way out of their graves that’s pretty much it for the news for me.

    People talk about left or right news sites. They’re all agenda driven garbage piles.

    • News sources are just emotional support for the readers. Whether it’s making you angry or justifying your worldview. For the purveyors it’s just profit.

      The weather will happen regardless of the forecast. Your elected officials will ignore you if you aren’t on their page and agree with you if you are. The economy will turn in the direction people with more money than you could ever dream of point it and masses of the lowest common denominator sporting their double digit IQs will always be whining, stealing and rioting.

      Kiss your wife, pet your dog, hug your kids and live your life the way you see fit to. It’ll end sooner than you think and nobody making the news will even notice.

  7. I catch the early morning local news, check a couple websites mid day/lunch time, check back or look at a couple websites in the evenings, live as I choose and go about my day as I need to. While there many issues I could get worked up over, I realized years ago the politicians are going to support whomever buys them, or pays for their political agenda. Sure, they pay a little lip service to 1 issue or another, then the week after the election, go straight back to doing whatever they are either paid to do, or whatever will profit them in some way. Don’t believe we’ve had an honest press since Rameses was in Pharoh, and doubt we’ve had an honest politician since the tribal Chieftan found out he could talk women into bed easier because he was slightly more well off than the rest of the tribe.

  8. Media is used for cleaning brass. And propaganda.
    And to show us theBiden speeches, which are always funny, but at the same time quite disconcerting.
    Give us Barabbas.

  9. Switch from “good guys with guns” to the gender neutral and more completly encompassing in today’s world “Law Abiding Citizen Defenders With Guns” to more accurately reflect the increasing need to be armed against the increasing crime thanks to anti-gun and democrats.

  10. IT seems to me that the more extreme gun-owners of America fail to appreciate the America whethger they like it or not in a DEMOCRACY andn if the Democracy eventually decides to take a mre rigorous approach to the responsibilities of gun ownership then there is bugger all they can do about it except jump upo and down like spoilt children.
    There are, as I see it, quite a few steps the potentiaaly could be taken without infringing the supposed provisions of the American Constitution and one of those is a limitation of type, calibre and number of firearms and ammount of ammuntion that can be held by a person or household at any one time.

    One thing IS for sure America cannot continue to accept 22,000 [ last year] casualties of gun crime [and another 27,000 suicides] and rising year on year. That is MORE than the casualties in the full blooded UKraine/Russian War and ten time the number suffered on average by the entire US Armed Forces per annum from all causes including COMBAT No other civilised Nation would tolerate this state of affairs- that’s for sure Not even those mythical ‘LEFT WING COMMIES. I assure you that Russia, China and N.Korea do not tolerate. And neither do Europe [East or West] the UK, Aussie, NZ, Canada – and that’s just for starters. For you lot to associate American Type Gun owership with personal freedom is absolutely crazy and merely goes to show how parochial you are. I doubtb that ANY of the countries listed above think of themselves as having their ‘freedom’ restricted just because they do not have unlimited access to unnessessary weaponry . Pretty much the opposite I’d say

    • Albert, my good fellow.
      You’ve got to get that America is a civilized country nonsense out of your head.
      America is the most blood thirsty kill crayz country on the face of the earth. I think I was just sixteen years old when I killed my first preacher. Twas his own fault for not howdy’ing me proper. Thank gawd Newly came along when he did and helped me get rid of the body.
      But any way, we’re a bunch of crazed blood thirsty killers over here and over a million of us got gunms. That’s just counting what’s in citizens hands, not the militaries, and that bunch is even more psychopathic then the civilians. Ghengis Khan ain’t got sht on our brutality, were worse then Jesus when he comes back all pissed off and mad about it.
      Best give us Yankees some respect.

    • Albert the Subject,

      WRONG, as always, ya Limey ponce. America is not, and NEVER WAS, a democracy. We are a Constitutional limited republic, you ignoranus. And individual American citizens have these nasty things you poncey Euroweenies hate called “inherent human rights”. See, if it was up to fascist @$$holes like you, as long as you could get 50% + 1 “voters” to approve it, we could reinstitute slavery, amirite????

      You are simply too stupid to insult, Albert the pansy Subject. Now sod off, swampy.

  11. I’d have figured it was “The Democrat Party’s Sp*nk”, but then I remembered they’ll never get tired of swallowing that.


    Check it out for the BEST & UNBIASED coverage on the air today.

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