What Are Your Gun-Related New Year’s Resolutions?

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  1. Join an anti gun org so I can collect up and “destroy” guns at buybacks ala those clowns in New Mexico.

  2. Don’t have any…

    Can’t shoot everything I already have, don’t want to expense a new safe and the room addition I would need to make room for it, got enough ammo to supply a small war (give me a call Ukraine, but bring cash) don’t NEED anything, maybe I’ll finish up a couple of those 80% receivers in the closet…

  3. To build a Shrine to the Greatest President America Has or Ever Will Have
    Joseph Robinett Biden.
    My cat has been making statues of him in her litter box however she must not have been satisfied with her work because she keeps burying them?
    I myself thought they looked, and assume, smelled quite like him.
    Free Hunter Mandela

    • ‘My cat has been making statues of him in her litter box however she must not have been satisfied with her work because she keeps burying them?’

      I’m totally going to steal that one. 😂

    • Along that line, a vendor friend of mine is selling ball caps at the gun shows that read: “I Could Shit A Better President”. Maybe I’ll buy one of those.

      On another front, I’m going to try to renew my efforts through my “pipeline” to reach out to the 10 million or so new gun owners that were added to our ranks since the BLM Love riots. Time and effort well spent. Owning a gun is not so great if one doesn’t have any idea how (or when) to bring it to bear.

  4. After watching the recent news stories about a possible terrorist attack on New York City, considered in context of Mayor Rudy Giuliani getting reamed for $147 million by a racist, Black jury, I’m actually praying for a nuclear 9-11.

    • Guiliani’s Pensions are judgement-proof…..just like OJ’s. I think the lawsuit might get about $40,000,000 but if he’s still as smart as he was in the past, a lot has been given away years ago or hidden. And SCOTUS may toss the whole thing at some point. Rudi is NOT going to be Broke. NYC is like a chicken with it’s head cut off, DOA but still running around.

    • … a possible terrorist attack?
      Naw, I was just flipping through
      (and flipping off) the MSM “news” and saw NYC mayor Adams right there, on live tv, tell America that his city is The Safest Large City in The WORLD, and the best place to celebrate the coming New Year.
      I myself think he may be fibbing, but it was on TV so it must be true.

    • With the crime level and Hamas riots in NYC, if there was a terrorist attack would anyone really notice or would they all think it was business as usual – nothing (new) to see here – move along.

      • I’ve bought several pellet guns in the last few years. Ammo is always available and you can hunt with them.

        • pre charged pneumatics can run large calibers at impressive velocities, but pumping by hand is ridiculous; you’ll want a scuba tank.
          i run spring piston, one lever stroke gives just under a thou fps in .22 and just over in .177.
          german made rws/ diana 48 is side lever, 460 is under lever, the barrel cockers are cheaper.
          hatsan turk, gamo spain, beeman various. lots of chicom too. i think the sigs are u.s.

    • Take that money and invest in gold and silver before that fiat money becomes worthless.

      • You can’t eat gold and nobody will be taking gold for anything for a long, long time. Better be stockpiling something people need bad -everything else will be worthless.

        • I hate it when I hear the silly phrase that “you can’t eat gold”. Well, you also can’t eat dollar bills, ammo, guns, clothing, tools, gasoline, electricity, vehicles, houses, or land. All those things are still useful and valuable.

          Obviously a person who is broke, and has no food, guns, or other preps shouldn’t spend their meager resources on gold.

          On the other hand, gold can be a reasonable purchase for a well prepared person that has a lot of fiat currency. It’s just part of diversification and a hedge against inflation. I’ll bet that most gold and silver bugs also have guns, ammo, food storage, generators, and emergency cash reserves as well.

    • Yeah, I hear that the MarianaTrench is filled a half-mile deep with the spoils of boating misadventures. Maybe you could train a Giant Squid to do the hard work, or see if you can find a download of the movie The Abyss and duplicate what they used.

  5. My resolution for 2024 is to sight-in a couple rifles and validate a couple semi-auto pistols that I acquired over the years and never got around to shooting. I also plan to practice more as well as taking my spouse and children out to practice.

    I don’t anticipate buying much in the way of firearms or ammunition in 2024 unless something really unusual comes along. Oh, and I may finally identify a 10mm Auto pistol that I like and buy one.

  6. Buy a new Colt Python or King Cobra 357….. A stainless that I won’t be afraid to carry for fear of ruining my minty Original™ Python, Don’t need another revolver any more than I need another hole in my body, but.. Size-wise, I may just get the smaller-framed King Cobra as I already have large-framed .357’s.. Absolutely my !LAST! firearm purchase!
    OH! And go shooting more often than I did this past year…

    • Unless, of course, a 10mm Glock 20 should show up. Unless I can refit a G21 with a 10mm barrel and slide! Black bear medicine instead of my luggy Redhawk .44….

    • Put aside some long-term storage ammo, not that I will ever actually need or use it! 1000 or more of .223/5.56, FMJ milspec, and soft-point hunting ammo. Also 1000 9mmP, mixed FMJ and JHP. Just to have, securely stored. Probably my heirs will end up with it anyway, but one likes to be prepared…
      Those and the above are my New Year Resolutions, altogether $1000/$1500 investment for Justin Case. May your New Year be as bright!

  7. I’m going to try to get through 2024 without buying any new gats.

    Probably won’t happen though.

  8. I resolve to not blow my testicles away, like some common street thug. I shall keep my pants hitched up over my arse, with a belt, and a proper holster, so that I don’t trip over the gat flip-flap-flopping between my knees. I also resolve to not point a loaded weapon at my junk, while squeezing the trigger to prove how manly macho I am. I resolve to forego my best opportunities to win a Darwin Award. Yeah, I realize I probably won’t be invited to join the Crips, or the Bloods, or those Unlucky 13 Latinos. I can live with that.

  9. I resolve to find a local SW Florida shooter with a range on private land, then cultivate a friendship. I’d be thrilled to help with any work needed to keep the place spiffy and safe. I’ve had it with public ranges both indoor and outdoor.

    • “I’ve had it with public ranges both indoor and outdoor.”

      You and me both, brother…

  10. Move a couple of gats on to new homes. Buy a little more ammo. Sight in a couple of gats that are needing. Donate to a couple of pro gun .orgs.

  11. (since im not quite sure at any given time how many i actually have)
    only one more ar15 build and im done
    the plan:
    a 10.5 300 blk pistol
    aero m4e1 upper and lower receiver set
    bcm internals
    ballistic advantage barrel
    kak pistol tube kit
    cheapo presma rail
    sig dot and magnifier

  12. Resolutions are always a fun thing to ponder. In 2023, for the first time in many years, I got just one gun and that’s because it was so cheap and I’m thinking about it as a second CCW option…. a Glock 26 Gen5. For 24 I think just finishing up some projects and blowing through more ammo. BUT… still jonesing for another 10mm, this time in a double stack, to go with a 1006 and Delta Elite. Only time will tell.

  13. Noi any kind of resolution. But am shopping for an upgrade on reloading equipment. The old press is showing the use and age. Mostly for rifle reloads.
    Next is to hunt down a bunch of reloading supplies. Powder, bullets and primers. Got some friends at a couple of the local ranges who are happy to give me used mixed brass. Although I would like to find a reliable source of brass for some of the more obscure/obsolete cases.
    And I plan on expanding my brewery. Not going commercial/industrial. But since I’ve selected a couple strains of barley the grows well here, I want to make a little more beer and my fermenter and aging tuns are a bit small.
    Wish the country still used reusable/returnable bottles. Dang bottles are getting expensive.

    • Starline has some oddballs but I get the feeling your oddballs may have involved cordite and/or black powder. Don’t think I can point out a good replacement as I use a mix of presses from the 70’s to today and they all have worked great. As to resolution…… might get into casting and polymer coating

  14. Practice shooting more field conditions.
    Reload my 45-70 HP and fill some of them with lard.
    Got a new Zeiss LRP S3 for Christmas. Gotta sight it in and put it through the steps.

    • Check what powder works with the bullets you prefer (and actions of you are using something other than a modern lever action) I have found a surprising amount of overlap with 30-06 so I can split powder bills with friends.

  15. Try to build up my ammo stocks, they will be restricting that next. With the price of manufactured ammo, it is a better investment than gold. I reload for some of the larger calibers because the outrages price of commercial large caliber ammo. Also buying Dies for more calibers for home reloading and setting up a designated room or space for storage and reloading, just get more organized. I don’t see things getting better in 2024/5 and if communist/dems get reelected, hopefully will be prepared for the damage or depression that is coming to America.

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