What Do You Want TTAG to Cover At the SHOT Show?

2019SHOT Show Floor

Courtesy NSSF

As always, TTAG will be on the ground in Las Vegas and surrounding areas next week at the NSSF’s gargantuan SHOT Show. It’s a blend of Disneyland for gun geeks and ballistic sensory overload. Thousands of exhibitors spread over more than 13 acres of convention floor that’s crawling with about 65,000 attendees.

We will, of course, be hitting all of the high spots in terms of new products; think new guns like the Colt Python, the Savage Renegauge, the GLOCK 44, the Ruger-57, the S&W M&P Shield EZ 9mm, Mossberg’s MC2c and 940 JM Pro among many, many others.

We will, of course, be hitting all of the high spots in terms of new products; think new guns like the Colt Python, the Savage Renegauge, the GLOCK 44, the Ruger-57, the S&W M&P Shield EZ 9mm, Mossberg’s MC2c and 940 JM Pro among many, many others.

And there is, obviously, a lot more than just guns at SHOT. We could take a dozen people and not cover everything worthy of note if we had twice the time.

So help us out. What would you like to see us check out while we’re there next week? What items are there that you’ve heard about, but not seen anyone write about?

SHOT Show infographic

Courtesy NSSF


  1. avatar Scott says:

    Anything about organized efforts to counter the threat to the Second Amendment posed by Michael Bloomberg and George Soros.

  2. avatar Sam I Am says:

    Warm gloves that can be used with hand-held firearms.

    1. avatar I Haz A Question says:

      As compared to non hand-held firearms?

      I use special shooters gloves that are similar to “house framer” gloves. They’re full gloves but are missing the tips of the thumb and first two fingers. Keeps the hands warm but allows dexterity and manipulation of gun, trigger, magazine, etc. I myself have never understood why/how some “operators” choose full fingered gloves. I need to effectively feel the trigger inside the trigger guard.

      1. avatar Sam I Am says:

        “As compared to non hand-held firearms?”

        Rifles, pistols, revolvers. One can use mittens to operate a Ma Duce, TOW or Stinger.

        Have yet to figure out how finger gloves with the tips missing keep the hands warm. The ones I tried just made my finger tips numb, which would be bad for using a concealed handgun.

        1. avatar Sam I Am says:

          “Howz about these?”

          Thanks for the link.

          Wearing mittens, the finger tips stay warm, along with the hand.

          When walking about in winter, I watch other people, looking for those who wear no gloves. There are generally about 1/3 who don’t wear gloves, but put hands in jacket pockets. Always wonder if those are the ones concealing handguns. Would that make them more likely to be targets?

          We are talking about putting people on mars (but not returning them). Can’t we invent a finger glove that is like a second skin, but waterproof and well insulated against cold?

      2. avatar jwtaylor says:

        “I myself have never understood why/how some “operators” choose full fingered gloves.”

        Because keeping your fingers is more important than the increase in dexterity you might get from cutting the fingers out.

        The burn threat is constant.

        1. avatar I Haz A Question says:

          I hear you, jw, but any of my guns don’t present that threat. I fire rounds through my deer rifles at a slow enough pace that the barrels never heat up to “burn” level. My handguns (1911s, Glocks) all have slides that cover the barrels and prevent direct contact. My ARs all have handguards, as most do nowadays. And even my shotguns are used for trap/skeet and don’t involve me handling the barrels, which still don’t get hot enough to burn flesh during a match. The only single item that might get hot enough is my Defense model shotgun, but even the shroud helps.

          Again, I hear you, but I respectfully disagree that the “burn threat is constant”. In 30 years of shooting, I’ve never burned myself or even thought of it as an issue with any of my guns. My gloves are primarily for colder weather, as I’ve always preferred bare hands whenever possible for maximum tactile contact with my equipment.

          Last year, I was in a certain firearm training course, and four young bucks in their early 20s (a pack of friends) were among the students. They all had “right” gear, including the 5.11 tac pants, the tight compression t-shirts, the high-dollar holsters and web gear, the perfect hat and shades, the expensive in-ear protection (as compared to the standard electronic muffs), and of course 5.11 gloves. Looked like they were modeling for a product launch. They fumbled a bit because of the decreased ease of placing their trigger fingers inside the trigger guards during draws. That’s what I often think of when I see full-fingered gloves. Operators.

          But to each his own. If you like them and can effectively put rounds on target while having my back, then you have no argument from me. I won’t/can’t effectively shoot with them, though, so I use the half-fingerless “framer” gloves.

        2. avatar Victoria Illinois says:

          This “operator’s” fingers go numb and hurt when they get really cold. It may have something to do with wanting to be fashionable in her post college years, i.e. not wearing hat & gloves. She’s sensible now…shoes and all.

    2. avatar Victoria Illinois says:

      Warm gloves! Wind proof!
      (I’ll buy any car that has a heated steering wheel, too. We don’t need butt warmers. We have pants and coat. No fat on anyone’s fingers.)

  3. avatar possum and the Coons of Doom says:

    Meat Cleavers , and a Vulcan cannon in 6.5 Creedmoore

  4. avatar Madcapp says:

    Find the FB Radom booth and ask them what happened to the $1100 commerical variant of the VIS35 pistol? We all know about the 50 pieces of a limited run at $4000 a copy last year or so. Where’s the regular production run?

  5. avatar DK says:

    I’d love to see some new suppressors.

  6. avatar DixieBiker says:

    Besides your usual great coverage of the event, I would like to know what happened to the Winchester Wildcat .22 semiautomatic rifle and the Hi Point 9mm pistol! I’ve heard of vaporware in the software industry, but what’s the story on these two?

    1. avatar Leighton Cavendish says:

      The Yeet Cannon? LOL

      1. avatar DixieBiket says:

        Yeah, the new redesign of the C9 supposedly with a double stack higher capacity magazine and ambidextrous controls.

    2. avatar TommyJay says:

      I thought the Wildcat was interesting and extremely light. Then, I was a little disappointed to find that the Picatinny rail is plastic. They should provide an aluminum rail option.

      1. avatar Richard R Powers says:

        Yes, probably to keep costs down. It does have several interesting features like the easy cleaning removable receiver. If the street price is in the $150 to $175 range of jump on it!

      2. avatar DixieBiker says:

        Yes, probably to keep costs down. It does have several interesting features like the easy cleaning removable receiver. If the street price is in the $150 to $175 range I’d jump on it!

  7. avatar Ogre says:

    I like cowboy old west guns. So please cover the Italian repro gunmakers to learn if one of them has decided to introduce a replica Merwin & Hulbert 3rd Model revolver (.44 or .45) with interchangeable barrels and skull-crusher grips. Oh, and in stainless. Yeah, that’s what I want you to do…

    1. avatar I Haz A Question says:

      Oh yeah, I’ve always liked those, too. Stoeger SxS coach guns, or Cimmarron revolvers reminiscent of the late 1800s.

      1. avatar Hoyden says:

        Any new CMS (cowboy mounted shoot[ist]) offerings?

      2. avatar M says:

        Great if Stoeger offered one with external hammers.

  8. avatar Kevin says:

    Please try to find out if there are additional pistols coming out chambered in .22 TCM. Thanks a lot.

    1. avatar CC Ryder says:

      R.I.A. already shows one new TCM pistol on there wed site.
      Check it here.

      1. avatar Kevin says:

        Very cool! Thanks a lot!

        I would love to see Ruger release a pistol like their new 57 but in .22 TCM. I think they could make the grip a little shorter front-to-back because the cartridge is shorter. Plus I think it’s faster. Get Speer to make a Gold Dot and it would be good to go!

  9. avatar No_Ones_Home says:

    More items from NEXT exhibitors. Smaller companies products or more esoteric items.

    An example would be…MTM makes their ‘Shell Stack’ shotgun shell case but it’s only in 12-gauge and 2 3/4”. I want someone to make one for 20-gauge or 12-gauge for 3”.

    Anyways, looking forward to all the coverage you’ll be providing!

  10. avatar Leighton Cavendish says:

    The ever-elusive Avidity PD10 from Pincus.
    And what about the Schmeisser/TARA 9mm?

  11. avatar GunnyGene says:

    The Henry booth. Look for pistol caliber X-Rifles.

  12. avatar rudukai13 says:

    Anything other than custom Glocks and “me too” AR rifles

    1. avatar Red in CO says:

      For real. I love my AR and my Glock but do we really need to know about the thousandth micro variation on the existing concept? I’m genuinely excited for the Ruger 57 for that exact reason; time will tell if it’s practical or not but it is a cool gun that represents something different

  13. avatar Chris in VA says:

    Compare the Sig Cross to The Fix by Q. Let us know if the one pound difference is worth the extra $1,500.

  14. avatar Blake says:

    I would like more information on performance weapons coatings from Companies like WMD Guns, UTC, and Fail Zero. I’m interested in upgrading the performance and outer coatings of some older family guns that cant be replaced, but want to continue to enjoy them with grandchildren.

  15. avatar LeftyJason says:

    Hoplite Arms.

    Any new import options for Tikka especially left hand

  16. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    I want to know about new makes, models, and manufacturers.

    I would also like to know about extremely accurate long-range shooting rifles that cost under $600 — if any exist!

  17. avatar Right click says:

    ETA until Henry released a side gate .357/38sp carbine length (16″ or 18″) rifle in blued steel.

    1. avatar Ryan Swartzendruber says:

      This. Or in stainless.

    2. avatar GunnyGene says:

      Henry sent out a Dealer notice a couple days ago about this. Expect to see what you ask for on the shelf, in .357/.38, .45 Colt and .44 mag very soon – like next month.

  18. avatar rosignol says:

    Please ask the Remington team if the 1911 R1 double-stacks are coming back anytime soon, they’re not even listed on the Remington website any more.

    …and ask Timney if there’s anything in the works for the CZ Scorpion (hint, hint).

    …and ask Sig if they’re going to offer a factory threaded barrel p365 anytime soon. Or a short-slide w/XL grip version for larger-handed folks who want to save a few bucks.

  19. avatar Rad Man says:

    Sub 7 pound AR15s in .308

    1. avatar Anymouse says:

      POF Revolution comes in at 7.3. Change the furniture, and you could probably drop at least .3.

      1. avatar Red in CO says:

        And it’s substantially less expensive than the Scar 17 while being arguably better

    2. avatar Red in CO says:

      Technically an AR-15 chambered in .308 is an AR-10

      1. avatar Rad Man says:

        Technically, no it isnt. POFs lower is 15. Form factor, takedown pin placement, controls and their locations, all AR15. It’s a pretty amazing lower receiver.

        1. avatar Rad Man says:

          Also Revolutions upper and bolt carrier are AR15. I must have the 6.8 pound DI edition!

    3. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

      “Sub 7 pound AR15s in .308”

      Rad, are you the kind of a guy that enjoys getting a vicious kick in the balls by an enraged woman? Repeatedly? 😉

      1. avatar Rad Man says:

        I’ve been with the same woman for 30 years. I no longer feel the pain.

  20. avatar I Haz A Question says:

    …confirmation that headway is being made on the legal front in CA to remove our stupid restrictions from owning most of the fun stuff you’ll see at SHOT. You can’t believe how frustrating it is to constantly see all the goodies being discussed year after year, and not being allowed to see/touch/own any of it.

  21. avatar Texican says:

    Anything in 10 mm. Especially PDW type weapons.

    1. avatar Red in CO says:

      YES! I don’t have much interest in super compact 9mm PCCs with pistol length barrels, but in 10mm? Oh hell yeah

      1. avatar uncommon_sense says:

        I also have intense interest in a home-defense carbine chambered in 10mm Auto.

        Caveat: it has to cost around $400 in the real world and have reasonably priced magazines (e.g. on the order of $25) — and it has to have at least 20-round magazines.

  22. avatar GaPharmD says:

    Amtac suppressors
    Thermal scopes

    Maybe also companies that offer machining or milling for rds in pistols. ( or a good recommendation for that matter)

  23. avatar Dan Fisher says:

    The Henry booth……will they offer their Long Ranger in any new calibers?
    i.e. 338 Federal, 358 Winchester for deer & elk in the thickets

  24. avatar former water walker says:

    Whatever your heart desires😃I literally spend most of my time on gun media sites…

  25. avatar Renault says:

    I’ve read only bits and pieces about the new SIG round, that’s supposedly replacing 5.56 in the the US military. .277 SIG. or 6.8×51. Please cover this if this round is present.

    Also each year I’ve heard PSA is doing an MP5 and an AKS 74 but they never seem to get them done. So if they are there please ask them if they are still doing them.

  26. avatar Mack The Knife says:

    Henrys new 410 Mares Leg or whatever they are going to call it

  27. avatar Johnny Go Lightly says:

    Booth babes please.

    1. avatar Renault says:

      Yes this.

  28. avatar Wayne says:

    I would like to see a report on the MMSSA booth. Metal Madness Shooting Sports Association. Newest and fastest rimfire game out there. Can you shoot five numbered steel plates in under 1.50 seconds in order? Has been done. Go to MMSSA.net and check it out.

  29. avatar Matt says:

    This ones for you dude!

    I’d like to know if savage is actually going to sell the 110 elite precision rifle! Especially in 300 PRC.

    On a related note, I’d like to know how many rifles are being chambered in 300 PRC. Also, are any other ammo manufacturers going to develop 300 PRC ammo. Basically is it going to be more than a fad?

  30. avatar SoCalJack says:

    Anything that will bring in and/or make it easy and fun for new shooters, I.e. 22lr firearms, budget-minded buy quality acessories. Any inovative products.

  31. avatar Jerms says:

    ARs and polymer striker-fired handguns 😆

    1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:


  32. avatar Timothy Toroian says:

    Suggest to all the pro 2nd groups that they collaborate and present a united front. If all gun owners in this country presented a united effort it could be the largest political bloc in the world, not just the U.s.

  33. avatar Zach says:

    I have four AR rifles, but I got tired of seeing articles about them about five years ago. I’d love to see anything but “innovative” “new” AR-15 stuff.

  34. avatar Tim says:

    The Ruger 57 carbine!

  35. avatar Ben says:

    Any and all modern reproductions of classic and military small arms. Ya know, the ones you can shoot without feeling bad about it.

  36. avatar Red in CO says:

    Tactical gear. There’s plenty of it at SHOT show and that kinda stuff is becoming more important by the day. I’d be curious about the latest on plate carriers, assault packs, armor plates, battle belts, slings, etc

  37. avatar SouthAl says:

    Duh, everything 😜

  38. avatar Evan says:

    Forget shot show, just give us Richmond updates.

  39. avatar Wally1 says:

    Hey, how about back to basics, real Reliable firearms. I want to hear about reliable hard core simple firearms that work, every time, mud, snow, wet and extreme heat, just reliable simple functional firearms. No trick actions, just a always work hard core guns! this is what saves lives, guns that work! (or a sig p210 in the dirt Torture test).

  40. avatar -Peter says:

    YouTube and Gun Culture Celebrities spotted in the wild.

  41. avatar Ansel Hazen says:

    Please go to the Steyr booth and see if anyone came over from Austria. (The USA office are good people so leave them alone but…) Grab anyone from Austria roughly by the shirt collar and ask them whose bright idea it is to ship S model pistols that have an ambidextrous mag release but only have the cutout for righties.

  42. avatar Hoyden says:

    Laugo Arms Alien pistol 9×19.

    1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

      czech on this.

  43. avatar Chris T in KY says:

    The Franklin Armory Binary trigger for the ruger 10/22. It just came out 3 days ago.

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